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Bird Catcher [Daiko]

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To the people of the Blue Pegasus guild, it must have been a peculiar sight to say the least. The giant puppet was carrying the fragile-looking maiden toward the guild building. Each of its steps caused a small tremor to rock through the ground due to its sheer weight, till it finally came to a halt in front of the lobby leading deeper into the building.

The receptionist was looking around in bewilderment, clearly not sure what to expect of this occasion. And neither did the maiden that was being carried it seems: "Martin, will you finally tell me why you have brought me to the guild hall of Blue Pegasus? Last I checked my agenda did not involve any business meetings with the guild?"

Upon hearing the words of his master the puppet lowered his gaze toward her. "Affirmative: You have no scheduled work appointments today." Upon which Kairaiko smiled sheepishly at her puppet. "Then-" But the puppet quickly resumed its explanation. "However, it has been observed that ever since your parting with the Blue Pegasus magus Daiko Flayme, Master has become increasingly restless and sad. Therefore, since Master's health and mental well-being is of the utmost importance to us, it was decided to make a change in your schedule."

The puppet's words earned a dumbfounded look from its creator. She certainly had not placed such an advanced artificial intelligence onto her puppet with its last maintenance! "What do you mean, a change in schedule?" To which the puppet replied. "Our predictions state there is a ninety-nine coma ninety-nine percent chance you will feel better spending some time with the suspect."


Suddenly noticing the audio boosters on his shoulders to pump up into activity the voice of the puppet resounded through the entire building. "Statement: Daiko Flayme, please proceed to the entrance of the guild hall at your earliest possibility to take up responsibility for my master's state of being! Caution: denying this activity humanoids call a date is NOT.AN.OPTION."

And Kairaiko? Her face had turned scarlet, burying her face into the torso of her puppet, her small hands pounding lightly against his chest as she whispered in embarrassment: "Someone please flayme...."

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Daiko Flayme
Daiko was outside, but on the other side of their guild hall. For a day as bright and warm as today, he was out helping Blue with exercises. Blue loved water sports, so Daiko had gone the extra mile to provide with a large, red volleyball that he was sure Blue would love to smack around the surface of the water.

Blue had grown a lot since he and Sofia found the little lad after Daiko killed its mother. It was in self-defense, though! And he made sure to take the corpse with him and transform the murdered mother into food and other things like dream catchers and amulets! He made good use of her remains, as a sign of respect. He hoped that Blue would forgive him, should the sweetie ever get to know…

But then, he heard a loud exclamation calling for him! It had his hair flaring up in surprise, but listening further to the robot-like words vibrating towards him… wasn’t that the golem he met? The one serving Kairaiko, the sweet lady with the wheelchair! Yeah, he remembered her! Wait, why was she here?

“Respon- wait, did I hurt her?!” he panicked, switching gazes between Coda and Blue while his hands flickered around in front of himself, “Coda, watch over Blue! I gotta fix this!” With that said, he sprinted back into the guild hall, leaving Coda to entertain Blue with more water volleyball playing… much to Coda’s chagrin as a small, light bird like her couldn’t catch a volleyball effectively. Not without it popping.

Daiko’s panicking form quickly approached the golem-puppet carrying Kairaiko, his eyes sparkling with growing tears as he expressed his worries: “Kairaiko! Are you alright? Did I do something to you?! I didn’t mean to hurt you, if that’s what happened – here, I can heal you, just stand still-“

It was clear as day that the birdbrain had missed the memo. Someone ought to make things clear to him.


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Seeing Daiko approach looking all worried and with tears in his eyes the poor girl's cheeks turned scarlet as she rapidly waved her hands in a panic. "N-no you didn't do anything to hurt me Daiko!" However, before she could try to say anything else the giant puppet gently scooped up his master from her seat and rose onto his feet, marching toward one of the smaller puppets that had been driving... a wheelchair?

The puppeteer could already feel her embarrassment intensify ten-fold as she was carefully deposit in the wheelchair after which the giant puppet started to march toward Daiko. "Statement: It is reassuring to hear that you intend to take responsibility." Attempting to lift the take-over mage by the scurf of his neck like a mother cat snatching up her kittens the puppet started to march over toward Kairaiko and unceremoniously dropped the poor boy right behind the wheelchair.

"Please take good care of master during your date together."

