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The Altar of Candles(Kazimir/Closed)

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The Altar of Candles(Kazimir/Closed) Empty Sun Mar 26, 2023 7:57 am

It was something that Elise figured might be good to do some minor preparations with in her many of things with in her lexicon of ways to pay tribute or offer to the gods. This meant Elise some how dragged at least one hundred candle here, crafting an altar to stand them upon and set it up for it's intended design of having levels of how high the candles got. with some being almost higher than Elise stood, Others just to where her feet were.

It was a fair amount of work over all to set it up, She had gathered the wood herself to make the altar stable, made sure the candles where neatly arranged. Then quietly stopped for a moment to check how the wind was at this time. If she wanted this to work she needed to wind not to be active at this time, Which was hard to ask.

But before anything else pulling a cigarette from somewhere still left unknown but assumed to be the sleeves of her outfit, as well as getting a match she lit up her horrible habit and took a moment to look out at the water and took her time to smoke her cigarette rather than rushing through it to just get the hit of the feeling of it in her system, Then she use would use the smoke form it to test how strong the wind is currently.

#2Kazimir Seiryu 

The Altar of Candles(Kazimir/Closed) Empty Wed Mar 29, 2023 11:07 am

Kazimir Seiryu
"You hear that the rogue mage is in town," a church member murmured as he was walking with a bag thrown over his shoulder.

"So you're just going to leave?" Another priest replied with a hand on the man's shoulder.

"I'm not gonna stay so I can get interrogated if he shows up," the church member shrugged off the priest's hand and headed for the town exit.

Just as they were leaving the wind seemed to come to an eerie standstill. The priest looked around, hurriedly straightened his robe, and walked off with a brisk step. The wind flicked along the ground once more as the candles flickered. Small pink flower petals wafted along the ground before the wind died once more.

Kazimir stepped out from behind a building and ran his hand along the brick. it was odd to still think that he could actually interact with the world, while transported like this. He turned his attention to the altar of candles. He saw the woman that in a faint way seemed familiar.

He stepped closer to the woman as she began to smoke. "Seems like an extravagant Altar you've made Elise?"



The Altar of Candles(Kazimir/Closed) Empty Thu Mar 30, 2023 6:41 am

It seemed having her altar set up by a building even if not too far away from the river did bring attention form other priests, equally as well as some one else but she would first mutter to herself in Minstrel only because if anything she had a feeling that people might have been watching her in the background."Oui oui montre combien de personnes pourraient toujours regarder.."Elise seemed almost like she sounded annoyed with it already, At least almost all of them quietly left all but one person, Over all it could be a bit of a benefit.

If there is anything Elise knew from her studies and history doing these things that once something knew your name when you did not it was sign of many things. But her brash and harsh nature would just show right away."It isn't an altar in dedication to you if you where thinking that."It was also said quickly like it was meant to snap back at a person.

Elise did not know who she was dealing with, Often working the way she was it was most likely expected if you knew when finding her she was entirely this way. With the strange standing still feeling it might not help the matter either. Letting the smoke from her cigarette slowly seep out of her mouth.  Elise assumed this was some avatar of a deity either good or evil wanting to ask for Elise for something. A blunt assumption but it was what she was use too."Unless your here entirely for a different reason?" Elise seemingly gave him a bit of time to actually say something only because she was curious just with out expressing it.

#4Kazimir Seiryu 

The Altar of Candles(Kazimir/Closed) Empty Sat Apr 01, 2023 8:37 am

Kazimir Seiryu
A half-smile came onto Kaz's face as the woman snapped back at him. But more so at the thought of someone confusing him with a being that would believe an altar was built for them. "I assure you. No one is building any altars for me." He replied with a soft and stoic voice. Stepping clearly out of the shadows now, the flicker of red in his eyes could be seen, showing that he was a vampire. But his other eye flickered an angelic golden.

"I know that you have been...hunting races from another realm. Angels, Daemons, Nephilim. I wanted to ask you a question." He stepped beside the altar, about three feet to her side, giving her room still. "I'm here investigating the church and their connection to those beings. If you have encountered any before I'd like to know your history with them."

He looked over to the woman with a piercing gaze, "I am also on the hunt for them. And I am close to rooting out their origins."


