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[FPHS – Peeping Show] EELZAD/SALEM

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[FPHS – Peeping Show] EELZAD/SALEM Empty Sat May 25, 2024 7:50 am

Eelzad had always been drawn to the thrill of adventure and the allure of the unknown, but tonight, his curiosity had taken a more mischievous turn. The luxurious private baths of Hosenka, renowned for their opulence and unique features, were the talk of the town. People paid a small fortune for the exclusivity and privacy they offered, and the tantalizing mystery of what lay behind those walls was too tempting for Eelzad to resist.

Under the cover of night, Eelzad slipped through the shadows of the bathhouse's gardens, his senses sharp and his movements silent. The moonlight cast a silvery glow over the meticulously manicured paths, illuminating the ornate architecture of the private baths. Each bath was secluded by high walls and lush greenery, ensuring that those who bathed within could do so without prying eyes—or so they thought.

With practiced ease, Eelzad found a spot where he could peer over one of the walls, positioning himself carefully to avoid being seen. He knew this was a risky venture, and part of the excitement was the chance of getting caught. His heart raced with the adrenaline of the forbidden as he slowly raised his head to take a look.

What he saw was a scene of serene beauty. The bath was a tranquil oasis, with steam rising gently from the crystal-clear water. Delicate lanterns cast a warm, inviting glow, and the air was filled with the soothing scent of exotic flowers and essential oils. Eelzad's eyes widened as he took in the luxurious features—the intricate stonework, the cascading waterfalls, and the plush seating areas designed for ultimate relaxation.

However, as he was looking, he couldn't quite make out the shadow of the figure that was using the private bath at the moment. "Whose over there? I can't see. " Eelzad decided to make an adjustment to get a better look at the mysterious person.

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#2Salem E. 

[FPHS – Peeping Show] EELZAD/SALEM Empty Sat May 25, 2024 9:24 am

Salem E.

Salem had woken up from his nap in a semi violent start. Earlier today he wanted to rent a private place to relax. When you sleep underwater people tend to freak out. If it’s not people thinking you're drowning, it’s them thinking they are touching a water ghost or something. That and some people still can see him. Using some illusions did not make for a good fail safe. Imagine his surprise when someone came in near him, alerting him to their presence. If it was not for the fact that Salem was camouflaging with the water when he slept. He could have easily been noticed.

The figure was hiding pretty well. If Salem had not noticed it upon arrival, he probably would have neglected it when he got out of the water. Since he was chilling inside the crystal clear water, blending in and such. Salem thought it would be fun to prank the intruder. Since they do not look they were here to spy or kill him. Not that he would have minded giving a stranger a show. Long as they gave him the proper adoration he would deserve.

Like snakes going through grass, small tentacles of water started to slither towards the intruder. They stayed low as Salem directed them. The top of his head and eyes coming out of the water. He needed an easier way to see and guide the spells. He did not want to let this newfound playtoy get away without a few games. It was too ingrained in his nature to do such a thing.The tentacle was getting ready to wrap around the leg of the man. It would be funny to see whoever it was tied up. The only reason he did not see who it was is because he lacked x-ray vision.

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[FPHS – Peeping Show] EELZAD/SALEM Empty Sat May 25, 2024 11:29 am

Eelzad had just mustered the courage to respond to the perceptive woman when he felt something cool and slick wrap around his leg. His eyes widened in surprise and he instinctively looked down to see a small tentacle of water coiling around his calf. He tried to shake it off, but the watery appendage held firm, pulling him slightly closer to the bath.

He glanced back up, meeting the woman's curious and stern gaze. "I... seem to have encountered a little more adventure than I anticipated," he said with a sheepish smile, attempting to maintain his charm despite the odd situation.

The water tentacle tugged harder, and Eelzad's mind raced for a solution. Realizing he was in a precarious position, he decided to act quickly. With a swift movement, he began to undo the strap of his sandal, hoping that freeing his leg from the tentacle’s grip would allow him to make a hasty retreat. His fingers worked deftly, and within moments, he slipped his foot out of the sandal, leaving it ensnared while he pulled back.

