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Whispers Among the Petals (Open/Social)

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Whispers Among the Petals (Open/Social) - Page 2 Empty Sat Jan 13, 2024 6:56 pm

Rockie's ears pricked up at the man's frantic question, and they tilted their head to the side, contemplating. "Ume, huh?" They muttered, scratching their head with a gloved hand. "I don't think I've come across anyone by that name around here. But, you should probably find her real quick. There are zombies and vampires lurking about. We wouldn't want another incident like with the girl in the green kimono," Rockie warned, gesturing back towards the bridge. Rockie chuckled softly, a mischievous glint in their gold eyes. "Don't fret too much. There's a vampire hunter… or maybe it was a zombie hunter?" A furrow formed on Rockie's brow as they tried to recall. "Ah, never mind. Whoever he is, he's on the case," they reassured the man with a nod. As Rockie leaned in closer, the man shifted uncomfortably, not expecting the sudden invasion of personal space. "He's a bit on the grumpy side, though. Seems upset he missed the zombie-vampire attack," Rockie whispered conspiratorially, a playful smirk crossing their lips.

#27The Shinigami 

Whispers Among the Petals (Open/Social) - Page 2 Empty Tue Jan 16, 2024 7:13 am

The Shinigami
He groaned with annoyance as he knew he couldnt really count of anyone. He didnt even have his camera to take photos of the dead body. Maan, he wished he had, these would make beautiful pictures. Ume would've been a beautiful collection. But sadly, he didnt make this art, this was sloppy work. So he went to the people himself and just cut in between Eve and Rockie and spoke to the people with cold profession
"Detective Dave Cutler. Who are you and where were you two around 11pm and midnight?" he crossed his arms as he looked at the people who were looking for Ume. Visually examining them looking at their hands, or clothes or any scratch or sign of struggle. For now he just awaited for an answer from the two people he saw as suspects until they prove him otherwise. Hopefully he'll get to the bottom of this.

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Eve gazed around and listened to the two interract. Eve yawned and had her hands behind her head, leaning towards them as she listened to the dog talk. Her mind was getting jumbled with different things and in her head she wondered where Nemo was. Her mind slowly getting more distracted. Her eyes shifted to see that Mr. Glasses was now talking to the guy who was talking towards her and the dog-like guy. Eve didn't say anything and suddenly her mind went to suddenly cake. Cake sounded so good. Her eyes darted towards the dead body and then thought about what was more important. Cake or theater material. She had to find Nemo too though! She hummed in a thought. She was going to let them take care of it since they seemed to be really into this. Plus, she can't be in all of her shows directly so she will sit in the back gazing at the material for a show.

Whispers Among the Petals (Open/Social) - Page 2 Exampl12
Everything is a form of art. Take my hand and let me show you.

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Mielle was zooming through the streets of Hosenka on her summoned hand, eager to get back to the drama. The horror over seeing her first real dead body was wearing off, and while she was rather ashamed to admit it, she wanted to help figure out the mystery. And that meant getting back to where things were happening. Obviously, she very much would prepare if this was not a murder mystery, and that the poor woman had not died. But that made Mielle even more invested because if she was wrongly murdered, justice was needed. At least that detective and her were on the same page in that regard!

Finally, Mielle entered the park and zoomed over to where the body was. To her shock, there was nobody else there. At least the body remained unmoved compared to where she was before. But did those guys seriously not leave anybody there to keep an eye on the body?! Well, at least Rocky didn't mess with it again.

So, instead of looking for everyone else like she wanted to, Michelle's sense of responsibility found herself very awkwardly guarding the dead body until the Rune Knight caught up to her.


The man first stares at Rocky in pure bafflement, then rapidly turns to look at David, as if wanting someone seemingly sane to confirm that there are not, in fact, zombies and vampires about to ambush them. As he was about to reply to the detective, the footsteps drew closer. At the exact same time, two women appeared. One looked almost identical to the dead body, assumed by all investigators to be Ume, except this woman was older. She had a permanent frown of disapproval on her face, yet somehow no laugh lines despite other wrinkles, and glossy black hair with no grey. She wore a nearly matching green kimono as the victim, with minute differences in the embroidery on the front. The other woman was a petite blonde with wavy hair and green eyes, wearing a red kimono, staring nervously at the group.

"Who are you to ask us where we have been?!" the older woman says aggressively to the detective, frowning at him severely. Only for the man, who had gotten himself up from the ground, to intervene. "Ms. Suki, please!" the man with glasses begs. "He's a detective; he can help us find Ume if we answer his questions."

The older woman, Suki, frowned harder, then reluctantly nodded her head. "Very well, Takano, only if it will help track down my daughter."

The two younger people sighed with relief, and Takato turned toward David. "My name is Takano; Ume, the girl we're looking for, is my best friend. This is her mother Suki, and her girlfriend Sakura." The other two bowed in greeting, Sakura nervously, Suki formally. "We also came with Ume's father Mako, and her grandmother Hana. Today was Ume's birthday, and we decided to go out and celebrate by writing poetry under the full moon since Ume loves that sort of thing. The three of us, plus Ume, went out to write the poetry, with Mr. Mako and Mrs. Hana deciding to stay where we had our picnic earlier. Um, during the time you're asking about, I was at the small stream upriver." The man finished, looking concerned.

Then Sakura stepped forward, looking at her hands. "I was at the Rock Garden."

Then Suki quickly stepped forward, after glancing at Sakura. "And I was at the Bonsai trees." She offered. "There, we have told you. Now help us find my daughter," she demanded.

1 post until the Rune Knights arrive


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As Rockie's eyes landed on the woman who bore an uncanny resemblance to the deceased, their mischievous smirk transformed into a wide grin. The realization bubbled up within them, but they held their tongue, choosing to bide their time until the opportune moment. It arrived when the man, identified as Takato, finally introduced them while providing an account of their recent whereabouts. With an air of flamboyance, Rockie proclaimed, "Rockie of The Burst Banes, at your service!" Their introduction was loud, commanding attention in a manner typical of the spirited werewolf. As the group gathered, Rockie couldn't help but notice the underlying unease in Sakura's demeanor. Without a moment's hesitation, they bounded over to her, exuding a comforting presence. "Don't worry one bit," they assured her with a bright smile, reaching out to pat her head gently. "You've got the greatest werewolf in town helping you now." Rockie patted her on the head, aiming to offer some comfort

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Whispers Among the Petals (Open/Social) - Page 2 Empty Sun Feb 04, 2024 12:08 am

The Shinigami
Seeing the dog speak of vampires and zombies he waved that away as he spoke to the suspects "Ignore the child. Im asking you a question, where were you between 11pm and midnight?"

He'd then listen to the suspects reply to his question "I see. Ume. Yes, ..." he didnt know their last names to address them with mr and mrs and such. "I am... sorry for your loss.. We have found a woman, believed to be Ume. There is a crime scene, so it is best you dont go further. The respective Rune Knights will call you when the body is ready to be seen" at the morgue for example, but for now he had more questions "So did Ume have any enemies. Or was there any arguments going on before this. Anything helps"
It was a standard question, you ask for the victims enemies in order to narrow suspects and find a motive.

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