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 Orionis Empty Fri Feb 02, 2024 4:22 pm


"People always say "black or white", but the world is so gray!
Even angels and devils were once the sons of god I praised."


"Deep within you is the reason that you wanna give up,
You're the reason that you won't see the sun again."

Name: Orionis Ald Etheirys.

Age: April 1st, X772 | 24 Years Old.

Gender: Cis-Male.

Sexuality: Asexual Biromantic.

Ethnicity, Father: Sevenese.

Ethnicity, Mother: Sevenese.

Class: Sorcerer.

Race: Daemon.

Rank: D-rank.

Guild: Guildless.

Tattoo: Right Shoulder, Pale Green.

Face: Alhaitham - Genshin Impact


"Snapping to, you realize you're in a coffin,
It's too late to say you wanna do something."

Height: 5 feet 10 inches.

Weight: 150 pounds.

Hair: Grey w/ Green tones.

Eyes: Green Irises w/ Red Pupils.

Orionis is a relatively tall, lean muscled, young man. Standing at 5'10 and weighing 150 pounds with a strong and healthy physique betraying his studious nature.

His scalp is covered by a wild mane of grey hair with green tones. Kept relatively neat despite the volume. His eyes are a vivid shade of striking green with dark red pupils that sometimes appear as slits when angered.

His stony facade and thin lips hide surprisingly sharp canines which are only visible when he rarely grins or laughs. His skin is pretty pale, clean, and healthy. His clothes befit his demeanor as a scholar but are tailor-fit for travel and adventure.

Coming in tones of black, green, grey, and a splash of gold here and there. High boots, a tailcoat jacket with no sleeves. Dark pants that tuck into high boots. A leatherbound tome is always found attached to his side held in a leather strap on his right hip.

Extra: Various scars can be found on his body. Some faded, faint, from long ago. And some relatively new, probably from one of his many misadventures. Hidden on his lower back is a firebrand symbol of his cult emboldened on his flesh forever. He keeps it covered with tightly wound bandages to hide his shame.


"What the hell is wrong with me?
I can't remember what I wanted to be!"

Orionis is a man who values his inquisitive nature and all-consuming drive. He is always on the lookout to know "more". An avid devourer of knowledge, he is determined to seek out the world's truths whatever it takes. Because of this, he is a bold and ambitious sort only slightly tempered by his shrewd, cool-headed, and analytical nature.

However, due to his studious nature and the way he was raised and currently lives his life. He is not the most sociably agreeable person. His charisma is practically non-existent due to his blunt and cold way of speaking.

Many people found him attractive... until he opened his mouth. His disinterested stare in anything that doesn't entail greater knowledge makes him appear rude and selfish. If you are no use to him, then he really doesn't want to talk to you.

He is not completely heartless, however. To those who can get past his rough, standoffish, exterior, they'll see a good person underneath it all.

He is passionate, kind, loyal, sincere, brave, and protective. He will fight for those he cares for no matter what. And while he's not the most talkative, he will always be willing to lend an ear to your troubles.

Since he was raised to be a "god" and was dehumanized by his cult for the majority of his life. He had developed a very cold and distant personality. Not being able to accept his humanity due to believing he doesn't have any. No one hates Orionis as much as he hates himself. And that self-loathing prevents him from being truly happy.

If someone were to get close to him, they'd see the lonely, scared, child, underneath the frigid, frail, surface. Someone who desperately wishes to have bonds however is unable to handle what that entails.

Even further still, he grapples with his humanity as Daemon. His deepest and darkest emotions are enhanced due to his transformation into a monster by the very demon who cursed him. He absolutely loathes his demonic nature and tries to distance himself from the temptation of that addicting, corrupting, power.

In his worst moments, when he is unable to deny the siren call, he gives into the demonic power he was cursed with. His twisted emotions take over as he becomes a monster. Narcissistic, egotistical, violent, cruel, and manipulative.

A monster who craves the subjugation of all living things. And the destruction of those who oppose him. This state only manifests under great stress, and even though it enhances his abilities, he becomes the person he abhors and fears turning into forever.

In the end, both sides of him, are Orionis. He is very much the quiet scholar and the maniacal demon. And while he attempts to deny his darker instincts, he is very much the troubled and self-destructive soul he always was. And he will have to learn to accept it.

Try as he might, he will never escape his nature...