The Altar of Candles(Kazimir/Closed) Empty Sat Apr 01, 2023 6:20 pm

It would not shown in any manner on her face or voice but the entire fact a person seemingly showed up out of no where, knew who she was and what she did was often many simple signs to Elise that it was some kind of person fitting what she was hunting wanting something for her."Then you must be up and coming if your asking me what I think your about to make me to do."Elise's blunt and brash speaking was not going away any time soon. the only thing that might be different in the accent of minstrel that she had not managed well enough in speaking to get rid of yet.

But then again more often then naught she seemed more interested in speaking minstrel and never often showing she spoke Fiorian. But he wanted to ask her a question, seemingly she was listening because she seemed to not move, smoke her cigarette and waiting to hear something phrase as a question. Elise was picky this way.

Already Elise kind of assume in some manner this might not be quite what it seems."He who carries traces of many monsters, seeks ask a question....but has yet to ask it."Elise point out being nice enough to not blow smoke in his face even if she was being a bit aggressive Only because she was told there would be a question but one was not spoken to her.

The piercing gaze seemed to leave her seemingly unfazed, either not showing what she felt of entirely did not care. That was hard with a deity hunter also being a woman who has nothing really in life as well, she had her trick to keep herself in check."But fine, What is my part in this hinting undermining plan of yours?"Elise asked him to kind of get him to say it.

#6Kazimir Seiryu 

The Altar of Candles(Kazimir/Closed) Empty Mon Apr 03, 2023 9:40 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"Up and coming...I suppose in a way," he replied knowing it was odd for him to know who she was and for her not to know anything about him. Perhaps he would tell her soon how that came to be.

He cocked a brow as the woman didn't seem to pick up on the fact that there was a question there. Maybe she would be more of a liability than an asset? he wondered for a moment given her temperament but was still seeing where this would go. "You'll need to be more observant if you want to hunt otherworldly beings," he said in less of a rude manner and more of a matter of fact assuming she had just not understood the question perhaps or if she was being stubborn about it.

"What is your relationship with those beings? I've already seen you speak about them before," he asked without facing her and took a step forward, keeping her to his flank at his left side. The wind picked up and flickered the flames of her candles.

She seemed as if she was a pretty jaded individual, and he wondered if she was the type to get in over her head. He reminded himself that people dealt with trauma in their own way. And this harsh demeanor was probably a side-effect of how she handled her past.

"My other question is simple...Do you really want to stop them?"


The Altar of Candles(Kazimir/Closed) Empty Tue Apr 04, 2023 7:53 pm

It seemed the way Elise acts still confuses Kazimir when Elise still for the most part knew at least they where questions asked. But Elise was just in some manner entirely a jerk to a person at the time meeting her and only slightly warming up to them over time, Depending on how things works between them."We where in Minstrel would call you many names if you thought I did not know who you are."Elise said. Because she was not lazy she looked into people who where well known figures she could get her hands on, Thus it would lead into this conversation.

Then Elise would just say the few things she could openly admit that would be easy pickings of information."Kazimir I know very well what I am doing. I practice the art of tricking people with words."She paused for a moment to continue smoking. So it seemed she knew at least who she was and such so that entire matter was entirely gone now."Judith, Makes fairly decent wine, Does not compare to the vintage ones in minstrel i have tasted before, But that is a hard standard to mimic."Elise also pointing that she had met Judith before with out meeting him before but knows they both are in Fairy Tail.

Elise was showing she was entirely what she was expected to be and her way of talking and acting was often covered in seriousness when if you thought about it could equally just be sarcasm."But if you know anything I suppose you are due an entire explanation of what my relationship with them are."Elise wanted to assume he already knew but maybe it was a chance to make things a bit clear. But her cigarette was done, So she flick the butt away far away from her altar and clear from sight, Then she had another one and lit it ablaze and started smoking."It is entire a relationship of me using them for their power, Gaining powers off of whoever wants to leave them alone because they are ones who thinks I can kill them, Or wants to give me power because they want me to kill another god."Then she kind of stared at Kazimir waiting to hear what he would say about how that worked.

But she did not forget what he asked there was one more thing that kind of made her interested in their conversation, To end all of that problem."Oh? and here people tell me I am insane for wanting that, Of course I do humans needs to free from these deities meddling for a reason..."Elise said that. There was a strange sense of honesty to that statement because exactly what she wanted here.

#8Kazimir Seiryu 

The Altar of Candles(Kazimir/Closed) Empty Sat Apr 08, 2023 2:27 am

Kazimir Seiryu
"So then...you do know who I am. I wonder how up-to-date that information is?" He replied. This time his voice drifted at the end of the sentence as if it wasn't really a question this time. He had changed forms so often that he wondered if any could keep up with it.

