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The Timid Hare meets the Introverted Armor

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The Timid Hare meets the Introverted Armor Empty Mon Sep 11, 2023 7:48 am

Soon after Scarlett put the little that she had into her room. She quickly dashed to explore the kitchen. Eager to see what kind of space they were working with and if she liked it.

After the travel she was sure everyone much of did to get here, Tamas himself started from the same point she had but know air ship as far as she was aware, brought him here.

She figured the lot was hungry, she knew damn well she was. As she ran through the kitchen doors she surveyed the kitchen. Hmmmm good size, good quality pots, lots of shelves… The rabbit would think to herself.

She checked the fridge, there wasn’t a lot in there yet but enough to get started on a meal.

Cutting the ingredients faster than she could thing and getting the things that need boiling out first. She was caramelizing the onions and searing the garlic, while mentally proportioning the steak that had in her head. She didn’t mind eating less so the others were full.

By the time anyone came into the kitchen to notice her, the steak was just added to the pan and the potatoes were being mashed.


#2Tamás Horvath 

The Timid Hare meets the Introverted Armor Empty Mon Sep 11, 2023 8:40 am

Tamás Horvath
The perks of being founders? You get to choose the best rooms for yourselfs. He chuckled at the idea, but its true. While you can customize your room to your own liking. Location wise, a certain room had perks over the other.

Tamas didnt really do much with his own room, because this guild felt like home. Like real home to him. He didnt need to change anything about it. But since he was a Guild Master, he figured he should check on his members to make sure they're fine and cozy and all set up and such.

So the first person he went to check on is Scarlett. But noticed just by a few knocks and silence that she was not in her room. So he surmised she went to explore another area.
Truthfully the only area that came to mind was the kitchen, which was the place he met Lumikki. It would be funny if he mingled with someone there again.
Just for humour, he went to the kitchen.
And right on cue, he feels the smell of freshly made food. Or food that is being freshly made
"My my. I didnt know we had a talented cook in the guild" he said it playfully, but still rather tame


The Timid Hare meets the Introverted Armor Empty Mon Sep 11, 2023 7:35 pm

Scarlett was so zoned out and lost in what she was doing that she didn’t even notice Tamas walking in. Her nose nor her ears would alert her. All she could sense what’s when it was time to flip the stake and when the potato’s should be done. So by the time he spoke, it had spooked her. Her heart nearly left her chest and the rabbit would hop in place. It took her a moment to settle down before she could even check to see who her company was. Seeing it was her very own Guild Master only made her hop in place again. She didn’t think she’d have a one on one with him so soon. She hopped he didn’t find her to be daft or too meek. What if he would deem her unfit to be a member because she didn’t even notice him approaching?

The thoughts were racing a mile per minute but she tried to blank out again so she could recover and play cool.

”Ah, ay yea, I…I figured we’d all be, be hungry, so I thought…..it wise to start making us a, a meal. I know you traveled f..f..far to get here, as we came from the sa..sa..me place in the North.” She wasn’t very confident yet, content to observe from a afar for a bit before she could discern how interact with someone. But since they were all new and making a guild at the moment, then she wouldn’t have the time to shake them all out and get comfortable.

Scarlett took a deep breath as she tried to calm down. I wasn’t a big deal right? He already promised to help her. She just needed to calm down.

Though that was easier said than done and so she tired to take the edge off by focusing on the cooking once more. She made two stakes already and was tossing in the final two. The potato’s were seasons and mixed with cream and some of the garlic she prepared. The vegetables she was preparing by roasting should be done any moment too.

She took another deep breath before facing Tamas once more. Trying her hardest to speak normally. ”It should b..be done soon. So we all could get to eating. I really hope you all like it.” She gave a faint but genuine smile before dashing to prepare the batter for some sugar cookies and looking over to see if there was anything prepared to drink before opting to make some lemonade to go with dinner. Keeping active kept her mind off things.

#4Tamás Horvath 

The Timid Hare meets the Introverted Armor Empty Tue Sep 12, 2023 6:42 am

Tamás Horvath
"Oh sorry" he said when he saw her jump. As she collected her thoughts, he considered doing the same and think how to be more approachable. Perhaps his helmet frightened her. He was surprised she was stuttering. He didnt imagine her as a meek and timid person. She looked like she radiated confidence. But thats alright. This lets him help someone and be supportive.