As Eelzad backed up, he couldn't help but feel a strange mixture of relief and curiosity. The sensation of the water tentacle had been unlike anything he had encountered before, and he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more to this situation than met the eye. For now, though, his priority was to get away without further incident. He took another cautious step back, ready to make a quick escape if needed.

His mind raced with possibilities. Could there be defensive magic in place around the private bath? It would make sense, given the high price patrons paid for the added security and exclusivity. If that were the case, Eelzad needed to figure out a way to bypass it without causing more trouble.

He scanned the area quickly, looking for any signs of magical barriers or wards. The water tentacle seemed to originate from the bath itself, which suggested that the magic was tied to the water. If there was a way to dispel or disrupt the spell, it might allow him to slip away unnoticed.
Eelzad carefully observed the water, noticing that the tentacle had not yet retreated and was still holding his sandal. He crouched low, moving silently and keeping an eye out for any further signs of magical traps. His goal was to avoid detection while figuring out how to escape this predicament.

He thought back to his knowledge of water-based magic. It was likely that the tentacle was a defensive measure, perhaps activated by his presence. He considered his options: he could either try to dispel the magic directly or find a way to disrupt the source of the water's movement.

"For one to get into a fight with the actual bath itself.  That too can be seen as a funny story. But not so much if I'm caught by those tentacles. I have a strange feeling about those tricky fellas."

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#4Salem E. 

[FPHS – Peeping Show] EELZAD/SALEM Empty Mon Jun 10, 2024 7:50 pm

Salem E.

Salem was having fun. He felt like a puppeteer experimenting around with a new toy. It was great magic practice and it would be great to see what Eelzad could do. He only managed to see the guy when he started moving. Salem had a great pair of eyes and could see through things better than most Fae. At least that was what he was assuming. He had not come across another spirit in some time. The only one he did come across was not that strong. Salem even thought she was a bit on the weak side of things.

Moving the water to make a little tunnel for him to talk through. He decided to mess with Eelzad even more. “Who dares to disturb the slumber of the magical bathing pool! One should know that no clothes are allowed near my waters. You shall either strip or best me in battle” Salem closed the tunnel and made more tentacles. He launched them at Eelzad in various ways trying to catch him. It was a lot harder for him to try and pull off these moves while under water. If he was above the surface he could have been doing it a lot more accurately. This too could be considered training for him. He did not think that Eelzad would actually strip for him either. That would have been the most surprising outcome to happen.

Salem was hoping that Eelzad worked on his movements. He was not completely sold on the man's talents mentally. It was just instinct telling him that the human was a lot more powerful than he showed. Sure this was a game but Salem preferred to have a reason to play. Besides taking the time out to have fun and use Eelzad as a play toy. Salem could take the time out to train him. The Fairy Godfather was so proud of himself. His wisdom knew no bounds and even in passing he was also so helpful. Sure, when he first started doing training like this he drowned a few humans. After he learned about mages he learned how to hold back for the less talented ones. Not even if Eelzad got hit by one or two of his tentacles. He would break a few bones at best. Salem had recently trained extra hard and was proud of his healing abilities. He could even bring back elderly from the brink of death. Not that they would last long. Being old and all he could not stop the aging thing that humanity did.

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[FPHS – Peeping Show] EELZAD/SALEM Empty Thu Jun 13, 2024 10:28 pm

The voice was both commanding and playful, and Eelzad couldn't shake the feeling that there was more to this than just a defensive spell. As more tentacles emerged from the water, Eelzad realized he had to act quickly. He ducked and weaved, using his agility to avoid the writhing appendages.

"Alright, alright!" he called out, trying to keep his tone light despite the situation. "If stripping will calm your rage, I might just consider it. But first, can we talk this out like civilized beings?"

Eelzad's movements became a blur as he sidestepped a particularly aggressive tentacle that lashed out at his feet. He leaped over another that attempted to wrap around his waist, twisting his body mid-air to avoid a third. His heart pounded in his chest, but a part of him couldn't help but appreciate the oddity of the situation.

The tentacles didn't relent, each one moving with a mind of its own. One snaked toward his left leg, and he swiftly brought his right foot down on it, trying to use his weight to pin it. However, the slickness of the water made it difficult to gain a foothold, and the tentacle slipped away, coiling back for another strike.

