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Well He's An Odd One.(Knuxs Social.)

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Well He's An Odd One.(Knuxs Social.) Empty Wed May 29, 2024 2:51 am

While most would show up to Seven to bask in culture or even fight in the area, Harrison was some how here, Why most people have not bothered or considered asking him, But he was here. So far he was just casually scrolling about pondering where to go from here.

Even then Harrison was not a man to take things like these as a set back if anything maybe he could learn things from here. The people of Seven had to defend themselves from the raging monsters some how and he wanted to learn about it. If they would let this odd Fae from Caelum a chance to learn anyway. He may have to put the study of magic aside just to see what all could be done.

Even then Harrison realized kind of how different being Seven was compared to Caelum or even Fiore. Standing slight off a corner and cleaning his glasses, Harrison was looking around pondering where to go next.

#2Knuckles Shi 

Well He's An Odd One.(Knuxs Social.) Empty Wed May 29, 2024 4:01 pm

Knuckles Shi

Knuckles was within the country on Seven, perhaps people were scared to come here because Seven, Eight, Nine, but Knuckles was not afraid. In fact, he was an Advent fighter. He had to be if his goal was to be a well-known Hero of Legend where people would build statues in his honor. Was a criminal? Sure, but he had done his time in jail and started to change his life. He was making it a mission to change his reputation so he would not be judged, but what could a Daemon do? He was attracted to the darker walks of life after all. It was only his nature.

While here in Seven he was looking to fight as much as he could in the arena, it was an interesting concept and something he could really get behind. Perhaps he would bring those he knew here so they could become better prepared without any serious risk to their being. Lost in this thought Knuckles was looking up and not paying attention to where he was going even though he was looking straight ahead. It was not till he felt his should bump into something that he snapped out of his planning and took a look around to see a man who wore glasses with long beautiful locks of hair to his side.

Knuckles immediately bowed at the waist as he spoke plainly and projected sincerity into his tone of voice. "Ah, I am sorry please forgive my error. I was being self-absorbed in my thoughts and forgot to take my surroundings into account. Please, allow me to purchase your lunch and a drink on me."

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

Well He's An Odd One.(Knuxs Social.) Empty Thu May 30, 2024 1:26 pm

For being bumped into Harrison did not seem like he was bothered or offended, Then again as things went on Harrison would just show he was fairly carefree and always seemed to have his focuses. It did slightly break his thought from what he was pondering at the time as well.

But alas Harrison would put his thought of his vast in depth study of magic that as he ever tried to explain it seemed almost pointless, But since they both were being nice at this time. Harrison didn't seem like it was anything too horrible. But after checking himself over seeing no dust on himself that he needed to clean off from the environment around them.

Then upon looking at the person who bumped into him. Harrison looked him over and merely checked him over as well. It seemed he also was not covered in any form of dust as well."Well, It is interesting that you are some one who is so quick to say sorry."Harrison mentioned sounding rather relieved about it."Most places, Tend to merely tell me to watch where I am going."Maybe Harrison was just dealing with culture shock as Seven was a vastly different place for this Caelum Fae who was lingering about.

But Harrison not one to break manner also bowed in return when he did and listened to his offer, Considering his offer Harrison did not mind the idea maybe it would be a nice break from what he normally did." I will not Refuse such an offer, Might get me to think of other things rather then my my research and the culture shock, I some what feel here."Harrison seemed to have agreed to this seeming not worried about much else about what happen between them

But suppose Harrison was not that rude as he would be sure. Offering to shake hands because that was what he was use too."It is nice to meet you. I am Harrison Spellford."

#4Knuckles Shi 

Well He's An Odd One.(Knuxs Social.) Empty Sun Jun 02, 2024 8:05 am

Knuckles Shi

Knuckles smiled and nodded agreeing a bit with the statement. "Well, I was at fault. What else would one do?" Knuckles laughed. "Those kinds of people are the ones I throw into the air. Knuckles lifted a brow at the mention of research. It was curious that the man brought it up and said he wished to get his mind off of it. Knuckles found that funny as most people would hear that and would ask what research but Knuckles refused. If they wanted to keep their mind off it then so be it. "Excellent, I think I saw this place that has the mozzarella bowl with these garlic bread discs that you can dip in it. I hear the wine is to die for too, though I guess people die for less." he attempted his hand at humor.

