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huff & puff & blow the Void Cavern: Wings of the Void down [Priv: Skald + Karstaag]

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huff & puff & blow the Void Cavern: Wings of the Void down [Priv: Skald + Karstaag] Empty Thu May 23, 2024 1:39 pm

Why not a family vacation for the one week they had to fill before their various ... diplomatic missions? Coventina had tried to posit this way, dripping with wry irony, only for the boys to put up little fight - Skald was well-behaved as always, of course, and Karstaag rarely turned down an adventure. Especially with money involved. Not even the new terrors of Pergrande were disallowed from mercantile work, and these 'Void Dungeons' - as they were put - were cropping up more and more annoyingly recent.

Now, Coventina was no less a greedy vision; while she'd put the onus of for-hire work on Karstaag, needling him for his consistent piracy, she was just as enamored with the venture's payment. Her fellow Order members, this dungeon, the contacts they worked through on their jaunt to the Worth Woodsea ... and even this, the cavern they'd see before them as they reached its crackling entrance; means to an end, all of them. It's not like she'd have to lift her arms or stain her pretty hands too much. She'd turn one over in the fading light on the forest boughs, catching the glint of red reflected back through her nails and humming conspiratorially to herself.

"Well," she wouldn't be the first to break the silence, but she'd cut through it with her certain sharpness. She'd flick the end of her clawtips and bring them back, cupping the side of her cheek and scanning in a long slope of her gaze their destination. "I've spent an inordinate amount of time in caverns recently. A pity. I don't enjoy the damp. It's poor for my complexion."

Her pout had a playful edge to it, rolling her eyes up to catch Skald and flicker the edge of her lips in a coy slink she'd make; sidling closer to him, behind him just a step, and run her fingertips down the length of his shoulder and behind his neck. "You're well prepared, aren't you, darling? I've seen ... what you ... can do. You'll do it again for these pesky beasts ... won't you?" Her tone dipped lower and lower, rumbling off her lips, and before her tongue could free itself from cherry-red trapping she'd slide her sights onto Karstaag and wink. "With two strong, capable men ... why, I'm in such good hands."

She'd tut with the ghost of laughter, prying her hand off Skald and twiddling her fingers in the air for a wave to the two. She'd be following, of course, from behind. "Our target is their treasure hoard. I believe it to destabilize the structure. Do your bests, my dears."

The implication was clear: and her eyes had already wandered off into the darkness, cloying amber with rims of whimsy.


huff & puff & blow the Void Cavern: Wings of the Void down [Priv: Skald + Karstaag] Empty Fri May 24, 2024 8:40 am


huff & puff & blow the Void Cavern: Wings of the Void down [Priv: Skald + Karstaag] Tiamat-larva-tiamat-and-larva-tiamat-fate-and-2-more-drawn-by-moka-fusen-sample-0c6d686c87ba686fef87
Tia ~Ryuko's Wyvern~
"Onee-chan~" The tiny child exclaimed with an energetic and cheerful demeanor that felt almost out of place for the place they were in. Indeed, Ryuko couldn't help but think back on the events that saw her take the little one under her wing. It was a tragic tale, but one too familiar to her: She had found the egg during her time at the other side of the realm, an egg that was rumored to have been exposed to the nightmare of Nacht's influence upon the realm, and while some were of the opinion the egg should had been destroyed Ryuko opposed that decision. How ironic life could be at times. Although the whelping showed little in signs of corruption, she was still a dragon and that could spell an interesting future. However, Ryuko had insisted on being called something else than mother, a title she felt not worthy of bearing yet so when the child insisted to call her like an elder sibling the rest happened...

"Why are we here again?" Ryuko groaned softly, she had heard the Dragonborn had prepared to join together on an adventurous trip to Fiore and somehow curiosity had gotten the better of her. At first, she wanted to simply make sure they were safe, but later on, it turned into a babysitting trip where she also wanted to see how they would work together as a team.

Finally she had caught on the trail of the trio, seemingly having just entered the void cavern when Ryuko decided to wait a bit before trailing after them. "Because Onee-chan is worried about them?" Ryuko shook her head lightly in response to that statement. "They can take care of themselves, it is the least I should expect from my retainers."