And Kairaiko? Well, she had buried her face into her hands, too embarrassed to look at anyone right now. Meanwhile one of the maid puppets stepped beside Daiko, deciding to take pity on him, and whispered softly. "What he means is you should spend some time with our master: She has missed you since the time you spend together in Joya."

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Daiko Flayme
Oh thank goodness… she wasn’t hurt. It was still weird to see the giant puppet pick her up as if she was an infant, but maybe it was because she didn’t at all look like any damn infant. Maybe she didn’t like being picked up like this… but she built them, right?

Once he saw the wheelchair, his eyes widened. Things were starting to click inside of his bird-like brain… the reason they called him was because the giant puppets were being mean! Hella mean, rude to a T! And what on earth were they on about with ‘responsibility’?! They were just bullying Kairaiko at this point, and Daiko would want none of that. “Hey! You shouldn’t embarrass Kairaiko like that! Isn’t she your bo- oh, w-wait, why am I floating?”

And with a heavy drop, his feet now stood behind the wheelchair carrying Kairaiko, with Daiko blinking in a state of shock. And the golem-like entity mentioned this being a date… was he going to go on a date with Kairaiko? But weren’t dates for couples? Daiko was worried for a second, not wanting to make Kairaiko uncomfortable after the help she’d given them – especially since he was wearing her outfit right damn now – but another puppet who was dressed as a maid straightened things out. “Oooohh… I missed her too! Coda also missed her – but she’s with Blue right now. Here, let me take you to them.”

And as if in his element, Daiko grabbed the handles to the wheelchair and gently pushed forward, driving Kairaiko to the outside of the guild hall – only this time, she got access to the other side with the giant pools, green and bristling floors of grass, and access to a channel connecting to the ocean further ahead… a channel where Coda was flying around a large, serpentine creature with pale, shining scales and dark, deep eyes. A sea serpent of some unorthodox species, with a much friendlier appearance than the common serpents possessed… and it was having fun trying to chase Coda as the bird neared the water here and there.

“Hey, Coda! Kairaiko’s come to visit, come say hi!” Daiko exclaimed, driving Kairaiko closer to the waters so both Coda and Blue could approach the maiden. While Blue stayed in the water, her… or his… their neck was long enough to reach over to Kairaiko and glare down at her, tilting their curious head at the new face.

Coda, on the other hand, remembered Kairaiko and immediately perched on Kairaiko’s lap to demand scratches, perking her avian head straight up to glare at Kairaiko’s chin. “C-Coda, you’re not being very reserved right now…”


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It was rather fortunate that Daiko had chosen to take her to Coda and Blue, because honestly, she had no idea how long she could continue enduring the embarrassment. When they finally arrived at the pool the sight of the mysterious sea serpent playing around with Coda earned a slight blink of curiosity from the merchant lady, a hand reaching for her chin as she pondered for a moment. "Fascinating, I didn't hear anything about Blue Pegasus hosting an assortment of exotic species among their members, which makes me presume the one you called 'Blue' is an animal companion of yours, like Coda?"

However, when Blue showed to be more reserved in its approach, Coda was far more energetic, almost straight up flying toward her and landing on her lap. Daiko's words earned a soft giggle from Kairaiko. "It is alright Daiko~ I missed her as well- isn't that right Coda?" Gently raising a hand from the armrest of her wheelchair the girl proceeded to tenderly scratch the back of Coda's head, fingers trailing down along her neck and among her feathers, clearly possessing knowledge of where Coda would prefer to be touched the most. It was all part of her studies and experience in animal handling, and as she gently rubbed along Coda's chin, right underneath her beak she turned her attention toward Blue.

"Hello Blue~ My name is Kairaiko, but you may think of me as 'Kai', it's a bit of a difficult name to remember otherwise, right?" She smiled at the sea serpent, gently closing her eyes and opening them in a slight blinking motion, making sure not to avert her gaze from the sea serpent: A sign she was affectionate toward them, and when she raised her free hand lightly toward their head, making sure to approach it from the bottom to show she wasn't a threat, she waited for them to sniff it to recognize her scent.

"You should make sure to keep a close eye on them Daiko, while Hargeon is very safe from crime, there are people willing to do bad things to get their hands on rare beings like Coda and Blue. And I would never be able to forgive myself if anything happened to them, especially knowing how sad it would make you."

