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Boy Who Cried Wolf [Silver]

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Boy Who Cried Wolf [Silver] Empty Fri Nov 03, 2023 9:22 am

The full moon hung high in the clear sky above Dahlia, but it had cast a shroud of mist that enveloped the town and its surroundings. The eerie ambiance made the already chilling night even more unsettling. Hakai, feeling the cold pierce through his clothes, instinctively wrapped his arms around his chest for warmth. "Damn it, I planned to leave Dahlia before nightfall. This place turns into a nightmare when the sun sets," he grumbled to himself. Hakai was no stranger to the horrors of Dahlia, having encountered them during previous quests. Though he considered himself a brave man, he had no intention of becoming a victim.

The town and its outskirts were eerily silent as darkness fell, with residents huddled inside their homes, avoiding whatever lurked in the shadows. In Dahlia, when daylight waned and the moon rose, humanity became prey for the malevolent creatures that roamed in the dark. Hakai's footsteps echoed on the creaking wooden bridges that stretched over the black marsh. His destination? Was the comfort and warmth of the inn inside the city.

The eerie atmosphere combined with the unsettling sounds could send shivers down anyone's spine. Many houses featured relics and protective symbols, believed to ward off the lurking terrors. Hakai, far from calm, kept his eyes constantly shifting, scanning for threats. The howls of distant wolves formed a chilling soundtrack for the night, but suddenly, the quiet was broken by a rapid, loud approaching footstep behind Hakai.

"Ack!" Startled, he spun around, his arm pulled back as he prepared for a possible confrontation, taken by surprise by the unknown figure racing towards him.

(OOC: Feel free to add spices and bring the flow of the story to whatever you want. Will definitely love it! )

#2Silver Fang 

Boy Who Cried Wolf [Silver] Empty Sun Nov 05, 2023 3:10 pm

Silver Fang
"Gods this is so annoying." He grumbled to himself as he was chased through the streets by what could only be called a mob. An angry mob at that carrying a number of torches, and pitchforks, among other tools that could be used to stab and bludgeon a person like Fang.

He could hear the names they called him, they seemed to think he was a damn werewolf. Well, he was related to some distantly, but he himself was not one of them! He wasn't entirely sure why being one around here was such a bad thing, but clearly, the population around here did not think highly of his distant cousins. As a result, he was being chased.

At least he was faster than the people trying to catch him. The cold air and foggy weather were of little consequence to him. Iceberg was much harsher in his opinion. It was the frozen north after all. Even the coldest weather down south was practically a tropical setting to Fang, at least compared to the cold of Iceberg.

However as the mist parted before him he spotted a person in his path, cursing lightly to himself before jumping over them in a small acrobatic display to avoid crashing face-first into them. "Move it! I refuse to die to this stupid mob!" He said before continuing his sprint away from the mob. Perhaps leaving the boy he nearly ran into confused, at least until the mob chasing Fang could be heard, and the lights of the torches showed through the fog.



Boy Who Cried Wolf [Silver] Empty Tue Nov 07, 2023 1:51 am

Hakai experienced a jolt of surprise as the approaching figure appeared to be non-human, at least that was his initial impression. The figure advanced swiftly, but Hakai managed to block its path, only to witness the figure nimbly leap over him. "What on earth!" Hakai muttered, his astonishment palpable. Events had taken an unexpected turn. Dust swirled in the wind as the enigmatic figure sprinted away from Hakai's location, leaving behind discernible footprints in the ground.

Hakai was on the verge of shrugging off the peculiar encounter and continuing on his way. However, his respite was short-lived, as he soon detected commotion approaching him once more. A mob armed with pitchforks and torches unexpectedly appeared, their voices raised in accusatory shouts. Phrases like "This guy must be their acquaintance!" reached Hakai's ears, though their meaning remained elusive. Sensing imminent danger, Hakai's instincts took over, propelling him to follow the flow of escape. He sprinted as fast as he could, gradually closing the gap between himself and the enigmatic figure that had previously eluded him. Hakai was quite nimble on his feet, thanks to the wind magic he had practiced. The boost really helped on life-threatening situation.

As the figure's previously blurry features began to clarify, Hakai noticed distinct ears, alerting him to the complexity of the situation. "What were you doing with that mob?" Hakai inquired with a bewildered expression. Both of them were fleeing the pursuing mob, and the path they were on seemed to lead into the forest unless they made a quick turn. The forest's entrance loomed ominously, a foreboding and potentially perilous prospect.

#4Silver Fang 

Boy Who Cried Wolf [Silver] Empty Tue Nov 14, 2023 7:44 pm

Silver Fang
"What are you talking about, I wasn't doing anything!" He huffed with annoyance at the apparent accusation being leveled at him by the other guy when they caught up with him.

"They took one look at me, yelled "Werewolf" and started hunting me down like it just became the entire reason they exist! I feel like I've been running for hours already!" He had no idea if it had even been an hour since the chase started, but Fang would have preferred not to have been chased at all.

"And I can't fight them, that would damage the reputation of Fairy Tail once this whole thing has been cleared up, either way, it's a pain in the ass!" He growled glancing back at the crowd. It was well behind them, the glow of their torches was all he could really make out of them, but that was still closer than he wanted them to be. "I have no clue what to do here..."

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