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Trade Deal 2

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#1Iza Bicdic 

Trade Deal 2 Empty Tue Aug 29, 2023 12:27 pm

Iza Bicdic

Iza was back at it again; he needed to make his way back to Joya, but it would seem like business was booming here for him. He couldn’t help it, but it would seem like people didn’t have anything to do. They were paying attention to his performance and even the jokes he was saying. This was good because they would give him the jewels he wanted. While he was doing his daily performance, he would see that someone was approaching him.

The clown would look over and he would see that it was some random dude he had never seen in his life. He would rub the back of his head as he was trying to figure out who this person was. The man would come to a stop not too far from Iza and he would stretch his arm out with a sheet of paper in his hand.

“Can you accept this work? I heard what you did the other day, so I figured I could approach you to help with this.” He said to Iza and he would tilt his head.


#2Iza Bicdic 

Trade Deal 2 Empty Tue Aug 29, 2023 12:27 pm

Iza Bicdic

“I will only help if ya answer my joke” He said this as he wondered if the man would agree to his conditions.

The man would nod and Iza would clear his throat before talking.

“What do you call an elf who won’t share?” He asked him waiting for an answer.

The man would look at him and he would think about it. He was trying to get the answer, but it would be wrong. Iza would look at him and he wondered if he was even trying.

“The answa to that is an Elfish elf.” He paused for a second and the man would laugh, not because it was funny, but because he didn’t want to be rejected from the job.

Iza would just take the paper and he would look it over. This was another that convinced people to make a deal with other people thing. He would read through it and he would rub the back of his head. People were idiots and it made him wish something bad would happen to them soon.


#3Iza Bicdic 

Trade Deal 2 Empty Tue Aug 29, 2023 12:28 pm

Iza Bicdic

“I will do the job nothing to worry about. Just take me to the village you think would be easier to convince or that needs the convincing.” He said to the man.

When he heard the clown agreeing to the work, he would be happy as hell. It was then that he would lead the way. One village was fine with the deal, but there was the other one that was fighting tooth and nail to go against it. He wasn’t sure why though, but figured this jester could find the answers.

Iza would follow him and soon enough they would make their way to the front of a village. He would look at the man and he would escort him inside, which the guards would allow. Once he was inside, he would look around the place. He figured he could go to their leader and see what was up with them, but he figured he would see if he could find the bad root of all of this.


#4Iza Bicdic 

Trade Deal 2 Empty Tue Aug 29, 2023 12:28 pm

Iza Bicdic

Iza would investigate the place and it was easy for him to get information when he was performing for the people in this village. It would seem like they had never seen a professional jester before, and they were enjoying the spectacle. He would finally get the answers he wanted and it would seem like the advisor was the reason why the deal had not fallen through. The Stand user would shake his head as he couldn’t believe this but knew it would be a simple task. All he had to do was catch the man in the act of doing something illegal. He was sure there must have been a reason that he didn’t want to accept this deal.

He would go to the advisor’s home, where he had gotten the location from the locals. It would seem like he was with the chief of the village, which made going through his home that much easier. He would sneak through the back and he would start looking around the place.


#5Iza Bicdic 

Trade Deal 2 Empty Tue Aug 29, 2023 12:29 pm

Iza Bicdic
It wouldn’t take long, but he would find exactly what he needed. It would seem like there was documentation that he had found. It would seem like if the chief didn’t accept the deal, then others would back the advisor, and he would be the new chief. He would shake his head, and this was a way to take down a few people in this village as well. Iza would take the documents, and right there, he would trip and he would push something out of his way and that would lead to a chain reaction to destroying almost everything in the house. Still, he was able to save the documents, which was all that mattered to him.

Iza would walk out of the place as he was going to visit the leader of this place. It wouldn’t take long for him to arrive at his destination, and when he did he would explain to the guards that he had something to tell their leader.


#6Iza Bicdic 

Trade Deal 2 Empty Tue Aug 29, 2023 12:29 pm

Iza Bicdic

Iza would be allowed in, but they would follow him as they couldn’t really trust him. When he got there, he would see the man sitting down and reading something.

“I have something fo ya. It seems like ya advisor doesn’t want ya to go with the deal, and there’s a reason ta that.” He said as he would give him the paper.

The leader would read this and he would become angry as he couldn’t believe this was happening under his very nose. The leader would thank Iza, hand him some jewels, and he would ask the guards to apprehend the advisor along with the others on the list.

Iza would take the jewels and he would go see the guy who hired him, and he would explain the situation. He would get more jewels from that guy as well, and he would go back to handling his job for the day.



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