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Mistakes were made? (Rose)

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Mistakes were made? (Rose) Empty Tue Aug 29, 2023 9:42 pm

Yijun had been walking around to the villages that had been welcoming enough to him and he had sought after info that might lead him to any sort of clue or lead that he could use to find the snake demon he was after but he was pretty much coming up empty handed but a sketchy robed person had walked up to him and offered him info on someone in the forest that was gathering up offerings to give to the snake demon so he knew he had to go and find out what the person was talking about at least not knowing that this was all a set up. He made his way into the deep green and he looks for signs of anyone being around in the deep green but he had not seen anyone till he swore he had heard the sounds of what he thinks is either signing or humming of a tune so he headed that way and took cover behind some trees and he watches out to see what he thinks is a woman, he was going to watch and see if it looked like she was gathering offerings for something.


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Every Rose has its Thorns

It was a beautiful morning as Rose roused from sleep, surprisingly not forced awake by bad dreams about her past. Certainly a rare occurrence for her but nonetheless a welcomed one. The dragon slayer decided she wanted to go out exploring in the deep green of Worth Woodsea, maybe even get some training in while she was at it. Given how warm it was outside, Rose decided to dress differently than she normally did. Instead of her usual attire, the young girl picked out a white blouse with a below-the-shoulder ruffled collar laced with a pink ribbon paired with a black pleated skirt. Under the skirt, she wore a pair of spandex shorts. This was so she could run around a move freely without worrying about exposing her underwear.

After getting ready, Rose headed over to the guild hall to have some breakfast and grab some snacks she could take on her excursion. The slayer then headed out to her destination, it took Rose a good half hour on foot to reach there but when she finally did, the young girl was amazed at how vast and neverending the deep green always seemed to be. Before heading in, Rose rummaged through her bag, pulling out a small pink handkerchief along with a small bag of cookies.

Rose had done her research about the place after she got lost here one time about a year ago, so in order to avoid the same accident, she tied the handkerchief to the lowest hanging tree branch of the tree near the entrance and placed the cookies by that tree's roots. It was an offering to the would-be forest spirits to allow her safe passage without them playing their little tricks on her.

Once that little ritual was completed, Rose headed right on in. Although sunlight easily filtered through the treetops, it was still a bit too dark due to the sheer density of this part of the forest, so Rose conjured up a small ball of light with her magic to help her avoid tripping over roots and whatnot. Rose finally found a small spring she could rest at. There, she pulled out a small blanket from her bag and the rest of her snacks along with a thermos filled with juice. She sat down to enjoy the tranquility and eat her treats.

Once finished, Rose packed everything up neatly and decided to start training, unaware of the presence of the unidentified person watching her from the pitch. As Rose did some warm-up stretches, she picked up a wooden stick nearby, the stick was about the length of a shortsword and fairly heavy for its size. The slayer figured it was enough weight to actually put some strain on her arm muscles. So, like you would swing a sword, she made what looked like practice swings with the branch.

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Yijun wondered what this woman was doing out here and to why she would ever go out alone into the forest, though him thinking on it he is also alone in the forest but he shakes off the thought and he looked around he grabbed a small stick of his own and he made his way closer to the woman as she had seemed cheery compared to what he would expect a demon worshiper would look like but as she was the only one he had seen in the deep green he figured she was the one even though she didn’t look like it. Though do people that make offerings to demons and worship them really have a certain look to them? He didn’t have time to be playing mind games with himself and so was she took another swing he sees an opening and he ran up on her. He puts the point of the stick into her back and covered her mouth with a dark seal of bane magic weakening her slightly. "Don’t scream or I will hurt you. You are coming with me." He was bluffing but he needed this woman’s info if the tip was right but from what he had seen she was doing snack and training tributes.

He put a bag over her head so she couldn’t see him. Then threw her over his shoulder and he made his way through the trees and brush to a nearby cave hidden among the trees that he had known about and had more than once slept in. He knows what he was doing was morally wrong but if there was a chance he was going to take it. He put her down so she is facing a wall and removed the bag and seal though the feeling of weakness she had didn’t fade from her. "Don’t look back at me and tell me why you were in the forest doing tributes to the snake demon and tell me where he is!" the cave seemed to echo his tone bouncing violently off the walls, it was cold in here and there were the sounds of distant dripping water. He hopes she will just spill her guts and he can be on his way and find this elusive demon.


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Every Rose has its Thorns

Rose only wanted to train and have a good time, she was completely innocent, and yet, she found herself in quite a scary predicament. While taking practice swings, her mouth was suddenly covered by a rough hand accompanied by what seemed to be some sort of spell that made her weak. At the same time, something was pointed at her back, a blade. No, it was too dull on the end to be that, perhaps it was a stick. Regardless, a low and threatening voice spoke to her from behind. The slayer assumed the owner of the voice belonged to the owner of the hand currently covering her mouth.

The man told Rose not to scream or he'd hurt her. She shook her head but didn't let out a peep. Before she could even try to react, a bag was suddenly placed over her head and she was foisted over his shoulder like a bag of potatoes before he carried her off. With the bag covering her head and heavily obscuring her vision, Rose couldn't see where he was taking her but she could smell the scent of moss and dampness. It seemed like this mysterious man had brought the young slayer to a cave.

