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Whispers Among the Petals (Open/Social)

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Whispers Among the Petals (Open/Social) 610761_yTop6r6B

Mielle Auclair was... tired. Exhausted really. But also weirdly fulfilling? It was her first real month as a mage and despite a distinct lack of magic abilities outside the first few sparks she got to know she could do magic, she was pretty proud of herself. Nothing to write home to her new guild about, but her first few jobs were a success, despite almost dying several times on the way here.  She was still wearing her western dress kimono fusion and had her hair dyed black, helping her blend into her surroundings. Mielle decided to keep the look for now and made her way after her last job to a park nearby.

It was a class Hosenka-style park with red lanterns, lotus-filled ponds, brides, bonsai trees and even a rock garden. Currently, Mielle was sitting on the railings of the peak of the largest bridge in the park. There were very few others around, and with was way past dark. But despite that the soft red glow of the lanterns around made her feel safe. Watching the crescent moon glow and the cherry blossoms fall, Mielle didn't notice the approach of a stranger....


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Rockie trotted through the bustling square of Hosenka, their wolf-like ears perked up in excitement as they scanned the colorful lantern-lit surroundings. The vibrant lights and energetic music pulsed through the air, heightening Rockie's anticipation. Their petite form weaved through the crowd, their tail swishing eagerly behind them. The scent of tantalizing street food drifted toward Rockie, causing their golden eyes to sparkle with hunger. Their stomach emitted a loud growl, prompting nearby vendors to chuckle at the canine-like response.

Unable to resist the temptation, Rockie made a beeline for the source of the savory aroma. Lured by the promise of crispy fried cheese curds, "Yip! What's that delicious smell?" Rockie's silver wolf-like ears perked up "Cheese curds! My favorite!" They panted happily, their white hair falling into their eyes as they approached the vendor. "Ah, hungry, eh?" chuckled the vendor, a robust man with a bushy beard. "Here you go, little one. Enjoy!" Rockie's expression lit up as they bit into the golden-brown morsels, savoring the rich, melty goodness. Each bite brought a delighted hum from Rockie, who couldn't help but emit an appreciative growl, signaling the sheer satisfaction that food brought them

Their eyes darted around, seeking the perfect to rest after their little snack. They spotted a Classy Hosenka-style park with its red lanterns and lotus-filled ponds in the nearby distance, regaling the air with its serene beauty. As Rockie imagined boasting about their adventure-packed day to their pack mates later, their heightened senses caught a faint but Odd scent it was coming from a girl who was in a style of clothing Rockie had never seen which piqued their curiosity.

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The Shinigami
After Joya got rebuilt and fixed, he took a little vacation to Fiore, so he went to Hosenka because it was the most Joyan-style town in Fiore. Considering it was a vacation, he didnt wear his mask and standard attire. Merely he dressed as any writer or reporter. A white buttoned shirt, a tie, some standard and inexpensive brown pants and simple shoes. He also wore glasses. He was a pretty nondescript kinda guy, he also had some fake documents like ID's, beause JUST in case. So he aimed to be not at all menacing like he is when wearing his usual mask.

He'd walk over to a joyan like park with its red lanterns and lotus-filled ponds in the nearby distance.
"Wow, they really nailed the look of the place" he quietly spoke to himself in his native caelish language. Still he would continue to sightsee and see other curious people as well. He didnt pay much mind to them

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"Mmm, where could Nemo be?! Ugh," Eve spoke in her annoyed childish tone. Her hands were against her hips while looking around this damned Asian place. She walks towards the streets as the short girl feels so incomplete without her big sister. Eve's head tilted left and right as if bopping to music only she could hear in her thoughts, humming to it. Her right hand orchestrating to it. No one was going to look at a teen weird if doing this of course so some saw this as enduring, but the truth was, she was thinking about the song she played in Hell years ago while torturing the horrible souls. Ah yes, horrible because Eve could do nothing wrong. Not to her! Not to her dear Hellish family.

She turned into some place with lanterns and all that jazz. Her big heterochromia eyes of different several blues were gazing about in hopes of finding her big sister. No, not her literal big sister, more like a Fate Servant who has free will, a soul Eve found and stuffed into a materialized body like putting stuffing into a teddy bear. Eve looked so innocent, and beautiful as her facial features were quite elegant and pristine, but she was far from perfect.

