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Space Bound [SL]

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Karisa knew she had to tell him as she gazed at his eyes. They were just done with that huge tour in which made him more known now. Karisa gazed towards the sky and then towards him as she was wondering what to exactly do in terms of more so how. She sighed softly and looked up at his eyes, "Dae-Seong... I must confess something." She started and then let their foreheads still. She didn't want to move away, she felt her heartbeat and she kenw that they were going to have a hard time with this. She leaned in for one more kiss as she slowly leaned back to look up at him fully. "Dae-Seong, the truth is, I've been hearing something call for me. I know it sounds really odd, but something, someone is calling for me out there." She spoke and gestured her head towards the night sky. 

"I don't know why, I don't know what, but it has been causing me less sleep, stressing me out and I can't make it stop. It's like a desperate call and it's one I feel I must go to." Karisa spoke with her soft, sweet tone with that unknown accent of hers, her hand against her chest.


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He looked at her as soon as she addressed him, saying she has to confess something. He would hear her out as he had no idea what to expect when one says they have to confess something. She leaned in for one more kiss as she slowly leaned back to look up at him fully. Now he really didnt know what to expect, and it made him worry. She then spoke and it turns out she.... heard something calling for her.

"Out where?" he'd ask her even though she gestured towards the sky. Though she probably gestured again so he'd understand. He'd look at the sky realizing she meant that, but it didnt make him any less confused

"Mmm" he closed his eyes as he thought about it, opening them and looking at her with a worried expression "Sounds like a trap. Cryptic stuff like that, calling you into the unknown, it doesnt seem really safe"

He was skeptical about it. But he should've seen this coming, whenever he does a thing, she goes on a journey. Hopefully this one doesnt get her killed, but somehow he thinks she might, again. He just hoped this doesnt become a recurring thing where she dies and comes back to life over and over again. Its not something he can take.

But he has a feeling that she might go whether he likes it or not. So where does that leave him? She'll leave him behind? He had no idea. So what does he do, considering he has an idea where this conversation is going. He had to hear more from her to see what she says. Maybe she makes him feel more at ease?


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Karisa would indeed be more blunt, "The sky, my love. The galaxy, the unknown and I don't know what it is, but it has been calling out to me," she was more specific in the answer. she looked at him, his expression was him being worried, and in deep thought, it was to be expected. She had to think of something to ease her lover's mind. She sat down on the chair that was cushioned nearby as her eyes gazed at him. She wondered what he was thinking about since he wasn't letting her in. Was it something bad? Was it something loving or perhaps he was thinking about the last time she had a journey to go on. 

"Dae-Seong.~ will it make any difference if I promise with our love that I will stay alive?" Karisa wondered. That's right, their love, something she held close to her, something she'd destroy the world for because he was her world, even so far as to say he was her galaxy. If it'd ease him then she will promise on something she'd never betray. If it makes him smile, makes him not repeat that dream he had, - her eyes started to tear up at the thought of that damn dream. But it was a tear that she would not have realized. For Dae-Seong is her shiniest, brightest, and burning heart and star, and being the demigoddess/goddess of space, that was be greatest honor and spot of all.

"Plus, you could always send Kyu with me to where I am going." Karisa tried to lighten it even more. 


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"That sounds very ominous" the chime of the sky calling for you. As if wanting to claim you back to the land of the dead. How can that not be ominous?

She asked him would there be a difference if she promised to not to die "Well it would make a world of difference" he spoke matter of factly. He sensed her feelings via the soul bond. His thoughts were muddled and unclear, he wasnt sure how to articulate his thoughts and what to think. He knew this was a trip he couldnt go on. He knows this is something she'd want to do solo. And even if he invited himself in to this journey, he wouldnt be able to contribute much at all and he doesnt know how much his heart can take that stress and pain of loss again.

She mentioned Kyu which made him feel much more at ease "Actually yes. He can go with you. I just... want you to be safe. Promise me if theres any sign of danger you leave. I dont want to lose you again. I dont think I can do this if it becomes a repeating thing. Life death life death life death" its something that messes you up

Meanwhile, Kyu was peacefully asleep in his normal kitsune form on the floor, he looked at peace and rather cute as he slept. Very cuddly. He was oblivious that he was being talked about at this moment


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She could feel his thoughts and she was happy that he was at least letting her in now a little more. She understood the reference of 'a world of difference', mostly if that nightmare did come true. He didn't remember that dream, but she surely did. Karisa was glad that he wanted Kyu to go, someone there to keep her company and then she realized, "Dae-Seong... we also have our bond as well, and the ring you gave me. We can communicate and feel each other's emotions even as far as one could roam... and the ring, as I studied it, it lets me and you know the other's health condition. This time we are more prepared in the sense of knowing and communication," Karisa spoke softly, standing up as she then walked up to him. She leaned into his chest and held his shirt cutely. 

"No matter what, I will come back, I won't die," she spoke and smelt his scent that was addicting to her. Not his cologne, but his natural scent. She then spoke more, "I will be traveling to Talaz, meeting with some people who can help do what I need done and so on." She started and then leaned back so she can look into those eyes. "What will you be doing while I'm gone?" Karisa asked, gazing at him.


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He smiled softly and nodded. Indeed it was true, they had more means of knowing how are they. He then hugged her and held her close as she was on his chest. He nuzzled her and cuddled her. She spoke how she will go to Talaz "Talaz? I have never been there, but I honestly dont want to go there. Things there were messy. From what I heard, I just dont like that place"

Though Karisa asked him what will he do in her absence, and thus changed the train of his thought "What will I do? To be honest I dont know" it was odd to not have her around. Going into his old routine before he met her wasa kind of hard. So he really was left feeling a bit blank

"Rest hopefully?" he does need that after the tour. A lot of sleep. He considered maybe going to Astera to see its sights again. But he wished west was safer. That was really his only gripe, the lack of a good guild. Should he do quests? Song writing maybe? Or would that be considered him being a workaholic?