He peaked over his shoulder at her statement about being tricky with words and gave a cheeky grin, "Really...Sounded like you were just being stubborn to me." he added in a tone as if they had known each other for a while. "But those are both traits that will keep a person alive." He then waited as she recounted knowing Judith. "I see you've made your rounds." Having met a couple of guild leaders already she was doing well for herself. "Don't let Judith hear you say that. she may take off for Minstrel to learn."

The wind mage crossed his arms and shifted his gaze toward the ground as she spoke about her connection with them. He was more interested in what created that kind of hatred but that was a personal matter. "All I know about you is what you told to Yuurei. I can try to watch all conversations that bring up seraphim and daemons." It was an interesting path. One that didn't sound too far off to some that he encountered before, or even what he had done to himself.

"Seems we have that bit in common then, Elise." It was not often that he found someone that held his same vigor for putting a stop to the plans of those beings. He turned to face the woman again. "I don't think you are insane at all. An equally annoying situation is that I have reason to believe the church is creating its own doctrine, not of the seraphim they claim to follow. And they use that false doctrine to control the people and seize power. I want humans to be free from the meddling of otherworldly beings and the lies of the church." This time it was Kaz that let the moment linger a second to see what she would say in response to that.It was only the tip of the iceberg.


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Elise for the most part would just reply to his wonder with sass."I have no idea entirely, why don't you look and see what is correct or not?"Elise said while she was continuing her casual exhale of smoke from her mouth. Then she would look over at an area beyond where Kazimir's image that was talking to her was. Then made herself face the direction she was looking at turned herself to it. Took a few slow step forward, Then when she closed her hand a javelin would form from magic and she just threw at quickly and far distance then Elise just muttered to herself."Allez trouver d'autres choses à fouiner au prêtre." Whatever happen to the priest that was trying to spy on them Elise did not care but she knew they were looking around and trying to spy on her.


"They haven't stopped watching for me a while now,shocking so devoted to a minstrel nun and her habits they would be when they work mostly at the day."Elise muttered to herself walking back to her set up. Then flicking the cigarette with her index and her thumb away from the alter she set up. Given Yuurei spoke about her, Elise was curious in some manner."But it does wonder me if my guild master tells nice things of me."Elise said with a bit of a laugh about it. She assumed good things but could not help but be serious about it.

But moved on to Judith for a moment."I do not know her well, But I want to assume for reasons she is strange enough to do all of that just because she can? Is...is she just that odd?"Elise asked, she had yet really need to think about her encounter for Judith."She was the oddest one of the people I have met in my travels to and around Fiore so far."But then she over all would go back to the main conversation at hand.

After all she apparently was being asked to help some one doing the same thing she was already doing."Look at that, they stabbing their poison into the vines of churches...not shocked."stating that she lit a match and took her time to start lighting up the candles. Elise seemed completely not shocked at all.

#10Kazimir Seiryu 

The Altar of Candles(Kazimir/Closed) Empty Thu Apr 20, 2023 9:54 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir simply watched the woman handle the situation with the spy. The church was ever vigilant. The woman returned to her candles with a few words. "The church will try and learn about and take out anyone they see as a threat." Although it didn't seem like she was making herself too inconspicuous with having an altar.

Finally, the woman let out a laugh, "Actually I haven't spoken to Yuurei at all. I can see all events that are happening around Fiore. And I hone in on any conversations about Nephilim, daemons or gods. that's how I found out about you." he said as if it was nothing creepy at all. Although it did make him feel like it was a trait of the very beings that both of them wanted to defeat. "In actuality," he ran a semi-spectral hand through one of the candles, "I'm not even here right now." He revealed himself as being projected from a different location.

Kaz cocked a brow at her question about the guild master and responded with a small laugh. His demeanor seemed to lighten a bit. "She is probably even odder than she showed you. She is a good guild master. I still remember surprising her with the proposition." He looked down for a moment thinking about not-so-far-off times.

"Yeah...but to get to the bottom of things. There is a Nephilim that I tracked here. If you're interested in a brief team-up we can follow this thread together. As I'm not really here I can be a lookout, and I can to a degree," he picked up a small stone and tossed it, "interact with the world but not much."

"I believe this Nephilim has information on a cult within the church. And it is that cult that will lead me to the last Archangel that still lives on Earthland."