She turned her gaze up at Daiko and smiled gently. "How long have you known Blue? I believe not as long as you know Coda, right?"

As she looked at Daiko she couldn't help but find her cheeks flush up again. That kind and considerate attitude of his really felt out of place in the reality she had come to take for granted. There were so few people who were able to truly express such warmth in their behavior without any acting or deception. It truly was heartwarming to her, to think there was someone so pure and gentle in this world that she had thought to be so cold and cruel.

"Daiko really is gentle, isn't he Coda?" She continued to gently rub her finger along Coda's feathers, caressing her lightly after which she started to wonder again. Why was it that she longed to meet Daiko again? To feel that same warmth again... Was it.... Not even able to finish her thoughts as she realized where her mind was going she rapidly turned her gaze back toward Coda.

By the Kami's... don't tell me I: Kairaiko, a merchant who should have clear control of her emotions has fallen in love at first sight?

Was that why she had longed to see him again? She wasn't sure, but perhaps the little adventure her puppets had send them to would help her discover the answer to that.

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Daiko Flayme
”Nah, Blue is Sofia’s companion. He… or she… just likes to hang out here,” Daiko nonchalantly explained, glancing up at Blue’s giant face near them while Coda enjoyed the petting of her neck and head feathers, cooing almost like a non-avian for a moment…

Kai was a sweet nickname. Daiko would keep to calling her Kai, too, since Kairaiko often made his tongue feel all rubbery. Kairairarararararararairararara… and Blue took the name to heart as well, being as intelligent as s-h-he-she-he was… seriously, Daiko, just ask Blue what they’d prefer to be referred as- oh wait… he didn’t know sea serpent language. Sad. But Blue did, and in a way, so did Kai as she blinked slowly only to be exchanged by a slow-blinking Blue feeling safe in her presence. Thinking thoughts like ‘this little lady means no harm, so I trust her’. Even her scent was new but fragrant to Blue, taking a few heavy sniffs that might’ve caused some fabric and Daiko’s hair to flutter in Blue’s direction.

Kai felt worried for the two creatures and the dangers looming around them, since exotic animals were often hunted for reasons not involving eating or building things. And for those who went with those reasons had no mercy to find in Daiko, and Kai noticed that despite him not saying a word about it. He tilted his head at first, but he nodded rapidly: “They won’t be in danger again. The entire guild’s watching over them, and we all love our colorful mascots… Blue’s obvious, since Blue’s blue and Blue Pegasus’ also blue, so Blue’s blue mixes well with Pegasus’ blu- ow.”

Coda had decided to grab onto Daiko’s face with her beak in protest, thinking herself just as iconic a mascot as Blue. “Y-You too, Coda… but none of you are flying horses, s-so I guess you lose points in that area,” Daiko joked around, still having Coda hang by his cheek with her strong beak biting in as Kai was curious as to how long he’d known Blue, “A-About a few years, now… me and Sofia met Blue when h- they were an itty, bitty kiddy… although Blue’s mother tried to eat me. S-Still sorry about that, Blue – I hope you can forgive me.” Daiko did feel bad about killing Blue’s mother, but beasts were violent and many sought to eat him and many others – it was a miracle that Blue stood out from their peers, and it was a miracle that Daiko wasn’t mortally wounded from being swallowed whole.

Coda thought that Daiko was weird but cute. That was it – the lesbian bird had many things on her mind, and Daiko was rarely one of them… but it still felt weird to be called gentle, even if Daiko overlooked the fact that it was a compliment. “G-Gentle? I don’t know, I’ve often been called brutish… but maybe that’s because of Lamia Scale. They were very brutish back in the day, but they were also proud of themselves, and so am I!” Pumping himself up by clenching his fists, raising them up and puffing his cheeks and chest, Daiko expressed just how much pride he held in himself after all the years of experience as a mage both in Lamia Scale, past its grievous end, and the many years to follow here in Blue Pegasus. Despite what he’d lost, he didn’t stay down for too long, and he kicked himself back up again.

