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Mage and the Beanstalk [Solo Quest]

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Mage and the Beanstalk [Solo Quest] Empty Mon Jan 15, 2024 4:06 pm

It was the first day of his new life, Ittindi had met the most interesting man the other night while cleaning disgusting transients’ feet. He was really coming into his role as one of the few Sergeants in the north. He offered Ittindi a very special suit and top hat. It was enchanted, it always smelled fresh and was more durable than any suit he had encountered. While Ittindi was originally saving for some kind of solution to his aging, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to wear such a magnificent uniform.  This morning he thought green would be a good color for the strip at the base of his top hat as he donned it. The suit itself was a typical tuxedo he wore when in service, while Ittindi preferred to wear colors he’d always look great in a slim black tuxedo with a silver M collar replacing his usual bowtie. He had almost considered looking for a cane, but then he’d have to go back for it every time he got in a fight.

As he walked out of the garrison he was greeted by multiple Good Morning Sergeant. Ittindi would always take the time to return the greeting, and if anyone looked like they had something on their mind he’d pull them aside. Waiting for him at the end of the hall was Inspector Nilan, Ittindi had a decent amount of respect for the man, he had read his file and it was a tear jerker of a background. Ittindi knew what it was like to throw yourself into your work to help with grief.

”Mornin Seargent, there’s something interesting I need you or one of your men to go check out…”

He’d describe the nature of a beanstalk that had appeared in a part of the town, no casualties and nothing had come down or gone up. Naturally his job would be to destroy the beanstalk and collect a sample. Ittindi would grab one of his newest privates and head out. The man wasn’t very talkative, and Ittindi was more than comfortable walking in silence. As they traveled through Orchidia the town seemed to be in a merry mood. When they approached downtown in the center of Orchidia, the mood changed the closer they got towards the towering beanstalk that pierced through the cloud. Ittindi would give instructions to his private to clear the immediate area.

Once the area around him was cleared he’d take his trusty gun out and start blasting on one side of the root. Firing multiple levels of shot he’d blast it with his mana condensed shot until he hacked around 70% of its base. Then before he’d kick it he’d check the immediate area where he planned to send it tumbling. It would block off one of the main streets, and Ittindi didn’t see anyone in the vicinity of its intended fall area. He’d kick it, the tree had already been groaning from the struggle of holding itself up. With his kick the crack would reverberate around the square as it fell blocking the street while cracking the road as well. Taking the device that Inspector Nilan gave him Ittindi would gather the sap carefully.

Ittindi would sniff himself afterwards very quickly, indeed the fresh smell remained, this truly was his best purchase yet. Walking back to their garrison Ittindi would hand off the sample, as Inspector Nilan told him the money would be deposited into his account. Ittindi would head back to his office, he’d need to write a couple forms to gain requisition funds to fix the street he had cracked.


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