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Moonlight Runs - Private Quest

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#1Alaric Holloway 

Moonlight Runs - Private Quest Empty Sat Nov 11, 2023 12:46 pm

Alaric Holloway
Alaric prowled on the edge of the Orchida Forest Outskirts, his senses attuned to the scent of damp earth and the distant hum of nature. Autumn had a tight grasp on the forest this time of the year. The trees have lost their golden and orange hues for duller shades of red and brown. Rains were common too this time of the year, the path before him was nearly hidden thanks to the heavy fall of leaves and the muddy ground. If it was not for the previous trail walker he might have struggled. In this nocturnal realm, he was to meet Seheda, a resilient young mercenary grappling with the weight of rejection and the persistent struggle to prove herself.

Approaching the meeting point, he observed Seheda nervously shifting from foot to foot. Her brown hair cascaded like a curtain across her face, partially concealing the vulnerability that lingered in her eyes. Alaric, a creature of the night, empathized with the fragility of her position. Three rejections from the combat academy had painted doubt in Seheda's eyes, yet her resilience shone through. ┬áHe stood in the shadows away from her for a moment. He stepped and snapped a rotting tree branch to which gained the girl’s attention. “Mr. Halloway I presume?”

He frowned, annoyed he was so easily found. “Sorry, I couldn’t help taking a moment to see what I was working with. “ His tone was filled with a smidge of errogence. He stepped into the clearing, the few stars and the crescent moon hung in the air. His eyes couldn’t help but to flicker upward, forcing him to whence instinctively. “So, you said you needed a training partner?” Seheda laid out the typical test and how she had modeled this training ground off of it. A mixture of cross country runs, rope course challenges, and sprints through the thick woods. “You think you’d have some combat for a group focused on fighting.” He snorted as he tightened his laces. “Ah, well. I always score outstanding on that side of the tests.” She gave a light chuckle and an odd blushing face. Alaric’s eyebrow raised in suspicion. “Alright, cool. Well, let’s start.”

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#2Alaric Holloway 

Moonlight Runs - Private Quest Empty Sat Nov 11, 2023 1:18 pm

Alaric Holloway
The two took their markers at the edge of the clearing. “You sure you remember what to look for?” “I got it. Blue ribbons are marking the trail. Shouldn’t be too hard to notice in the night.” He said sarcastically. While it might be challenging to Seheda, Alaric’s werewolf senses would be perfect under these conditions. Count us off.”

His legs tensed. At the go he gave his all. The two dashed into the thick woods for the first stent of their training. While it was a bit darker under the canopy, the latest rains had removed a lot of the leaves hanging in the branches, giving them a bit of light. Alaric jumped up and over the branches and rocks. Since the leaves had covered a great deal of the floor, it had been harder than normal to see what was under the path. This made it tricky for some of his footing. He slid once or twice but was able to catch himself. "You make this look way too easy," Seheda gasped, attempting to match his pace. Alaric, in tune with the natural rhythms, responded with a knowing glance.

The obstacle course thinned out to much taller trees and spaced further apart. Seheda started to unload her struggles. Rejection letters, nights filled with self-doubt, and dreams slipping away—she confessed it all. Alaric listened, the wind carrying her words through the ancient trees.

In the midst of her confessions, Seheda tripped over a tree root, her eloquent monologue ending in an undignified fall. "Well, that was graceful." she chuckled, salvaging her dignity.

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#3Alaric Holloway 

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Alaric Holloway
As the duo regrouped, Alaric, instead of offering false sympathy, grinned. "You'll get the hang of it. Crocus wasn't built in a day, or so they say." The two run through the ropes course, something Alaric was not too fond of. Some parkour stuff, he could handle that. She had him up here swinging like some ape. As the reached the ground, Alaric let out a sigh of relief. “You’re a lot better up there in the trees than I will ever be.” Seheda blushed as they reached the last stint of the course. “Alright, 5k run. Magic is allowed here.” She smirked as a light engulfed her lower body. Her clothing had changed and replaced with sneakers with little wings embossed on the side. Something about those wings really caught his eye.

“Let’s go.” He smirked as a magic circle appeared under his feet. With an explosion, Alaric bursted out the gate leaving Seheda standing there in a cloud of dirt. She coughed for a moment before starting to chase after him. “No fair!” Seheda hollered out after him. A fire burned in her eyes. Her stride started to outpace his own. Within moments the small lead he held was eclipsed by her raw speed.

“Fuck!” Alaric grunted as he pushed himself as hard as he could to try and match her pace. His eyes squinted and his sweat beaded on his forehead, looking like silver droplets in the moonlight. As she raced ahead, Alaric noticed the sliver wings fluttering from her shoes, he suspected that was the secret to her speed. He was about to launch an attack bringing his hands together but could already tell she was well outside the blast range of his spell. “Damn it!” He broke his speed and fell back, unable to keep up with Seheda.

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Moonlight Runs - Private Quest HJqgsC6
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#4Alaric Holloway 

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Alaric Holloway
Seheda stood at the base of a large oak tree waiting for Alaric. Her fancy running shoes had shifted back to the basic pair she had worn earlier. She had a water bottle in one hand and a rag in the other. “Oh there you are. I thought you might have gotten lost.” She reached out the items to Alaric and he took them. Whipping down his forehead and chugging the water. “You surprised me with those fancy shoes of yours. Knew there was no way I was gonna keep up with that. Figured I’d enjoy the cool night air.” He finished the bottle of water and wiped his mouth.

“If you’ve got the combat down and this is what you needed to train, I pray we never meet in combat.” Seheda gave an anxious laugh like she was not used to compliments. “It’s these new shoes I just got. I’m really hoping that they help me ace the test.” Her magic flashed once again showing for the shoes. Alaric took a better look at them this go around. “Looks like they cost a pretty penny.” The two gathered their items and started to make their way back towards the town. Seheda chatted with Alaric a bit, asking him about the guild. Before they parted, she tripped over a tree root again prompting Alaric to question if she would live long after getting admitted into the program. Maybe she had some crazy weapons and armor hidden. Something told him not to count her out yet.

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