He put her down and took the bag off her head. Rose wanted to turn around and see who had been so crazy to take her hostage but he warned her not to look at him as he had put her facing the wall. Rose had no clue what was going on or why this person had snatched her nor who this snake demon he was screaming about was. Although the cave was dim, some light filtered through from the entrance, making the girl's shaking shoulders visible. "I don't know anything about tributes or snake demons! I just came out to train and have fun, please let me go mister..."

Terror and confusion were apparent in the girl's shaking voice, as she pleaded her innocence and begged the man to let her go. Now Rose was regretting her choice to leave the guild hall this morning, she should have just stayed home or at least not gone out alone. Then maybe this whole awful situation wouldn't have happened. However, it was too late for regrets. She was already in the current predicament. All the young slayer could do was hope the man would realize he had the wrong person and set her free.


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The man hearing her pleas nearly felt guilt and almost second guessed him self, but he wasn't done with her yet and he would keep the fake bass to his voice. "Say your name and why you were alone out in the forest you say, you were training. What idiot goes off alone to train in the forest with beasts around? Sounds like a load of human garbage like yourself." He walked closer to her and he put his hand on the back of her head to make sure that she didn't look at him, as if he did have the right person and she gets away that she can't pick him out of a crowd but could pick her out of it if he had to. He was going to break her if he had to as this was something he had to do, he needed to find his father, one to find out why he left his mother like that, second if he regretted what he had done and lastly how to become a demon and depending on the answers he might attempt to kill his own father. He refocused on the woman that looked scared of him and this situation, was this an act? or was this real had he grabbed the wrong person here to interrogate. "Did you see anyone else out in the forest besides yourself?"


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Every Rose has its Thorns

Unfortunately, Rose's pleas fell on deaf ears, the man didn't believe a word she said. To add insult to injury, he even called her an idiot and human garbage. Normally Rose would be fuming by now but she was far too terrified of him to muster any sort of retort to his nasty comment. The man's deep voice and threatening voice weren't enough, he got close, putting a hand on her shoulder but still made sure she didn't turn around to look at him. It was clear to her, that this man didn't want to be seen by her. Probably thought if she got away, she would pick him out in a crowd or something like that.

He asked if she saw anyone else in the forest. "Look Mister, I didn't see anyone else and I'm telling you, you have the wrong person! I'm a member of Paradise Dawn, a mage's guild here in the North. I wanted to have fun a train away from my guild for a change of pace. If you still don't believe me, I can show you my guild mark." Rose pleaded once more, even offering to show him her mark in hopes that would make the man believe her.

All Rose wanted to do was go home and get away from this crazy person. The young slayer didn't care who he was or why he thought it was a good idea to capture someone in broad daylight who was minding their own business. Although she was scared, Rose would fight in order to get free if it came down to it. Although the mage wasn't the most adept at combat, she could at the very least fend off another mage so long as they weren't too much stronger than her. First, she would need to somehow distract him so she could get free and cast her dashing spell.


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Upon hearing she was from Paradise Dawn his blood froze a bit as that means that he had royally messed up, he would still make her show him her guild mark as proof. He had to think up and idea and he had to do it fast before she understood the fear of hearing that had just hit him with and he tried to keep the deep threatening voice so he didn't let on that he was scared of what might happen to him if he was caught. He put the bag back over her head but this time he tied it tightly so she couldn't just throw the bag off and look at him. "Prove it to me, show me your guilds mark and then I will leave you be and I will be on my way only asking you to wait ten seconds so I may leave first." The man was readied him self to flee once he had seen her guild mark and he hoped that he had not miss gambled here and she was bluffing him.


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Every Rose has its Thorns

After hearing her pleas, the man put the bag back over her head once more but only this time, he tied it tightly so Rose wouldn't be able to pull it off and see him. He asked her to show him his guild mark then he would let her go after confirming what she said was true. Now, Rose could play this a number of ways. For one, her guild mark was in a place that she normally did not show to others unless she was dressed in her bikini. So the idea of having to lift her shirt to show a strange man who not only kidnapped her out of the blue but also threatened her was less than ideal.

Although it may have seemed like finding out he made a mistake didn't fluster him, Rose had a feeling he may be panicking somewhat, after all, her guild master was fairly well known to go after those who harm his members outside the guild. If Yuurei ever found out about this incident, this man would no longer have peace of mind. Either way, the young slayer wasn't about to let him see her mark and leave.

With the bag over her head, she turned to face him, not removing it. "I would show it to you mister but the thing is, I would have to remove my shirt some due to its location and I don't think it very gentlemanly of you to see an unmarried girl's bare skin without at least introducing yourself. Especially after you mistook me for someone else and kidnapped me like this, ya know?" Rose did her best to keep her tone mostly neutral and also a bit anxious from when she spoke before in order to hide her mischievous intentions from her clumsy captor.


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Yijun sighed as he heard what the woman had to say and he guessed it wasn't proper for him to ask such a thing of her, but he had no idea why she added the unmarried part of the sentence was she some middle aged woman that felt she needed to add that like this was some kind of speed dating event in a bar. "You bring up a good point, I will just believe you and I will just go have fun." He turned and he started to run out of the cave and he slipped on the cave floor and the world went upside down and he hit the floor of the cave hard and went sliding out of the cave into the forest and he was holding his head as it was pulsing in pain and the world was spinning a bit and he was disoriented as he was laying on the ground a little bit out of the cave.

He knows that he needed to get up and run away before that woman takes the bag off and probably chases him but he doesn't think he can as he had stupidly not remembered the basics of watching your footing.

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