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Eelzad Vs Knuckles

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Eelzad Vs Knuckles Empty Wed Jun 05, 2024 10:15 pm

Eelzad arrived at the grand coliseum, a place where countless battles had taken place, each one adding to the rich history of the guild. The arena was massive, with towering stone walls and a wide, sandy floor that bore the marks of countless duels. The air buzzed with anticipation, as guild members gathered to watch the upcoming fight between Eelzad and Knuckles Shi.

Making his way through the entrance, Eelzad felt a mix of excitement and nervousness. He had sent the challenge to Knuckles Shi with the hope of testing his limits and pushing himself to new heights. Today, he would find out how he measured up against one of the guild’s strongest members.

Eelzad entered the lobby, a spacious area filled with fighters preparing for their matches, discussing strategies, or simply waiting for their turn in the arena. He found a quiet corner and sat down, taking a moment to gather his thoughts and focus his mind. The sounds of clashing weapons and cheering crowds echoed through the halls, a constant reminder of the battle that awaited him.

He took a deep breath, feeling the weight of the moment. This fight was more than just a challenge; it was an opportunity to prove himself and to grow stronger. Eelzad glanced around the lobby, noticing the various fighters, each with their own unique styles and abilities. Some nodded in acknowledgment, recognizing him as the newcomer who dared to challenge Knuckles Shi.

The minutes ticked by slowly as Eelzad waited, his anticipation growing with each passing moment. He reviewed his strategies, mentally preparing himself for the fight. His Aqua Sphera Gauntlets felt heavy with potential, ready to be unleashed in battle. He knew he would need to use every ounce of his strength and skill to stand a chance against Knuckles. He didn't know if his ripple magic would work against Knuckles, and that was only if he would be able to land a blow on the man.

Eelzad understood that there was a strong fighting culture within the Paradise Dawn guild. It was a way for newer members to gauge their abilities against each other, identify their weaknesses, and strive to become stronger and better at achieving their goals. Eelzad knew he needed more power quickly, feeling that his current strength wasn't sufficient for the challenges ahead. Today, his opponent was one of the esteemed members of the guild, Knuckles Shi. This man was known for never turning down a challenge, which was a key reason for his immense power and strength.

"Even lasting a full minute would be worth it. "

Eelzad stood, his resolve solidifying. He followed the guild member through the corridors, the noise of the arena growing louder with each step. Finally, they reached the entrance to the coliseum floor, where the bright sunlight and roaring crowd greeted him.

Standing at the edge of the arena, Eelzad could see Knuckles Shi on the opposite side, his presence commanding and intimidating. The crowd's cheers reached a crescendo as the announcer introduced the fighters.
"And now, the moment you've all been waiting for! In this corner, the determined newcomer, Eelzad Kors!"

Eelzad couldn't lie, the cheers were motivating. At the very least, he had to put on a show for the fans or had the desire to.

"Great warrior, thank you for accepting my challenge. "

WC: 562

#2Knuckles Shi 

Eelzad Vs Knuckles Empty Fri Jun 07, 2024 11:51 pm

Knuckles Shi

At long last, the moment Knuckles had been anticipating was finally here. He was about to face a new challenger, someone who had risen to meet him in the Arena of Champions. Knuckles was far stronger than he had been in the past, his power honed through relentless training and the trials within Paradise Dawn. Today's battle would push him further, bringing him one step closer to transcending mortal limits and rivaling the power of Demons and Gods. The Arena of Champions, with its storied history and roaring crowd, was an environment Knuckles had come to appreciate. Though he had never fought in a setting quite like this, the thrill of battling in a 50-meter pit of pure combat potential excited him. He planned to make this a regular part of his training, envisioning many future battles within these hallowed grounds.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, today we have a match for you! Two warriors enter the arena, ready to showcase their strength and skill. On one side, we have the indomitable Knuckles Shi! On the other, a new challenger is eager to prove their worth! Make your way to the betting polls for your last-minute wagers! This is going to be an exciting one to witness. Let's put our hands together as we welcome both parties into the ARENA OF CHAMPIONS!

