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Potion Parcel [Geb]

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Geb woke up that morning in his art gallery's home area (basically a small area that he lived in, located in the basement of the Gallery).He couldn't believe that he had to pay so much money just to get parts for himself. But, that was the way of life, and you know what they say, money makes the world go round or something like that. Geb would just have to deal with the steep prices for now, suck it up, and go and make some good ass money so he could begin to afford some of these things in life, such as upgrades so that he could become an insanely strong robot. Weird calling himself a machine, but he supposed it was just who he was now. He had no second thoughts on it, life seemed a little bit better this way anyways in all honesty. It didn't feel too different, too. He got dressed, got his gatherings, and made sure to lock everything up double-tight before he would leave. That was one of his phobias after all, having his possessions stolen. Especially in an art gallery such as his own, where there could be thieves at any time, even among those who worked for him there. Pretty scary stuff, if Geb had to say so himself. Pretty scary stuff indeed. Gave him nightmares at night, if he had to say so himself.

Geb, after leaving the Gallery, would look for work within the city. Eventually, 2 hours later, he was to deliver a parcel to a castle. Castle Phantasm was it's name, and he was taking a potion there. He wasn't sure what the potion was, but seeing how it was bundled up, he was sure it wasn't something he was supposed to know anyways. Wanting to just get his money fast, Geb made his way to the other side of the city in order to get to the castle, where he would be making his delivery for the recipient. The one recieving this package was someone named Servus Phantasm. He must've been the owner, or the son or brother of the owner, or something like that. What was someone with a castle gonna do with this mysterious package? Well, Geb wouldn't let it worry him. While he hated nobles, this was just one potion: he would bring them down in a completely different way than something like telling someone about the potion. Much better ways to go about it indeed.

Approaching the Castle, geb marveled at just how big it was. See, Geb had seen the castle from afar, and while it was still quite nice looking from there, this was the first time Geb ever saw it from up close, which of course, made it look a lot clearer, and a lot bigger. What a majestic castle. If there was a painting of it in existence, Geb would of liked to put it up in his Gallery or somethin the of the like. Very, very nice indeed. But, enough gawking about the beautiful castle. It was time to get the job done, and get the money, despite the fact the money was somewhat of a low pay. But, Geb would take anything at this point, so that was fine with him in all honesty. No need to sweat the pay, every penny counted. It all led up to something bigger, didn't it? Maybe after like, 10 of these little jobs he would have enough to get an upgrade. Then again, he had to pay back that pesky bank first.. that would be quit the problem. Oh well.

Next up was getting into the castle. Geb had been told just to say that he had a delivery, and he would be let in. So, he would go and try that plan out. "State your business" the guard on the right remarked, as Geb pointed to the package. "I've got a delivery, you see. Would you be so kind as to let me in, sir?" The Guard looked over to his partner standing on the left, and his partner would nod back at him, seemingly signaling that it was A-Okay.

Waving his hand, the gate to the castle opened, and Geb was allowed inside. Now, if he was right, he was told to go up the stairs, into the building, and then go to the last room on the left of the first floor. Didn't seem so hard to him, so he would go ahead and do it. Walkin through the courtyard, Geb opened the large doors and let himself into the castle. IT had a very nice look in here, Geb had to admit. Whoever did this architecture was truly a work of art themselves, along with the castle. Though, that man or woman was probably long dead by now, given the age of the castle and how it looked to Geb. Shame, but he supposed nobody could live forever. He was sure the person's children or grandchildren were doing wonders in this time, anyways.

Suddenly, Geb was stopped by a gloomy, sad looking but tall and strong man. "What are you doing here? Whoa re you?" the man asked, as Geb pointed to his package, keeping his calm. "I'm here to deliver this to one Servus Phantasm."

The man, who Geb would eventually guess was Sirius based off rumors in town, would then take the package. "I'll ensure it gets to him. Thank you for your delivery, young man." he said, as he began to walk off. That was.. somewhat intimidating, but it wouldn't make Geb lose sleep at night or anything. Whatever.

Geb would then walk out of the castle, and soon receive his pay for a job well done. While he couldn't help but wonder what was in the potion, or what the whole grand scheme of things was, he didn't worry about it too much. Those nobles would probably find a way to silence him or something, so it was whatever he guessed.

Back to the Gallery, the day's work finished.


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