Eelzad spun on his heel, narrowly avoiding a pair of tentacles that tried to ensnare him from both sides. He dropped to a crouch, his muscles coiled like springs, then launched himself into a backflip to evade another tentacle aiming for his head. The acrobatic maneuver brought him dangerously close to the water's edge, but he managed to regain his balance, panting slightly from the exertion.

"Are you some kind of water nymph or spirit?"
he asked, genuinely curious. "I don't mean any harm. I'm just a curious traveler who got a little too close for comfort."

The tentacles seemed to hesitate for a moment, giving Eelzad a brief respite. He used the opportunity to back up further, putting a bit more distance between himself and the water's edge. His mind raced with possibilities. If this was indeed some kind of magical entity, perhaps he could reason with it.

"I promise, I didn't mean to disturb you," Eelzad said, keeping his tone respectful. "If stripping down will appease you, then so be it. But I'd rather not end up tangled in these tentacles if I can avoid it."

He began to loosen his belt, ready to comply if necessary, all the while keeping a wary eye on the tentacles. The water's surface rippled ominously, and Eelzad could feel the tension in the air. His muscles remained taut, prepared for any sudden movements from the tentacles.
As another tentacle lunged at him, Eelzad dropped to the ground, rolling swiftly to the side. He sprang up, using his momentum to dodge yet another attack. Each move was calculated, each breath controlled. His Ripple Magic coursed through him, enhancing his reflexes and allowing him to move with almost supernatural agility.

"You've got quite the grip," he remarked with a hint of humor, sidestepping a tentacle that swiped at his midsection. "But I prefer to keep my clothes on, thank you very much. A naked man can't explain his escape to other patrons, the underwear is something I will not surrender to you, water nymph!"

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#6Salem E. 

[FPHS – Peeping Show] EELZAD/SALEM Empty Sat Jun 22, 2024 8:51 am

Salem E.

Eelzad has some moves on him. Salem had seen him fight before but he was focused on being more offensive then. It did not show how impressive it was when he needed to move in a set move. He was treating his water tentacles like he was in a skip rope competition. Salem was finding it impressive on multiple levels. It was decent practice in his control as well. Salem would have continued longer if it was not for the fact that he was getting bored with all the dodging.

Salem was actually laughing underwater when Eelzad decided to strip. He even clapped a bit underwater. He gave one last swipe with the tentacle deciding to give up the game after. His competitive spirit almost ignited. If he took it as a challenge he would have fought Eelzad to take the underwear off. He decided against it. The water was already rolling from his laughter.

Like the legendary story of the lady of the lake. Salem came out of the water laughing. His body was pretty dry as the water rolled off him. He was not dressed for company but he had the mist to cover up the important bits.“You know sometimes we are referred to as Nymphs. It is just not a term I started to hear often till I came to this country. You have a fair amount of speed on you as well Zaddy. My apologies for playing around with you like that. I just got a bit competitive for a moment.”

Salem waved his hand, returning the water from the tentacles and any mist not covering him, back to their proper places. It made the place look less messy and more clean. “I do have to ask what brings you over to my bathing area. It was funny enough that it made me want to play a prank on you.”

It was then that Salem noticed his compatriot breathing a bit heavy. He made an area mist that was healing in nature. He did not want to be the cause of his newfound buddy suffering from damage. Humans were a weak species with a short life span. It would not be too weird if a being like him passed away from overexertion or something similar. Salem even heard about a human who expired from trying to poop too hard. Humanity was such a sad species.

He waited with rapt attention. He wanted to see the reason as to why Eelzad was in his bathing area. Salem had a working theory but wanted to hear it from the source. Not that he would judge the man if his theory was correct, or moreso to see who was the target of his theory. Salem doubted he was the target. He would have been flattered if that was the case. In fact if he was not the target. Salem feels like he actually would be feeling more insulted than anything. He had great proportions. Skin that glowed with a watery soft radiance, and great features. This was before he got the body. When his spirit self entered and changed it. Salem believed he became even more good looking. The fae was a lot of things and self confident in his looks was one of them.

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