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Behind The Scenes: Pt. II [Quest: Ittindi]

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Behind The Scenes: Pt. II [Quest: Ittindi] Empty Tue May 28, 2024 11:22 am

Ittindi was at the forest, he had taken one of his favorite side entrances through the east gate. As he waited into the afternoon, he’d quietly sit down enjoying the sites. The birds were out in full force chirping at each other in fits of social rage. Or at least that’s how Ittindi imagined it, after 20 to 30 minutes the target would appear. He was surprised by how accurate what he thought the nondescript summary of the individual was. Ittindi would approach closer, he didn’t want to lose sight of the target.

He had felt like he snuck appropriately watching the target move through the forest, weaving to avoid the stray branches. Ittindi was extra careful to not crunch any stray branches or leaves on the ground. In act made all the harder by the speed of the target, Ittindi would see them stop for a second while he poured out a liquid on the soil in front of him. Ittindi had him dead to rights as he started to move closer he must have had made some noise. Because the man just turned in a 180 and started running harder and faster than Ittindi initially guessed.

Luckily Ittindi was fast enough to close the distance, once he was within 10 meters Ittindi would stomp his foot. The magic circle appearing less than a second later propelling him the final distance Ittindi would draw his gun. He needed to shoot the man a couple times while crash tackling him. While he missed the first two shots his third hit and shocked the man as Ittindi collided with his back. Landing on top of the man he’d handcuff him, he’d read him any of his rights as he walked back towards Inspector Nilan’s office.

Once there Ittindi would be asked to stay for the interview with the suspect. He was excited to sit in on the famous Inspector Nilan. He didn’t do anything to impressive during the interview, just occasionally pointed towards the window. He’d always murmur something about you know who’s behind that thing. After a frustrating hour Inspector Nilan came out, their interrogation still bearing no fruit. He’d tell Ittindi that this might take longer than he initially thought and handed him the reward money and promising him a report in the morning. Ittindi would give the man a salute and head back to his room at headquarters.
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