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Zeno vs Knuckles

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Zeno vs Knuckles Empty Wed Jun 05, 2024 2:33 pm

Zeno visited the country known as Seven to get a change of scenery from the usual landscape of Fiore. While taking in the new sights, he noticed a rowdy bunch of high-spirited rumbustious brutes marching down a path ahead of him praising themselves, proclaiming themselves as the champions of the arena. He decided to avoid the group by taking a detour down another path leading to a mountain trail. One of the men happened to turn around and meet eye to eye with Zeno before his gaze shifted over to the mountain trail, calling out to his brothers. They swarmed Zeno like vultures to a carcass. They began grabbing onto Zeno’s arms and legs lifting him up to examine his muscles and overall physique while probing him with questions about who he is and where he came from. After a few minutes passed of not getting any information out of him, they turned their attention to trying to persuade him to travel to the arena. They sang high praise for the land of Seven and its customs and the amazing arena that remains to be the heart of the land. After what felt like hours of these passionate brutes yelling in Zeno’s ears, he gave in and decided to visit the arena and soak in the customs of this country.

He came to the heart of the land with the intention of only going to spectate just to see what all the fuss was about. After watching a highly respected fighter named Knuckles Shi have a duel, it opened his eyes to the thrill of the sport. The way the two fighters fought with such passion and vigor swept up not only the crowd, but even Zeno was starting to feel his spirit electrified with excitement as he got sucked into the atmosphere of it all like a vacuum. This contagious thrill radiating from the crowd ran through his body, making him want to engage in the fights despite being a man who works in the shadows. Once it was all over and the renowned fighter Knuckles Shi won his match, Zeno decided to keep a sharp eye out for him.

Upon leaving the arena, he made his way to the receptionist to inquire about how to request a challenge in the arena as he wanted to experience a bout with the winner of today's match. The lady said she would handle things, but he had to fill out the request form. After sliding Zeno a form, he filled it out, inserting only his name and noting that he would like a 1-on-1 battle with Knuckles Shi for tomorrow. With quick scribbles upon the paper, he then slid the paper back across the marble table to the receptionist. Zeno thanked the lady with a gentle smile and a head nod before vanishing among the crowd that was behind him.

Later that night, Zeno snuck into the arena and sat in the stands, gazing upon the emptiness that surrounded him that was once full of life. Gone were the cheers of the crowds, replaced by the eerie sighs of the wind whispering through cracks in the stone like a mournful spirit. Though very clean, it was far from pristine, Zeno thought as he analyzed the bleachers and the arena tile floor. “This place is like a festival by day and bleak ruins by night” He muttered to himself  as  he thought about all the possible battles fought here, feeling the ecstasy he felt earlier bubble up from within. “I guess I will get a taste of this life before continuing duties…”

The sun breaks through from the horizon, showering the land with its light, warming the chilled land. This light was the start of a new day for a new journey. Setting forth to the arena, Zeno thought to himself just how strong these fighters are in this land compared to the low-lives he encountered in Fiore. The band of brothers he met were big bodies, strong fellows, but were they strong purely through their muscles or did they have some brains or talents in those hulking bodies that set them apart to be called champions, he thought to himself as he trotted over to the arena. The cobblestone trail leading towards the main road was like a path walked by the gods as it was carefully crafted and endured erosion from the constant shift of the seasons. Before long, Zeno found himself at the top of the hill in front of the massive arena again. This time he took just the sheer scale of it and how robust it was just from the outside. As he marveled at the structure fitted for battle among all species, he sat underneath a tall burly tree alongside the road to watch everybody gather at the entrance hall.


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#2Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles was becoming a regular in this arena. He was even starting to gain a following and become a popular person amongst the crowd. He had a new opponent and this time it was someone challenging him. It did not matter who it was he would answer the call for battle for it was how honor grew and how he would become a Legendary Warrior, chasing that dream and passion that had inspired him to this level of effectiveness. Knuckles would buckle his last buckle for his Clown Clout Helm, this was paired with the Clown Clout Armor. Both items had been blessed in a Norse ritual that gifted him the monstrous amount of strength that put him, leagues, ahead of those who were peers to him. He had fought dragons, slayed a god, and fought dungeons of void creatures. The hardest challenge he had ever faced to this day was Yuurei, though in his fight with him, he had learned he had closed the gap but there was still a that was still vast.

