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The World Tarot: Lazarus

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The World Tarot: Lazarus Empty Tue Mar 19, 2024 6:04 pm

As Lazarus ventured into the vast and unforgiving Desierrto desert, he couldn't help but feel a sense of dread gnawing at him. The scorching sun beat down mercilessly, casting harsh shadows and making the sand beneath his boots scalding hot. His disdain for the desert was palpable, evident in the way he gritted his teeth and squinted against the blinding sunlight.

He had visited this damned desert country in the past, the memories of such being both sweet and bitter. As a vampire, aging and the passing of time and people usually meant little to him. But it was in this country that he met and lost what he still believed to be the love of his life. His spirit lover cared not about Laz's past and undead state, only about curiosity about the world and love to be learned. Love and care did not come to the callous vampire easily, but Salem had managed to coax it out of him, mostly since they had been learning together. Of course, part of it was pure possessiveness on his part, but it was still genuine.


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But many years ago, a disaster spread across Desierrto, causing Salem to disappear. No matter where Lazarus had searched or what magical tools he used, he could not find his lover. So with a heavy heart and sorrow that pierced his undead form, the merchant had given up his hunt and left this country.

But recently, he had received tantalizing information from a trusted merchant contact about ancient ruins hidden somewhere in this arid wasteland. Rumours spoke of a great treasure concealed within the crumbling walls of these forgotten structures. Lazarus, driven by his insatiable greed and thirst for wealth, had embarked on this perilous journey despite his aversion to the desert's harsh conditions. But deep inside, based on the rumours of the treasure, he hoped that this artifact might help him find out what happened to Salem. It was an old wound by now, but being back in Desierrto had opened it.


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Thankfully, his time with Salem had prepared him for this dastardly country, very much not suited for a pale-skinned vampire and Bosco native. But with a good Shemaghs head scarf, some loose white or tan robes, proper sandal footwear, a walking staff and a camel laden with supplies meant Lazarus was more than prepared for the weather.

The first challenge Lazarus faced was navigating the shifting sands and treacherous dunes that seemed to stretch endlessly in all directions. He consulted an old map, its edges frayed and yellowed with age, tracing his finger along faded lines and cryptic symbols to pinpoint the ruins' location. The best he could do was travel at night and let the stars lead the way (and save himself from immolation via the sun on his undead skin). However, since his need for sleep was limited, travel during the day did happen when the camel allowed it. So he had to sue the sun for directions. That wretched sun.


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Days turned into nights as Lazarus continued his arduous trek, his senses strained for any hint of the ruins' presence. He encountered challenges along the way – sudden sandstorms that obscured his vision, thirst that parched his throat, and the eerie silence of the desert that seemed to mock his quest.

Currently, after days of travel, he was trudging along under the scorching morning sun. Each step was a struggle, the loose sand threatening to swallow his sandals with every movement. Lazarus cursed under his breath, wiping beads of sweat from his brow as he trudged forward, his eyes scanning the horizon for any sign of the elusive ruins.

The desert offered little respite, with scorching winds whipping up clouds of abrasive sand that stung exposed skin. Lazarus wrapped the Shemaghs tightly around his face, shielding himself from the gritty onslaught as he pressed on, determined to uncover the secrets hidden within the ancient structures.

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