"I see. Do you need any help around the kitchen?" although he couldnt do much. Maybe cut veggies and such. The most complex thing he can make is like baked potaties. But he assumes if he helps around that she can relax around him. If she's in her element here, maybe this would help. Maybe she can bark some orders at him

She said it should be done soon and hopefully he'd like it
"It smells great to be honest. I was on my way to see if you settled in nicely and if the room was to your liking. But I am glad to see you're comfortable to explore and see other places" like the kitchen here. And truthfully the smell of her meal was very tasty and appealing.
He glanced over to her cooking and then looked around "What would you like to drink with your meal. I like red wine myself. Not the hard one. But the more gentler drink that goes along well with a meal"


The Timid Hare meets the Introverted Armor Empty Tue Sep 19, 2023 9:38 am

She looked at him as he offered to help her, taking in the moment of kindness. She knew he must of been a good person as he made a guild like this. As well as being an ex member of Paradise Dawn. It's just, being in the presence of a Guild Master as so soon was a lot to take in. They were known for being strong and skilled and she felt like she was nothing at all.

Stories of the Fairy Mother would echo her mind, of how that woman was know for being very gentle. The notion softened her up to the idea that this man could and very well was trying to be inviting. She welcomed this, she wanted to build a bond that would remind her of her family, albeit less hectic and draining.

"Yes...red wine would be an amazing choice." She pointed to the one she figured would pair with the meal best.

"I finished the gist of the meal yea, bu...but if you still want to help me. Could....could you start pouring the food to the serving dishes? Then we could...we could get the others." Scarlett beamed at him with the warmest smile, not realizing how happy this little exchange was really making her. These were the moments she was hoping to have.

Scarlett took out the last of the steak while Tamas worked in the dishes. Serving the steak on the plate she was already working on. There was a hop in her step as she walked over to Tamas as she was in a really good mood to feed all the members.

#6Tamás Horvath 

The Timid Hare meets the Introverted Armor Empty Fri Sep 22, 2023 4:38 am

Tamás Horvath
She did offer him some work to do, which was good. He nodded and took off his gauntlets and placed them away so he can work with food better. As well as his helm. He also made sure to move his hair so it wouldnt be near the food.
"Alright then. Lets do this" he spoke and went to pour the food to the serving dishes. He noticed she beamed at him with a very warm smile. He looked at her and smiled back, only much more softly then her.

Scarlett took out the last of the steak while Tamas worked in the dishes. Serving the steak on the plate she was already working on. He liked her happiness as this was what he was aiming for. It was delightful and also strange. He was not used to this feeling of good and benevolence. That he helped someone without fighting, slashing and gutting.
"You know, I never did something like this" he spoke to try and open up to her.
He didnt have experience helping someone like this. Making food with a lady. Making something more refined then his usual stuff. But then theres also that he never actually led when not in battle. To show a softer side, raise their spirits and lift their morale in life? He never did that either nor did he experience such pleasure in life when he was alone. He wanted to try his best though


The Timid Hare meets the Introverted Armor Empty Sat Sep 23, 2023 2:18 pm

Scarlett was getting used to the presence of her Guild Master. Picking up that there was kindness in him to give her the step hold she needed to meet him. It was getting easier for her to relax a bit as she was also focusing on the final garnishes.

"Something like serve food? Or work the kitchen?" Now that she could see the most of him that she ever could, she studied him for a bit. Picking up all the little details. "Ah, I see. You do indeed look like a more rough and tough kinda Sir but even that has it's own charm. I myself grew up among a large family so I am used to this. I'm glad I have this about me. I'm not skilled in battle or quest work so I worry I might be of no use otherwise." She sighed deeply from her comment, it made her very sad. "Maybe if we're lucky, we could rub off traits on the other. I could at least confidently say, cooking is a magic of it's own."

She finished her work and started bringing her trays to the dinning hall. Arranging the spread and the table. The last thing she brough was the wine she wanted to pair with the meal.

It seemed people would smell the meal, thankfully too, she wasn't keen on yelling to call them all down. They all took up most of the chairs quick enough and only leaving the last to that sat right next to the other. Scarlett sighed, people have a tendency to occupy the same seats at the table and it was looking she'd be the one to sit next to the Guild Master so it would be best if she got used to it.

#8Tamás Horvath 

The Timid Hare meets the Introverted Armor Empty Sat Sep 30, 2023 2:12 am

Tamás Horvath
"I have never assisted someone in the kitchen nor have I made meals such as this. Usually the meals I have made were very simplistic" which was true. Lumikki could agree with that, they also met in the kitchen and he was satisfied with bread as a meal. If its simple, easy to make and doesnt need much cooking, he will make that. So something like this was new to him. Aside from the leadering stuff.

