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Sirius Concerns [Selindra]

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She did not know why it was that she had come to believe that there was going to have been any better contract tasks than in which she had been given already while she spent her time within Oak Town. Each one had been, up to this point, nothing more than a simple task of repeating some insignificant task for some useless individual that otherwise did not matter to her, nor within the grand scheme in which she interpreted and understood of the world. So, when the contract she had been given was that of one in which she would be employed by the nobility of Oak Town, there was a part of her that was looking forward to actually being involved in a situation that mattered, rather than one that was the result of the failings of the common folk who even in their wildest dreams would not be able to attain more than that of what those that existed in this tier of citizen in Oak Town was able to manage.

It was for that reason that she was disappointed, that she wished that there would have been something that was of greater substance and importance, one in which would put her on the appropriate high caliber that was so greatly lost and deprived of for her. Imitating a mason was hardly something that she wanted to do, hardly something that she was very interested in accomplishing and much like the other tasks in which she had been tasked with since she had begun to accomplish contracts in Oak Town, it felt much like the other insignificant tasks that otherwise did not matter, that would not do anything greater to increase her standing amongst a people that she cared little for, that she cared little if anything were to happen them, or even the nobility, given how this act of disrespect was perceived by Selindra to be.

She was stationed with those who were working on the repairs to the large castle in which rested within Oak Town, an impressive one she would admit, but at the same time too, one that was at the very least dated, at the very worst, in a poor state that was ready to be taken by any seemingly coordinated assault, even by the least geared and prepared of units. The reasoning though for her being there, was not that of actually working on improving the structure itself, but rather to listen for a spy, for someone who was believed to have been conspiring against those who lived within this castle, those that were head and shoulders more superior than that of the workers here. It would not be hard to believe that any of them would end up wishing to commit an act as heinous and foolish as treason against a superior noble family, and yet, apparently that was exactly the case, exactly what she was expected to be on lookout for.

It was a nave train of thought, believing that someone would be so careless as to blanketly threaten and hope to attempt to overthrow a noble family, and yet even for as maddening as it seemed to her, there was a part of her that happened to understand, perhaps not from the sense of why, but that in such desperate states, those who were closest to being extermination were the most likely to lash out first, and that was exactly what was going on here. Listening about, she noticed that there appeared to be some degree of chatter, much of it which was not related to that of masonry work, but rather that of apparently covert language, language that would often be used by spies, by those who attempted to acquire information. Selindra had found her spy. Wasting little time, she had found the man who had contracted her initially, informing him of what she had her, explaining her reasoning behind why it was that she felt the man was a spy, why it had to have been. Although there was a degree of suspicion in the man initially, it became clear the more that she spoke that the man was becoming more and more convinced that that was the case, that this man was the one who was the one she was looking for. Taking this into account, the man went to find the man that was believed to be the spy while Selindra went on her way, reward in hand.

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