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Conman Coward [Quest: Alice]

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on Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:48 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Maybe she was simply unsure about everything that was possibly happening and that as alright, she was human after all. It wasn’t like answers were written in stone or stars that she could simply find, she would have to find them herself and she was trying her very best to get back on the path and on the mind setting that she was in Magnolia. She wouldn’t thought her thoughts would ever think that, she hated Magnolia and had not loved it when she had arrived for the first time and fainted because of answers, had been called a devil. Which was something that was still going on and on in her mind. She would never be accepted to the Holy Knights and she wasn’t even sure if that was what she wanted, if it would fit her as a matter a fact she was already wondering if she was fitting enough to be a Rune Knight. After all what would she be if she ran away from a threat for whole Fiore. Thank god the beast was defeated by the powerful people that were in the mountains as well but what if they had needed that one more attack and she had just ran away. Wasn’t it better to get hurt in the challenge, to hurt someone else but to fight the same and help defeat someone instead of doing nothing. It was maybe ridiculous to belittle herself but that’s what she thought anyway. It was to serve Justice and all she had done was run away.

Right it was no use to keep herself from doing potential work or make up for the mistake she had made. So she got up from the chair that was where she sat and drank, while she held the bottle up she noticed it was empty. Fine maybe it was better to stop drinking but she at least felt like it was smart to get out and maybe she could go to the inn where she had been a few days ago. Where she had met the Fairy Tail girl. Well she didn’t have to drink alcohol, a coffee would be fine too. It was around noon, she wondered if it was open. She shrugged and left for once in her not so long memories, her diary and bag here and only waited for Ophelia to come along. She wasn’t sure if Ophelia was happy about being on to jobs all the time, since she became a Clefairy she was trying to learn some new things. As if Alice didn’t give her the time for it. She headed out, locked her hotel room behind her and walked up onto the streets and on her way to Batra’s Inn. She greeted him and since it was empty at the bar, she took her seat there with Ophelia and asked for a coffee. They talked about nothing really and she could see the worry, he was scanning the perimeters all the time. So she simply asked him what was going on. And Batra told her, she didn’t even have to push. She could understand that he couldn’t leave and find the conman. She had dealt with one before in Era, she could do it again. She finished her coffee and asked if Ophelia could stay here, it would go a bit faster to search for the man named Kyle. She headed onto the streets again to find this man with the description from Batra.

It seemed that the first time finding him wasn’t so difficult. It looked as if he was waiting on her but she wasn’t entirely sure about that and he apologized, he knew why she was there. He must have some spy because why else was he sure she was coming or did he say that for everyone. She accepted the money and let him go, but she didn’t feel right about that and had checked a coin but it was okay and she headed back to Batra and gave him the jewel purse. She lifted up Ophelia from the bar and had made the decision to leave. But before she could leave, she heard the sound of falling coins, ”This is fake.” She turned around and immediately put Ophelia to the ground, ”I’ll find him again.” her suspicion had been right and she had done nothing again, she had failed again. She ran out of the inn and she had an idea where the person was going, this Kyle. He was going out of Crocus and probably to the North and thus she ran that way, jumping past people, bumping in but she muttered an apology and changed into her Rune Knight outfit just to make sure people would understand. She decided to take another way and climbed up on the roof of the building on her left hand. Well some things came in handy when you were a neko and she could dash off to go after this man. Finally she jumped of that roof and took her spear in hand, ”Stop in the name of the Law.” and he did stop for a few seconds before he continued on. She dropped her spear and jumped on him, well not that she knew but the dash she made was quick enough. She hit him with her fist and knocked him out. ”Or well yeah you can get yourself knocked out.” she muttered and she stood up and slung him over her shoulder and simply walked back to the inn. Probably not many people thought she would be able to carry a man but she was stronger than she looked.

She brought him to Batra and even though they hadn’t discussed a payment he gave her some and she thanked him. Leaving him happily with the knocked out Kyle. She was done with this job and she didn’t feel like staying much longer. Thus she lifted up Ophelia again and headed out, maybe shopping would bring her thoughts away from her mind. But at least she had done this job properly in the end.

Wordcount: 1014/1000

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