To which the child tilted her head lightly to the side in confusion. "Onee-chan is a Tsundere?" To which Ryuko exclaimed in a flustered reaction. "I'm not!" Her cheeks reddening from the embarrassment she approached the cavern, a hand trailing along the portal. "I guess this one is stable. Tia-" But the moment she was about to turn around to face the disguised wyvern the little one came charging with the same excited glee of a bull about to charge up to a red pants-wearing matador and---- BANG!"

The Monarch of Dragons was send on a collision course through the portal and found herself falling flat on her back in the caverns of the void. "Ugh, so much for a quiet entree..." To which Tia chimed softly. "Dynamic entree~" Oh god, was Karstaag's influence already rubbing onto Tia?!

"Shh Tia, let's hide for now." Ryuko spoke as she climbed back onto her feet and took herself into a hiding spot behind a large crevice in the wall. No need to intervene just yet. She could hear wings beating from a distance...

"Prey?" Tia chimed excitedly but Ryuko pressed her hands onto the child's shoulders and pulled her back into the hiding place. "Yes, but not yours..."

--- Ryuko is joining but is concealing herself for now.


huff & puff & blow the Void Cavern: Wings of the Void down [Priv: Skald + Karstaag] Empty Sun May 26, 2024 2:17 pm

The burning desire for adventure had ignited once more, embers flare within covetous eyes and the stout dwarf is delineated a shade of crimson. Everything about Karstaag radiated. flickering at the entrance of the aptly named Void Cavern. He would not embark on this quest alone. A collaboration of sorts between the founding members of the Dragon Order. He seldom had the chance to work with others after he departed the life of the high seas and he knew little of the raven-haired vixen and even less of the gently stoic fox that was always by her side. It's not like they had to be the best of friends, but it was important for crew morale to build a healthy rapport with one another. The promise of treasure certainly helped in that regard.

His chainmail clangs with the unsheathing of his battleaxe, broad fingers tightly grasping the hilt as he peers towards the edge of his periphery. "G'day, Skald. Coventina. Let's get in there an' crack some skull, aye? Should be easy ta split the treasure three ways." His nose would scrunch with the sniffle of his nose and a hand raising to brush his beard. He'd chuckle at the woman's facetious pouting and the rally compliment she had given purely for her own benefit, shooting her a glance with a furrow of his brow and a wry smirk that was as crooked as his company. "Oh no, doll... It'd be a righ' shame it would. Or heaven's above... you migh' even break a nail!" A tease at her expense, but he would not relinquish the added duty. He planned on fighting tooth and nail for the treasures that dwelled inside regardless of his companions' assistance.

He'd waddle over in his heavy armor, and nudge at the kitsune, peering up at him with molten eyes. "I think we're on our own, lad..." His expression would turn forlorn, solemn in the dimming of his molten eyes as if he had felt something so profound. "My deepest apologies, Skald..." He felt for the fox, truly. A black widow awaits on her web, obscured by the enthralling veil that adorned her true nature. What a wretched woman, but that was part of the appeal. "Well, I'm ready when y'all are, aye?"

He'd wait patiently for the rest of the party, rummaging through his pouch for his canteen to take a swig of the ale that swirled within. A little buzz to take the edge off.


huff & puff & blow the Void Cavern: Wings of the Void down [Priv: Skald + Karstaag] Empty Wed May 29, 2024 5:01 am

He knew that coming to this dungeon was going to likely be a mess; that the three of them would likely be pushed to their limits in one way or another. The kitsune had prepared for it by looking into various reports and the strength of the ‘lower’ level dungeons that had been springing up. He wasn’t impressed by some of them and others had made some ample work of them. He’d bite his lip as he read one of the names, it was fudgy and distant as though something was working to erase its very existence. Annoying.

He’d adjust the clasps on his armor and let the hood fall down; not really feeling as though he needed it. Either ear wiggled and with Coventina speaking the kitsune’s hand fell to his sword pommel. He felt her touch; the words made it seem like she wouldn’t need to do anything really. She had these two; she’d step in if they got into too much trouble or if she got angry at the enemies he figured. A few of his tails flicked and he’d breathe out through his nose. Stilling his aching beating heart.

I’ve read the reports regarding these dungeons, some are stronger than we could handle and others not. We have one of the ‘lower’ ranked ones. But yes. I’ll take care of it don’t worry.