When she saw his face, she made her own remark, how he is a more tough and rough kind of sir. He chuckled a bit "Rough and tough? I like that" it was a cute remark. Though the next one, he replied with "You do not have to worry about that. You will always be of use, whether it be in or out of battle. Question is, where would you like to specialize? In my opinion it is always good to know how to battle, even as a non fighter. Purely for self defence measures. You never know what may happen or will someone be there to defend you. So for those absolute scenarios, knowing how to battle can be good." although as he said before, if she doesnt wanna be a fighter, she doesnt have to be. She can be a healer or a cook or whatever her heart desires

Though the rubbing of part made him laugh a bit and say "See, I like your spirit. Who knows, maybe you turn me into a chef and I turn you into a fighter"

She finished her work and started bringing her trays to the dinning hall. Arranging the spread and the table. The last thing she brought was the wine she wanted to pair with the meal. And it wouldnt be long before people come over as they caught whiff of the scent and all took their places. He'd notice Scarlett only had a chair to sit by him and he tried to motion her that she was free to sit beside him. He doesnt bite.
"I think your meal is amazing"


The Timid Hare meets the Introverted Armor Empty Tue Oct 03, 2023 7:11 am

"There is nothing wrong about simple, but personally I could not sustain myself on simple. Food gives one life and so I want to make something worth living on."

Tamas had heard her in her worries and soothed her fears in a satisfying way. She was so used to being the one to do a bulk of the chores within her family that the idea of doing so much became normal to her. But it also taught her that in order to feel comfortable and be around, she needed a purpose. She needed to be competent in doing a lot so that she felt like she was worth having around.

"Can you really do that? Could you really make me a fight?!" Her expression changed instantly from the somber one that she usually harbors to that of one with so much spark and life in her eyes. Little electrical currents danced among her long white locks of hair and her ears twitched from her sudden excitement.

She was used to the home life and she was experienced in traveling as more of a companion and helper, but now she found that she really wanted to be more. She wanted to try her hand at being a fighter and protector. Someone more competent than the person she is now.

By the time it was the moment to take her seat, Tamas did his best once more to be inviting. And though she worried that being stuck with her would make him grow to be annoyed with her over time, all those thoughts completely washed away when her told her that the meal was amazing. The very pale face of Scarlett turned more crimson than her namesake. She quickly took her own seat and a sip of her wine before burying her face under all her hair and attempting to utter back a response.

"I...I.....I'm gl-glad. Enjoy...everyone..." She shoved a spoonful of mash so that she wouldn't have to speak anymore.

#10Tamás Horvath 

The Timid Hare meets the Introverted Armor Empty Thu Oct 05, 2023 5:58 am

Tamás Horvath
There was a certain spark in her eye, metaphorical and literal. She really had the spirit of a fighter in her. He chuckled and nodded "Of course. I mean if I went from a scrawny child into a 'rough and tough' man you see now. I think you're more then capable to become a fearsome fighter."
All they need is a bit of patience, and hard work.

He was glad that she had an interest in becoming a warrior and not him shoehorning someone into something they are not. Part of him was worried he would be able to offer only one piece of advice. It was something he would learn on the go, to adapt and help different kind of people.

For now Tamas thought what would her fighting style be. When he was taught, he wasnt really being helped at what fits him the most. His skillset was a copy and paste of his predecessors. Same type of armour, weaponry and magic. He didnt get to develop himself as his own combatant or mage. He was just handed things down. And he didnt really wanna make someone a copy paste of him. Different people had different skill set, movepool, talents.
He needed to discover what fits Scarlett the best, what is she good that and develop that to specialize in that style.

Anywho as the meal was done, it was time they all take a seat to eat the food. He saw Scarlett and motioned her that she was free to sit by him. After all, he doesnt bite. A chair is a chair. Anywho, he wanted to try her food and ofcourse he'd love it. He cant remember when was the last time he got to eat like this. He didnt really notice that she was scared as he wasnt looking at her at that moment. When he did, he was surprised she'd be this shy. She did timidly offer everyone to enjoy the meal. He nodded, but also spoke "Relax. You're at home, we are family. And I am stating facts. I love this meal" soon she'd get a spoonfull of mash and he chuckled and decided to continue to eat his own meal. Which really was tasty, yummy and amazing.


