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Midnight Haven (Akudama Syndicate Update??)

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Midnight Haven

Midnight Haven is the very embodiment of deep-seated disdain for the nation of Fiore and all governments that thrive on exploiting the marginalized. Once just a notorious criminal empire known as Akudama Syndicate, the Haven has evolved into something far more complex. It's now a an entity of its own, homing not just criminals & thugs, but rebels, and anyone else society has cast aside, welcoming those who embrace what appears to be the dark side of life. Ruling the black market with an iron fist, Midnight Haven controls the underworld. They’re the masterminds behind arms trafficking, narcotics trade, and almost every other illicit enterprise you can imagine. Their influence is everywhere, crossing borders and infiltrating every level of society. This control brings them immense wealth and power, making them a feared and formidable force.

Branded as criminals by the government, Midnight Haven doesn't shy away from its reputation. Dark mages find refuge here, but it’s not all about evil. Midnight Haven’s cause often blurs the lines between justice and malevolence. Corrupt politicians steal from the people and betray those they’re supposed to serve. Midnight Haven has risen as a brutal response to this injustice, offering a lifeline to those who’ve been wronged. Here, virtually anyone has a place to sleep and food to eat if you have the will to do what it takes. They’ve built an underground empire, providing purpose to society’s outcasts and challenging the status quo with every black market deal they make. To many, Midnight Haven is chaotic and anarchic—a place where rules are broken and anything goes. But for those seeking freedom, it’s a haven of opportunities. Whether you join to dip your toes into the black market or to live out your wildest, darkest fantasies, Midnight Haven welcomes all. Here, you can find the liberation you’ve been searching for, no matter how malevolent your desires. If you crave vengeance, freedom, power, or simply a place to unleash your darkest dreams, Midnight Haven is your sanctuary.


  • Members must be driven. If you aren't pulling your weight, than what the hell are you doing here?

  • Members must never expose their clients identities to people who aren't members.

  • Guild members agree to protect the guild location.

  • Members of the guild must not reveal sensitive information about the guild. This can result in Banishment or other forms of harsh punishment.

  • Sins are most trusted members and ranked directly below The Prime.

  • Members are not to reveal the identity of their guild mates to those who are not members. Doing so may result in the loss of your tongue.


The Midnight Haven base is a humongous fortified territory that prioritizes the transportation of their illegal wares, and the protection of those behind it's walls. What once began as a giant circular wall with 5 towers, now harbors other buildings where members have the liberty to indulge in peace. Their method of transportation is heavily reflected throughout their guild territory- a megaplatform train station with six stations. Five of the station towers are specific to the five forms of crime that the guild specializes in. Weapons trade and training, Drugs & medicine, Espionage, and Science, and Trafficking. The sixth station is the general station which is used as the only entrance to the stations platform. On the ground, there is an entrance at the wall into the guild's territory which is heavily guarded. At both entrances, folks are verified before entering. Inspection of cargo and visitors go through tight security here before being escorted to the other four appropriate stations. Each station is a platform, but within the stations are facilities dedicated to each form of crime. Laboratory, arsenal, drug house, chambers, etc.

The train itself is an elongated steel fortress used to transit the guild's illegal wares to undisclosed locations for sell and distribution. The guild territory has many train tracks that run through the course of its structures. These tracks circle through the guild territory at various elevations. The basement of the guild hall is where the armored train switches tracks or rests until further use.

At the center of the guild territory, are the main halls itself- a common area between all six of the stations. It serves as meeting places and living quarters for the guild members. While the majority of the guild members have their own quarters or share barracks rooms in the guild halls, higher ranking officials have their own quarters. The main halls are a sight to behold; Spa's, state of the art dining hall, auditorium, casino, training quarters, dungeons, war rooms and even a pool. Midnight is a Haven to many, and the guild's structure ensures that every member has a live a life worth living.


The Hand


The Seven Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins constitute a core group within the Haven, endowing them with unparalleled influence that lower-ranking members cannot dispute. While they may not always be the most powerful mages within the guild, each of the seven possesses a unique element crucial for the Syndicate's prosperity. Since the Queenpin and Prime aren't always directly involved in operations on the ground, the Sins play a vital role in guiding and instructing lower-ranked members when necessary.


Level 1:
  • Network: Members have a chip pouch item called the "Echo Chip" implanted inside of their body which allows them to communicate with one other member over long distances. This allows either member to communicate in a thread the other is already in directly or in a private thread titled [Echo Communication] anywhere as long as both members are in the same country.

Level 2:
  • More Power: Users receive 10% more experience when obtaining rewards.

Level 3:
  • Increased Networth: Members receive 20% more jewels when obtaining rewards.

Level 4:
  • Money on My Mind:  Members receive 20% WC discount when completing quests.

Level 5:
  • War Prep: Members may once per week claim bonus stat points by either completing a quest or battling someone else. The outcome of the battle does not matter, however, the battle must be completed. The amount of bonus stat points received is based on the rank of the quest or opponent (D+1, C+2, B+3, A+4, S+5)

Midnight Haven (Akudama Syndicate Update??) Lightning_bolt_simple

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