Skald’s lips turned into a smile and he’d nod down to the Dwarf; he felt like he could rely on the both of them given the fact. Though he knew that coventina would prefer to watch or at least wait to put herself into danger. He’d offer a clawed hand to the dwarf for a firm shake; glad to see him. They didn’t know each other too well but that was going to change the kitsune felt.

Good to see you Karstaag. I hope your axe is thirsty, I know my sword is.

He felt the blade resonate with him deeply and the rumbling laughter that followed through was directed at the situation as a whole. The way that karstaag felt bad for him, coventina wishing for them to handle it and he was in the middle of the both of them. His apologies would be received and the kitsune just couldn’t help but pat the dwarf on the shoulder.

Just watch my back and I’ll watch yours. Nothing to worry or apologize about.

Skald’s sword would be yanked out of it’s sheathe after a moment; the blade practically thirsting for blood and rumbling along with its wielder. For something that was inert it certainly had a draining personality. Skald was pretty sure that it was like one of those weapons with a magical personality deep down. He just had to awaken it somehow.

Still a little rusty with lightning but… My swordplay will make fine work of whats ahead.


huff & puff & blow the Void Cavern: Wings of the Void down [Priv: Skald + Karstaag] Empty Yesterday at 6:34 pm

Sneakily - rightfully so or otherwise - Ryuko was unbeknown to the three in attendance, leaving Coventina in the current position of power within the scene: something she flaunted with casual abandon. It wasn't really a question if Karstaag or Skald would rise up to take the reins from her - though this didn't seem to stop them from making little jokes at her expense. A raise of a wicked eyebrow softened by the playful light that drums in the gold shade of her eyes, sparing one for the dwarf before dragging it back up and over her fox. Their comforts around each other would be useful on ventures like this. The Dragon Order was not going to be a failure. Success was everything to the Vampiress, after all.

And the boys would bring her it. "Truly, old Kars," she mocks in a mirror of his same teasing tone, sprawling out a long, pale arm to turn it up in the midday light - falling through the boughs of the trees that surround them only to land on her porcelain branch - and admires the liquored red that sparkles at her fingertips. "You wouldn't ask a pretty young woman to put herself in harms way, would you?" Her look fell from toying to withering, as if she'd stick her tongue out at him - if she wasn't the proper lady she was.

"Skald wouldn't," she purrs, sidling a little closer behind the kitsune with the backs of her knuckles running up the curve of his shoulder. "Try to be more reliable like him, won't you?" She speaks over this back at Karstaag with one last wink, casting both a spell and palling shadow over their little group and attempting to reel it up into her hand like a fishing net. It would be abject denial to say she didn't somewhat enjoy this company - and a denial is what she would give if asked, turning away to pace closer to the entrance of their cavern. Her every step was a sashay. The every click of her heels on the floor a herald of her arrival, unbothered and unconcerned, with each step either dodging or premeditating the gravel out of the way. Presentation was everything.

This is why she lingered at the dungeon's yawn, leaning towards its stone without daring to have it touch her. "Speaking of ... shall we? I do hope you don't expect me to guide myself. Won't one of our handsome attendants take the lead in this dance?" She sings back to them, her tone somewhere between irony and absolute expectation - of absolute obedience. They could fight it - it's not like she wouldn't deserve that - but there's nothing they could say that would crack that thin, phantasmagorical smile pulling at such bright red lips. Seeming to have enough of her teasing, her fun at their expense already expended, she began to move inside regardless.

As she strode, her hand would crest her chest and trac in a single finger between her bosom - trailing a line of mana that split into various seals and spilled shadows in a picturesque gown that covers her shape in tight-fitting darkness. Without close inspection, it resembled a black evening dress. Anything more assiduous would reveal how the magic coating shifts and wavers with its inky mana foundation.

The problem came thus: the creatures inside were attracted to mana, especially the more extravagant, and Coventina only held back hers in an appropriate manner of avoiding any effort - and she spared herself no expense. Buzzing would round the corner of various tree-like, green crystal stalactites and head fast to their location, and their fight through the dungeon would begin.


[ Same as our good boy dungeon, roll at the end of your post to see what happens, new bird every time my turn rolls back around. You react to anything that happens before your turn. Ryuko gets to decide if something interacts with or affects her, and can join at any time in any post. She only has to roll if she assists in the fight in her post, but is unknown to the Void Birds unless she physically inserts herself.

