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Walking Life’s Sunset - Closed Quest

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#1Alaric Holloway 

Walking Life’s Sunset - Closed Quest Empty Thu Nov 16, 2023 1:21 pm

Alaric Holloway
Alaric ambled along the vibrant streets of Orchidia, a quiet determination in his gait as he embarked on the D-rank quest bestowed upon him by Jelies Sov, the Muramasa family's dubious head guard. His mission was straightforward yet somewhat intriguing: keep the town’s eccentric, Leis, away from the Muramasa castle during a critical event. Positioned outside the castle gates well before the event commenced, Alaric patiently awaited Leis's arrival. It wasn’t long before the old man, with his ramshackle wheelchair, wheeled in, his intense gaze fixed on the castle, seemingly poised to unload his eccentricities on anyone who dared engage him.

Approaching Leis cautiously, Alaric attempted to divert his attention. "Leis, you up for a stroll today? The market’s bustling. Might be worth a visit.” Leis turned to him, eyes ablaze with fervor. "The market? Devil's playground, I tell ya! Fiery claws await, young man!" Suppressing a wry grin, Alaric shifted tactics. "Not feeling the market vibe, huh? The riverside, though calm and quiet. What do you reckon?" His words flowed so casually and innocently. Leis would be on board soon.

Leis hesitated, a flicker of sadness breaking through his zealous façade. "The riverside...my wife loved it there. Before she...died.”

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#2Alaric Holloway 

Walking Life’s Sunset - Closed Quest Empty Fri Nov 17, 2023 7:43 am

Alaric Holloway
Alaric's stoic demeanor softened momentarily. "Must have been beautiful. Remembering good times, it’s worth it, ain’t it?" The older man’s eyes seemed to water but he turned away from Alaric before the boy got a clear view. He let out a soft sigh and placed his hand on the older man’s shoulder. Their wanderings through Orchidia unfolded, interspersed with Leis's erratic ramblings and intermittent recollections of his wife. Alaric listened intently, offering silent understanding and occasional nods, appreciating the unexpected layers within the eccentric man.

As they roamed, Leis’s tales painted vivid images of bygone days, weaving a tapestry of moments long past, his words carrying surprising depth and tenderness. Alaric was used to being alone, such chatty company was unusual for him but for some reason, he did not find it annoying. Leis was an eccentric man, but at least he was kind. Finally, Leis turned to Alaric. "Would you mind taking me back home, lad? Memories weigh heavy today." Alaric nodded, wordlessly guiding Leis to his humble abode. The weathered fence and unkempt garden reflected the man to whom it belonged. He could not help but feel for the older man. He was just lonely in life. It was hard to go from having somebody to share all your thoughts and emotions with to nobody at all. The old man bade him a surprisingly warm farewell, a glimmer of gratitude peeking through the eccentricity.

Later, Alaric returned to Jelies Sov, regaling him with the tale of the successful distraction. Jellies, visibly relieved, expressed gratitude, delivering the promised reward. As Alaric walked away from the castle, the sadness of Leis lingered in his thoughts. He would make a point to stop by Leis’ place as often as they could. It was the least he could do for a man suffering like that.

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Walking Life’s Sunset - Closed Quest THOXIZP
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