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Out of the corner of her eye, Mielle finally took note of a few approaching figures. The one nearest to her was a person with... animal ears? And silver hair, who seemed to be happily chowing down on some cheese curds. They also seemed to be looking at her and sniffing. 'Oh gods am I super sweaty after working so hard today?!' Mielle briefly panicked, before remembering that she was literally in a doll's body, and thus didn't sweat anymore, except occasionally for dramatic effect. She still didn't understand the hows and why's of that, but whatever.  

The marionette mage also noticed the less direct approach of... a very blue girl. Mielle squinted for a moment, then her eyes widened. 'Her outfit is fabulous!' She marvelled, a tad mind-boggled. The girl also stuck out like a sore thumb, but Mielle couldn't judge since she also often stood out. Or eerily blended in, depending on how much she needed to pretend to be a doll in that moment.

There was also a man walking around, but he was so non-descript that Mielle barely even noticed him, mostly compared to how eye-catching the other two were. Her eyes briefly lingered on the man muttering to himself, then slid away.


Beneath the bridge where the doll-like girl perches, crimson streaks fan out like the delicate petals of a spider chrysanthemum in slow unfurling. The subtle scent of blood delicately mingles with the pervasive fragrance of sakura blossoms, creating an eerie juxtaposition beneath the moonlit night.

How do you notice this? Does your character notice?


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As Rockie trotted through the lively park with its red lanterns casting a warm glow over the lotus-filled ponds, their wolf-like ears perked up at a peculiar scent. Curiosity took hold, and Rockie couldn't resist following the unfamiliar aroma. The scent led them to a girl in an unusual style of clothing, and Rockie couldn't help but approach and sniff the air around her. "Why don't you smell normal?" Rockie asked, their head cocked to the side in confusion. Before the girl could answer, Rockie launched into a rambling monologue about their keen sense of smell, expressing their bewilderment at encountering a scent unlike any they'd ever encountered. Getting closer to the girl's face, Rockie took another deep whiff, their golden eyes narrowing in concentration. "Now you smell like blood. What's going on?" Rockie asked, their canine curiosity piqued. Before the girl could respond, Rockie bombarded her with questions, bouncing from one query to the next in quick succession. "Can you change your scent at will? That's so cool! Can you change it to something else, like bacon?" Rockie's excitement was palpable as they pestered the girl with her rapid-fire questions.

"I love bacon! It's crispy, salty, and oh so savory!" Rockie's voice escalated with enthusiasm as they rhapsodized about her love for the delectable treat. "With pancakes, eggs, or just on its own, it's always soooooo good!" Rockie's words tumbled out in a stream of exuberant chatter, her excitement uncontainable as she reveled in her own love for bacon. As Rockie's conversation veered into a food-focused monologue, her wolf-like ears perked up, and their tail wagged enthusiastically. "I can't resist bacon, it's just the best!" Rockie's canine features beamed with joy as she reminisced about the times spent devouring her favorite food with her pack mates. Her eyes gleamed with unadulterated joy as she shared her love for the crispy, flavorful delight.

Suddenly, Rockie’s attention returned to the present, their keen senses picking up a distinct scent wafting through the air. "The scent's getting really strong. You should probably turn it off or you're going to attract a bear or something," Rockie warned, their concern genuine. However, their playful demeanor soon resurfaced as they reassured the girl, "But don't worry, even if you did, I've fought bears before!" Rockie launched into an animated tale, their expressive gestures and dramatization drawing the girl into the vivid retelling of their wild encounter with a bear. In the midst of their storytelling, Rockie's attention flitted back to the girl, their golden eyes brimming with unabated curiosity. "So, can you really change your scent at will?" Rockie inquired again, their enthusiasm palpable as they awaited the girl's response.

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The Shinigami
There was quite the commotion that started, he looked in the direction of the sound and saw a demi human approaching a talking doll girl being all hyper and talking about food? And scent changing? He curiously approached to see just what was going on and was able to see the girl doll in much greater detail, a western dress kimono fusion and had her hair black as the night. His mind coming up with descriptions that were fitting for a story.

"What is going on?" he asked almost in a timid way because he did not speak fiorian well. Or at least he believed so. But then as he looked on at the situation, he noticed something behind the girl, down there at the water. It was something that easily caught his attention because of the things he usually did.
"Wait... Thats" he spoke in Caelish for a moment before excusing himself in fiorian "Excuse me" he said and left quickly as he came as he wanted to inverstigate something he always loved to see. Blood. He wanted to see where it came from.