The reason why Knuckles was staying in the Seven so long was to use this arena to skyrocket his fighting experience even further to close that gap. He would not stop until he had reached that same level of power. The announcer would start his growling introduction for Knuckles. "Introducing a returning challenger, you know him as the Crimson Warrior, in Fiore he is known as the Clout Chaser, Let's hear it for Knuckles "The Clout Chaser" Shiiiiiiiiii!" The crowd would rise to their feet cheering and chanting Knuckles Knuckles Knuckles. The gates opened and the Daemon stepped out reaching for his hammers at his sides. Feeling the familiar feel of the hilts he swirled them before gripping them firmly once more. He was feeling the rush of battle coming upon him already. It was time to see the arena field and what kind of obstacles he would be playing with this time around or if it would be a normal layout like the time he fought with Yuurei.

Wow, what a sight, spiral flames shot off the ground as a lake of fire broke the arena's 50-meter in half. The Fire River was about 2 meters wide and went from wall to wall. Knuckles looked like the desert sand that littered the floor which would make getting a grip tricky. It seemed he would have a hard time getting to his opponent. The gods were giving him another test to see what he had.

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Feeling as if enough time had passed, Zeno decided to get up from the tree and head over to the entrance. Once finished verifying his upcoming match, security escorted him to the preparation room. "And without further due delay, introducing the challenge seeker, the brave traveler from lands unknown, making his first debut! Zeno!” Just as the announcer finished his introduction, the gates opened up, beams of light shined into his eyes, blinding him for a moment as he stepped forth into the arena. A roar of excitement washed over them like a spell cast on them by the announcer. Once they were able to see their one challenging Knuckles, they were not as enthusiastic as they were before, but instead, were met with a lot of curiosity. Their grumblings and whispering would echo all throughout the arena, increasing the pressure that surrounded Zeno. Feeling its weight along with the nervousness of the battle made him feel weak, but at that moment he closed his eyes and took deep breaths to center himself. Shortly after, he opened his eyes and took his first steps into the sands scattered on the stage. The river of fire coursing through the middle was quite a sight to behold and brought a sense of comfort for him. The uneasiness that was swallowing him whole was steadily fading away, being replaced with excitement as he stared down at his opponent on the other side. Not feeling totally prepared as he did not have any weapons other than his fist. “Are the contestants ready!? Without further ado, begin!” Zeno braced himself by burying his feet in the sand while watching Knuckle's  movement to see his first move.

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#4Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles looked around at the area; these flaming pillars shooting up and back down through the area would make it, to say the least, difficult. Knuckles paused, eyes narrowing as he assessed his opponent to see what they were equipped with before he would make his plan in full. That's when he noticed that his opponent did not have anything. Knuckles relaxed his frame, setting his hammers back down to his side. So they were so sure of themselves that they thought their magic would be enough to carry them to victory, eh? Not even Yuurei had met him with no equipment. Fine, if they were so cocky, then allow them to witness the power of Knuckles Shi.

Knuckles began to run straight ahead, trying to keep the mage he could only assume was a mage within his frontal vision. As the warrior moved closer toward the river of fire, however, a pillar of flame launched up, causing him to lose all the speed he had built as he came to a halt. Knuckles let out a roaring shout but decided to use this to his advantage. He launched on his right at 20 meters per second, using the flames as concealment for him to move, hopefully out of sight to avoid any spells that might be coming his way.The flaming pillars were very hot, causing sweat to bead on Knuckles' brow. He moved swiftly and silently, his movements calculated and precise. After his lunge, Knuckles turned left, preparing to cross the river of fire. The fiery barrier stretched out before him, a formidable obstacle that demanded respect. The flames danced and flickered, casting eerie shadows on the ground.

Knuckles breathed in deep, savoring the power in his veins. He tightened his hopes tightly once more; that reassuring weight was different from anything else. He couldn't be predicted, and neither could the fire. With a look of grim determination, Knuckles raced towards the river of fire, striding with great power by using his legs.As he reached the river's edge, another column of fire shot up in front of him. Knuckles did not check his run. He had just used the momentum he had accumulated to soar high, his muscles straining as he crossed to the other side of the blazing barricade. It was scorching hot, but Knuckles grit his teeth and ran, rolling over on the other side to absorb the impact. Immediately, he got up and glanced back to make sure he had thwarted any immediate dangers his opponent might have unleashed.

