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A Bubbly Greeting [Yuno]

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Things have been a little quiet around here lately, hm~? Everyone is so busy… The sound of music and conversation seeming to be provide an almost painful quiet due to their current absence, Sofia Serena couldn't help but look around the usually bustling home of the beauty within Fiore with a sense which seemed close to sadness due to the lack of people around her, and gave a heavy sigh as she lamented the fact that their venue had very nearly reached a state which might have made her feel lonely.

I suppose I had better get on…! For that reason the fair fox setting about her work with an unusual sense of urgency really as she swept a mop and bucket into her hand and began to make the place look more presentable, with the doors open it could be any moment until a client or even better a hopeful aspirant might walk in with a need for her expert attention and keen emerald eye, and so she banked on the fact that she could distract herself until such relief arrived for her. Though, only too soon would it be made clear that a girl who was raised in palaces was not always the most apt for daily chores, would it not~?

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"Make every day its own adventure~"
- Sofia Serena

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A Bubbly Greeting [Yuno] EwjYDIC

“… and I suggest you check out the ship market too. It’s a bunch of shops on lil’ ships! I think you’ll like it,” one of the sailors said with confidence and a big smile. Yuno’s mouth twitched, his very own lips curving upwards in response to so much genuine enthusiasm, and he smiled meekly in return.  “I have so much to thank you for,” the brunette began, but was quickly stopped by another member of the crew. “No, not at all. You were a big help on the ship – got more talent in your dainty little fingertips than any of us would’ve guessed.” The priest lowered his head, offering another bashful smile.

“Y-your words honor me…”  

Of course they were referring to his very potent healing magic.

He’d met the bunch at a port town in Stella and while other crews had been hesitant about bringing the mage along for their journey, Captain Sears and his crew kindly welcomed Yuno into their group and made his long travel to Fiore easy-going and affordable. For that, the young man was immensely grateful. “What’s it that you’re looking for anyways?” The captain asked. The type of traveler category that Yuno would fall under wasn’t rare per se, but the wizard population in Fiore was one of the densest in on the continent and he was curious where the priest with the magic fingers would end up at.

Giving his question some thought, Yuno eventually put on a brave expression. “A happy ending!” Of course he’d meant it in the most innocent and purest of ways, considering that he viewed life as a long journey to find happiness, truth, and freedom; the sailors however knew that in Hargeon Town, there was only one type of happy ending anyone could be hoping for – and it was one that was reserved for very few people.

Still, anyone could try their luck.

The captain stepped forward and gave Yuno both a firm pat on the shoulder and a nudge towards town. “In that case, son, the large building over there is where you wanna head towards first.” Unbeknownst to Yuno, he’d pointed out a very particular guild hall and without further questioning it, the young man bid his comrades farewell and hurried off in the direction he was pointed to. The Blue Pegasus guildhall (that Yuno hadn’t identified as such yet) was located at the edge of town and with its high pink walls and wide-open doors (through which he burst right through) Yuno could not help but feel automatically invited.

“Hello! I’m looking for a happy ending!”


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“A-A happy…?!” Going about her chores as diligently as she was able but still a woman who had become only too accustomed to those of more servile disposition, what Miss Serena had in enthusiasm she more than failed to make up for with know how and as such as a new face seemed to erupt into the guild hall with a request she might otherwise find a joke of, instead she was found standing over something which was just about to go from 'situation' and into a full blown problem.
“That might have to wait…!” Before her it seeming that the pail she had brought out to mop the halls had been completely swallowed by an eruption of bubbliness which could rival any kind of pyroclastic flow, the brunette looked from the growing mass of frothy whiteness and to the stranger who had entered the hall and back again, before deciding that this was only going to get a whole lot worse before it got any better.

“I think when it said a pinch, it really meant a pinch, huh~?” For that reason the fair fox seeming to trot away from the ever burgeoning mass she had created, it was only too clear to her now that this budding disaster was the result of a little overexcitement when it came to use of her suddy soap she had filled her bucket with, and perhaps the magical enchantment which had been placed upon it to make it a homemakers best friend.
“It might be time to run…!” Right now it seeming squarely in the category of one's worst enemy and compelling the would be cleaner to sweep her hand to grab that of their guest in an attempt to urge him to follow her, all too expediently did she break into a sprint as a tidal wave of froth loomed over them both, and then make back toward the exit at her ultimate haste of pace to escape the lathering tsunami. I mean, it probably wouldn't be the end of the world of course, but might put a damper on both their days eh~?

Stir Up Some Excitement

"Make every day its own adventure~"
- Sofia Serena

credit to nat of adoxography.

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