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Eve saw so much going on, oh man. Her music was somewhat interrupted as she heard a blast of vocals from something, someone as her eyes traced towards the prey of who it belonged to. It was some wolf-boy. "Ah, so it was a dog all along," The demoness whispered with a playful childish smile as her eyes then saw some stranger in interesting attire. The girl was interested since this person looked quite fun to play with since her dear big sister wasn't around. Her curly waves of white hair with blue streaks bounced as she twirled happily and joined this person to see what they were checking out.

The tall figure went to something that interested Eve. She decided to leave the pretty doll or figure alone for a moment while the dog was busy with them. Her heterochromia multi-blue eyes gazed at the beautiful red, unfortunately, it wasn't the pretty crimson, but she then saw much more. She jumped on the tall man's back and looked over his shoulder to see from his point of view. "Hey Mister, can you see the body? I only see the art of the draw from it - if you know what I mean," Eve spoke Caelish, forgetting that not many people speak it.


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When the wolf-person first approached her, they did it in such a forward manner that Mielle physically leaned back from them. At first, all she could do was rapidly blink as she tried to absorb what this person was excitedly saying to her.

Okay, in terms of not smelling normal... the answer was obvious. She was no longer human but a magical doll made primarily of porcelain. She still didn't understand the science or magic actually involved in the whole process at all, since nobody else really questioned her too much until now. Either they believed her to be a human child, or they had just straight up accepted the doll thing with little to no extra questions. But... shit, did she bleed? She hadn't been injured enough to tell. And could she change her scent at will? She genuinely didn't know, and the thought was so mind-boggling that her eyes were practically swirling with confusion as her body swayed a bit. She started off replying to the person with "Well, that's because..." before trailing off with "I don't think..." and the rest of the person chattering punctuated with Mielle simply saying "What." and "Uh...". It was to the point it took several hard blinks before she realized the person, whom Mielle will refer to as Breakfast Wolf until names are given, stopped talking and was looking at her expectantly. Damn, did they ask a question?

At that, Mielle took a long breath, stood up on the balcony, and looked Breakfast Wolf in the eye. "I-" She starts grandly "Have no clue what you are talking about. And what do you mean by bacon- what did you say?!" Mielle said, having just overheard the fabulous blue girl mention a body, causing her to turn around in a rush to look. Unfortunately, Mielle never had a great sense of coordination and she was still a tad dizzy from Breakfast Wolf's... whole adorable thing. So instead of an elegant twist and look down, Mielle tripped and fell over the bridge railing.

She was so shocked she didn't even yell. But soon after she did, the pond and water filled her mouth, and she did gag. Which made things even worse because blood tainted after continuing to fill her mouth. The marionette mage surfaces quickly since it's a shallow pond, rapidly spitting out blood water. Once she got her bearings, she looked up. Then immediately let out a shrill shriek.

Because just as the blue girl has indicated, staring back at her was a dead body.


(OOC: If you're squicked by kinda graphic descriptions of dead bodies, skip the below and message me on Discord for a general description)

Before Mielle tumbles off the bridge, this is the scene that The Shinigami and Eve behold, and anyone approaching to inspect the body in the ensuing moments:

Spread out on the pond's bank beneath the bridge, at the transition from solid ground to liquid realm, lies the lifeless form of a delicate Hosenka woman. A face seemingly in her early twenties is framed by long black hair, her light skin accentuated by vacant brown eyes that peer lifelessly into yours. Draped in an elegant green kimono, her body extends from the bridge's inception, with her feet positioned near its starting point and her head precariously skimming the water's edge.

Upon closer scrutiny, it becomes evident that twin slender puncture wounds on her neck are the source of the blood. The woman's placement appears more like an unceremonious disposal, and the absence of any potential murder weapon adds an enigmatic layer to the scene.

Keen observers might deduce that her demise occurred recently, given the still-flowing blood that was noticed ealier. Further insights reveal a symmetry to the dual puncture wounds, piercing entirely through her neck, indicative of a two-fold stabbing with a weapon sharp enough to traverse robust tendons. Although the method seems robust due to the strength involved, some may question the quality of the murder weapon, as the punctures appear somewhat crude, achieving a moderate level of cleanliness only through sheer force.