Coda returned to Kai’s lap for more cuddles, fully infatuated with the merchant puppet master. “Now, now, all of Hargeon’s waiting for us! Let’s take a look at the ocean next,” Daiko suggested, turning Kai’s wheelchair 180 degrees around and waving bye to Blue, “Take good care of the guild, Blue! And please don’t eat too many seagulls, okay?!” Daiko replied before scooting past the guild and into the streets of Port Hargeon – a port through and through, in heart and spirit, with shining rays, exotic culture, and blue themes everywhere with fragrant aromas of food and drinks to boot.

“Wait… since you’re from a merchant family, maybe you’ve already visited Hargeon before? Perhaps sailed here, or-or maybe you have a giant puppet that can transform into a boat…”


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Kairaiko nodded her head attentively at Daiko's explanation. "I see~ I have heard the name Sofia being mentioned a few times by my business associates. Some praise her talents as a mage, others lavish compliments about her beauty, and a few even jokingly remark how she might be the only one capable enough to tame a certain Crystal Temptress."

Kairaiko merely smiled at Blue's energetic response to her greeting. Yet Daiko's firm response about her warning about the exotic creatures and their safety. "I'm glad to hear they are in safe hands."

Daiko's imagination did earn a gentle giggle from Kai who shook her head gently in response as Daiko guided her wheelchair toward the streets of Hargeon. "Although I have passed Hargeon by ferry a few times, I never really had the opportunity to enjoy its scenery or locals."

She paused for a bit, her gaze drifting around her surroundings as she took in the various views she was admiring. From the children playing innocently at the plaza under the watchful eye of their parents, to the villagers enjoying a peaceful day. Even just the sight of the birds flying overhead was one of the countless details she took in.

"You see, when I came here before it was usually as a part of a business trip and that forces you to focus on different things. For example, where one might see the city of Hargeon as a safe and peaceful haven thanks to the protection of Blue Pegasus, a merchant would see it as a safe route to transfer their goods toward the mainland. A merchant frequently approaches things with a very business-orientated mindset that focuses on a profit-based approach. After all, a merchant who doesn't earn money doesn't get to eat~"

The girl playfully waved a finger in the air as she recited the quote her father had taught her countless times in the past. "But that aside, how do you like Hargeon? Considering your powers and nature I wouldn't be surprised if you considered the city akin to your nest, wanting to protect its people like a mother bird trying to protect its hatchlings."

A soft hum followed as she shifted her gaze away from the docks. "Although in all honesty, part of me is not certain what the future holds either. With the war in Joya finally over a reallocation of needed goods will happen. Where previously one would be able to peddle weaponry and equipment to supply an army, one now needs to look toward other categories. For example, the things people need for rebuilding their lives~ From materials for buildings to food and medicine."

She paused for a bit, her finger gently trailing along Coda's head as she looked up at Daiko and asked with a smile. "Traders often have a specific term, or rather a 'phrase' for this situation~ Do you know what it is? I'll give you a little hint~ It is made up out of three words."

She looked at the take-over mage, curious to see if he would have an idea what exactly she was talking about.

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Daiko Flayme
Crystal Temptress? Alisa… didn’t she have another nickname? He could’ve sworn she was more known as Empress… something… h-he could’ve sworn he remembered her actual nickname! He swore!

Merchants sure lived a different life, eh… it sounded a bit stressful. Business all over the place, making a living without getting to punch something… very stressful. Daiko didn’t appreciate that – she ought to get some time to unwind, fool around, maybe punch a few things to let go of excess energy. Did she ever punch something? Had she ever just knuckled up an annoying client before? Had she ever driven her wheelchair over the feet of a burglar before?

“My nest… b-but I’m not really a female bird- wait, I’m not really a bird at all!” Daiko confused himself for a second before protesting, “But maybe… I see! It really feels like my nest, in the end – but I feel more like the hatchling here. Alisa’s always worried about me, and Sofia’s got my back most of the time when I get into trouble.” He wasn’t the most mature mage around, but screw it – he did well for a guy with his upbringing, history, circumstances and lacking educations.

He listened intently to her explaining about what people needed now that Joya had ended its war – a lot of people needed to renovate stuff and return to their homes, so everyday items and goods were highly sought out. Kai seemed to have caught on to that, the genius merchant that she was. Coda couldn’t really understand the importance of it all, but she cooed as always at Kai’s petting, all snuggled up on the lady’s lap.

“A… phrase?” Daiko blinked in a blank state, “… Hmh… I need help? Is that the phrase? Oh, wait, wait! I think I got it…”

A long moment of silence followed.


