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Fairy Tail

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Fairy Tail  Empty Thu May 27, 2021 2:57 am

Kazimir Seiryu

Fairy Tail

Do fairies have tails? Nobody knows quite for sure. The Fairy Tail guild, situated in Magnolia, is known for being a famous guild in the land. It's known for its extreme variety in its members, and most of all, its overall rather odd feel. It is very well known for going too far with ruckuses, it is when they are at the guildhall or out in other places. The council, while still approving of the guild as one of light nature, is often bothered by the guild's recklessness, and sometimes thinks of them as a problem causer. However, often this is overlooked for the great service that the guild provides when the council is in need. That being said, despite their squabbles, Fairy Tail is a very close-knit guild, and always makes any new member feel like they are instantly part of one crazy, noisy, odd family.


  • The user may not take any Bad Quests.

  • The user is not allowed to do any actions that would be considered detrimental to the safety of the country of Fiore.

  • The user must never reveal sensitive information about Fairy Tail to others for as long as they live.

  • The user may not harm other members of the guild. Rivalry is fine, but should they forsake the entirety of the guild for their selfish desires, consequences are in place.


Fairy Tail's headquarters resides in an imposing building consisting of three floors and incorporating several architectonic styles: it takes on a shape reminiscent of a pagoda, with each floor being smaller than the one below it and sitting on the latter's roof. The roofs also bare great resemblance to those of real pagodas, consisting of extremely long, arched tiles lined up one after the other and possessing simple curved protrusions jutting upwards on the building's angles. On the highest roof, topping the summit of the building sits a simple, round and pointed dome, highly reminiscent of those seen on Arabian buildings, which bares a flag on its point. The roof below the one with the dome, the middle one, houses a large banner with Fairy Tail's symbol on it, held up by a pair of vertical poles. The building's large entrance has a shape being reminiscent of that of the dome on the summit, and above it is the guild's name, topped by a protruding, stylized heart shape and flanked by a pair of carved fairies. The inside is similar to a large lunch hall and mainly consists of wood, possessing a parquet floor and a mezzanine held up by wood beams overlooking it. Several long benches and the related tables stretched across its length with a bar at the end. The guild also has a basement roughly half the size of the first floor, with many pool tables as well as additional seating. It is intended as a lounge area for the guild members.


Former Rune Knight and Wizard Saint, he has spent much of his life in service to the country. Having endured many battles with otherworldly beings he has a mind for tactics and a desire for peace.

With his past finally catching up to him, the former guild master of Fairy Tail faced retirement and passed on the mantle to Kazimir, her Godson.

The wind mage accepted and stepped into guild life once more. Kazimir shares a free-spirited and easy-going approach, oddly enough similar to the previous guild master. He can be aloof but cares about the members of the guild and will do what he can to see them progress to greater heights.

Kazimir's past is one fueled by battle and while he prefers a passive lifestyle, when provoked he can fight with a cold ferocity.


  • Titania: User is capable of using Fairy Law. This spell does not take up the slots of the user.

  • Oberon: User is capable of using Fairy Glitter. This spell does not take up the slots of the user.

  • Caelia: User is capable of using Fairy Sphere. This spell does not take up the slots of the user.


    Name: Fairy Law
    Rank: S
    Magic Cost: 1000
    Requirements: Titania
    Class: Offensive
    Element: Light
    Cooldown: Once per Month
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: The user puts their hands next to each other in front of him, generating a powerful light which indicates the activation of the Fairy Law spell. When activated, a bright light envelops an area of 100 Meters at 40m/s and inflicts 1x S-Rank damage on whoever the caster perceives from their heart as an enemy, leaving friends and bystanders completely unharmed. The choice between friend or foe is decided by the user's heart, and they cannot lie to this Magic. Enemies that still have armor on get damage applied to their armor first, like in any other normal situation. Enemies that use a defensive coating spell also get the damage applied to their defensive spell first. Fairy Law can not be nullified and ignores all resistances any enemy has.
    Note: Fairy Law can only be used once in total per month by any member of the guild.

    Name: Fairy Glitter
    Rank: S
    Magic Cost: 1000
    Requirements: Oberon
    Class: Offensive
    Element: Light
    Cooldown: Once per Month
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: Fairy Glitter is one of the Great Magics of the Fairy Tail Guild. It is a Magic that rivals Fairy Law and is a radiance of merciless light that denies the existence of nearby foes. It is also an exceedingly complex and unfathomably intricate Magic that collects and concentrates the light of the sun, the moon and the stars. The user raises their hand to the sky and gather the light of the sun, the moon and the stars into their hand. The user then lowers their hand with a stretched out arm and aims it at a target after which a spear of light will be shot from the hand of the user. The spear is 3 meters long and while it may not be clear to most eyes, it is composed out of thousands of little fairies made out of light. The spear moves through anything and homes onto its target, but its damage will lower if it moves through spells or armor after breaking them. What makes the spell terrifying is that it deals 2x S-rank damage, ignores the target's resistances and cannot be nullified.
    Note: Fairy Glitter can only be used once in total per month by any member of the guild.

    Name: Fairy Sphere
    Rank: S
    Magic Cost: 1000
    Requirements: Caelia
    Class: Defensive
    Element: Light
    Cooldown: Once per Month
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: A Magic which converts Fairy Tail member's bonds and faith into Magic Power. It takes the form of a large sphere with a Fairy Tail mark and a stylized pair of wings emblazoned upon it. The Magic protects the Guild from any evil, an absolute defense Magic. The user creates a dome which expands outwards to a diameter of 50 meters maximum that pushes away everyone they consider as foes and keeps those they consider as allies within the dome. The dome only pushes beings it deems hostile outwards, not buildings, trees and other things parts of the scenery. The dome can also be smaller if the amount of people within it are within a smaller range. The user doesn't need to sustain it, the dome will stay up for 4 posts unless it gets destroyed. The Sphere itself has a durability of 3x S-Rank and regenerates for 1x S-Rank per turn.


Level 1:

  • Nakama: The Fairy Tail member can roleplay in any conquered location, including through alliance, regardless of ongoing topics in other locations within that region (e.g. Fairy Tail holding both Warmwool Inn and Kardia Cathedral allows the user to roleplay in both locations simultaneously). This affects only conquered land and the main city forum, and the user is still restricted by the maximum number of topics allowed.

Level 2:

  • Amicable Adventures: The user gets a 10% experience boost from quests

Level 3:

  • Team Work: When the user goes on a quest with another guild member, they may take a quest that is at most two ranks higher than the lowest-ranked member.

Level 4:

  • Amicable Adventures: Experience from quests increased by 20%.

Level 5:

  • Bonds of Friendship: receive 20% more jewels for completing quests. Receive 40% more jewels when completing a quest with a guildmate.

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