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Trade Deal - C - Solo

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#1Salem E. 

Trade Deal - C - Solo Empty Tue May 14, 2024 11:06 am

Salem E.

Annoyance. That was the feeling Salem was going filled with the most at the moment. The bastard villagers were clearly setting another trap. Every single time Salem let them off. Sure last time he killed some cultists to send a message, but it was well deserved. It was not like he actively went out of his way to target these people. If he did they would have already been wiped out.

Salem took a deep breath to calm down. He did not know who he was trying to fool. He knew he would not wipe those people out. Not until he made sure he could take care of them all in one swoop to get rid of witnesses. Thanks to never going to the village in question he did not handle the matter. That is why he had a request to deal with them and another mediation. He accepted the quest with his blue eyes turning terrifying. He was gonna enjoy what kind of game they wanted to play.

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#2Salem E. 

Trade Deal - C - Solo Empty Tue May 14, 2024 4:05 pm

Salem E.

Taking his staff out the fairy started the ride to his destination, the cool breeze managed to calm him down a bit. That and it was always exhilarating to fly. Even if he could fly with his wings it was much more physically exhausting than if he was simply using his mana. He had a bunch of stuff and did not tire easily. He could fly for almost a day compared to most, and that was with no breaks. That’s why going from the Mountains where the guild was located to Worth Woodsea was quick.

Salem arrived at the village like a rainstorm. He dropped in quick and fast. He landed on the ground without making much noise. His sudden appearance did gain gasps and notice from the villagers. The place looked pretty terrible. When he compared it to the memories he had of it before he almost felt bad. That was till he remembered that it was not his fault in the first place. They played a stupid game and won a bad prize as a result. It should not take them that much longer to pay off their debts. Even if they did not. It was not like it was his problem.

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#3Salem E. 

Trade Deal - C - Solo Empty Tue May 14, 2024 6:48 pm

Salem E.

“I would like to speak to the village chief in regards to a trade deal.” Salem waited and when the first villager came to him. Those were the words that he said to the man. The man looked a bit scared but gestured for Salem to follow along. He made no small talk when he was getting Salem to follow as if he was terrified to be close to the mage. Salem did not consider the man too much and simply followed along.

Truthfully, Salem was looking around the entire time. He was using his fae traps to check for invisible traps and dangers. Nothing seemed out of place to him so he was not too tense. If it was a trap showing nervousness would have been an easy way to fall for it.

The sight of the village chief was ghastly to say the least. The man looked like seven weeks of wet crap underneath a winter blanket. “You look terrible.” Salem could have taken the time out to heal the man but he was not as much of a goodie as he seemed. He cared about the man dying as much as people dying from famine in other countries at the moment.

The man hacked and coughed for a moment. Looking like he was about to lose a lung before he opened the smelly orifice he called a mouth. “I did not think you would make it here.”

“I was curious as to what trap you had planned this time. Never thought I would get to see you die. I’ll make sure to give the village a decent harvest in your passing.” Salem put his hands together and bowed for a moment. He was being sarcastic as can be.

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#4Salem E. 

Trade Deal - C - Solo Empty Wed May 15, 2024 7:34 am

Salem E.

“I am dying as you can see. The village is in straits. I want to know if you can broker a deal with our neighbors to the East. They can look after the village in exchange for some rare plants.” It was the way the old man spoke that made Salem believe him. Since he was assigned to a mediation task he wanted to make sure it got done.

Salem went back off to the forest. Since it was not a trap the quest was actually a lot more boring than anticipated. If it was not for the fact that this village was in the vicinity of the PD base. He would have taken it out for fun. At least that way he would have gotten some use and enjoyment out of it. Compared to just being an errand boy.

Truth be told he was expecting a trap when he got to the other village. There was not one. He brought their respective council over to the other place. They reviewed the documents with him as the arbitrator, then peace was given to the village.

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