As the gate in front of Knuckles opened, the crowd erupted in cheers, their energy sending goosebumps along his arms. He was already amped up and ready to test himself. He was here to claim victory. With no thought of walking away as anything but the winner, Knuckles stepped forward, clad in his Clown Helm and armor, his raven companion Murder perched on his shoulder.

The arena floor is a mixture of sand and pebbles, gritty to texture, so rough underfoot that it gives an opponent some traction but makes it hard to hold one's balance in tough fights. There are 12 tall stone pillars, each one is 20 meters in height, positioned strategically through the arena. They are spaced to give room for speed and movement across the field and also close enough to offer cover and opportunities to make strategic plays.

Above, the arena is open to the sky, bringing a flood of natural light into the field of battle. The open roof allows the weather to change dynamically, affecting visibility and tactics within a fight. On clear days, stark shadows are cast from the light above, while on overcast days, the mood is somber inside the arena. The air itself is filled with the sounds of the crowd, the cacophony of their cheers, boos, and the rhythmic chanting of names. There are people packed into tiered seating that reaches high into the air, their excitement palpable as they await the clash of titans. The energy of the audience enhances the intensity of the battle, the reverberating roars enhancing the determination fuel of the combatants.

Amidst the gritty sand, the towering pillars, and the electrified atmosphere of this iconic arena, Knuckles and his opponent are set to engage in a duel that will take their strength, skill, and resolve to the fullest.

WC 530

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Eelzad Vs Knuckles Empty Thu Jun 13, 2024 8:56 am

Taking a deep breath, Eelzad stepped forward into the arena floor, feeling the gritty texture of the sand and pebbles under his feet. The twelve towering stone pillars loomed around them, creating a dynamic and challenging battlefield. Eelzad knew he had to be strategic in his movements, using the pillars for cover and the uneven terrain to his advantage.

As the announcer's voice echoed through the arena, Eelzad took a moment to address Knuckles. "Knuckles Shi," he called out, his voice steady and clear, "I've heard tales of your strength and skill. Today, I aim to test myself against you. This arena, with its history and the energy of the crowd, is the perfect place for our battle. Let's give them a fight to remember!"

Eelzad's eyes scanned the arena, taking in the layout and calculating his next move. The pillars offered ample opportunities for cover and strategic attacks, and the open sky above meant that the weather could change the dynamics of the fight at any moment.

"I know you're stronger," Eelzad continued, his tone determined. "But I'm here to push my limits and see how far I can go. Let’s see how our strengths match up today."

With those words, Eelzad focused his energy, feeling the familiar power of his Ripple Magic coursing through him. His Aqua Sphera Gauntlets glowed with a radiant light, ready to channel his magic into his attacks.

The announcer’s voice boomed over the arena, signaling the start of the match. "Let the battle begin!"

Eelzad took a deep breath, his mind racing with strategies. He needed to stay agile and use his environment to his advantage. Darting towards one of the pillars, he used it for cover as he prepared to make his first move.

Moving swiftly, Eelzad punched the base of the nearest pillar with his Ripple Magic-infused gauntlets. The impact shattered the stone, sending rubble and dust flying into the air. The debris created a temporary screen, obscuring Knuckles' view of Eelzad's movements.

Using the cover of the falling rubble, Eelzad darted to another pillar, repeating the process. Each punch sent more debris into the air, creating a chaotic environment. The crowd roared with excitement as they watched the spectacle unfold.

With the pillars providing ample distraction, Eelzad closed the distance between himself and Knuckles. The rubble continued to fall, creating an unpredictable battlefield. Finally, Eelzad emerged from the cloud of dust and debris, his gauntlets glowing brightly.

"Ha!!!" he shouted, attempting to launch two strikes towards knuckles using the gauntlet's functions of extending his arms. Since Eelzad's mana reserves were small, he wanted to save the overdrive for the last moment.

Eelzad wasn't too sure how it would work since the skill level between himself and Knuckles was great. However, at the very least, Eelzad was going to struggle for as much as he could while using the abilities that he had at his disposal. All he could do was trust in the ripple.

