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The Plague Gun Style [Solo quest]

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The Plague Gun Style [Solo quest] Empty Fri May 17, 2024 1:10 pm

Ittindi loved his new promotion, they had given him his own office. He was dressed in his usual tuxedo, the money symbol freshly shined as the grey clouds blocked any outside illumination. Luckily the buzzing lights above gave it just the angle needed for it to randomly sparkle. His pin stripe was the gold of the Rune Knights as his hat lay on a coat rack he had in his office. It was sparsely decorated, there were some pictures framed of his first chore boy staff picture, a picture of him and the Young Master in a couple different generations. When they met, a couple months after a couple years after, the last being after Ittindi convinced him to take a picture after that fight with the avatar. I guess he knew intimately how the enemy felt now, which meant they let that god use them. Ittindi wasn’t an expert by any means, but the pull was more subtle at least his was, was it ignorant to assume every demon operated the same? Humans surely didn’t and one thing these last couple months had taught him is that foreign demons were still very similar to humans.

A letter would slide under his door and Ittindi would go to retrieve it, a congratulations on his promotion, but also in writing underneath a lengthy message from Inspector Nilan asking for his help. It seemed that a plant from his past had resurfaced and had infected the local animals. They were rampaging through the streets of the city. Ittindi felt sad knowing what he’d have to do. If the animals were already rabid then they’d have to be killed, the brain damage was already done by that point Ittindi would somberly head to the streets of Orchidia gun drawn.

He hadn’t been walking down the streets for more than a minute when Inspector Nilan appeared from one of the alleyways distraught, clothes torn in random spots. He looked up frantically at Ittindi as he grasped his him by his jacket.

”I’m glad you’re here the infection spread to a couple animals and now they’re lose. We’ll have to kill them I’m afraid. Make sure not to come in close contact or you’ll have to be quarantined.”

Ittindi couldn’t imagine the disgusting germs on the animals that were causing them to go rabid. He’d see a rabbit charging straight at him, he’d shoot a C rank shot straight at it’s face watching it slump on the ground lifeless. He heard growling from one of the buildings nearby, hopefully the animal would be stuck for an easy target. Ittindi would kick down the half-destroyed door to enter the shop. He’d hear the rustling of more than one animal, he’d have his gun angled downward ready for the rush of a surprised predator. As a recently unstuck, at least that’s what its fresh blood indicated from scraping itself out of something hyena like creature snarled at him. Ittindi would wait he needed to be sure he wouldn’t miss a shot; he didn’t like more collateral to a building already partially destroyed.  His strongest shot for the largest creature he’d seen so far. The shot went against the roof of its mouth as it leaped at Ittindi. Being thrown off balance by the momentum Ittindi would fall on his back while he heard another creature racing off towards his location.  

Just down the hallway there was another hyena possibly the mate, seeing its dead partner Ittindi could feel its rage. He’d clench his fist and a magic seal would appear on his chest. The blade pierced through the hyena as it went hurtling past Ittindi lifeless. He’d dismiss the chains dusting himself off. There was no more noise from the building.

He’d hear crying from one of the bathrooms inside with him. As an older lady came out crying about how he had killed their family pets. Ittindi just hoped he hadn’t caught anything for the one that had knocked him over. Different priorities for different lifestyles, he’d hear a scream out in the streets. Leaving the pet bodies Ittindi would leave the Rune Knight garrison’s card at the front for the damage he did to the door.

Out on the streets there were a group of 3 children running away from two dogs.  Ittindi would take two shots as the children screaming quickly changed to crying as well. He was fine being the monster, as long as there wasn’t an infection spreading through his city. While some of the parents and other adults were thanking him profusely as he did another sweep around the infected outbreak. Being content he’d report back to Inspector Nilan to collect his reward.

782/600 (20% RK 20% Monopoly) WC

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