What does your character notice? How do they notice

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Rockie's wolf-like ears perked up as they watched the strange-smelling girl tumble off the bridge. Without a moment's hesitation, Rockie leaped off after her, landing with a splash in the shallow pond. Upon surfacing, Their golden eyes swept over the scene, concern etched into their features. The weird-smelling girl's horrified expression gripped Rockie's attention, and they turned to follow her gaze. A figure lay sprawled on the bank beneath the bridge, a delicate Hosenka woman, her form motionless, as if reposing on an ethereal bed. Twin slender puncture wounds adorned her neck, a grim testament to the violent end she had met.

"Whoa," Rockie mumbled, their golden eyes widening in shock as they beheld the grim sight before them. Twin slender puncture wounds adorned the woman's neck, a haunting testament to the violence she had endured. Forgetting the weird-smelling girl, Rockie bounded to the woman's side, their canine instincts propelling them into action. With agile movements, they approached the deceased woman, her elegant green kimono contrasting starkly against the crimson of her blood and the serene blue of the water. Gently, Rockie flipped the body over, their white-gloved hands meticulously examining every inch of the woman's form. After a thorough inspection, they let out a relieved sigh, their voice resonating through the tranquil air. "It doesn't look like a bear attack," they called back to the girl, their tone reassuring. "Your scent-changing powers didn't cause this."

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The Shinigami
"I sure saw it. Wonderful aint it. I want to see whats going on" he spoke back in caelish to the girl as he arrived to the body and knelt down to investigate it. He took out his black leather gloves to gently move the head to the side to inspect the wound.
"Look at that, two puncture wounds on the neck. Im not sure if this was done by any weapon. Could be the bite mark of a vampire. But it'd be a sloppy job considering the amount of blood. Could be someone wanting to frame one. Still too early to say." he spoke to Eve in caelish

Thats when Rockie and the splash doll arrived. He immediatelly spoke back in fiorian so the common folk could understand him "BACK! You'll contaminate the scene!" he said as he extended his hand and shoo'd them away to not touch the body. Thats when one of his documents came in handy as he presented like an ID "Dave Cutler, Detective from Caelum. You should not contaminate the scene or else you'll make it hard for the fiorian force to locate the perp" he said as he with confidence introduced himself as a detective even if he wasnt. Years ago he was an investigative journalist and for a while even a private detective, so he knew how the shtick went. Its ironic he was learning investigate skills in the past, considering he was using those skills not to uncover crimes, but to keep them hidden. But he was intrigued by this and wondered if it was an open and shut case about just being a boring vampire. It would be a predictive story. He was a much more exciting orchestrator of a good story. A good kill. One that would really pull the audience from the edge of their seats.

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Eve giggled at the man she climbed the back of due to his words. "Yeaa!" Eve spoke excitedly as she gasped at the body. "The body still looks so intact, but so pale.~ Maybe someone ordered a juice box," She jested in Caelish before the two others joined. Eve hopped off the man's back and looked at the dog and the other girl. Eve arched her brow, her hands on her hips as she watched the dog sniff and everything else a dog does. It amused her as a High-end Demon. "What is this dog on about with 'scent-changing powers'?" Eve asked The masked man who hid is whole appearance in Caelish so no one else could understand.

Eve's eyes then looked towards the girl who had legs that had the linings of a doll but was not one. She wondered what her story was, but perhaps this was better to learn after all of this. When the dog spoke about a bear attack, Eve could not help but hold her laughter as it obviously wasn't a bear since a bear would have just torn the person up, clawed them, or something more messy. "I wonder if it was a personal attack towards them. If not a vampire, maybe an assassin of some sort?" Eve spoke in Fiorian so everyone could understand her.


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"Gross, gross, gross, GROSS!" Mielle half-yells, half-winces as she trudges to the shoreline, discreetly trying to spit the water out on her sleeve between complaints. "Ugh, my outfit is ruined, and it took so long to make!" She whines, her mind still whirling. While Mielle might be an adult woman over 30, she lived a normal civilian life before becoming a guild mage. Even then, while she has encountered some danger before, this would be her first real encounter with death. So fussing over her appearance was more of a desperate distraction than anything else. She definitely noticed the black stains. "And dammit, my hair dye is running out!" Which would stain her outfit even more, and her hair would be back to its natural blonde very soon. This is what she gets for getting cheap magical hair dye.

