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A Dragon's Dogma - The Corrupted Grail [Long - Lore]

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A Dragon's Dogma - The Corrupted Grail [Long - Lore] Empty Wed Apr 10, 2024 9:52 pm


Name: A Dragon's Dogma - The Corrupted Grail

Difficulty: Long

Participants: Ryuko, Cov, Kars, Skald

In the aftermath of the events that saw her recruit several promising individuals to her side, the young Dragon Knight is finally ready to make her move. Despite the fact that Prince Igor Illin clearly is a supporter of the void, currently the presence of Illumin is undeniable in the grand scheme of worship and faith... Something Ryuko intends to change.

Learning through the prince's confidant that there is a sacred relic being contained in a large church in Illingrad, Ryuko intends to use this relic in a perversion of an ancient rite to beckon the powers of the void once more... By tainting the replica of the Holy Grail.

  • Legendary Custom
  • 4 A-rank quests and 3 S-rank

Word Count:
- At least 15.500 words (prior to any WC reduction) need to be reached in total before this storyline will be considered completed. Only topics focused on the theme can be used and are illegible for social rewards.

Lore Impact:
Due to her actions Ryuko provokes the stirring embers of civil war among the provinces of Pergande, not just in the aftermath of her aggressive conquest over the surrounding provinces at the Voda river, but also in terms of religious actions. Divided between anger at her clear disrespect for Illumin and the gods, and some believing her actions show the lack of purpose in worshipping an absent deity, some start to turn toward worshipping the void.

After the rite that sees the church of Illingrad corrupted by the void, Void Worship becomes a prominent religion in Illingrad.

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