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Sail Away: Talaz/Sin [Travel to Astera]

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Karisa sighed as she had her stuff with her. She knew that this was the day she was going to leave. Dae-Seong, Kyu and herself were all there and she added herself as her clone for the back seat to keep Kyu company back there. Karisa put her hand on Dae-Seong's lap as she leaned into him while he was driving to Astera. Sure it was not safe, but she really wanted his warmth before they parted ways. Noises were separated between the front and back seat. Karisa's eyes were closed as she paid attention to his scent and the feeling of him next to her as if this was the last time they will see each other physically. She will not know what will happen this time and onward, but her heart, soul will always yearn for him. 

The Demigoddess of the sky and onward into the unknown will always yearn for her special star and heart that burns and lights up brighter than any other. Her sweet and loving Dae-Seong will forever be with her, one way or another. Her eyes half-way open to look at their fingers as they had their engagement rings on. She hopes he will keep that on at all times as she has heard men take it off during businesses, and while around other people at work. It would break her heart if he did truly because she felt that was hiding thier love and commitment. She trusted him though to keep it on, to not hide their feelings from anyone. 

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Dae-seong sensed her feelings and he loved and adored her as he had the same feelings for her. Though as much as that overwhelming love she can feel, she can also sense his concentration of the road as he drove his car. She can sense his thinking process when to turn and when to break or any driving decision he made. Karisa could also feel his how he has a hard time thinking of two things at once. Such as he had a hard time focusing on anything else other than the feeling of love he had for her. Hence why he was focused on driving safely, so there wouldnt be any accidents

Kyu was cuddled with Asi and holding her hand, looking at her eyes lovingly as he peppered her with some kisses here and there as he looked forward to spending time with her or Karisa, since they were one and the same person. He wondered how did the real Karisa feel towards him. This was an opportune moment to interact with her. And hey if she missed seeing Dae-seong, at least he can provide some form of visuals for her


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Karisa giggled as she could feel him concentrate on driving, 'Sorry, love.' she told him in his mind as she yawned and rested the rest of the way. She could feel her clone getting cuddles and kisses, she found it enduring and that is when she closed her eyes. 

'Asirak' chuckles softly as she nuzzles into his neck and snuggles into his arms. She smiled warmly, sweetly as her soft warm hand caressed his cheek. She wondered if Kyu could have his own appearance would it still be Dae-Seong or would it look like someone else? She wondered how that worked, maybe Dae-Seong would only accept this since if Kyu looked like anyone but Dae-Seong he'd - let us not get into the gory details. 'Asirak' was happy she could make Kyu happy as he deserved happiness too! They had their burning, shining star and heart and then their sweet foxy fox as the two would be constellations in the sky that she'd control. 

Unfortunately, she looked and saw Astera coming up as the car stopped close to the port. Karisa opened her eyes and Asirak kissed Kyu's cheek and got out to get Karisa's bags. Karisa stood in front of Dae-Seong after they both got out of the car to say one last good bye...


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Dae-seong parked his car, and soon they would all get out. Before that was done though, Asi kissed Kyu on the cheek which made him blush. Karisa though stood infront of Dae-seong. He knew what this meant, a final goodbye. He was the first one to make a move, to pull her into a hug "I'll miss you" he spoke and one could hear the sadness in his voice as even though they had their dreams and the soul bond, it was still not this true physical contact they had here and now.

Kyu looked at those two hug. And then turned his gaze to Asi and looked at her with eyes full of warmth as he reached over to hold her hand. This was not his final goodbye with Karisa, he had a bit more time. And he would also make the most of it. He looked then at Karisa who was being hugged by Dae-seong. He was not soul bonded to her, but he wondered how did she feel. He just knew that he would do his job to get her where she needs in one piece, anything after that, he would hope she would stay safe. He would lie if it didnt make him sad too that they would go seperate ways.


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Karisa leaned into him and she wished that the range on her clone was further than it is. She could have been with him and where she needed to go at the same time. Her eyes watered as she heard his words of missing her, his voice was filled with sadness, an emotion he rarely showed and it meant the world to her. "I-I'll miss you too," a tear fell from her right eye and then she left, not at the same time. Her voice quivered when she spoke them back to him. Something she rarely did as well. Normally, she showed two emotions, happy and the calming emotion that seemed distant. The only other time she did this around them was when he thought she was just some tiger and he threatened her. 

"Dae-Seong... If you ever feel alone, just know I will be looking down, while you look up from the sky and space." She knew this trip was her own call, but she knew that he had deeper high ambitous goals too since Kyu told her and that nightmare she went in. She had no clue how this trip would end. Slowly, she left his arms as she felt Asirak now take Karisa away. She knew Karisa's mind saw two routes and her heart would split as well so Asirak chose for her. 'We have to go... you know this is important...' Karisa's other side spoke and she closed her eyes once more and opened them to see herself on the ship, Dae-Seong was on the dock. She brought her own hand against her chest, the one with the ring on it,  holding it close to her heart. 'Please, be safe and know I am a thought away...' she communicated as the ship started to sail away with Kyu and Karisa now leaving Dae-Seong alone as Karisa's mana was running out. 


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He felt her sadness in her voice and all he could do was hold on for her, hold her in his embrace and not let her go. Ever. She spoke that if he feels alone that she would look down from the sky. But it only made the grip tighter as he heard the distance. He didnt want to hear it. The less he knew the better maybe. Maybe.

