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Chug Fest.(Drinking Games/Open.)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
After gaining a bit of understanding of what all was going on around her. Judith figured it was time to join in some of the fun. what better way to do so was finding a spot to drink and seeing who would drink with her. After all she was not on the clock or at the guild she should not have many problems here. As long as everyone kept in mind to have just over all a casual contest of fun.

But this was just Judith's experience of knowing how drinking could go. Alas until some one arrived Judith would just merely sit where she was and for the moment enjoy at least a glass of a water. For it was always best to drink some of that before getting into the actual drinking, lest one wished to get stuck feeling ill the next morning. But at least there was cure for that too.


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Hakai tilted his head upward, attempting to gaze at the skies. However, his vision gradually blurred, and it felt as if he might faint at any moment. His throat burned, a fiery signal demanding a swift intake of water. As he swayed, resembling a ghostly figure, he placed one foot in front of the other, fighting to maintain his balance. With disheveled white hair and an open shirt revealing the scars hidden beneath, Hakai seemed like a spectral wanderer as he entered the bar. Luckily no one paid him any attention and his presence was close to none in the midst of the fervent festivities.

In his unsteady journey, Hakai inadvertently brushed against a purplish-white-haired woman, though his touch lacked force. While there was no strength behind the contact, the woman might have feel uncomfortable and annoyed, as no one enjoys unexpected collisions. Nevertheless, despite his struggles, Hakai finally reached the bar area. "A glass of water, please," he requested, placing his palm on the counter and attempting to secure a chair for support.

#4Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
And here the stage was set Judith could have some minor fun. For some one was covering her bill. Even then she was not worried about the bill to start with. So the slightly humorous game of Judith's personal enjoyment would begin."Oh? It seems Stella's festivites is going along nicely."Judith said with a bit of a chuckle. but Judith was about to flex her knowledge of drinks in this moment."A glass of green fairy, keep the spoon on the side with a sugar cube."It was not a common drink, But it was one Judith enjoyed when she had a chance to try it in other places.

But now the funnier part."The Guild Master of Fairy Tail thanks you."Judith was not hiding who she was and would just mention it right away with out a second thought. While she was waiting for her drink if they even had it she pondered if any of the people where had expected to see her here. But this was just how Judith rolled she just merely showed up at times and then went off on her own with out any other thought at time, She did need to return to Fairy Tail eventually.

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