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The Holy Grail War part 1[Epic][Lore]

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The Holy Grail War part 1[Epic][Lore] Empty Thu Jan 04, 2024 4:07 pm


Seven Magus vying for the grail, seven heroic spirits fighting a war to see their dream fulfilled... Yet only one pair will remain at the end!

Name: The Holy Grail War

Difficulty: Epic

Participants: Ryuko

Despite their efforts to prevent the cult to resurrect the Ancient Dragon Vortigern, a shimmer of hope shines through in the form of the fact the resurrected dragon is only an Aspect of Vortigern and that the people of Earthland can still rely on Nozrum to try to stop Vortigern once and for all.

While Nozrum seeks to rally allies within Caelum to stop the rampaging Aspect, Ryuko is given the lonesome task of traveling back to the catacombs of Vortigern's resurrection in search of any clues that might lead to a method to slay the Aspect.

  • A - Having returned to the catacombs Ryuko attempts to find a clue within the underground settlement that once was the lair of one of Earthland's most powerful Necromancers, the dragon girl only finds cryptic scriptures and dusty tomes suggesting to a long-forsaken practice of summoning rituals.

  • A - Despite her efforts Ryuko ends up being called to the capital city of Avalon. Vortigern is preparing to attack the Kingdom of Albion and Nozrum would like to have anyone on his side that is brave enough to fight the Aspect, for while it might be an Aspect, it is still an ancient dragon in all but name.

  • A - Hurrying to the Kingdom of Albion Ryuko finds to her disbelief that Vortigern has rallied his own forces in the form of the cult's remnants and worse, the cult using necromancy to send legions of undead marching toward the castle! While in the distance Vortigern is seen approaching, the defenders of Caelum stand defiant against the encroaching tide of evil!

  • A - Forcing herself to remain in her humanoid form to retain control over her summons, Ryuko is able to aid the defenders of Caelum in defeating the cult's remnants and as a result drop the control over the corpses they were manipulating. However, in the skies over Albion Vortigern challenges Nozrum, who gives in to the taunt and transforms into his true form, causing the two dragons to duel over the fate of Caelum amidst burning skies.

  • A - In the end age and his past injuries lead to Nozrum to fight a losing battle, especially when it comes to vitality as Vortigern slays the old dragon. With nobody left to challenge him Vortigern turns his eyes toward his price when all of a sudden a maddening roar comes from below. There, underneath him the very cause of his resurrection reveals herself, bathing in the rage at seeing Nozrum slain she transforms into her birthright and becomes the Dragon of Oblivion

  • A - Yet even the newly turned Ryuko is no match for Vortigern, and despite her best efforts Ryuko is cast down from the sky. With Vortigern's claw at her throat and ready to deliver the finishing blow Ryuko prepares for the end when a voice calls out to her: What is her wish?

  • S - Despite the fact she is on the brink of dying Ryuko has to admit she can't think of any wish. Perceiving the concept of a wish to be something that is unattainable by time or effort alone, and that the things she 'wish' for are in fact merely goals. Instead the voice mocks her by stating she did have a wish, one which was unattainable by herself, something only a miracle could cause, and yet she wasn't able to let go even as the embers of her life were dissolving into dust.

    As she attempts to look at the source of the voice a blinding light robs her of her vision and the voice harshly scolds her ignorance, saying she has no right to see 'him', 'hear' him or even talk to 'him', yet at the same time her foolish attitude has entertained him long enough to wake him from the lull of his ancient slumber. In the end, he asks what she would offer in exchange for that privilege.

    In the end the answer: Everything, as long as it allows her to reach that one wish of her, causes the voice to burst into laughter and Ryuko feels something burning firmly on the back of her right hand.

  • S - Having accepted the trade the blinding light subdues enough for Ryuko to see the fact that floating in the air is a man clad in golden armor. Even just a mere glance tells her enough that this man is far more dangerous than even Vortigern, for while Vortigern was an ancient dragon, this man was known through history as the King of Heroes: Gilgamesh.

    Gilgamesh proceeded to look at her, and for the briefest of moments she thought she heard him say a name, but a moment later and Vortigern turned his rage toward the golden king. A choice he would surely come to regret.

  • S - And regret it he did, for the moment Vortigern drew near a collection of chains erupted from golden portals, chaining the dragon in place while Gilgamesh deemed the lowly and filthy glare of the dragon an insult to him, and proceeded to summon a magical weapon from his vault that literally struck down the dragon in one attack!

  • S - Left flabbergasted at how easy the dragon was dealt with, Ryuko transformed back into her humanoid form and inquired with Gilgamesh why he saved her, but instead Gilgamesh reprimanded her by stating he didn't save her, rather Vortigern was foolish enough to attack the king, and paid the price for doing so. While he is clearly not an 'ally', Gilgamesh voices his desire to watch Ryuko's story unfold, at least as long as it can keep him from becoming bored.

  • S - With Vortigern slain and the people of Caelum starting to rebuild their lives Ryuko instead finds herself invited to an ancient church where an enigmatic priest reveals that she has been chosen to participate in an ancient conflict between Seven Mages, each of them fighting over ownership of a wish-granting object called the 'Holy Grail'... Wait that thing is real?!

  • S - Although normally she would be forced to work with Gilgamesh in the holy grail war, the king of heroes shows little interest, and as such Ryuko will need to prepare to summon forth a new servant to aid her in the upcoming war!

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