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Life's a Gamble.(Jin.)

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Life's a Gamble.(Jin.) Empty Mon Sep 18, 2023 3:28 am

Everything happen in it's own ways, Jai taking life as it was. Seemed to be lingering about Joya. For whatever reason was easily guess if you actually knew of this woman. But she had nothing in her hands yet so maybe she was here to drink and eat before returning to work. Or she was seeking out who was going to join her on her next voyage. Or in some manner this was just herself alone for once in a persons life and she was most likely going to end up in some kind of trouble.

With Jai it was at times hard to tell. But she would just mutter something that might hint why the seemingly cursed former captain was here in Joya for the moment at least."Well first thing to do is get something to drink."She muttered to herself in Fiorian while she was seemingly standing in place at this time.

#2Jin Tatsumi 

Life's a Gamble.(Jin.) Empty Mon Sep 25, 2023 12:07 am

Jin Tatsumi
Jin paid off a local informant to keep running tabs on people for him. As soon as the man scampered away, Jin found himself stepping through the threshold of a familiar area of the port. There was always a mix of eclectic people in the port to run into, but today there was a different breeze drifting across from the sea.

The paladin clasped his helmet under his arm and moved through the walking people. Most of them stepped out of his way, for the mixed reputation he began to gather. His ears caught the tone of a woman that he had known before but he couldn't place it perfectly until he turned around to see the pirate.

"Huh," he muttered to himself. What was she doing all the way out here? He thought but approached her first. "Long way from home Captain," he said and moved to stand nearby, leaned against a post and waiting for a reply.


Life's a Gamble.(Jin.) Empty Tue Sep 26, 2023 5:53 pm

Indeed it was from home but Jai was an odd person who asking that she would merely turn her head and said."What is home anyway?"She seemed to ask that as a serious question. She was mostly on the sea and if never seen there it was entirely almost like she was homeless to start."No bar, tavern, town,city, port or villain feels like home compared to the open sea."Jai said almost she was dreaming of the sea, Being out there so far it seemed Jai almost was home sick.

But Jai would walk away from here. The sea bound woman born in Sin almost seemed to have other focuses."But alas, I am no longer a captain. I don't have a boat or a crew at this time. I need to amass them again."But Jai was not in an area she knew of to get people or a ship." I doubt Patches is here anyw-I don't even know where here is."Jai said then she just kind of let out an annoyed sigh and looked around her

Then just said."I am too f--king sober for this."Jai was not focusing on who Jin was or anything just her goal and that was it.

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Life's a Gamble.(Jin.) Empty Tue Oct 10, 2023 5:32 am

Jin Tatsumi
Jin cocked his brow at the pirate that seemed...lost in a way. She spoke as if the sea had left her and she was alone now. further enforced by the claim she was no longer a captain. He couldn't remember if the first time he met her if she had a crew or not then.

"What happened to your boat and crew Jai," Jin asked using her name to maybe jog her memory. So she had come all the way here to find a new crew and a boat then. Jin hadn't stolen a ship yet...that could be something fun to do at least, he thought and gave a small curious shrug of his shoulders.

Jin flagged down a waiter for a drink and thrust it in front of Jai. The froth sloshed to one side and then the other, "I thought I was all over the place. Steal a ship then. I'm sure a crew will follow" He said it as if it was just another day. He wasn't opposed to helping someone out with this. It was probably getting about time for him to leave this area himself anyway. Sea travel hadn't been something he had done much of.


Life's a Gamble.(Jin.) Empty Fri Oct 13, 2023 4:35 pm

Just what a sober Jai wanted to hear questions. it just meant she had to retell the things all over again. Yet again she was far too sober for it, Not even over all paying attention and not even using any kind of manners Jai. Started drinking."Well whadda think? something went wrong." She said in return about while she seemed to have no problem just starting to drink it down with out a second thought. But most likely as Jai was she would most likely just mention details over time.

"We were close, so close to besting that monster and we still did not win something went wrong."She had taken if anything one chug of her drink and she was already half way done her drink."The kraken won again.."She then continued drinking almost like it was something that was making her mind not think about it as much.

#6Jin Tatsumi 

Life's a Gamble.(Jin.) Empty Fri Oct 20, 2023 5:27 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin just gave a shrug at her first response. It was usually the case. if a bit vague, the details didn't matter too much in the end. "Fair," was all that he said about it. The woman wasted no time in drinking. Jin leaned his back against the counter of the bar.

His brow raised with the intrigue of the word monster. What could it have been? It was always some sort of monster. "Sounds pretty bad," Jin had assumed that the crew parted ways, not that they died in a grave battle. She seemed to be taking it rather well all things considered.

"A Kraken?" he questioned as he hadn't heard much about one of those appearing. It made sense as she was a pirate though. "How many times have you fought it?" he asked as he took a drink for himself.