Slowly, after a good few minutes of holding her, he finally relented and let her go. Asirak taking Karisa away. This was where Kyu would finally make his move as now he would travel on with Karisa

Dae-seong watched as Karisa left and she communicated with him 'I know. You are the one who needs to stay safe though' he replied via soul bond link. And so once Karisa and the ship were out of sight, Dae-seong finally decided what to do and where to go. He'd go to the place where he went the last time he was alone. It seemed the best. Sin. That place was good to kill the time. He would go to his car, because he had a long drive ahead.
Now alone, he'd sit in the vehicle, but not start it up yet. He needed to take things slow. Plan his travel route. Karisa left via ship, he will leave via car, he just needed to find a good land route to travel with. This kind of step by step planning allowed him to occupy his mind and keep him busy. He could already feel the silence around him. He needed to get used to it. The quiet. He should just go back to the way he was. It made it easier to cope with the loneliness. By embracing it and not caring. She was a soul bond away indeed. But he didnt know would that help him or detriment him


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Karisa could feel the chill of the wind as if letting her feel the impending storm. Not in the weather sense, but something about an inner emotion within Dae-Seong even the elements could feel. If only she was the goddess of such. She turned and gazed towards Kyu and gave a small smile. She had her stuff and sat down on the bench as she sighed, a puff of air escaped her lips as the air was crisp enough for it, but it wasn't super freezing outside. She was unsure what they will find in Talaz, but she knew she only had the goal in mind. Her eyes gazed at Kyu and gave a small side smile now as it was as if looking at Dae-Seong sometimes. 

"Kyu... I want to say sorry again for somewhat dragging you into this adventure." she spoke softly and disheartened still at leaving Dae-Seong behind and now Kyu was stuck with her and going on this adventure in a way. 


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"Karisa, there is no need to apologize to me. I wanted to come with you, whether you asked for me or not. So I am thankful you allowed me to come with you. Truth be told, even if you havent mentioned me, I am sure Dae-seong would've also mentioned me. Im glad I get to travel with you. So... lets make the most of this trip now, shall we?" Kyu spoke as he wanted to cheer her up and make her feel better. He knew she must be very sad for starting this trip without her fiance. But it was something she had to do. Kyu wasnt dating Karisa or anything, so he was a lot more neutral and less emotionally invested in the seperation between the two engaged people. He was level headed and wanted to keep people he liked safe while still letting them do what they wanted

Fiore, Bosco, Stella, Joya, Desierto, Bellum, Pernegande Kingdom and finally Sin. He was a long trek away from his destination, but he mapped out the shortest route. Karisa would only hear the word Joya, a word or thought that was mentioned with hatred, almost a hiss at how much disdain he had over that place as he didnt like the new regime still. He wanted to build his future. But Joya was not an option. He would be the enemy of the Shogun if he tried. Instead he will go to Sin, the place that was culturally the most similar to Joya.
But now enough of planning, now was the time to move, so his car would start and the long drive would begin. Sin was his destination.


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Karisa heard his voice in her head as she heard a single word. What about Joya though? He wasn't planning on harming her ally, right? Was he thinking about the Iceberg thing again after the Joya trip? She listened to Kyu and nodded, "You are... right. I should enjoy and make little of what I can. I am happy that you would have came with me with the option to. It makes me feel a lot better." She spoke as her hand went against her chest. She stood up and walked up to him, hesitantly, but surely, she hugged him, finding comfort in knowing this was Kyu, but in a way, it was also Dae-Seong. They were different when it came to personalities, but they had similarities as well. She kept her head against his heart and chest. Trying to calm her emotions she did this as she then stepped back - unless he kept her there and smiled sweetly. "Alright, so once we get there, we should find a place to stay and... with that thing that is happening there hopefully it is not a horrible time to be there." she spoke softly. 


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He would smile and pat her on the back gently as she would hug him. He wanted to give her something nice as he would primarily after this be in his own kitsune form, only switching to human form if she starts to miss her fiance. But now he wanted to comfort her as he could feel somewhat how she feels. So he held onto her for a bit, but when he felt she wanted to let go, he did as he didnt think it was his right to hold her in an embrace for too long without her consent.

He'd transform into his kitsune form and sit down, she'd plan where they would stay. But Kyu would ask "What is happening there?" he was never at Talaz and didnt know much of it, so he was curious what they were walking into. Well, if there was one other good thing about this trip, its that he ventured off to a new place.

Dae-seong was quietly making his own drive to Sin. It was going to be a long trip, with plenty of breaks, but he was determined to get there. He hummed to himself to pass the time


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Karisa listened to him and then decided to talk more about Talaz, "Mmm~ Last I heard there has been a huge outbreak between Countries, technology and those with it or against it." She spoke the few things she knew. "I try not to pay attention what happens since it is probably bad for me to think so much about the horrible things that go on," she felt a tight feeling in her chest. Karisa went on as they sat together. She leaned into Kyu and closed her eyes since she still had a fear of the deep ocean so she did not want to look at it. "It means more than you know that you're here with me, Kyu..." Karisa spoke softly, taking his tail and snuggles with it, finding comfort from it. She softly breathed and fell asleep as she wanted to sleep the rest of the way for now. 


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As she spoke about Talaz about it and informed him, she leaned into him and closed her eyes since she still had a fear of the deep ocean. He put his arm or front leg, since he was an animal, around her in a hug sort of a way to comfort her. She spoke once more as she took one of his tails anad snuggled with it. Considering he was big and fluffy, he could imagine she felt comfy. He smiled to her, but then noticed that she fell asleep against him. He would make sure she sleeps comfortly on the ship and he would protect her. He would protect him, for her, for Dae-seong and for himself. As he did care a lot about Karisa, even if he didnt get to convey it since she fell asleep sooner than he could say it
"Sleep well Karisa" was all he could quietly say as she slept


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