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All In A Day's Work [Solo]

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#1Alfyn † 

All In A Day's Work [Solo] Empty Sun Oct 29, 2023 3:47 am

Alfyn †
Alfyn made his way to the coffee shop where his client awaited him, dressed in all black as he would have to shadow a detective for the day and eventually become his successor, or so the man thought, in reality he was a delusional person who thought that he was doing detective work. At least that's what Alfyn had heard and he couldn't pass up the chance to maybe poke some fun while also making some money.

He entered the cafe after reading the sign confirming that this was indeed the place and saw his client sitting at a corner table enjoying his coffee, his description matching the man in front of Alfyn. He approached and greeted the man saying that he was there for the request he posted. There was a moment of pure silence as the man eyed him from top to bottom, his face taking the expression of someone analyzing the individual before him, but let's face it, the look behind his eyes was that of complete emptiness, Alfyn managed to hide a little chuckle.

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#2Alfyn † 

All In A Day's Work [Solo] Empty Sun Oct 29, 2023 4:07 am

Alfyn †
After that moment was over he was offered a seat, the man agreeing that he was indeed the mage he had been waiting for, Alfyn sat down and offered him a soft-forced-smile. Once his cup was empty and the bill paid he stood up and gestured to leave, Alfyn followed and soon learned he was to take part in a murder investigation, the boy was already getting suspicious of the antics that would follow. He stayed by the man's side while he was cross examining random passersby, even borderline harassing some of them, the mage would then sometimes stay behind with the preface of getting more info himself just to apologize to them and make sure they don't press charges.

It was evident that there was no real murder that was being investigated just musings of the man's mind, but who was Alfyn to spoil someone else's fun. They got into an alley allegedly to search for clues, he waited to see just what would strike the "detective's" fancy just then, and was disappointed when he just saw him picking up random trash. Alfyn sighed with a soft mischievous smile on his lips and slowly pointed to a leaking pipe. What if it was grapefruit juice that was leaking and not water, he mused and quickly notified Dex of the red liquid coming down from the pipe.

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#3Alfyn † 

All In A Day's Work [Solo] Empty Sun Oct 29, 2023 4:25 am

Alfyn †
The man's eyes widened as he run to take a sample, Alfyn assumed -and in a way that's what happened- only that the man actually tasted the liquid himself. What if that was actual blood, Alfyn was slightly disgusted but Dex's face contorted due to the juice's bitterness and almost risked a snort coming out of the mage. The man was confused as to how someone's or something's blood could taste so bitter to Alfyn's amazement that this was his conclusion after tasting, blood. Either he has never tasted that juice before or the man's mind is truly gone is the only thing he could think of.

Alfyn approached and took a drop on his finger all the while the detective watching him closely, he looked at the small puddle on his finger and brought it close to his nose pretending to smell it when he finally revealed it was actually grapefruit juice and not blood. The man was in disbelief until the boy concluded that this was all a ploy from the murderer to make them lose his tracks, Dex agreed and decided to call it a day since they didn't have any more clues to follow and it was getting rather late. With a pat on the back he gave Alfyn his reward and left.

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