Life's a Gamble.(Jin.) Empty Sun Oct 22, 2023 7:39 am

That might have been a good question to ask. It would show a lot more about her with out it being really high lighted and Jai was not thinking about covering her tracks. But then again Jai was never much to try and cover them only just some what walk around them."Yeah a Kraken, Been the bane of my life at this point." She was getting into details slowly while she drank but she was not scared to talk about it currently.

In which would be to his benefit in some manner."I haven't been able to kill that thing after so many things. This must be at least 10 to 12....might be 13..."She's been hunting this thing for a while it seems."I have lost a lot of people and boats to this beast, which is why i need to kill it not just for me."

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Life's a Gamble.(Jin.) Empty Wed Nov 08, 2023 7:24 am

Jin Tatsumi
He thought about what the beast looked like. How large it may have been and how many other souls had fallen to the depths of the sea because of it. Not to mention a battle by boat, nowhere to run after that. "Must be pretty skilled to have evaded death so many times. You I mean," he made sure she knew he was talking about her ability to always escape death from the Kraken.

Jin didn't want to ask too much about the people that she had lost along the way. The boats were replaceable...people not so much. "I see," he put his hand to his chin and thought. He didn't have anything going on right now. His quest to be a thorn in the side of a certain someone had taken a back seat.

"Let's go take care of it then. I recently finished the last thing I was working on and may know of a boat that we can use." he gave a small side shrug. They would still need to put together a crew but he had some ideas for that as well.


Life's a Gamble.(Jin.) Empty Fri Nov 10, 2023 5:07 pm

Was it really a skill? Jai-Han thought it was luck super high levels of luck. After thinking on it for a moment she would mention it as."Skill? Nah. I am just lucky compared to everyone else. if I was truly skilled I would have killed that beast by now."Jai said. Seemingly pondering many things.

While pondering over her booze, she figured while she was drinking her pain and thinking would configure a plan to solve this. Here some one was already willing to try and help her solve her problem, it was an odd thing to witness.

So she would just reply in a bit of confused manner she expected some one needing to be talked too more into it."Wait really? Here I thought i needed to steal one from some one or politely ask them to borrow it before keelhauling them."That second one she had done a few times.

#10Jin Tatsumi 

Life's a Gamble.(Jin.) Empty Thu Nov 23, 2023 10:08 am

Jin Tatsumi
"Sometimes luck is all we have," Jin laughed and raised his glass, thinking of all the times, luck had saved his life. But he hoped the woman wouldn't discount her own skills and talents. She was no doubt the most talented person that would have been in her crew. And to have survived that many times, may be more than just a flash of luck.

"Well...I have been known to...burrow what I need. This time I think I have that covered. A crew however is a different thing. You know any ruffians willing to risk their lives?" He sat up from the bar, and nodded his head towards the door, "I can show you the boat if you're interested?" He said ready to show her where it was at and see what kind of crew she would need for such a thing. even if they were to steal one, they wouldn't get far by just sailing a ship with two people. He wondered if she actually even remembered him from their first encounter now that he thought about it.


Life's a Gamble.(Jin.) Empty Sat Nov 25, 2023 12:13 pm

It was in some manner a stroke of luck for Jai hearing that slowly it would hurt her brain while she was just chugging away at her drink."It is how i managed so much...can't say the same about other people."Jai said so casually about it most people would have just consider it an odd one.

Even then in some manner of the things mentioned seemed to interest her."I mean that kind of borrowin' the best kind. Just....optional returns when your done with. As well condition my vary."Jai also said almost like she knew entirely of how it worked.

Which was logical because she is a pirate she would know most phrasing."I do not know many people, I just need to find a trail of where to consider finding anyone."Which was true she had no means of figuring out most likely had gone through more of them already.

#12Jin Tatsumi 

Life's a Gamble.(Jin.) Empty Sat Dec 09, 2023 9:07 am

Jin Tatsumi
A brief look of sadness swept Jin's face as he thought about the allies that were no nlonger with him. The ones that weren't so lucky in his past either, "Always a shame isn't it." he shook his head and took another quick drink.

"Good," he nodded happy tos ee it wouldn't be a problem. But then again she was a pirate afterall. He set his drink down and slid some coins to the bartender. All the while he was thinking about just how many people they would need for the boat. Would it be possible to at least get it moving with just the two of them?

"Well then. The boat is the easy part. if you're looking for...a crew more open to breaking laws. You'll want to go to deadman's hollow. It's a bar with notable criminals. They can be hired there. If you want people more trustworthy you can find some by the docks. Plenty of crews get shifted around down there." He said as he started making his way to the door depending on what the lady would decide.