The Timid Hare meets the Introverted Armor Empty Wed Nov 01, 2023 12:00 pm

The expression of Scarlett would rotate many emotions. She never thought that she would be so struck once more by a simple word.


Yea it was true that she was running away from her own, but it was not out of lack of love. She just wanted the time and space to be herself. Even after leaving home, she would tail her aunt in her adventurers all the time. Never truly cutting the cord to her own kin but now, well it was all different. It was like creating a new family of her own and finding a place among them.

Tamas felt as stern and comforting as a father, Vex a playful and supportive big sister. Would she be able to make them happy as they were beginning to make her? Who was to say? She could at least cook for them and grow. Fill in all her potential.

” Yessss, a lovely family we make…” She kept stuffing her mouth from there. Unsure of what else to say. But what better time was there to get to know someone than over a meal. She turned to Tamas as he was the closest person to her and therefore the easiest to talk to. The others were already chatting among the others but this pair had a tendency for silence.” What meals do you like the most?” She started, proud of how good her question was. It would also aid her in the future.

#12Tamás Horvath 

The Timid Hare meets the Introverted Armor Empty Sat Nov 04, 2023 3:25 am

Tamás Horvath
Family. Thats what his guild was to him. He was a man who had no family. A man raised by mercenaries who didnt care aout him, took pity on a boy and used him. There was no love. There was only child labor. He took care of the horses. And the goats. And the chickens. And the garden. And their weapons and armour. And slept in the stables with the horses. Which kind of would explain why he was fine back there in the kitchen to just eat simple bread. Its not like he ate well in the past. He just got used to live rather minimialist. But even though he got used to a shit diet and treated like a tool and later a weapon instead of a human. Doesnt mean he accepted all aspects of that life. He was done being a tool to be used by others. Hence why he went to form this guild. A guild for people like him who had no family or better place to be. Some people had to make their own family. Because sometimes, blood family didnt cut it.

This guild was his chance to be his own master and to offer safe space to people who were like him. Less fortunate. He looked at her and smiled when she said that they make a lovely family. It did make him happy, made him feel as if he actually managed to help someone.
He was still sort of reserved, quiet and stoic. But he did show emotion. Its just plenty of times it was hidden behind his helm when he smiled and expressed himself. But not this time, because they were at the table and eating. So Scarlett was one of the few to actually see him emote.
"Hah indeed we do. But be careful. Dont eat too hastily. You wouldnt want to choke. Also you should hydrate while you eat. I believe it helps slide down the food easier if you are not parched" that is at least how he eats. He likes to drink as he eats. Sometimes having difficulties to swallow some bits of food as his mouth gets dry so he always has to hydrate.

She would ask him what was his favourite meal "Difficult question. I do like a lot of food. I do prefer red meat as my main meal with a side dish of vegetables. My favourite red meat would probably be boar and my 2nd would be pork, chicken most likely 3rd and also game. My other food I like in no particular order or category dates, berries, carrots, garlic, rosemary, ginger, radishes, cheese"
He wasnt sure how much of a detailed answer she wanted, but he figured it was always best to give more information rather than less. He was a guy who was rather diligant and thoughrough, so his answer was probably that way too.
Tamas personally wasnt much of a kitchen cook, but he was more of an 'adventurer cook'. He knew how to preserve food on long trips and make decent meals even if you are out at camp and at a forest. He is well prepared and knows what to do.
He could probably also be a good cook at a normal kitchen, its just usually he doesnt have much of a willpower to commit to cooking at the safety of a guild or a household, he just grabs bread and is done. But out when on a quest where he needs max energy, thats actually where he is more serious on stuff like food, energy and diet


The Timid Hare meets the Introverted Armor Empty Sun Nov 05, 2023 2:26 pm

Scarlett halted from taking further bites of her meal, her ears stood up, pointed and stiff. She began to slowly bring the fork full of her next bite comically slow. One would think she was teasing the man for what she suggested but really, she was adjusting her speed. She was not quite sure what he was asking of her.

Even her chewing was awkward, as her stuffed cheeks would move in varying paces. Afterward she would take a big gulp form her drink and do it all over again. Scarlett looked at her food determined, but quickly looked over to Tamas when he began to explain the food he would prefer. The rabbit burned the menu options into her mind and began to plot on how she could hunt boars within their area for meat.

Hunting was not something new to the girl, she sense of smell was strong Anouilh for it and she would do it often when she and her Aunt would travel. Usually it was smaller creatures, though never rabbits…..that idea of it was freak her out….

