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Trade Deal, A, Solo

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#1Salem E. 

Trade Deal, A, Solo Empty Thu Nov 30, 2023 8:33 pm

Salem E.

Salem crouched towards the soil and placed his hand onto the ground. The fresh feel of the lively nature mana put a smile on his face. Since coming to the north he could consider himself a relatively happy person. The Worth Woodsea was a great place that was abundant in the powers of nature and water. He missed the water mana being more pronounced like when he was in Desierto but the new balance was interesting.

He took his hand out of the soil and stood up. Salem figured that he was not far from the village he was scheduled to head to. He was going to make his way over there happy to start doing some real guild work. It was a simple trade deal he needed to work on. It brought back some of his memories in the past. That he tried not to think and reminisce on. It would be too much fun.


#2Salem E. 

Trade Deal, A, Solo Empty Thu Nov 30, 2023 8:35 pm

Salem E.

The village in question was closer to a small city. It was just missing the little bit needed to qualify as such. As an arbitrator representing Paradise Dawn for the dispute at question, Salem thought it was an interesting job to pick it. It was also a common one since a lot of villages were present in the north and problems showed up like trees. That and he blamed the fickleness of humans. The only race almost as fickle as the demons.

The Fae made it to the hall where the meeting was to be held. He showed his credentials and sat at the middle of a long table that he found impressive. The craftsmanship on it really stands out to him. He gently knocked his fingers on it as he waited for the groups to arrive. He had nothing better to do but wait. He had arrived a bit early in his excitement to do the job.

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#3Salem E. 

Trade Deal, A, Solo Empty Thu Nov 30, 2023 8:36 pm

Salem E.

The two groups did not take long to arrive. They glared at each other and Salem could feel the tension in the air, as well as some bloodlust. It put a smile on his face because he believed the job was going to be fun. Places that had important mages meant that people often behaved. It was fine but Salem was more along the lines of people doing what came naturally to them.

“I am glad that everyone has made it to the table. I am happy to be the arbitrator for the trade deals. I am here representing Paradise Dawn. The guild name is on the table and as a representative. I shall be as fair and impartial as possible. I hope we can come to a successful agreement today.”

Salem got the introductions and small talk out the way. He did not want to spend all day on the job. He wanted to explore the village a bit as he was here. It would be a waste not to explore what this area of Worth Woodsea had.

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#4Salem E. 

Trade Deal, A, Solo Empty Thu Nov 30, 2023 8:38 pm

Salem E.

“Now that we are all more familiar with each other. What is the particular issue? I heard the relationship between the two villages was good till recently, and only when things deteriorated did the trade deal cease.”

The group to the left of him went first. They claimed to be the victims of the situation. Things were fine till the other village became hostile all of a sudden. They started attacking some of the hunters when they hunted, and refused trade overall. The village was suffering because their range was limited and they needed ores from the other, as it was closer to the Sieghart Mountains and could provide it. Salem nodded along while he was listening. Making it seem like he really felt for their plight.

The entire time that group leader spoke. Salem could feel the bloodlust build up from the others. The fact that they did not know how strong a lone Salem was with the backing of his guild, could have been the only thing keeping them in place. When the explanation was finished they asked for justice, a resumed trade with better conditions in their favor.

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#5Salem E. 

Trade Deal, A, Solo Empty Thu Nov 30, 2023 8:40 pm

Salem E.

“That sounds interesting. Give me a moment to let the others speak. We must be fair.”

The story from the other group was told differently. They were trading with the other village in good faith. Then one day some of their workers started to get horribly ill. They were unable to gather ore from the mines and were in need of herbs. They depended on their trading partners with their skillful hunters to trade for the herbs at premium prices. After a bit some of the villagers improved enough to work. The issue was that they would fall sick at times as well. It was a recurring issue that meant they had to keep buying herbs at a premium cost. Further putting the village in financial turmoil, on top of not having enough workers.

From there the chief speaking had an edge in his voice. The village was suffering and could not figure out the source of the sickness. A little boy one day mentioned that he saw some of the hunters at the well between their village and the mines.

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#6Salem E. 

Trade Deal, A, Solo Empty Thu Nov 30, 2023 8:42 pm

Salem E.

It was odd because they would have no reason to be over there as it passed their village and they did not mine. The chief found it suspicious so he asked some of the healthy workers to avoid the well, then some of the guards worked in shifts to see if they could monitor the well and the area around.

The chief was able to find out that the other village was poisoning their well and the water. The place got real silent for a second. Salem had gotten pissed. He was not a big fan of poison, destroying nature with it, especially when it was a water source, it hit too close to home for him. His eyes took on a dangerous blue light as the wrath of a water nature spirit was barely contained. The humidity in the room had already risen causing the air to become heavy. If Salem was not trying to remain calm. He could have started to drown the people present. He released a breath and asked the man to continue.

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#7Salem E. 

Trade Deal, A, Solo Empty Thu Nov 30, 2023 8:44 pm

Salem E.

Salem listened to the rest of the story. There was not a lot to add. They figured it out and raised animosity against the other village. They in turn pretended to be innocent. Since they could not poison the well anymore as it was guarded. The water became drinkable later but the trust was broken, they refused to work with the other village in their hunters unless they gave back what was owed plus extra.

Salem looked at the angry chief with his glowing eyes. He asked a simple question. “Have what you said been true, with only known information being as accurate as possible?” The chief shook his head. Then he asked the hunting village chief the same question with his eyes upon him. An additional question being “Did you poison the water and cause this? Speak the truth.” The chief denied the accusation with a smirk to the other chief.

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#8Salem E. 

Trade Deal, A, Solo Empty Thu Nov 30, 2023 8:46 pm

Salem E.

The fae waved his hand. Tentacles of water rose up from the ground and started to wrap around the bodies and throats of the villagers. A pissed off fae could do great damage. Salem decided to go for more than just their lives. He requested the mining village chief to write up a magic contract with all kinds of benefits. Salem had the hunting chief sign by restricting the tentacle around his neck as a warning. He had no choice.

“My kind can easily see through lies. The fact that not only would you harm nature but actively lie to me. Well you should be dead several times over. The fact that you still breath is because you have use. If I or any of my guild mates have to come, for a similar incident, or a breach of contract. I will take time out to personally come and fill your lungs with enough water to hurt, before you pass out, do it for a week, and then let you die. Do you understand me?”

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#9Salem E. 

Trade Deal, A, Solo Empty Thu Nov 30, 2023 8:55 pm

Salem E.

Salem spoke with a wicked smile on his face but he got a nod. He released them all. Then considered the trade deal to be in effect. He got up with his staff and started to make his way back to the guild. He was happy to have done a mission so well. Salem was confident that he was going to get paid well. Sad that he was unaware that his heavy handed methods gave him a bit of a negative reputation. He would get a bit of a reprimand for hurting guild honor for hurting citizens of the north. Which were considered people of the guild.

The fae would sulk as he received his rewards after his pay. He did not want to make a big deal about it but he was not happy. Next time he pulled such a thing, he would make sure to try and get rid of the evidence. That way everything would be peachy.

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