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Kairaiko smiled gently as Daiko pondered about her earlier words. Despite the fact he took her words their meaning literally for a moment, he later realized the meaning she had been trying to convey with them. "It is nice having people who care about you Daiko. Knowing that your guild master worries about you, and that Sofia watches over you. It shows both the strength of Blue Pegasus and the beauty of the bonds you have forged.

Meanwhile, as she gently caressed Coda's body and Daiko pondered about her little quiz the answer that came was to be expected, yet she still couldn't help but grin and shake her head. "The moment you hear that word as a merchant you might be in real troubles~" Yet after the momentary pause followed and Daiko didn't seem to have the answer she beckoned for him to lean closer to hear what she was about to say. For a moment she leaned sideways, closer to Daiko's ear and whispered gently into his ear: "Supply and Demand" Yet what followed before he could pull back was a gentle kiss on his cheek as she withdrew back into the wheelchair. "And that is my reward for revealing the answer to you~"

She giggled softly and smiled warmly at the take-over mage. "Say~ Daiko, could you drive me to the outskirts of Hargeon? There is a friend I'd like to introduce you to." She gestured further down the street, hoping Daiko would accept her request as she started to focus back on gently petting Coda. "Perhaps I will settle down here in Hargeon. With the war over I want to turn my creative focus and marketing skills to a good cause, perhaps I'll even join Blue Pegasus~"

At the same time they arrived at the outskirts of the town Kairaiko went quiet for a moment and closed her eyes. "I should explain why I asked you to take me here instead of inside the city, the main reason is that my friend isn't used to other humans that much. Do try not to feel offended please, she means well."

Taking a deep breath the girl inhaled sharply and then suddenly let out a fierce whistling sound which caused a rift to tear open into the void?! It was from there a large wyvern came descending through the portal, her eyes focused with an intensity onto Daiko as she seemingly was soaring straight at him!

"Wait Anecroi!" The girl's voice made the wyvern suddenly pause in its tracks, eying Daiko warily. Why... why was his master vouching for this stranger? It was then it hit him: the wheelchair, the way he was holding it so gently and protectively. For a moment the wyvern paused, hisbody wrapped in a shroud of darkness as he took his human form and bowed deeply in a gesture of gratitude toward him.

"To think you'd even transform into that look to thank him properly... you really must have approved of his kindness." Kairaiko whispered gently, upon which the wyvern nodded his head firmly, following with the effort to seemingly speak, but instead a pained wince crossed his visage. "It's alright Anecroi, you don't need to talk yet, once I find the herbs to restore your voice you can thank him~"

The young woman nodded her head lightly in agreement. "Anecroi was a wyvern trapped inside the void, when I visited talaz lagaar during one of my work endeavors I stumbled upon the Fractured Rift and he reached out to me, ever since we formed that bond he been able to cross over into our world as long as he remained near me."

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Daiko Flayme
Huh… not phrase. What was the word, then?! He just couldn’t figure it out… but he wasn’t a merchant! Don’t blame him for not having everyone’s experience… hmpf.

He did lean closer to hear what this super secret answer really was, but his brain didn’t have time to register the answer before it was preoccupied with registering her warm lips pressing onto his cheek. His eyes widened immediately – cogs in his brain had stopped functioning, and he kind of dazed off like a broken radio. He didn’t expect it. “A-A-I-A-… *bonk* WH-CODA!” Jealous Coda pecked his chin in furious rage, but Kairaiko’s further petting calmed the little lesbian down once again. Daiko, in the meantime, had been asked to bring her to the outskirts to meet a friend of hers – no clue why they’d need to go so far away to meet someone, but he immediately accepted her request: “Of course! We’ll be there in no time!”

The wind raced, and images blurred away at the speed Daiko traveled, lifting up Kairaiko’s wheelchair and just carrying it and her like a large package while releasing jets of fire from his feet. He was a bit high on the lovey-dovey energy, but she had herself to blame for encouraging him like that. She even considered joining Blue Pegasus- things couldn’t look brighter for the two of them!