Knuckles bowed at the waist putting an arm behind his back and the other draped around his midsection. "Knuckles "Clout Chaser" Shi, of Paradise Dawn. It is a pleasure. I rarely met people who have a brain in their skull that is refined this will be a lovely change of pace. Perhaps Odin has willed us to cross so we may learn from each other hmm?"

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

Well He's An Odd One.(Knuxs Social.) Empty Mon Jun 03, 2024 6:34 pm

Eventually Harrison would adjust to this, He was a week bit stunted in these understanding of social matters. But what was about to come was Harrison's odd way of recalling information."Most common is, Move out of the way while calling me pal."The Fae did retain a fair amount of information but would continue to show how he was."Why he called me pal when I was a stranger...is beyond me."The Fae most likely would adjust to what actually that would be entirely different from what he thought, But he was not horrible. Maybe some one would help him be less clueless as a future.

Just for now there was other things more to mention."Few times, people asked me if i wanted to fight."It seems so far this man has yet to fight anyone really most likely talking his way out of it. But there was a content smile upon his face. Almost like it seemingly brought him some kind of peace. Maybe this odd fellow was worried it might have lead that way.

But he seemed delighted by this offer."Well that sounds like an interesting place, I have not really figure out where to eat here."It seemed maybe it was going to start forming some kind of bond with him to start with. Harrison did not feel as much like a stranger right now. Then again he didn't speak Seven so it was not in some manner not entirely in favour.

One thing that clicked with them both. Was the idea of learning."Well if anything, I have a vast interest in learning and studying."Which was learning into Harrison mentioning what exactly his goal is."Example, I am currently studying magic. From it's base form, how Magic either learn to or how it changed from Arcane to the various elements."Most people at this point would look at Harrison like she was nuts but it was this part he would add in that might make it worst."But that is just the start, Then I want to see what limits I can break with this study with current methods of magic."Maybe while she seemed sane he was now going for an insane goal.

After all he did not ask what his entirely idea of learning form a person is. But how he spoke,was still polite and well meaning like he was interested in learning."But that is why me, What are you interesting to learn at this time?"He was at least able carry a conversation when it was in front of him.

#6Knuckles Shi 

Well He's An Odd One.(Knuxs Social.) Empty Wed Jun 05, 2024 8:16 pm

Knuckles Shi

Knuckles was confused about where these people were when he walked around. Perhaps it was his armor and weapons on his hip that kept them away from him or the Daemon race itself. Knuckles laughed at the pal part. "Surely you do not allow such actions to go unpunished friend?" Knuckles would smile when fighting was brought up. "Are you not into fighting?" Knuckles would seem happy to talk about this subject. But just as the subject came it went.

"The best way to find places to eat is to pick up guides when you arrive. " Knuckles lead them to the establishment. As they walked Knuckles listened to the man speak about studying magic. "Hm that is interesting, I am a magicless person. Maybe you can figure out why that happens. I wouldn't be eager to learn where this research ends. " Knuckles would have to keep an eye out for any research papers that would get published by this Harrison Spellford.

Harrison asked Knuckles what he was interested in learning. Knuckles chuckled as they reached the restaurant. "Well, I am currently learning about entering the abyss. You see I am a Daemon, and currently trying to learn to how evolve into a Demon. Please do not worry about your safety I am not that crazy type of demon who goes off and slaughters for no reason. I do enjoy fighting as well. I am a student of war I guess you could say. "

Knuckles walked to the table and sat down as they waited for someone to come take their order. Knuckles was wondering how the Harrison Character would react to what Knuckles just told him. It was always interesting to see how people reacted to this information..

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

Well He's An Odd One.(Knuxs Social.) Empty Thu Jun 06, 2024 12:12 pm

It was a good question to ask him and Harrison would actually have an answer for that, might sound a bit more disappoint to hear."It is not that one isn't willing to defend himself my good sir, it is that I lack the mere knowledge to do so."In which talking to Knux about it. It almost seemed like an odd twist of fate he was fae of wonder and knowledge seeking yet he did not know that part in which to do.

