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Then there was two (Alice)

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Default on Wed Feb 22, 2017 3:53 pm

The Phantom Lord guild was empty on this cold, windy night. There had been some people earlier, but most went home. Why? Well, there was a storm you see. And Geb slept through it. Like a baby. Well, actually, he had drank so much that he had passed out.

Geb awoke from his slumber as he shuddered, banging his head on a table. He let out a loud "ow" as he closed his eyes, moving his hands to cover the place that was impacted. Slowly but surely, the world would come into colors and shapes, as his eyes slowly emerged from the lids that contained it.

Geb, with a massive headache, his mind still not thinking straight, looked around to see what was an empty guild hall, at least on this side. Suddenly, he shuddered as a roar of thunder came from outside.


#2Adelaide Eventide 

Default on Wed Feb 22, 2017 4:10 pm

Alice had entered the Guildhall and stared at the surprisingly empty hall. She had her room in the building, there were more people like that right? She had taken a nap. By accident and was now starving. She looked outside as she took the last step on the stairs and saw the rain hammering on the window and thunder and lightning were looking as if they were playing together.

She shuddered a little, she didn't mind storms. She actually loved listening to the rain that fell on the roof and clashed on the windows. She didn't really look at the rest of the hall as she was starving and headed around the stairs into the kitchen. That's when the light of the kitchen fell out and she didn't see anything and fully bumped into the corner of one of the kitchen counters. She couldn't help but curse as she felt the pain go through her leg. She hadn't expected it to be so dark when there was a power out. She could only see where she was going when the lightning came down, "This is just perfect." She said with as much sarcasm as she could muster. Her mood definitely didn't become a happy one thanks to this.


Default on Wed Feb 22, 2017 4:21 pm

Suddenly, just as Geb had got up and onto his feet in a stable condition: something happened. Something bad. A light went off, well, actually, all the lights in the building you see, and the presumably hungover Geb was stuck in the dark. His scouter didn't have a night vision function, but at least he could try and use it to find somebody in the dark. Activating it, Geb found a power level in the mid 500's around him. Geb would start heading towards that power level.

Somehow, Geb was extremely lucky and didn't run into anything, not to mention he was walking at a rather slow pace so he could feel around where he was moving. Geb would now be in the kitchen, not that he knew, and would be walking forward as he... bumped into something, tripping on it and falling onto it. Luckily for him (at least in ONE sense) he didn't bump into Alice, but rather just a broom about 5 meters from Alice.

"Oh my god!" Geb screamed out, as he tripped. His ankle hurt.. but only for a second. He supposed he didn't make too bad of a fall, thankfully. But now he noticed this power level was very close. Who in the world was it..? "Hello? Anyone there?"

#4Adelaide Eventide 

Default on Wed Feb 22, 2017 4:58 pm

She tried to make her way, guiding herself by holding onto kitchen counters and focusing on the lightning when she was trying to take a step or more forward. She almost stumbled upon a broom but managed to see it thanks to the lightning again. She flinched a little when the thunder sounded right above her head. She was done with being some sort of scared by that when a loud noise came from around five meters behind her. She couldn't help but let some sort of short scream out of surprise surpass her lips. It was really scary when you couldn't see anything. Thank god she heard a voice, that didn't make it less scary but at least it did sound human.

"Yes, I'm here. I mean.. I'm Alice. Are you alright?" She had no idea who that person might be, he sounded familiar, was that even possible? She barely knew anyone in this guild. She had not paid attention to anyone in the hallway. Her stomach was making an angry sound because of being very hungry. She saw a figure in the next flash of lightning and slowly walked back to the spot where she herself had almost tripped over a broom. Who placed a broom there.


Default on Wed Mar 01, 2017 2:34 pm

Geb began to get up onto his feet, very careful this time. The girl identified herself as Alice. Ah, he had met this girl a few times, though admittedly this was the first time he had a name to match the face. Or, in this particular case, voice.

Geb responded with an "I'm fine!" as he would then hear he approaching. Using his scouter, he would decide to stop this girl from going forward before she tripped on that damned broom that he had run into. Standing up, Geb reached his arms out slightly, hoping they would be going towards the area that her shoulders would be around. "Just keep going till you feel my hands, there's a damn broom hanging around here that somebody left... for whatever reason."

Let's just hope his scouter wasn't malfunctioning, or else she would trip and he would look like a total fool.

#6Adelaide Eventide 

Default on Wed Mar 01, 2017 2:55 pm

She was shuffling softly to the spot where she had seen the person, thanks to the lightning. But it was still a difficult thing to do and she knew about the broom, that made her more careful as she didn't want to trip just like he did, imagine what could happen because of that. She had introduced herself, he didn't, but he was fine, "You have any idea how to get the lights back on?" She said as she stretched her hands to find his so she wouldn't randomly bump into him.

She bumped with her fingers into possible his hand palm and she hoped her nails didn't hurt him, "I think I found you. Unless there is someone else in here too." she said with a laugh in her voice but she sure hoped it was this guy because she didn't feel like bumping into a silent person. She had been close so it would be weird if someone would pop up now. Why were they the only ones in the Guild, couldn't someone pop the light on?

She was really hungry which made it extra annoying that the lights were out and probably the rest of the electricity. Should they go out for dinner? They.. well her. Well at least some food needed to be here that didn't need electricity? Fruit maybe? Damn starving.

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Default on Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:41 am


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