Ohhhhh, maybe her friend was just shy of others… so they needed to find a place quiet and far away from buzz. “That’s okay. Sometimes, people can be scar- there’s a hole in the air…” he notified, watching a rift in space appear after her whistling, which released a giant drake- no, that was just a dragon- wait, no, that was- whatever, it was flying straight towards him! Was it danger?! Wait, did she summon it?! Why would she summon it?!

Anecroi? Wait, that was her friend, wasn’t it? And now, the wyvern had turned into a human- what sort of magical wonder friend was that? Even Coda couldn’t shapeshift, and if she even wanted to bother with a dude near her Kairaiko, she’d probably be very jealous right now. Daiko, instead, blinked in awe at the sight – the guy looked so majestic, but he showed such politeness to Daiko who couldn’t help but bow back. “U-Uh… nice to meet you, sir,” he simply greeted, a bit taken aback but allowed to grasp things further.

“Rift… how did he get trapped there? Must’ve been lonely in… uh… wherever it was,” Daiko pondered sadly, “Don’t worry, Anec-boi! You can join Blue Pegasus, too – Alisa, our Guild Mistress, likes pretty men, too! You’ll fit right in!”

“Wait, herbs can make him talk? Where are they? I can find them in no time – I’m much experienced in that field.”


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Daiko's playful pout at being unable to find the answer was quite endearing to her, a feeling that only intensified when she saw his reaction to her kiss. Although it had taken up all her courage to do such an act, to see Daiko's eyes widen in surprise and look like he had been trapped in a blissful daze was more than worth it. Coda's furious pecking at Daiko earned a soft giggle from the girl who soon did her part to calm down the excited avian. Of course when he started running and became fueled by the adrenaline rush of her earlier kiss the merchant lady couldn't help but giggle softly at the enthusiasm Daiko was showing.

Not only did she feel secure in his presence, but the happiness he expressed from the experience of having his cheek kissed was so sweet it made her briefly distract herself from the sheer speed they were traveling at, till at last they were both at the outskirts of Hargeon.

"Mhmm~ Don't worry, it isn't like the fractured rift in Talaz Lagaar, this one is more like a portal for him to travel through." As Aneicroi changed into its human form and expressed his gratitude, the transformed wyvern smiled kindly at Daiko.

"He used to dwell in the mountains near Bosco, from my understanding there were a group of wyvern hunters who tracked down his pack in the hope of earning a fortune. You see, wyvern scales, fangs and claws are very desired by collectors, and some even go as far as attempting to tame them. Aneicroi was forced to flee into the void to survive, but lost his family as a result... It is a surprise really that he is still willing to trust humanity after all the evil they done to him."

Meanwhile it seemed that Daiko had grown very interested in the herbs she was talking about. "Ah~ These herbs don't grow in the wild Daiko." She paused for a bit and pondered a bit more about the next part she was about to tell him. "There are two type of herbs that the merchant guild has kept a close secret in their production: one of them allows them to talk, the other allows them to take a humanoid appearance. I am currently saving up for these herbs~"

She smiled for a moment and then lifted her head lightly. "Say Daiko~ Can you stand in front of me for a moment?" She paused after her request, after which she looked up at the take-over mage. Her cheeks flushed up with a healthy red blush of joy as she asked the question that been lingering on her mind.

"Would you be willing to go out with me? I mean--- well to make sure you understand what I mean with that is: Would you like to take me as your girlfriend?"

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Daiko Flayme
Dragon boy could just move through portals like that? How envy-inducing was that?! With all of these wacky abilities in Fiore, he felt a little primitive as a mere Pyromage… but fire was pretty awesome, too! He’d proved that countless times over – from injuring his enemies, striking fear into their hearts, to warming up camp nights with large bonfires and providing torches with their crowns, fire had many applications and probably far more that he hadn’t even thought about…

Hearing about Anecroi’s family, however, changed the atmosphere. Hunters… and Daiko, too, was a hunter, wasn’t he? Surely, these other human hunters made good use of their catch – you didn’t dedicate yourself to the laws of the wild without being fair, after all. And being a fair hunter meant hunting only what was necessary for sustenance, food and apparel. Daiko wasn’t a big fan of hunting for rare creatures that never bothered him, and he absolutely spited game hunters that had nothing to gain from drawing blood of the wild animals other than stroking their sense of excitement. Hunting for fun meant that you saw those creatures as truly below you, and it angered him immeasurably.