WC: 503
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Battle Log:


#4Knuckles Shi 

Eelzad Vs Knuckles Empty Sat Jun 15, 2024 11:58 am

Knuckles Shi

Fast as the surge of his own excitement Knuckles could feel the energy of the crowd surging into him. This was it, a new opponent, a new challenge. Something Knuckles savored. Eelzad had come forward determined and Knuckles was set to face it dead on. The collective anticipation of the assemblage crowd was electric their energy feeding his.

Leaving Eelzad's voice to echo, Knuckles nodded his head. "Eelzad Kors, I have seen your name in the Paradise Dawn's roster. Good to finally see courage up close. Let's make this a battle to remember!"

The emcee's voice boomed on, and the match started. Whirlwind Eelzad started to use his Ripple Magic to punch the pillars. Clouds of dust and debris erupted. Knuckles' blood ran wild with the turbulence. This was an experience he hadn't had in years. A melee user was about to test his abilities against Knuckles.

Knuckles just barely had time to react as Eelzad's gauntlets reached for him. One punched him straight in the chest and he stumbled back, the second hit him in the side and grunted in pain as that reverberated through his armor. The dust cloud kicked up and made him cough as gritty particles filled his lungs. But the pain only fueled his excitement.

"Ha! Finally a challenge!" Knuckles yelled as his hammers dropped to the ground with a thud. He kept his fists balled as power ran raw in him. "Too long have I faced those that do not favor the fist. Let's see what you've got on you, Eelzad!"

Knuckles charged, fists punching with grace and power. He met Eelzad's strikes by striking back, the blows resounding through the arena. Every punch was a test of strength and skill, every movement a test Knuckles savored to his very core. "You gutsy thing, Eelzad," Knuckles said, punching and punching. "Not many men have what it takes to charge at me bullheaded like this. Come on! Give it your all! Give me everything you've got!!"

The battle raged on and the two swordsmen exchanged blow after blow. They were testing the limits of each other. Knuckles felt alive, exuberant with the challenge. He was living for this, the rush of battle, the clash of strength, the bond even of a worthy adversary. Eelzad's unyielding determination and bravery have lighted a fire within him to fight with everything he has. He fought them, Knuckles encouraging Eelzad the whole time. "Keep going! You're strong, but you can be stronger. Push your limits, just like you're doing now. This is what it means to be a true warrior!"

The crowd erupted, screaming and shouting in a massive rumble of cheers. Knuckles and Eelzad traded punches in a flurry of blows, every strike that landed speaking to the great power and determination at play here. This was not a fight either would soon forget nor one that would ever be forgotten in this historic grand coliseum.
Battle info:

TWC 1018

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Eelzad Vs Knuckles Empty Sat Jun 15, 2024 4:15 pm

Eelzad could feel the raw energy and power in each of Knuckles' strikes. Despite his best efforts, he knew he was outmatched. Knuckles' strength and experience were far beyond his own, but Eelzad wasn't about to back down. This fight was a test of his limits, a chance to see how far he had come and how much further he needed to go.

As the blows rained down on him, Eelzad focused on his Ripple Magic, using it to enhance his movements and strikes. He dodged and weaved, trying to find openings in Knuckles' defense, but each time he thought he had an advantage, Knuckles would counter with a devastating blow. The pain was intense, but it fueled Eelzad's determination. He had come here to learn and to grow, and every punch he took was a lesson in itself.

Knuckles' counterattack was swift and brutal. A powerful uppercut sent Eelzad sprawling backward, his vision blurring from the impact. He struggled to his feet, every muscle in his body protesting. But there was a fire in his eyes, a burning determination that refused to be extinguished.

"I may not win this fight,"
Eelzad said, his voice steady despite the pain. "But I'll give you everything I've got. I'll push myself to my limits and beyond."

Eelzad can tell that Knux was holding back quite a bit, it just goes to show just how powerful he was.  However, it was becoming more one-sided when it came to showing just how experienced Knux was on the battlefield.


As Eelzad got knocked down, he slowly brought himself to his feet, feeling the pain from Knux's punches. This wasn't something that Eelzad should shamelessly drag out, so he started to draw out his ripple.

