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Raiders Beware [Private]

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#1Alaric Holloway 

Raiders Beware [Private]  Empty Sat Jan 20, 2024 7:03 pm

Alaric Holloway
The bitter winds blew harsh on Alaric’s face. The body pressed onward through the thick forest. He pushed his hands deeper into his pockets, hoping to find some hidden pocket of warmth that might have been hidden within their depths. His face was stone and clinched. Bron, had tucked himself in his coat, per usual. His body aided in warming in his but it was not much. “God damn. What the fuck is this wind.” It was a bitter wind. The trees didn’t do anything to aid in blocking its advance. It sliced right through their branches and found their way right to his flesh. Alaric Holloway was out in the middle of the Worth Woodsea for a special request. A mission that he could not help but take on. In fact, he was eager to. He was aiding two villages with an escort of trade goods, well escort wasn’t the correct word. There was a third party involved that was expected to send in a raid group. A group Alaric had actually been apart of for a few months before they caught on to his…condition.

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#2Alaric Holloway 

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Alaric Holloway
Alaric found his way overlooking a large valley within the sea of woods. The winds were more brutal here. He stiffened up his body, trying to find comfort from the wind. From up here, Alaric had a full display of the space below. It was not so high that he could not make out the men making their way through the skeletal forest. He sneered. “Tsk He clicked his tongue “Predictable.” His sneered turned into a smirk. And he let out a lone chuckle. “Bron, stay behind me at all times. This shouldn’t take long.”

He unbuttoned his jacket, setting the creature free to flutter out. Alaric took a deep breath before exhaling. The heat of his exhale made it look like steam was pouring from his nostrils. He tilted his head to either side, loosing his back and stance. On his fist was his Devil’s Right Hand. He tighted it into a ball. “Let’s go.”

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#3Alaric Holloway 

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Alaric Holloway
With quick and nimble movements, Alaric hopped from one ledge to the next. With quick and nimble movements, he made his way down while Bron was in hot pursuit behind him. Hit little bronze wings fluttering in the cold winds. Alaric was starting to heat up though. “Hehe, fuckers gonna wish they kept me on the payroll.” His eyes shifted and narrowed he could feel himself slipping to the rush of the moment. His caines started to twitch with anticipation of sinking into something bloody. He was just near the ground level when a magic circle appeared an explosion echoed out throughout the valley as Alaric was propelled forward.

The tail end of the raiding party noticed too late. Alaric’s wild eye was already on them. “Suprise mother fuckers!” As he came crashing into the first person, his force alone was enough to smash in the man’s face completely. Dropping him to the ground.

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#4Alaric Holloway 

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Alaric Holloway
With one of the men collapsed on the ground, it was time for the others to join him. Just as two of their mages summoned magic circles to give them elemental weapons, Alaric slammed his foot into the chest of the man already lying on the ground before him. A magic circle would appear causing an explosion and the earth to begin to collapse before him. The men were caught in the cave-in, while Alaric had lunged backward to avoid the pitfall. A smirk filled his face. “You fuckers thought you were better than me huh?”

The men were swept into the collapsing earth and fell. Their weapons slammed into each other, causing them more harm to their men than they would ever pose towards Alaric. “Watch this Bron. We’re gonna move on to the next group quicker than we expected.” He clapped his hands and the space filled with a reddish aura before exploding a dozen or more times. The screams of the men below quickly fell to silence.

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#5Alaric Holloway 

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Alaric Holloway
The pair rushed from the scene of this defeated raiding party to hopefully cut off the second half that was going to strike from the front of the trade group. He had taken care of business here faster than anticipated and he had not heard any sort of commotion so he believed he was still in the clear. As his strides became more steady and fluid, he found himself picking up speed. His face could not hold back his excitement any further. His body had subconsciously started to undergo a physical change. Hair began to sprout throughout his arms and back. The cold wind seemed to no longer bother him. His heart was pumping hard and he could feel the wolf inside coming alive.

Alaric flew through those woods now, haunched, and lowered to the ground. His eyes focused on the path before him. His nose, straining to follow the scent of the traders up ahead. “Don’t fall behind now Bron.” His voice had become lower and more grizzled.

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#6Alaric Holloway 

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Alaric Holloway
As he raced through the forest, Alaric had reveled in the feelings. His nose picked up a scent and he immediately darted from his current path and towards the one that smelled like the group he had just left lying in the rubble of earth back there. He could see them, their dark suits trying to keep them hidden from the merchant party. It looks like they were setting into position, what a shame. Alaric snapped his fingers causing two orbs to manifest. He’d use the orbs as a distraction to sew some chaos amongst the group. Their explosions startled the men causing them to run from their formation. Now the trade group was aware and they could manage to flee. Alaric started into a fistfight with one of the men. His strength quickly overwhelmed the man and he had him lying unconscious on the ground as he moved toward the next. Other guards of the trade group had started to partake in the fray. Spells were being thrown about, bodies were collapsing to the ground one after the other and Alaric was feeling alive! He howled with excitement as he tore through each robber, one after the other. It was so sweet.

Once the fighting ended. Alaric and the merchants exchanged words and more importantly, jewels. They paid him a hefty bonus sum for his quick work with the other bandit group. He was happy to take it from them and headed out. He wanted to get back to the guild and rest.

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