The Altar of Candles(Kazimir/Closed) Empty Sat Apr 22, 2023 10:21 am

It did make her curious to know more about this guild master of his for a moment but keep in mind proposition as a word to some one like Elise who had an entire different life style Elise would not help but out right say"Proposition huh? Trying to win her hand in marriage and bed her before anyone else for the betterment of your life?"This was more telling to life in minstrel than anything else. She was use to a fair different kind of thing for the idea of a proposition. It was out there and a bit almost rude to say depending on the person and how they viewed it.

If Judith was that much of an oddity surely that was what he was pondering over."Or something else entirely?"Elise seemed to consider it a serious thought, After all Fiore was different then Minstrel.

But Elise seemed to be aware she might be thinking of it wrong, Then would continue on with the conversation at hand. It was over all a good situation for Elise to be in, Even if it was a bit strange and Elise was still some what worried about some of the things that could happen with some of the things that where here at this time."It is not uncommon for me to work with others, But before I agree what I have one question."Elise said because she was curious enough and the answer. They shared the same end goal but she had to ask to him."What reason do you do this for?"It seemed open ended of a question."ignoring the common goal we share."She left that part as a cut off so that he could not just simply say the entire shared idea they both had, Elise seemed there was more to it.

But her questions where not done yet, after all she was agreeing to go along with him."As well....even if your not actually here, am I even by chance ever going to actually meet you the person?"Elise seemed to be willing to do these things but wanted to be sure it was not all entirely just seeing an image of him. After waiting for his answers, Elise would move on to the second part of what she was doing opening up one of her books and flipping through it's pages.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz let his hair fall down over his face as he looked to the ground, concealing a smile about the statement, "Nothing like that at all," he spoke with a lightness in his voice. "She is more like family. I stepped down as guild master and passed the title to her." He looked back up and over the city. He didn't want to go down the rabbit hole of all the familiar relations that had sprung up around him and Judith so he left it at that, implying they had a strong friendship.

"Yes," he replied to the fact that she had one question and turned to face her. The wind mage's brow cocked, not expecting her to actually be the inquisitive type about that. She had seemed that the mission would have been all that mattered. "The same reason anyone else would," he started. Most people that he knew that had an agenda against them were all around the same reasons. Control, manipulation, revenge. It would be a very long story and one that he didn't care to divulge too much about. Especially as they were still strangers to one another.

"Simple really. They tried to puppet my life. And when I broke free of it, they began to hunt me. I saw them for what they are and don't want them to keep controlling our destiny. In the same way, I would take down an earthy organization that used fear and manipulation to control people and misguide them...the seraphim are no different. They are just a violent mafia that is harder to reach. My fight with them has lasted for years. I also have the ability to glimpse into the past...and have seen the deep-rooted changes they have bled into our history." He stopped in thought as he waited to see her reaction. His mind wandered for a moment to the number of deaths that had piled up in his history.

The conversation would then take a slight shift. "A second question huh?" he joked back. "Up to you really. I am hunting a cult in the West right now. I'll be there for a while but you are welcome to join me. However, I am being targeted by high-ranking officials in the church. So it could be pretty dangerous." The invitation was open, he just wanted to make sure she knew the risks. Something told him that wouldn't detour her from coming if she wanted to though. The people after him were powerful, but even so, he was confident he could use his maneuverability to keep her safe if needed.

"What about you? What's your reason for hating them so much?"


The Altar of Candles(Kazimir/Closed) Empty Thu Apr 27, 2023 11:16 am

Elise did listen and seemed intently listening over all to what what being spoken to her about that matter, Elise seemed if anything able to just kind of see it now for what it was."I guess you fiorians are different then minstrel life." Elise mentioned about it, over all Elise seemed to be trying to see how people here work compared to life here, she was use to people so this statement might make sense."interesting change of expectations."Elise even seemingly a bit more monotone and well almost harsh. But seemed almost like it gave her a small sense of hope and change. Or that a life here maybe she would need to think about things differently upon what she normally saw in the never ending cycle of each person would try to one up one another.

To start off with the same everyone else does was going to have some one just tell him to stop being so secretive. Then she realized that Elise might well do the same thing mostly because she had more people over all trust problems. Her reason would most likely show eventually that even if Elise was a slightly prideful and hard worker she had flaws about her person self worth and bitterness. But she had a side note."that power would be useful...like learning how that painter Mimi is so odd."It was meant as a harmless phrase in pass at the idea of being able to see in the past.