But once her fashion-based grumbling was over, Mielle had to face reality again. Yeah, that was a dead body. She couldn't even look at it before her stomach was rolling (or whatever she had now), and she had to swallow down the urge to wretch. Okay, so she was not looking at the body, so sorry. But she did feel a duty as a guild mage to at least check things out. Plus, she was nosy. So Mielle shuffled closer to the others.

The unassuming man she saw earlier was muttering mostly in a language she didn't understand. What really made her twitch was the blue girl and Breakfast Wolf's words. "I don't have scent-changing abilities!" She snaps, comically irritated, at the two. "I just... ugh, I'll explain later. Don't we have something bigger to worry about? Like the dead person right there? Who has probably been murdered?!" She exclaims while gesturing dramatically at said body. The fact that the man, Dave Cutler, was it? Is a detective made her feel a bit better, but weren't they all currently suspects? To a possible vampire assassination? "Should someone go call the Rune Knights?"


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Rockie’s attention was swiftly drawn back to the mysterious man as they gave the weird-smelling girl a nonchalant laugh. "The dead body isn't going anywhere," they said with a grin, "unless they're a zombie!" Rockie paused, gasping with excitement. "Zombies! Can you imagine? That would be so cool! I mean, just picture a horde of them, roaming around, maybe in some old abandoned mansion or an eerie forest. And then we’d have to team up and fight them off, like in those adventure novels I've read! It would be epic!"

As Rockie's Ears perched up as they heard a language they were unfamiliar their gaze fixated on the mysterious man, they couldn't help but let out an excited, gasping laugh. "Oh, wow! I've never heard anyone talk like that before. Is it Elvish? Or Orc? Oh, oh, oh, I know—it's some secret language of a cult that kidnaps people and turns them into Dolls!" Rockie's voice was filled with energy and a touch of amusement as they spun out wild theories. Rockie, undeterred, continued to toss out theories with childlike excitement.

"Oh, oh, oh! I know! it's a secret code for Zombie! That's why you're here, to hunt this zombie!" Rockie's attention shifted toward the body, and they knelt down next to it, their eyes scanning the scene with a mix of curiosity and concern. "Looks like you're too late," they remarked, their voice tinged with disappointment.  Rockie's gaze lingered on the twin puncture wounds adorning the woman's neck, a frown furrowing their brow. "Someone already hunted this zombie," they mused, their mind racing as they processed the strange method of the kill. "They did it in a weird way, though. Why would you stab it in the neck like that?"

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The Shinigami
The fellow caelish girl jumped off his back and asked him what is the dog about some scent changing powers
"Hell if I know" he nonchalantly replied as he examined the body.
Eve then mentioned what if it was an assassin instead of a vampire "Hmm, I dont know what weapon can make these 2 holes here. I mean unless someone used a tuning fork, I cant see any weapon that leaves this mark, other than fangs." he spoke to Eve, though his attention turned to the doll and her dog

The doll was grossed out by the body and the water. And he was grossed out by the dye that was going away. She managed to somewhat calm down and ask should they call the Rune Knights "I mean you can if you want. But either way Im gonna find who did this" and kill them just to assert authority

He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose as the dog was an annoying creature. How old was he? He was surely a teenager? He acted like one. He just wanted to shoo the creature away because his stupidity can give him an anneurism.
"Can you be quiet!? There are no zombies! And clearly if it was, the body would've been devoured much more and there would be so much gore that your lady over there would faint at the sight of it! This was clearly a vampire"
Such headache, such annoyance. Can the doll put a muzzle on her dog?
Either way, he had to focus and find a clue. Some trace that the perp could've left. Fortunaley as a serial killer himself, he knew where to look. So he just thought, if he did this where would he go. So he looked a bit around the area

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Eve sighed as she crossed her arms against her chest, thinking of what weapon it could be. She has used a lot of types in Hell or the underworld where she was raised. "Mmm, well special types of daggers and even needles or syringes could be at play." In any case, the girl had outbursts and finally she was not speaking Caelish. "I never said you had ability-changing abilities?" Eve was confused and looked at the man in the glasses that she climbed on earlier, or her Caelish buddy. and then looks at the girl who possibly didn't speak Caelish and even if she did, she was curious about why the dog was just talking about it. So Eve will assume it truly wasn't towards her.

