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Temporary Aquarist | Snowflake

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#1Hikari Snow 

Default on Sun Jun 11, 2017 9:28 pm


The sound of waves crashing onto the concrete walls that were adorned around the city and the roaring of the engines on the ships pierced through the silence that reigned supreme around her. Her legs dangled off the bridge on edge of the wooden docks while she drank in the sight of the waves and the boats bobbing on the surface of the sea. Her attention shifted downwards, to the sea beneath her and pondered if people would know if she had jumped off. The water was barely an inch away from her feet and she could feel the cold and smooth texture of the tides over her toes. Snowflake leaned over, staring at the sea below as she searched for something interesting.

Of course, there would barely be anything but fishes, corals and some other plants and fishes that were still unknown to her. The waters were slightly muddy from the sand and seaweed growing underneath although she could still see the fishes swimming around the area. Snowflake dragged her hands over the surface of the water, causing ripples to form and then spreading outwards before colliding with other ripples. Seeing such a large body of water in front of her had increased her desire of wanting to swim. Thoughts filled her mind as she raised her head, gazing out into the horizon and was curious as to where the sea would lead her if she had begun to swim.

The youth retreated back in her original position and picked up the heels that rested beside her. She stood back up on her bare feet and as she walked away, she would leave small, wet footprints behind her. Soon after, she would slide into her heels since the market was a bit dirty for her to walk barefoot. Shopkeepers called out for her as she passed through each stall, convincing her to buy the products from their store but she ignored them and continued walking by. The place was loud and bizarre, something she had an aversion to which was why she was in a hurry to get out of the place. Unless she had something to buy, she was not one to stick around a crowded place for a long time.

Her eyes glided towards the huge clock that was raised up against a tall tower. It was almost noon and she agreed to meet someone at that time. The person was an old client of hers and during her time in Hargeon, the two became particularly close and they worked well together as well. Raina Burke is someone who is always concerned about the towns aquatic life and after Snowflake had spent time together with her, she has learnt quite a lot of things, such as how to test the purity of water and so on. The methods had peaked her curiosity and she had grown interested in the study of the aquatic life. Snow wasnt sure what she would be doing for the day however, shes been looking forward to the upcoming activities.


#2Hikari Snow 

Default on Tue Jun 13, 2017 1:02 pm

Snowflake meandered through swirls and eddies of people that swarmed the streets, including citizens and tourists who came to see the old monuments and beautiful sights of the city. Through the roads that wound up the lovely town, her destination was towards the laboratory where her client would be waiting for her. Upon her arrival, she rapped against the door softly with her knuckles and soon after, the door would creak open, revealing a young lady with dark blue hair. The lady greeted her with a smile, permitting her to enter the building while she closes the door behind her. The hall smelt exactly the same as she had last entered previously when she came to the laboratory to help Raina collect the samples. It reeked of chemicals and almost had the same scent as a hospital, which was not too much to her liking.

As they walked into the laboratory, Raina began to inform her the instructions of what she should be doing for the day while she was gone. After she had done so, she took off her laboratory coat and mask and hung it on the clothes hanger. Ive showed you everything you need to do. I have an appointment with one of my co-workers. Ill leave everything up to you then. She placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder with a smile on her lips before continuing her sentence, Im sure youll be fine. With that, Raina departed the building leaving Snowflake to attend her chores inside the laboratory.

With all the instructions that were given to her, she was aware of what she should be doing until Raina returns. After bidding her client farewell, she returned to the laboratory which was filled with beakers and numerous chemicals. Large tanks filled with different kinds of fishes were decorated around the corners of the rooms. Her job was to observe them and then feed the fishes at the particular time whilst taking notes of how each of the fishes are acting. There were at least ten fishes in each tank which means that it will take her a long time to examine them and jot down the notes. She found it rather strange to observe every single fish and note them down however, since Raina was an aquarist, it made sense for her to do so.

Just as she was ordered, she inspected the fishes on how they performed. Most of them appeared to be well apart from one that seemed to be underperforming from what she had expected. The fish seemed to be struggling to swim as if it was buried underneath the weight of the waters. She noted down the observations she had just witnessed so that she can report it back to Raina. Hours later, Raina returned with an exhausted face, followed by a long sigh. The features on her face was obvious enough to tell her that the discussion with her co-worker had been stressful. Snow waited until shes had a drink and rested for a bit before handing her the report of the day with a few explanations of how her notes were written. Afterwards, she was rewarded with a hefty amount of jewels for her dedication and hard work.


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