"Maybe time will tell, I'll think of something eventually. So dont worry about me" he spoke to reassure her. As in the long run it doesnt matter what he does. What matters is Karisa coming back to him alive


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Karisa smiled warmly and tiredly as she felt him cuddle and nuzzle her. "Mmm~ I understand my love." She spoke, feeling like there was more. Not necessarily a lie, but she felt like he was going to do more than just rest. Rather he was going back to Sin or something, she knew it was something. She didn't wish to bother asking him on it since he'll come to her when he is ready. 'Mmm, you better stay untouched by anyone else and stay alive while I'm gone...' an unknown dark voice spoke in her thoughts, but Karisa didn't notice it at all. Karisa did think about in her own nightmare where he died and destroyed the world, nature, the people, the animals - the things she loved were no longer things she loved as the one that held her heart was gone. 

Then that was when she remembered the damn monster that killed her in reality and the one that killed him in her dreams. He'll get his turn...

Her soft, sweet eyes gazes at him. "My love.~ Let us sleep or rest and we'll tell Kyu tomorrow." She spoke, taking his hand and leads him away. "I'm going to take a shower before bed since you know my rule.~" She spoke since her pet peeve was she hated anything or one on her bed, their bed, after being out and about. If he was going to sleep without a shower, she will just stay on her side.


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"I do love your rule" he spoke in reply to her saying that she had a rule. But he followed her to bed, even though she would take a shower. He yawned and took off his clothes and his contact lenses. He was going to ask her how come she had a suit that was like his. Part of him even wondered if she bought the suit he kind of sold away or just a replica. But he was too tired to ponder that and just went to bed and rested his head on his pillow

As he felt sleep take a hold of him, he wondered about a few things. Like her wanting kids and how would this next journey affect her or that. What if after Iceberg they cant have any kids anymore and that was their one shot. Should he go to Hargeon and see his guild master? And he really liked Astera but was torn by the situation there. Should he ask Alisa about the situation in the west? Gosh, he felt like he was having a headache just thinking about it. The pillow felt so soft and nice that it somewhat numbed the slight headache he had. He worried too much and he still had to think what to do in Karisa's absence. He didnt know what he should do? Should he go to Sin after all? Its always good to have a back up. Something to do. But before he finished any thought, he felt the darkness of sleep slowly take hold


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Karisa turned on the shower water and got undressed. She felt her body wanting to collapse in more reasons than one unknowingly, but she was tired overall. Slowly, she stepped inside the shower and moaned sweetly at the water hitting her body. She sat down on the marble seat as she relaxed. Why was her body becoming overly sore? Karisa closed her eyes as she imagined a life with Dae-Seong without all this, but being young meant hardwork and adventures. She then had her eyes calmly more shut as she could hear  Dae-Seong's thoughts. She was sad at the thought of not having children and if anything caused such a thing, she would be devastated, but she knew Alisa, her sister would tell her that she could just adopt, but it was not the same. 

Karisa forgot to tell Dae-Seong that as well, but she will once they sleep and wake up tomorrow. She was happy to know he felt comfort with the pillows and blankets. She opened her eyes as she started to lather up and wash her body and hair. She wanted to join the bed that felt like clouds if they were solid. Once done, she turned off the shower and walked out of the shower, taking her towel and drying off her lower body since she had a habit of not drying her hair. Her hair loved the water on it and so with that, she walked out of the bathroom to see that he was fully asleep. She took off the towel and climbed in on her side. His back was towards her, perfect in her opinion so she could scoot closer and kiss the side of his neck before laying on her own pillow, falling asleep. 


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Dae-seong was asleep, he had a dream that he was traveling, somewhere distant and far away. Almost as if it was the reverse of the Iceberg journey, where he had to travel to Joya to do some crazy stuff. But the dream soon enough became foggy and the details were muddled and forgotten in the inky black darkness

Where he'd soon wake up upon the beginning of a new day. He'd see it was around 8am. And he slowly yawned. He felt lazy and didnt want to get out of bed. It wasnt every day he had nothing to do but lounge around. He wondered would he get bored of doing nothing. He would look at Karisa to see that she was still asleep, like a baby. He'd turn around to face her and watch her sleep. He wouldnt want to interrupt her.
Meanwhile, Kyu was preparing breakfast for himself, oblivious that he would soon go on a big journey of his own. He let Dae-seong and Karisa sleep in and have their fun together. The kitsune thought about sightseeing or perhaps learning something new, though he didnt know where to begin. Maybe he should mingle with other Blue Pegasus people, the place looked like it had tons of interesting people. What if he used Dae-seongs form to mingle with them. He doubted people would wanna talk to a kitsune


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Karisa was dreaming away, not really, as she was seeing nothing but darkness. She knew she was not in Dae-Seong's dream. She closed her eyes through the whole time and just rested while hearing the song. It made her feel restless despite being asleep. How long will this last? What or who was this song and singing it? Her heart was beating faster as she turned a little in her sleep. Far into the void she saw a glow in a random spot. She felt her body being pulled to it like a magnet. Soon enough she will feel herself waking up, her eyes fluttering open to see Dae-Seong gazing at her with his dark brown obsidian eyes as they shined her face. She smiled sweetly, her hand slowly smoothing against the sheets to his chest as she felt it for herself. "I'm going to miss the feeling of your skin against mine..." She whispered softly as her eyes gazed sad. 


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