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Face of the City - Private

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#1Alaric Holloway 

Face of the City - Private  Empty Tue Nov 14, 2023 7:09 am

Alaric Holloway
Alaric roamed the familiar paths of Orchidia, a city he'd come to know in every crooked alley and ramshackle corner. Despite its grime, the place had an odd allure. Its nooks held tales, etched into his memory from countless missions and wanderings. Approaching the gates, he noticed the usual figure, Dacol Lubex, the ever-enthusiastic greeter of newcomers. Alaric acknowledged him with a nod, a subtle sign amidst his usual brooding demeanor. Dacol handed over a stack of fliers, silently cueing Alaric for the day's task.

With a tinge of impatience, Alaric stationed himself, fliers in hand, surveying the approaching travelers. He awaited the first to draw near. It didn’t take long. A group of wide-eyed newcomers approached. Stepping forward, Alaric offered the fliers with a gruff yet well-meaning tone. "Welcome to Orchidia. These might come in handy during your stay," he mumbled.

Some accepted the fliers with gratitude, while others eyed Alaric suspiciously as if questioning his intentions. He remained unfazed. Throughout the day, a steady stream of visitors arrived. Some eagerly accepted the fliers, others declined with a dismissive wave. Alaric's patience waned occasionally, a faint scowl emerging now and then, especially in response to disdainful glances. Periodically, Dacol returned, ushering a few visitors away to explore Orchidia's labyrinthine streets. Meanwhile, Alaric continued distributing fliers, his stoic exterior masking the quiet amusement he found in the city's vibrant buzz.

Word Count: 233

#2Alaric Holloway 

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Alaric Holloway
As dusk descended, Dacol made his final appearance, collecting the remaining fliers and expressing gratitude for Alaric's help. Alaric nodded in response, an unspoken understanding passed between them, a nod to the unexpected connection found in their shared efforts. With the day's task complete, Alaric slipped away into the shadowy recesses of Orchidia, leaving behind traces of gratitude and the imprint of his enigmatic presence. The streets whispered their thanks, acknowledging the figure who, for a day, softened his rough edges to offer a welcoming touch to those who stepped into Orchidia's colorful chaos.

Alaric felt an odd sense of tranquility as he watched Dacol effortlessly engage newcomers. The sun had reached its zenith, casting an amber glow over Orchidia's streets, and the bustling atmosphere seemed to soften. Dacol had a knack for weaving tales about the city, spinning a web of anecdotes and recommendations that drew in the visitors. Lost in thought, Alaric leaned against a lamppost. The fliers in his hand became crumpled, the edges folding under the grip of his tense fingers. He was no stranger to the solitary life, navigating the city's underbelly with a different purpose than Dacol's warm hospitality.

As more people trickled in, Alaric couldn't help but observe their reactions—some accepted the fliers with genuine appreciation, others dismissed them with a scoff. The contrasts intrigued him; it was a mosaic of personalities converging on the threshold of Orchidia. Dacol's infectious enthusiasm found its way to Alaric. Despite his usual brooding demeanor, he found himself nodding along to Dacol's tales, almost feeling invested in the city's allure.

Post Word Count: 263
Total Word Count: 496

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#3Alaric Holloway 

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Alaric Holloway
A family of three approached, the parents debating which direction to head. Their son, wide-eyed and curious, caught sight of Alaric and approached cautiously. "You're not with that guy talking about tours, are you?" the young boy asked, peering up at Alaric. His innocent curiosity was a stark contrast to the jaded expressions Alaric usually encountered. "Nah, I'm just lending a hand," Alaric replied, offering a faint smile. He passed them a flier, pointing out the spots even locals loved to visit. It was a rare moment of camaraderie—Alaric, usually aloof, found himself caught in the genuine exchange.

As dusk painted the sky in pastel hues, Dacol returned, his energy undiminished. He exchanged a few words with Alaric, expressing gratitude for the help. Alaric waved it off with a grunt, his usual response to appreciation. "Good luck with the rest," Alaric muttered, handing back the fliers. Dacol chuckled, slapping a hand on Alaric's shoulder. "You're welcome anytime to join me, Alaric. I can show you the hidden gems too."

Alaric grunted again, a slight nod betraying a flicker of acknowledgment.

As the day drew to a close, Alaric found himself walking away from Orchidia's welcoming embrace. The fliers had all been distributed, and a sense of quiet satisfaction lingered. For a moment, he pondered Dacol's offer, contemplating the idea of discovering a different side of the city. Lost in his musings, he wandered back to the guild, the day's interactions lingering in his mind. The allure of Orchidia, a place he'd often seen through a shrouded lens, seemed to have slightly shifted. A faint glimmer of appreciation seeped through the cracks of his guarded heart.

Post Word Count: 283
Total Word Count: 779

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