3x Birds to start again: 1xA-Rank Durability and 61 speed each, and their attacks all do a flat C-Rank damage - physical if it's a Peck, Arcane if it's a Gust or Scream. You can parry with your weapon if you get pecked, and you can choose what part of your body the attack hits if you don't dodge! Feel free to lunge an attack per round or more if you can, however flows best for you!

The birds ...

1-10: Attack everyone in the fight with a Gust!
11-20: Attack Coventina with a Peck and everyone else with a Gust!
21-30: Attack Skald with a Peck and everyone else with a Gust!
31-40: Attack Karstaag with a Peck and everyone else with a Gust!
41-50: Attack Coventina with 2x Gusts and Skald with a Peck!
51-60: Attack Skald with 2x Gusts and Karstaag with a Peck!
61-70: Attack Karstaag with 2x Gusts and Coventina with a Peck!
71-75: Attack Coventina with a Scream and Blind everyone else!
76-80: Attack Skald with a Scream and Blind everyone else!
81-85: Attack Karstaag with a Scream and Blind everyone else!
86-90: Coventina gets Bound (C-Rank), Skald gets Blinded, Karstaag gets Deafened!
91-95: Skald gets Bound (C-Rank), Karstaag gets Blinded, Coventina gets Deafened!
96-99: Karstaag gets Bound (C-Rank), Coventina gets Blinded, Skald gets Deafened!
100: Another Bird spawns immediately, attacking everyone with a Scream and Deafening them! ]

huff & puff & blow the Void Cavern: Wings of the Void down [Priv: Skald + Karstaag] Zd57uDe

now you're gonna need an exorcist, i'll be haunting you ♤

huff & puff & blow the Void Cavern: Wings of the Void down [Priv: Skald + Karstaag] Empty Yesterday at 6:34 pm

The member 'Coventina' has done the following action : Spin

'Dice 100' : 30


huff & puff & blow the Void Cavern: Wings of the Void down [Priv: Skald + Karstaag] Empty Yesterday at 6:55 pm


There was something about concealing herself like this that felt... both oddly inappropriate and so delightfully fun that she couldn't help but take full advantage of the opportunity. Her hands gently rested on Tiamat's shoulders while observing the ongoing spectacle. The first thing she noticed was the arrival of the creatures she had heard Tiamat comment about, peculiar avian creatures mutated by the power of the void. Nothing too terrifying that the group couldn't handle, but still quite a nuisance if they came in larger numbers. Three Void birds had emerged, one of which went straight for a peck at Skald! She had not seen whether the attack landed or not, but the sudden gust of wind that blew through the area left her wary to say the least.

Wind based magic? It could had been a possibility that these birds when infused with void energy became capable of some form of wind magic, and it left her all the more curious. For a moment she couldn't help but smirk as she wondered how Coventina would deal with these birds if one of them ruffled through her hair, or made a nest out of it! However, it was during these pondering moments that Ryuko spotted a glint in the corner of her vision! A bird that had started approaching the trio and then suddenly disappeared? Her gaze drifted around the area, trying to perceive where the creature had disappeared to when all of a sudden she could hear the soft sound of chomping and chewing and lowering her gaze she whispered softly: "Tia?" To which the little dragon turned around with one of the void birds halfway in her mouth. "Prey- caught it- now my prey~" Tia muttered among munches and little chews as she savored the taste of bird meat in void sauce. For a moment Ryuko couldn't help but sigh in response. "At least tell me it doesn't taste terrible?" To which Tia finished swallowing the bird down with one gulp and spoke with a smirk. "Kinda like chicken, but the void energy makes it spicy, not as nice as onee-chan's cooking but still yummy for a snack on the road."

So void birds tasted like... Spicy Chicken? She had to make note of that at some point, perhaps catch a few just to confirm whether the statement was justified or not. But for now she continued to observe Karstaag and Skald, wondering how they would deal with the ongoing chaos.

"Well, at least so far things have been entertaining, even if it is at these poor boys their expense." She muttered wryly while Tiamat was already eying the sky for other encroaching birds. She... was hopefully not going to try to eat anymore of these, right? Surely she was not planning to make this adventure too easy on the trio by eating all their enemies?! As if on cue another bird came in, but this time Ryuko was just in time to cover Tiamat's mouth and restrain her. "shhh, leave some for them as well..."

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