Life's a Gamble.(Jin.) Empty Mon Dec 11, 2023 3:18 pm

It was a shame, always just happens to be the brave ones that die with her."Yeah....makes me want to find some of the other ones that have helped me before to see if they will be glad to join me for another round."This was more underlying hints that Jai might be the problem but he seemingly was playing her along with it.

Jin was seemingly doing a good thing in Jai's eyes, But in reality it was just leading people more to their deaths if things went wrong. But this was all the gamble of Jai-Han she would always take it even if the odds are never going to be in her favour."Well if you know where to go then we have nothing to lose."She said laughing about it. Because everything was just lining up so nicely, She could not be happier about it.

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Jin Tatsumi
"Oh...so you do know of a few? it would be easier to start with them if they are close." Jin responded, pleased to hear that maybe not everyone the woman knew had died. he waited for a response before he would make any major choices about where to go next but it couldn't hurt to talk about it on the way to the other bar.

The door swung shut behind them and they ended up in the streets. It wasn't too busy this time of day and Jin made his way down toward the docks as Jai may be answering about the other comrades she had. With her history, he wondered if the other ones would be too fearful to join or if they left for that same reason.

Either way, they were not long before they would arrive at the pub by the docks. Just in time to see someone with half their body hanging out of a broken first-floor window.

"Things can get rowdy in there.'


Life's a Gamble.(Jin.) Empty Tue Dec 26, 2023 2:20 pm

She did, but it was a good guess if they would say yes or not, But Jai-Han most likely not in the shape to try and wrestle them into submission to help her again."I heard rumours, but i am sure as soon as I show my face they might be expecting a fight."Jai said with a bit of a chuckle she caused problems where ever she would go. But Jin did not seem to not to worried about doing all of things. They started leaving to go on the streets to figure out where to find people, Jai-Han however was still lagging some what behind only because of her current status.

With the mention of rowdy, she simply said."I am sure most people assume i am dead anyway, why not a little chaos? eh? eh?"Jai said almost like she was trying to sell him on it.

#16Jin Tatsumi 

Life's a Gamble.(Jin.) Empty Fri Jan 26, 2024 6:56 pm

Jin Tatsumi
"Why would they be expecting a fight? Do they blame you?" he asked with a cocked brow and his hands on the back of his head. It did make him wonder if her crew could take her, or if she could fight them all off.

"Seems though, you are probably always ready for a fight." he added with a bit of brevity. Jin made sure to slow his pace as he saw her lagging a little behind. All until they came to the rowdy bar.

"What...no," he said amused and shocked. "I live with enough chaos. I don't want any more," He replied, knowing that traveling with her no doubt meant some level of chaos. But it was almost like she would feed off it. He hoped they'd at least make it past the bar first. But they were, apparently both trouble-bound people.

Jin drug the main from the window and set him on the ground, "A nice and calm entry. Nothing crazier than a couple of scuffles, guarantee...," he was half pushing open the door when his sentence trailed off. A bullet whizzed by his face. A stray shot from a one-eyed man with a gun.

His other hand was held high with an explosive in it. Two people stood near him with eyes peering over the bar crowd. Clothes were torn and tables were broken. Magic radiated from the explosive and Jin just sighed. "Already..."


Life's a Gamble.(Jin.) Empty Thu Feb 22, 2024 4:12 pm

Maybe she just needed to explain it more, in some manner it was logical this way and Jai would explain it a bit more in depth because over all this matter was. Well gonna be explained now."Well you see, I have a horrible habit of nearly leading people to their deaths. I am sure it's fine."Jai-Han was down playing what really she did to piss most people off.

By that as they continue forward."Listen you lead people friend's to their deaths, Stealing their booze and food, Laugh about it and think they just needed to get better might only just slightly piss'em off right?"Jin could most likely put the pieces in place.

Jin was at the tail end of sailors and pirates with a grudge against some one who kept playing them a fool and leading people to their end just over and over and now their was just a small chance for them to settle the score.

But it seemed they started it. Since they did Jai-Han considered the starting transgression. So Jai-Han would stretch out with a few loud cracks from various joints. She a might hard chug for her drink."Good all bets are off!"Jai-Han was a bit different compared to last time. By that she didn't seem to use magic at all. But she then throw the empty object that use to hold her drink right at the one with the barrel there was not means of really hiding the force she put into it.

The problem is since everyone wanted to go first, Jai-Han just took it as a means to do whatever she wants. Some how while swearing in pain as she was still dealing with living through what she did. Jai-Han seemingly jumped on top of the man with the barrel and tackled him to the ground. if he was use to the chaos well it was about to begin even more."Like things be lively eh?"It was too far now Jai-Han was going to her hands dirty and this place her and Jin where in. Was going to be her weapon. After a few punches. She threw the the barrel towards everyone else that was not Jin and herself. Then she looked around and start making her way towards a broken table going to pick it up.

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