"I'll take your fists head-on!! Sunlight Yellow Overdrive!"

Eelzad aimed his fist at both fists from knux, the ripple magic enchanting his gauntlets to empower his blows to deal damage in his way with the clash. The contact with the fists was less than ideal, with the overpowering strength of Knux encumbering both of his arms as Eelzad attempted to face the man head-on.  With the strength of the stronger warrior being taken into account, Eelzad flew into a nearby pillar due to the shockwave of the blow, plopping on the ground with a silent thud.

Eelzad's vision blurred as he tried to rise again, but his body refused to obey. The world around him dimmed, and he felt the edges of consciousness slipping away. With a final, defiant thought, he embraced the darkness, knowing he had given his all.

The announcer's voice boomed through the arena, filled with excitement and finality. "And the winner of this epic battle is... Knuckles Shi!"

The crowd erupted into cheers, their voices a mixture of admiration for both fighters. Medics rushed into the arena to tend to Eelzad, carefully lifting him onto a stretcher. As they carried him away, the crowd's applause followed, a testament to his bravery and determination. It was a loss today, but there is always tomorrow.

WC: 521
TWC: 1500


Battle Log:

#6Knuckles Shi 

Eelzad Vs Knuckles Empty Sat Jun 15, 2024 5:37 pm

Knuckles Shi

The battle would ensue between Knuckles' soul and him exchanging blow after blow with Eelzad. Each punch, every move, was a symphony of power, power, and precision. The determination of Eelzad would even make Knuckles admire the power behind his punches despite him being an opponent. Still, it was the crowd that was more violence-prone, running into a fever of cheering and gasping, thus electrifying the atmosphere.

"Ha! Not bad, Eelzad!" Knuckles yelled out as the impact of another well-placed punch echoed through his face. Strong punches, each one packed full of the power coming from his determination - that was what Eelzad packed. But then came the roar from the crowd as their approval washed over them like a wave of energy to give this blazing inferno even more fuel. He was getting high on adrenaline in his body at the sheer pleasure of having an opponent like this.

Knuckles' uppercut was fast and hard. Eelzad went flying backward, Knuckles watching him struggle up to his feet again, obviously in pain but refusing to back down. "Come on, get back up!" Knuckles shouted cheerfully, waiting for Eelzad to stand once more. The crowd agreed with Knuckles' enthusiasm, the air strung taut with suspense.

Eelzad's voice was firm, though the strain was evident in his voice. "I may not win this fight, but I'll give you everything I've got. I'll push myself to my limits and beyond." In Eelzad's eyes burned a determination showing the spirit that Knuckles respected.

Then, as Eelzad activated his Ripple Magic, Knuckles readied himself. The shock of his fist's contact rocked the area, and the might of Knuckles sent Eelzad flying into one of the pillars. As one person, the audience gasped its eyes were glued to the spectacular development before it.

Eelzad again tried to get up, and Knuckles watched intently. Never had Knuckles seen such will in an opponent, inspiring him even more. "You've got guts, Eelzad!" Knuckles shouted. The body collapsed onto the ground, showing the toll of this battle on him.

Knuckles actually sighed in disappointment but he could not help smiling. He had just enjoyed this fight so much. "Good job, Eelzad," he muttered to himself. "You did well." He moved to where his fallen opponent lay, squatting beside him. "You fought bravely. Look forward to facing you again.".

The cheers erupted as Knuckles stood up, walked back to his hammers, and raised them high in the victory pose the arena erupted in applause and shouts of admiration. That is how loud it was explosion of celebration of the battle they just witnessed.

Knuckles basked, absorbing it all, before he finally turned and made his way back towards the gate. At the rim of the arena, he turned once more and very graciously nodded towards the crumpled form of Eelzad, whom medics were at present tending to. Applause stiller rained down from the stands, not just in respect for the winner, but in appreciation of the brave challenge of the defeated.

Giving a last glance at his opponent, Knuckles left the field, the cheer of the audience lingering. This had been a good battle he would remember this one for a while and look forward to the next. To battle a new opponent, to surpass his limits, and then to share the brotherhood of the battlefield-that was his life. Today was a good day.

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