  • Magical Research: Orionis's main interest and focus in life. He loves to learn more about magic in any form, often leading him on various adventures as a result.
  • Nature: There's so much to Earthland, with its wide, vast, expanses. It's the complete opposite of the cold, dark, claustrophobic, crypt he was raised in.

  • Demons: Demons have ruined his life since his conception. He completely loathes them. Especially the one who changed him into a Daemon.
  • Confinement: His whole life was living confined and controlled by others, he relishes freedom. And as a result, despises being locked away.

  • Magical Enlightment: To reach the pinnacle of magical understanding. He believes the more he studies and learns about magic. The more he'll learn about the nature and truths of magic itself.

  • Claustophobia: Due to the tight and dark spaces of the crypt he was born and raised within, he has gained a phobia of small spaces. Once, when he was a child, one of the narrow tunnels collapsed around him and he was stuck in it for hours, furthering his fear.
  • Atelophobia: The fear of imperfection. Raised to be a "vessel of Hades", Orionis had developed an acute fear of personal failure and imperfection. To fail would mean he was human. And that everything his parents and cult told him was a lie. He shaped his whole existence around being who he is now. And to confront the reality that he is not some sort of "monster" parading as a human, terrifies him on some level.


"Tick, tack, which is what I found,
I can see the keys are scattered around."

Strength: 4

Speed: 5

Constitution: 5

Endurance: 5

Intelligence: 11


"Calling all it off, it ends tonight,
It's not like anything will change if I don't fight."

Magic Name: Krustallos-Make Magic.
Magic Element: Earth.

Magic Enhancement: --

Magic Description: "Krustallos" or "Crystal"-Make Magic. Is a Maker Magic which allows Orionis to manipulate the Earth. Specifically, to shape the earth into crystals. He can further transform the altered earth into various crystal constructs. Such as rudimentary and crude weapons such as spears, daggers, clubs, and swords. Or create things such as crystal beasts that he further animates to attack. Or simply just basic crystalline projectiles, shields, and other such manner of things.


"Yes, I know, yes I know that I,
Yes, I know, yes I know that I."

Twenty-four years ago in the mid-spring Orionis was born to Sevenese parents, he was raised within a small, underground, cult of Hades. For much of his life, Orionis lived within an ancient crypt the winding, damp, tunnels being his only home.

The "Heralds of Hades" as they called themselves, were zealots whom worshipped Hades for his commanding over the dead and the ruler of all the wealth in the earth.

They refused to call him by his more respectful name of "Pluton", not fearing his name or what it invoked. Believing that speaking his true name brazenly would gain them greater favor.

They wished to escape the limitations of mortality and as such were hoarders of all things that they pertained to be "wealth". Whether it was gold, jewels, or knowledge itself.  Creating a treasure trove beneath the very earth people walked.

Because of this, Orionis grew up obsessed with reading and studying. Having access to various tomes, scrolls, and other books to indulge his time in. His parents encouraged this, wishing him to become a studious person, unbeknownst to him. He would be the sacrifice to bring their god Hades into the world and to bless them.

As such, Orionis was trained physically, mentally, and magically, to create a suitable vessel for their God. As he grew, so did his potential. However, they were unaware that their "god" that they worshipped was merely a demon pretending to be Hades. Preying on their fanaticalism and desire for power and immortality.

The ritual was commenced when Orionis was eighteen years old. Everything was planned out just as their "god" demanded. And yet the ritual failed... For the most part. The demon wasn't able to possess his vessel but instead managed to curse Orionis with its power.

Turning him into a Daemon.

Having lost control with the surge of power - Orionis slaughtered almost every cult member, save for the leader of the cult who survived, fleeing with a teleportation spell to parts unknown...

When he woke, he would flee to the upper world, immersed and bathed in the moonlight that washed over him, his body covered in blood. He gained a little more clarity. He would resolve himself to find out more about himself, his cult, and the Demon his people worshipped...

And to get revenge on the cult's leader and master for all he had done. Taking up the rough translation of his name according to his people. And become the "Heavenly Light of the Old Sky".

To oppose the darkness of the world.

(Or perhaps succumb to it as a dark sun that reigns on high...)

From then on he would travel as a wandering scholar. Taking no allegiance to any guild, country, or banner - he would live a life of solitude in his pursuits for truth... And freedom from his cursed fate.

Discord: TenebraeQueene
Reference: Returning Member.

"I'm the only one,
Who can save myself,
And I'll never forget that I,
All I wanna be is me!"


 Orionis Empty Mon Feb 12, 2024 5:54 am


This character has been approved~

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