But sighs that it was not just his one goal that was on his mind."Sure, It would be ideal that I learn that eventually, It is just one of the other things I had considered doing in the future."Harrison said while they here generally talking. It might be interesting that it was in fact thing he was planning to learn later on. Just Harrison was fixated on one path. Most likely it could be easy to draw his attention to such feats if there was a way to mix them together that might be some interesting progress for him.

It seems as some one would be interested in his results it got Harrison to actually slightly open up to him. Seemingly he felt a bit more comfortable."I harbour no problems with demons, But that might be just how I am as a Fae, I have been solve a problem in front of me type rather then blank assumptions."If anything he was more interested that he was studying something as well. The Abyss was something he figured was a risky matter, But Harrison knew that risks where sometimes rewards depending on what efforts resulted."I suppose being a student of war is interesting, Studying the abyss it's self as well in some manner is interesting too...I do not know if while I am doing my studies if i can help you."It was not that he was avoiding it. If anything Harrison seemed honest and upfront, some manner he was smart but at times he was completely clueless, most people are unsure if Harrison knew he was clueless at times.

But if anything much like he had said to himself."If you by happen stance record your studies, Much like you are interested in mine, I would be interested in reading or hearing what you learn as well."Harrison seemed pretty interested in a lot of stuff once you look past his fixated ways of looking at the things in front of him.

#8Knuckles Shi 

Well He's An Odd One.(Knuxs Social.) Empty Sat Jun 08, 2024 3:56 pm

Knuckles Shi

Knuckles lifted a brow upon hearing that Harrison did not know how to defend himself. There was no reason a man of his brain power and this much a gentleman and he had never been shown the art of fencing? He continued to listen as Sir Harrison explained how it was something he did consider learning in the future. Well, that was something Knuckles could certainly help with. "Training your body would probably be the first step and that is something you can do while you read at the least. You would not be able to do your test I'm afraid outside of practical applications. " Knuckles started to think of the benefits of having someone like this with his guild, to give them an understanding of the bases of magic. This would enhance their combat power even if two of the members could not even cast magic outside of items.

Knuckles chuckled. "Well that note stuff is more done by my Demoness, I am more just learning as she goes. She explains a lot to me. I claim to study it because I can use it to evolve into a Demon. You should be cautious of my kind though. Most are fueled by demons who wish to bring only destruction to this plain. That being said though if Lady Lumikki ever puts her work out I'll make sure you find a copy. "

Knuckles had thought it over long enough that he thought he would make the offer but wanted to get to know Harrison first really. Why did he want to study the foundation of magic, to what end? "I know you said you did not wish to talk about your research and I have made it a point to avoid the subject but just one question, what is the purpose of your research? For the pure knowledge and application of it or to use it in some way to profit?"

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

Well He's An Odd One.(Knuxs Social.) Empty Sun Jun 09, 2024 6:17 pm

This was becoming interesting to Harrison, people wanted to help him more and more for something so simple that people yet really did not piece together."Well combative reactions can be considered a section of it too, I just tend to prefer some kind of control than just wild sparing."It seemed to form an idea in Harrison mind that he may in fact consider expanding upon in the future. So much so he pulled out a note book and wrote it down, quickly. It almost seemed he was entirely fixed on this thing.

But as he listened in some manner he would just make it clear."I will take a copy, It will be cited as needed for any future paperwork."But the entire thing he would start off by mentioning."Profiting from it is pointless to me, It bothers me that no humanoid can even tell me how we started casting magic, Then adapted it use elements."It was the closest thing that some one could ever witness this man to ranting about something, even if he was still polite about it and not yelling at all. This study was his passion.

Even then he thought of it this why."Profiting form it is merely voiding the sole propose of why going so in depth to start with, Very few people can cast magic to start with....we use it in everyday objects like it is a mere second thought."Harrison merely created an arcane magical orb and just threw it."This could be a gift from something to help us give so many things....Yet most people just treat it like it's there, No one can tell me how people gained magic before us, Why others are limited from it, What hard limits we have and how far can we expand it."Harrison mention. Money was never on his mind it was almost like Harrison never cared about money about it to start about it.