"Mmm, I'll follow Mr. Glasses," Eve spoke and followed him. She was wondering what they will find. Maybe she should just stay quiet and observe these human beings to see what they find, discover and maybe make a theater play out of all this!


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"Wait, what the f-" Mielle says when Breakfast Wolf coincidentally but accurately describes her whole backstory. But his ramblings went on at such a fast pace that she lost track of things.

While waiting for everyone else to finish, Mielle wrings the last of the black hair dye out, then gives Breakfast Wolf a deadpan stare. "Yeah, I agree with Mr. Detective. No way that was a zombie. Even I know that much." She said, trying to gather the nerve to look closer at the body while everyone else talked while also glancing furtively in the direction of the nearest park exit. She wanted to go call the Rune Knights, but she also didn't want to be left out of the loop. Also, they probably shouldn't leave the body alone. Thinking fast, Mielle whips her head over to the only other person not walking away from the crime scene. "Hey Breakfast Wolf, or, uh, whatever your name is. Wait, I'm sorry." She pauses sheepishly. "I never introduced myself. My name is Mielle Auclair, mage of Blue Pegasus." She says with a curtsy towards anyone listening, before whipping her body over to look Breakfast Wolf in the eye. "Nice to meet you. Anyways, keep an eye on the body until the Rune Knights arrive, okay? I'm going to go get them. DO NOT touch it, or let anyone else." She doesn't bother to give Cutler or the blue girl the same warning. The detective knows better than her what to do, and he'll probably keep an eye on the girl. With that, she waves at them all as she runs off to get help.


Several minutes had passed since the grim discovery of the lifeless body.

As two individuals decided to leave, a subtle trail of blood drops and foot indents in the grass may catch your character's attention upon closer inspection. Following this mysterious trail will lead you to the serene bonsai gardens, situated directly under the expansive canopy of a large bonsai tree. The area showed signs of disturbance in the soil beneath one of the trees. Upon careful excavation, a wooden chopstick with a golden phoenix engraved on it was unearthed. While it was once a beautiful and expensive-looking item, its point had been shoddily sharpened, evident from the hasty craftsmanship. Despite being partly covered in dirt, the distinct traces of blood on the chopstick were unmistakable.

Returning to the scene of the crime, those who remained or any who returned at a later point might notice a peculiar detail upon reexamining the body. One of the puncture wounds traversed completely through the woman's neck, initially obscured by the copious amount of blood. Notably, this wound did not align perpendicularly with the other puncture wound, suggesting that at least one of the injuries was inflicted at an angle.

For those choosing to stay close to the deceased, a keen observation of the surroundings might reveal a high-quality piece of paper discreetly hidden near the bridge's base on the opposite side. Upon reading its contents, it becomes evident that the paper holds a love poem written in bold handwriting, expressing deep affection for a woman. The verses vividly describe a delicate figure with long black hair, adorned in a shade of green. Unfortunately, the words are slightly smudged, leaving the exact nature of the green element a mystery. Notably, there are subtle traces of blood near the shoreline, with hints of its flow downstream and delicate splashes on the nearby rocks, intermingling with the water.


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Rockie's tail wagged eagerly behind them as they pondered the man's explanation. "But if they are not a zombie and were attacked by a vampire, why would a zombie hunter be here? Unless you are a vampire hunter!" Rockie yelled excitedly, their gold eyes wide with anticipation. "I'll have you know, I've had a few run-ins with vampires myself, so I'm somewhat of a pro at dealing with them." Before Rockie could continue, the weird-smelling girl approached and introduced herself, her voice firm and determined.

"Nice to meet you, Mielle! I'm Rockie of The Burst Banes," Rockie responded, with an enthusiastic nod. "And I'm not stupid. I know better than to get in the way of a vampire hunter and their assistant!" They pointed at the other oddly-dressed girl beside them. "After all, some of the greatest werewolves are vampire hunters."

Rockie's ears twitched as they observed the strange man in glasses, a mix of curiosity and excitement bubbling inside them. "So, what's the plan, vampire hunter? Are we waiting for the Rune Knights, or do we take matters into our own hands?" Rockie's tail swished back and forth, and they couldn't help but emit a low hum of anticipation. As the minutes ticked by, Rockie's excitement waned, replaced by a growing restlessness as they surveyed the crime scene. The body lay still, the twin puncture wounds on the woman's neck a haunting sight.