But he wanted the answer."I see it a reflection of my own oppression of my family to see how the seeds of powers work...thus wanting to be free from it, I view it better to free everyone.....to show how far I can make it to spit in the face of the ones who in the current time might think I can not achieve this goal." It was entirely because she wanted to show the way of life she left behind fame, power and status are pointless, But it seemed her bitterness did linger with in her.

As for the mention of being a target and the risk. Elise simply stated."There is a reason i do everything at night...so i know i am being tracked."there might have been more to it but it was just the most simple answer."It is easy to expose your intentions when no one else is suppose to be around at that time." it was not a suggestion that he did the same but it was entirely why you could only ever find Elise at night and trying to find her in the day time was almost impossible.

Then Elise would continue in which she set up, she got on one knee placed both hands on the knee not touching the ground, closed her eyes and seemed to chant prayer in minstrel really quietly. It seemed she was paying to something even a bit private to what it was and why, Just did not care if Kazimir was here for it.

#14Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"How are things in Minstrel," Kaz asked seeing as how their conversation had taken a slight lean toward more cultural topics. He hadn't expected to have gotten into a conversation about life and such, beyond the hunt. But he wasn't opposed to a bit of chatter.

"Seems like you may prefer it over life there,"
he added with a pretty open-ended question if she chose. But it was mostly just to keep the conversation going. Perhaps she wasn't so stubborn as he thought after all.

"It does come in handy. Although Mimi is nice enough. I'm sure you could just ask her if anything. Seems you've met most of my family already." he replied, having only loosely hinted at the connections so far. Things were complicated when it came to those matters. "It makes investigations a lot easier." He had sacrificed raw power for the ability to be more in tune with the mysteries of the world. His true gift now comes in the form of knowledge.

It made sense now, a little more, why she made that comment about marriage. An oppressive family may instill that kind of judgment. "Hopefully you've been able to find the beginning of a new life here, "Kaz added with a more warm tone than he had before. Something closer to the softness he spoke before his transition to his otherworldly crusade. He could see somewhat of a tortured soul in the woman. The guarded nature and distrust. The speak about her oppressive family. It wasn't hard to see the same reflections he saw in others that had gone through similar struggles. Even himself.

"Agreed. For the most part, it is better to operate at night. There are some midnight sects of the church to look out for. But the general public wouldn't be in the way either." He agreed in part. Even though as time went on, he paid less attention to the time of day it was. Probably acting too recklessly at times. "If we ever met. I'll take care of the morning endeavors then." An odd thing to say as a vampire.

The women then began to pray. Kaz stood for a few seconds before turning away and giving her this moment. She reminded him a lot of someone he once knew. A small sound came from around the way. Kaz stepped forward to investigate a little.

He placed his back to a tree as a church member walked by. He glimpsed the symbol of the cult on his lapel. With a squinted gaze he watched the man round a corner. That had to be the lead he was looking for. it was no hurry though. The man could only go so far.


The Altar of Candles(Kazimir/Closed) Empty Sat Apr 29, 2023 5:25 pm

It seemed their conversation would not continue until Elise was don praying, Even if it was almost a bit of a strange quiet for a moment of time but she seemed to get through her prayer quickly. It would be a chance after finishing to mention about the church person he was interested in, one could easily get Elise to chase them down. But that was entirely Kazimir's idea what he could use for such an idea.

But moving on from the matter Kazimir wanted to know what life in minstrel was like. She would walk away from her altar as a means to not disrespect the thing she just set up and possibly ruin the meaning behind her prayers at the time. What they where for and why would not be brought up by Elise. Taking out cigarette one another hiding place she seemed to just lite it up and slowly smoke."Marriage and propositions are never for anything good for all parties..." Elise mentioned when it came to Minstrel.

But he wanted to listen she would speak."Status....power....fame...hierarchy....wealth."Elise listed various things that showed human greed at it's worst. But with a casual inhale and drag of cigarette she seemed to actually be thinking of her words to entirely thinking of the best way of telling with out just flinging meaningless insults at people she could not tell this to in their faces."You raise your children to look fitting suitors to the high class....not out of love. To better your family name, not what your family members wants."Elise viewed it as a horrible existence, it might have shaped her into the semi-aggressive and rude woman she was now. Elise was raised to be something different and this seemed to be the woman finding herself while also letting the means in which she was raised in still kind of reflecting at the time still.