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Zeno vs Knuckles Empty Mon Jun 10, 2024 10:06 pm

As he waited to see what Knuckles would do, he slowly glanced around the area, taking it all in. The layout of the ring, having bursting flames like geysers, caught Zeno off guard, but this was fitting for him. This put a slight smile on his face, but deep down he was still uneasy about going into this fight without any equipment. Knowing he had to rely on more than just magic to have a chance at pulling off a miracle against the well-armed Knuckles. He steps forward confidently before clenching his fist tightly and letting the mana of the sidhe flow through his body, awakening its power. His already bright amber eyes became a lighter golden color with an aura surrounding his eyes. The mana coursing through his body gave off a warm glowing aura outline to Zeno, enhancing his body and mind.

During the moments of his transformation, Knuckles was fearlessly challenging the geyser of fire with his body through sheer might, watching in amazement at the perseverance and vigor he showed when tackling the beastly eruption. The contagious energy Knuckles was radiating affected Zeno, giving him the burning desire to take action too. His eyes were glued to Knuckles movement, looking for any form of trickery. He charged straight forward once more towards the erupting flames but with more gusto. Using the surge of mana flowing through his body from the sidhe awakening, Zeno dashed forward through the sand. Covering 15 meters per second to get close enough to the position Knuckles was heading toward. At the moment of him bursting through the geyser of fire, Zeno slammed down his hands on the sand, channeling his mana through his fingers and palms, invoking a magic circle to appear right beneath the area Knuckles landed upon. Multiple green fiery tree roots pierce out from the sand surrounding him. The towering roots slammed down on him with great force, blasting massive amounts of sand into the air, scattering it everywhere. A sandpit was all that remained from the tree roots colliding. As the tree roots retracted, it weakened the stability of the fire river bed that was less than a meter behind the area of the pit. This causes the river of fire to spill over into the pit slowly.

Zeno slowly stood up feeling his heart race as he watched the location where Knuckles was last seen carefully, slowly circling the perimeter, staying towards the right side of the perimeter as he walked towards the river of fire.

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#6Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles was taken a bit by surprise by the fire magic that came out of the Mage whom he was fighting. This was for two reasons, the first was that Knuckles was not expecting anything to be waiting for him when he leaped through the flames. That had shown that the mages had been possibly baiting Knuckles the entire time. He had never seen vines on fire as magic either which was the second reason he was surprised. Knuckles lifted his arms trying to fend off the assault when he felt the brush of the magic slam down into him, it was weaker than he had thought but still had put in some solid damage. With a pit of sand left from the spell, Knuckles looked down at it and then over at the fire mage. It seemed he could make plants pop out of the ground, that would be a problem.  Knuckles lifted his Mjolnir hammer and fed mana into it as he sent the weapon through the air, homing in on Zeno's chest.  The attack would deal S-rank damage if it would hit. It was time to see what this mage had up his sleeve!

Whist the hammer made its way towards Zeno, Knuckles lunged traveling at the same speed as the hammer throw, 20 meters per second.  He would be upon his prey in due time ready to land a combo attack when he realized, this mage was just out of his league on this one, but showed promise. "Let's fight again."

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Seeing Knuckles take the brunt of his spell directly and stand up from it without breaking a sweat was a testament to how big the power gap between the two was. Zeno took notice of Knuckles reaching for the hammer that he gripped earlier in the battle, preparing to be attacked he adjusted his stance for a head-on attack but this was a miscalculation on his end. Knuckles rose the hammer to the sky and then chucked it forward with a thunderous burst. The lightning mana-infused hammer launched towards Zeno at an impeccable speed. Thinking quickly, Zeno pointed his index and middle finger toward the island on the other side of the river of fire to activate a magic circle, several vines came out from the magic circle thrusting forward through the geyser of fire and latched onto Zeno. It pulled him over by 5 meters, easily crossing the gap reaching the other side taking minimal damage from the tower of fire. To Zeno’s surprise, the hammer curved and continued its course toward him, piercing through the fire and ramming into his chest at full power. The electricity flowed throughout his body, shocking him to the core. With such intense shocks it caused his vision to blur and his body became numb. The combination of the impact knocking the wind out of him and being electrocuted caused him to fall unconscious, flying directly into sand behind him where Knuckles first stood. The referee rushed over to check the condition of Zeno and announced the results. “A CLEEEEAAAN KNOCK OUT! And with that folks, our exhibition match has concluded!! Your winner is the people's champ, The Clout Chaser himself, KNUUUUUUCKKKKLEEESSS SHIIIIIIIIII!! Let us give a round of applause to our two combatants for displaying such a marvelous showcase of magic and strength!” The crowd's cheers were faintly registering to Zeno before going back silent. He woke up in the med bay all bandaged up with an envelope resting on the dresser next to him. Deciding he will get to it later, smiling to himself and closing his eyes “...That was fun” he muttered softly.

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