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The Shinigami
"She was talking to the dog!" he spoke in Caelish to Eve, because he assumes that the dog one probably talked to the doll girl a lot about scent changing powers, she probably just bursted now at him. Anywho, he already left to check the area as he knew that amatuers who dont calculate and preplan murders tend to just throw vital evidence close by. He would notice a subtle trail of blood drops and footprints in the grass. If he had time and was not rushed he'd measure the footprint, if he had a camera he'd take a photo of the evidence, but for now he had to grit his teeth and just follow the lead.

He arrived at some bonsai gardens, and he followed the tracks to a bonsai tree. He looked down on the ground since theres where the evidence would be logically and he noticed a pile, like some dirt that was moved around. He lightly started digging to find what was buried. Curious to see what he uncovers. Upon digging, he wound find a wooden chopstick with a golden phoenix engraved on it. The chopstick looked unique and expensive due to the phoenix, but he knew that where was one chopstick there was another, which made him reevaluate his earlier theory

Especially when he noticed that this tool for fine dining or decor was shoddily sharpened. It was sloppy and hasty, amatuer.
"Looks like I found the murder weapon" he commented to himself as he observed the unique weapon.

The caelish man returned and noticed that the dog introduced himself and was a werewolf and asked him what would they do. Wait for Rune Knights or take matters into their own hands.
"Just a second there, hold that thought." he would reply to the wolf as he'd kneel down and re-examine the body once more
"Body is warm. No rigor. Death happened recently, as in less then 3 hours." he looked at the others "Assistants. What time is it now?" as anyone present would give him the answer he would continue looking at the body. He would notice one of the puncture wounds traversed completely through the woman's neck, initially obscured by the copious amount of blood. Notably, this wound did not align perpendicularly with the other puncture wound, suggesting that at least one of the injuries was inflicted at an angle.

He would then look again at the others present "So I stand corrected. Look here" he'd motion them to come closer, but not too close, but just close enough to see what is he talking about "So vampires didnt do it. I mean they could but they didnt feed. The murder weapon are these" he shows 1 chopstick that he's holding "It has the diameter and the distance between punctures. And you can see how one got at an angle like this" he would speak and demonstrate, then he'd look at them again and finally answer Rockie
"Im not waiting for the Rune Knights. Im too invested. So if you want you can wait for them or you can assist. Which you can start by sniffing this since you're a werewolf" he says as he extends his hand that held the chopstick. "Dont touch, sniff and try to determine someone elses scent and try to find them"

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"Pffft, are you blind? She was obviously talking to both even though I wasn't -, bah!" She spoke in annoyance as she then started to mutter some things in an unknown language that no one here obviously could understand. Her hand was on her hip as she listened to the detective glasses man and when she heard that it was a weapon and showed a chopstick, Eve laughed because she was right. They were indeed a weapon and she wondered if it was the type that people put in their hair and also clean to use to eat with or the specific kind that you only eat with or use for the hair. She listened to Mr. Glasses as he asked for what time it was. Her eyes wandered as she answered then spotted something. "It's... one in the morning..." She spoke and slowly went to the bridge's base on the opposite side of where one is.

She saw a note and picked it up, it was a letter. Her multi-blue eyes gazed at the words and whispered each one and chuckled mischievously. "Oooou, Mr. glasses! We have a love letter!" Eve couldn't help but feel like this was getting juicy and dramatic, like perfect for a theater drama. She twirled happily and presented it to Mr. Glasses and let him read the contents. Her eyes then looked back to where she found it and realized something. "Hey... wait a second." Eve spoke and walked childishly step by step towards the stream and rocks. "There's quite some blood splashes on these rocks and the stream tasting it, mingling in normal words..." Eve felt curious as it meant something was messy, more so than they first thought.

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Off outside of the park, Mielle has begun her journey to find some damn police. Thankfully she'd reported to them in the past and knew where the nearest station is. Heading out, Mielle notices a glint in a nearby stall front. It was a beautiful pair of chopsticks, high quality with golden carvings of a phoenix on one, and a dragon on the other. She was in a rush, but her eyes lingered too long and the crafty saleswoman manning the stall caught her. "Oh, are you interested in this young lady? Maybe for your parents? You're a bit young for engagement chopsticks, but tell your family these are of the highest quality set to bring harmony and luck to any new couple..." The woman starts to ramble.