He took off his glasses and pulling out a cloth and started cleaning his glasses, it was easy to pick up, He didn't need these glasses to see."Fame? Money? Riches? Status? all of that is pointless, I could achieve the answer I seek truly, record it all on paper or some other manner, Die having some one take credit for my work and I would be content with knowing."Harrison seemed like a strange fellow this way. But to think he most likely was stuck at a point he could pass at this time with how little answers he got.

#10Knuckles Shi 

Well He's An Odd One.(Knuxs Social.) Empty Tue Jun 11, 2024 4:36 pm

Knuckles Shi

Knuckles chuckled at the mention of control when it came to combat training.  Harrison seemed to think that going through the motions would prepare him. "Controlled training is good for the basics and building the foundation but you won't learn anything or evolve if you don't do the wild sparring. It is facing the unknown like you would in real life that prepares you for the dangers of the world. I killed a dragon once you know, and I had no idea what I was even doing with this hammer. I was using sword training to fill the gap. It took a few users of active practices and fighting for me to learn how to use it properly.  You'll learn more in a fight than you will swing a sword at a dummy all day.

When Harrison answered his question as to why he did his research a grin curled up on his lips. Excellent it was as he hoped. No, he did not wish to take this man's research and publish it or make money off of it he wanted to use it to make his guild better fighters. So Knuckles would indeed make his offer. "I shall introduce you to my wife so she can give you a copy of her notes. In the meantime Sir Harrison, I would like to make you an offer. I will help you fund and otherwise assist how I can in your research, in return I would like for you to join my guild, Sleeping Calaminity. We are a group of people who wish to become strong and are mostly fighters but the principle is to become the best versions of ourselves. While I can offer you the chance to train with some of the best warriors in all the land I can guess that would not be something you are eager to explore in earnest, instead, I would offer you to apply your theories and application to the guild members. I can also look into the founding of magic on this plain when I enter the abyss. I reckon gods and demons have had a hand in shaping magic use in this world. "

Knuckles went quiet watching the man closely to see how he would react to this offer and if it would be something he was interested in.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

Well He's An Odd One.(Knuxs Social.) Empty Today at 5:06 am

It seemed like Knux was adding some things Harrison was not into the mix to consider. He was a peaceful and non combative because it was just his nature. But alas maybe he had yet to realize the true destructive and combative nature of magic and leaving one's self untrained from it is equally bad for his study. It was now easy to pick up that Harrison did not consider that at all." Well, That is a factor I did not consider. At least not yet anyway." Harrison viewed the suggestion as a means of a good thing to figure out the pieces he was trying. He could always do the normal stuff he was already doing in his free time.

With the this group offer it seemed he was not refusing it was now over all in his interest at this point. It was a way to expand differently. Even now he seemed pull out his notebook reviewing each page slowly, To just the same things with different timestamps over and over again. It was over all if you just went off of his current notes alone, Harrison might be going insane and trying to piece together something with no answers at all was making him insane. Even remarking about it."It will be a better then just recording the same thing over and over. No matter the results of just holding an arcane bolt in place seeing if it takes on the element." Now this sounded stupid and in some manner maybe he was just going through the stupid and seemingly pointless stuff first."I can figure out this part of it all later."

It was over all just agreeing to the idea. He offered him dinner too before hand. But even if it was from a mistake earlier he almost wanted to say he was getting sweeten up for it. Ideally this man had a problem and Harrison almost felt like he was just not being effective with his time."Well you have  given me a lot of things to explore." At this point it was pretty clear Harrison was interested and joining.

But just in case he would be sure to state it clearly."I will join your guild, It might be helpful for everyone over all."Suppose this meant this was dinner time with guild members."I suppose, this isn't just now dinner with a friend huh?"Even letting out a bit of a chuckle about it now. Harrison did seem to try and seem some what like a normal person, Trying to not let his odd fae behaviour seem too strong.

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