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A game of wolf and mouse [Private Quest]

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#1Alaric Holloway 

A game of wolf and mouse [Private Quest]  Empty Mon Nov 13, 2023 8:28 am

Alaric Holloway
Orchidia, once a cozy haven, had succumbed to the insidious invasion of rats. The damn things ran rampant in the city's veins—the forgotten sewers. A stench of decay and the constant skittering had become the city's main attraction, and it was about time someone did something about it. Alaric Holloway, not one to shy away from a challenge, took up the mantle of the rat exterminator. He wasn't exactly thrilled about it, but the promise of a reward was hard to ignore. Armed with his Bomb Magic, a begrudging determination, and a lantern casting long shadows, he descended into the underbelly of the city.

Navigating the maze of damp tunnels, Alaric's boots splashed in filthy water, echoing his displeasure. It wasn't just rats he encountered down there; it was a descent into the city's neglect. Broken structures, stagnant water, and echoes of forgotten maintenance became the backdrop of his mission.

"I didn't sign up to be a damn janitor," Alaric grumbled to himself as he continued deeper into the sewer system, his scowl deepening with every step. The mission wasn't just about exterminating rats; it was about wading through the muck of Orchidia's disregard for its own foundations. In the dimly lit tunnels, Alaric encountered more than he bargained for. The city's neglect stared back at him through corroded pipes and crumbling walls. The quest became a reminder of the shadows Orchidia preferred to ignore. Something he almost saw as a reflection of himself. Forgotten, weathered, and frankly a bit stinky.

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#2Alaric Holloway 

A game of wolf and mouse [Private Quest]  Empty Mon Nov 13, 2023 10:07 am

Alaric Holloway

"Fucking city council. Always paying themselves instead of taking care of shit. Now its all falling apart," Alaric muttered, kicking a loose brick in frustration. But amidst the crumbling decay, a plan began to form in his mind. Extermination was necessary, but a more lasting solution beckoned. Bomb Magic, usually reserved for destruction, found a new purpose—creating deterrents. Setting traps, crafting barriers, and poisoning strategically, Alaric fashioned a makeshift defense against the rodent onslaught. "Might as well make it hard for 'em to come back," he mumbled, hands stained with rat poison and determination.

As he sat there looking at the work he had done, a lone mouse scurried right past his feet. Without a second though, Alaric became a blur as he caught the poor creature. In his hands, the mouse squeaked and pleaded for its freedom but Alaric kept a tight grip on the creature. He eyed it for a moment, the two of them trying to figure out what the other was thinking. Then, without notice, he popped the poor creature in his mouth and took a few hard bites. The taste of blood filled his mouth. From the sides, a tail stuck out. His intrusive thoughts had won. The wolf within seemed to really want a snack. He had only partially chewed the creature before his senses returned and he spat out the corpse. All bloody and mangled laid on the cold stone. Blood dripped from his mouth and a sour look had taken over his face.

As he emerged from the sewers, Alaric, now more broody than before, reported back to the townspeople. The city, he argued, needed more than just a temporary fix. Orchidia had to face the consequences of its own neglect, and Alaric had become an unwilling messenger. The townspeople, grateful for the results, rewarded Alaric. The bonus for creating deterrents reflected not just his success but his unwilling transformation into a reluctant city caretaker. "Could've used these jewels for something better," he muttered, counting his reward with a scowl.

Walking through the now rat-free streets, Alaric's lantern cast long shadows on his disgruntled face. The quest had turned him into a brooding janitor of sorts, and the city, though cleaner, still echoed with the regrets of neglect. As he vanished into the dusk, Alaric left behind a city forever changed and a half-eaten corpse.

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Total Word Count: 656

A game of wolf and mouse [Private Quest]  HJqgsC6
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