“He shouldn’t trust humans…” he protested, clenching his fist in anger born from hindsight, “After all of that, why be so naïve? They took… everything from him…” He genuinely didn’t want to make Kairaiko feel bad about herself, but Daiko’s heart would always be tied to the wild. “I-I’m sorry… he looks very happy now! I’m so glad…” Anger turned to relief, and relief turned to tears. Such was his heart.

Wiping his tears away, he couldn’t help but pout at Kairaiko’s refusal from disclosing the herbs, their identities and locations. Merchant secrets, apparently… oh well, he didn’t see himself as a future merchant- unless… he could sell old bone skulls. He’d used them as hoes to ready the dirt outside of his cottage for growing daikons and carrots, but now they just stood on his shelf as memorials.

Kairaiko, however, had knowledge of specifically two herbs; one that could grant a creature the ability to talk in human languages, and one that could grant them the ability to morph into human forms. The mere idea… of a human-talking Coda… kind of terrified Daiko. “… H-Hnnnh… a talking Coda sounds world-ending…” he joked in fear, receiving the full wrath of Coda’s sharp beak.

Out of nowhere, Kairaiko asked him to stand in front of her. A simple duty, but a peculiar one at that. Doing as asked, he now stood in front of the wheelchair-bound merchant who proceeded to ask him… to go out with her. Romance. Daiko felt romance rising in the air, his heart fluttered at the realization that she liked him… that she genuinely liked him. Was this what Alisa and Sofia meant? That his time would certainly come one day… that he’d find a princess all for himself?

Kairaiko… she must’ve been that princess! It all made sense now!

“I- yes! I, uh, I’d love to… I’m new to the girlfriend-boyfriend thing, but you’re really cute, and… I-I’ve felt a bit lonely and stuff… I-I don’t know… but yes!”


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Kairaiko had gone silent as she waited for Daiko's response to her confession. For a moment she simply lowered her head slightly, making it difficult for Daiko to observe her expression. And then it happened. With all the strength, courage and resolve she could muster she attempted to push herself out of her wheelchair. She knew she couldn't walk, that her legs wouldn't be healed even by a miracle but still... As she pushed her body upwards she pulled her arms around Daiko's neck, attempting to borrow the strength of his body to help pull her upright and soon sealed the last of his words with a tender kiss on his lips.

Despite it having only lasted for a few moments, to her it felt like an eternity when she finally leaned backwards and whispered softly. "I love you Daiko~" It was a heartfel statement, and as she lowered herself back into her wheelchair she panted softly despite her cheeks having flushed up lightly, even if she had the brightest smile on her lips Kairaiko knew just how much she wanted to do this, no matter how taxing it would had been for her body. "I'm sorry Dai-chan... I wanted to give you a much more exciting response but... I'm tired~"

The girl smiled sheepishly as she explained. "While the rest of my body still functions normally, exerting any amount of force on it like I did just now tends to drain my stamina incredibly fast. But this is what I wanted: I wanted you to have my first kiss~" She smiled warmly at these words and asked further. "Could you take us somewhere safe for a bit? I would like to rest for a bit... anywhere with you is... fine~"

The girl whispered softly as she dozed off in her wheelchair.

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Daiko Flayme
Woah… she actually tried to stand up! He quickly supported her – it came naturally to him, since… okay, well, she was gonna fall to the grass if he didn’t at least grab her arms or something – but she had exerted herself so much for the sole purpose of locking her lips with his in a tender embrace. His eyes widened at the affectionate kiss, she really must’ve wanted to do this… her desire for him felt almost surreal, but it was far different from the more playful nature of Alisa and Sofia.

This felt more… special. Or something.

Understandably, it took a lot of energy from her to do so – still shaken by the kiss, Daiko still held her sides in some pseudo-trance, his heartbeat racing faster by the second. She even said… that she loved him. Directly, without holding anything back. “… I… I love you too. It’s s-so sudden, but… I do,” he reassured her, letting Kairaiko take a breather. He felt very special right now – and very fulfilled. It was as if his heart had been filled up with something he didn’t know he’d yearned for so long.

… She fell asleep. Daiko grabbed the handles of her wheelchair and gently brought her to a safer place close to the city – a small café not visited by many this time of the day. It had a pretty oceanside view, and for the first time in Daiko’s life, he felt… truly romantic.


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