"No thank you, I'm good, already engaged byeeeee!" Mielle says, quickly running from the might of pushy shopkeepers, keeping her head down as she marches towards the station. Her hotel was also right nearby, so it would be okay to grab new clothes, right?


In the tranquil embrace of the park, the nocturnal serenity is delicately disrupted by distant echoes of voices fervently calling out a name.




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Rockie was pacing back and forth, their tail wagging with impatience. "I can't just stand here and wait, that's just not my style," they muttered to themselves as they examined the scene. The dim glow of the streetlights cast long, eerie shadows across the cobblestone streets, adding a sense of unease to the atmosphere. Rockie's nose twitched as they caught the scent of smoke from a nearby food stall. The aroma made their stomach growl, but they quickly shook off the distraction and refocused on the task at hand. As the shadows lengthened, Rockie's attention began to wane.

They let out a dramatic sigh and plopped down on the ground, kicking their feet in the dirt. "This is so boring! I mean, seriously, why do we have to just stand around here?" Rockie whined, their canine ears flicking irritably. They cast a sideways glance at the motionless body, feeling a tinge of sadness at the tragic fate of the woman. Just as Rockie was about to launch into another complaint, a voice called out for Ume, jolting them upright. "Ume? Who's Ume?" Rockie muttered to themselves, their curiosity piqued. Without a second thought, they sprinted off in the direction of the voice, leaving the crime scene behind.

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The Shinigami
1am? So around midnight and 11pm? Perhaps. Now he wonders why the hell are these people up in the dead of night. Sure he himself is a killer, but what are these other people. Still, he couldnt help but chuckle at the thought that a serial killer was working on a case to uncover a murder. Luckily he wasnt a wanted man in Fiore, so he can fuck about and find out.

"Give me the letter I want to see what it says. You examine that other thing you saw" he spoke to Eve. Meanwhile he offered Rockie to sniff the chopstick weapon as he was a werewolf so they may find the killers scent, but the werewolf didnt wish to do his job, opting to choose to be bored instead. As they heard voices soon enough calling on for an Ume.
"I have a feeling we met Ume" he answered Rockie as he looked at that victim.
He then spoke to both Rockie and Eve "Bring these people here. I have questions for them"

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Eve had her hands on her hips as she was unbothered by all of this. Yet she wondered why the dog won't stiff anything and find things that were easier with a sniffer. The girl heard Mr. Glasses tell her to go ahead and get those people as she also heard the repetitive acts of saying a certain name. "I swear if they're just spirits saying her name, I'm going to make someone a spirit myself," she spoke annoyed as spirits were annoying to deal with. Eve went with the dog and wondered what they would find as she looked around for any other clues that could help with this mystery. The only reason this did not bother her or feel like this was a waste of time is because these were the games her guardians in Hell would play and because she loved theater and this was good fodder material.

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The Rune Knight manning the front desk was asleep. Mielle felt his anger rising and yelled at the man to get up, which he did with a startle. She can firmly informed him about the body found in the park, causing the man to scamble to the back. Not even a minute later a scraggly and tired looking man with an overcoat come out.

"Heya! I'm Detective Itonokogiri, Private with the Rune Knights as a whole though." The man greets Mielle with a yawn. "You said you found a dead body? Like, a racoon?" He questions.

If Mielle still had normal viens, one would be throbbing on her forehead right now. "No!! Of a woman! A human woman! In the park!" She yells.

"Oh, shit!" Detective Itonokogiri says, jerking back with a start. "Uh, give me the deets then girl." He says, and Mielle gives him a quick rundown, which the officer beside Itonokogiri only remembers to take notes halfway through.

"Ok, give us a minute to gather forces and head out little miss." Detective Itonokogiri says at the end.

"Not a little miss." Mielle protests, and shows her guild mark. "I'm Mielle of Blue Pegasus. I'm going to head back. Meet me at the bridge in the park, okay?" She says, summoning her Helping Hand, getting on it and instructing it to fly back to the park, leaving the poor detective in the dust.


Those who went off to search for the voices first find a man wearing a men's summer yukata, yelling out a woman's name. He has short black hair, and glasses, and looks decently built. He screams in surprise as you approach him, falling to the ground. Other voices are calling the name in the distance, two that stop when they hear the man screech. As you approach the man you may hear two more footsteps in opposite directions approach.

"Um, hello?" The man says, blinking up at you in surprise, adjusting his glasses. "You wouldn't have happened to have seen my friend, would you?"

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