By the time he was done, she already planed five dishes with those ingredients in mind. She would of wrote them down but her note book was upstairs. She would just have to settle for her good memory to hold it over until she could run upstairs. Unless…..if she asked to go to the bathroom and jot it all down so she wouldn’t risk forgetting….

” Can I be excused…” She uttered abruptly. Dashing up the stairs the moment it felt she could go. She jotted the notes down in mad speeds, ink spilling everywhere, before dashing down as soon as she was done. The girl did it all under two minutes and tried to sit down like it was normal. Returning to the awkward pace of her eating her meal as she waited for anything other thing the Guild Master would of liked to discuss.

#14Tamás Horvath 

The Timid Hare meets the Introverted Armor Empty Mon Nov 13, 2023 2:43 am

Tamás Horvath
"Of course" she was allowed to be excused. If she had an emergency break, she best take it. Though as she hastily excused herself, he'd look at one of his guild mates and asked "Did I do something wrong?" but the other lass shook her head and assured him all was well. While the two daemons that were close by would shrug because one didnt know as well and the other didnt care. All in all, answers inconclusive. He just hope he did not do something bad.

He looked at her food and wondered if she would come back, but just as he was thinking of reaching for her plate, the bunny lady had returned in record time, all normal as if nothing happened. He looked at her and spoke "You can eat normally. You do not need to change your eating habbits. Just be careful not to eat too fast or at least make sure you chew your food good. I dont want you to choke... or get hiccups"
"Hiccups?" Sarah the receptionist lady would raise her brow at look at him, how he went from serious choking hazard warning to something so harmless
"Hiccups can be mildly annoying" he merely replied


The Timid Hare meets the Introverted Armor Empty Wed Nov 22, 2023 9:48 am

Scarlett nods,” Oh yes, they can appear annoying indeed. Blessed thing we should have enough to drink. But I think I’ve heard somewhere too that, that’d hardly work.” Her feet would make pat sounds as they hit the floor. Scarlett walked over, back to her seat, and pulled out her chair. In that short of enough time, there was no way her food could get cold and she was so excited to return to eating.

She got a few mouthfuls in before gazing back at Tamas. Mindfully observing how he enjoyed his meal. His locks would move along with the sway of his movements as he moved the fork up to his face. Quickly she would reach into her pocket and dig out a hair tie. ” I hope you don’t mind sir. But I feel like its a bother to you.” She got up and tended to his hair. If she pulled it all back, she worried that would be to abrasive, figuring it’ll pull his head back as well while he ate. So she settled on a braid, trying to gently part his knotted hair so that she could weave it together and securely tie the bottom.” I’m curious if you have a practice for tending you hair sir, if not well i can easy recommend some tips. Maybe even trim her locks if you’d like. Can’t imagine it’s comfortable to you having her hair in a state like this….Oh! But I don’t mean any harm you know! Your hair is really, really nice! It’s just kinda knotted so I wondered. My hair becomes a mess easy too! It’s too long and to thick you know. Thats why I know it could be annoying to manage.”

Scarlett could not sit and eat her meal in peace, she was simply not used to it. She grew up in a home with so many child. Helping around the house became her new normal and often times there were no times to rest. Sitting along with many people at one table would remind her of those times and her elder sister habits would kick in. All she wanted was for those around her to feel comfortable and happy.

#16Tamás Horvath 

The Timid Hare meets the Introverted Armor Empty Wed Nov 22, 2023 10:53 am

Tamás Horvath
He observed as she tended to his hair of all things, it was rather surprising and unexpected but he let it be. As she would go and take care of it for him she would ask if he actually takes care of it and he merely said "No, I never really tended it, I do shave... sometimes" which meant he would actually sometimes sport a beard and moustache as well. "I never really took care of my visual appearance" to which Scarlett said she could give him some tips "Sure, I wouldnt mind hearing it" but when she realized what she was doing, she apologized "No need to say sorry Scarlett. I do admire your enthusiasm. I understand your concern. I have neglected some parts of myself"

Tamas did notice that Scarlett had a hard time relaxing, he wondered if that was her inner bunny. Always being so energetic. So he wondered what other rabbit qualities she had. In any way, he let her be. If she felt happy or at home helping by and doing this, he would let her be. He just wanted to make sure she was happy doing this and not being a slave to the guild, because she was not.
Appearance wise, he did neglect himself. Like a lot. Hence another reason why he just hid behind the helm. He wondered if he should let the moustache and beard grow again. Its not like he had someone to seduce or visually please. He was far from a handsome guy.

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