So it showed that the results was trying to make Elise and  raised to be a child meant to improve her family's status."I was just there....to look perfect:playing music, cooking, cleaning, Always pretty..."In some manner the resentment with in her was not being hidden well. Maybe the praying was not only for other people but to keep herself in line."My mother and father wanted to try and be one of the many who wanted to be the top families in Minstrel...I was expected to be that piece to the end goal..."Then it almost sounded like that Elise was not only depressed and in some manner disappointed weather it was in herself or the matter over all was a good question about it.

#16Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"I see. Is that why you left Minstrel?" He asked as she finished speaking. it sounded like her family had turned on what she wanted and intended to use her as a tool to get what they wanted. A familiar story to the wind mage. It brought him further back in his memories than he had thought about for a long time. It had been years since he thought about the scar on his chest and the ones that caused it.

"Sounds like you escaped a bad life. Hopefully doing so wasn't too painful. It can leave a lot of scars to have to turn away from your family. I left mine too." He would reply, giving a small bit of information about his own past, before he came to live in this country. He wanted to continue the brief conversation they shared, but he couldn't forget about the target that was there. "Not many people would have the strength to put that behind them."

Kaz leaned off the tree and nodded to a street, "The target I'm looking for is a church mage that cut around that corner. It shouldn't be hard to apprehend him if we move now,"  eh spoke after they had come to a pause in the other conversation.

The church man would have turned the corner and be headed to a small warehouse that was unmarked.


The Altar of Candles(Kazimir/Closed) Empty Thu May 04, 2023 2:17 pm

She wanted to say that she had managed to move on entirely, over all as the signs had shown she was for the most part still in stages of moving on from it. But still had the varying problems the things expected from a person who had problems and lacks many things to deal with and managing over all to handle it in some manner at times poorly as she did not know how to socialize people in the right way. But Elise knew it was a problem and she could just suffer with it."It was better to be alone at night, Then continually hear your mother call you a disappointment of kin clothed up in a white satin dress waiting to be stained from failure."That could almost wound most people with in it's thin details of phrasing.

With how Elise spoke it, it seemed to be spoken with the most hollow and emotionless way a person could possible. Either because she was trying to not let such words ever effect her again or something else entirely. But she seemed to have that next inhale of her cigarette come a bit quicker this time. Elise most likely forcing herself to remember she was a different person now."I left Minstrel to learn who I could actually be...Weather or not I found that answer is yet to be known."She then flick away the end of the cigarette.

After all there was some one to catch and now they where her problem to say."I assume alive?"She asked when she got the answer of which one it was she would take off. She was fairly quick about it as well but she was a some one trained to hunt and chase things, this should not be a shock to most people who knew. By the take the image of Kazimir caught up Elise had at least managed to get her hands on the person her long white sleeve with it's bright steel coloured finger accessories that where claw like claws firmly grasp around a person mouth while she held them to the ground, she at this time tackled them down the ground forced them to the ground and had pinned them there with one of her knees in their back. Seemingly waiting waiting for a moment to listen if anyone else was coming while she had this person.

#18Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
It appeared the woman was more open about her life and past than he had thought. An unexpected surprise but one that would make working together a bit easier in the future. "Sorry that happened to you," Kaz replied.

She said she was still on a journey of discovery. Indeed, most people that made their way to Fiore, came for the same reasons. At least those that were leaving a life behind. " The freedom and size of this nation make it a good place to get a new start. How has that journey been going for you?" He continued to ask now that the questions were less directed toward him.\

"For now," he replied to her as she took off to apprehend the church member. As she moved on to confront the person, Kaz hung back and watched the area behind them. Making sure that no one was following them. A few knights appeared, but with some careful misdirection, they paid them no attention.

Kazimir was the only one to turn the corner and he knelt down beside the apprehended man. "A shame I couldn't be here in person. If you would be so kind as to tell me which church the cult of Michael operate out of within Oak...that would go a long way."

The church member's face grimaced as he saw Kazimir and knew exactly what had happened. Somehow the wind mage was able to figure out his affiliation with the cult. The man's gaze cut up to the woman that held him and he muffled to speak. "Augustine," he breathed his words out, knowing it was pointless to resist for his life was in danger.

Kaz stood back up, "Well that wasn't so bad," the wind mage pulled the church member's jacket open to reveal a symbol of the cult of Michael. He let the jacket fall back into place and turned away to keep a look out again. He didn't care how Elise chose to deal with the man. He only waited so that they could continue to talk once she made her choice.


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Why Kazimir would say that when he had nothing to do with it would puzzle Elise but she made no remark about it. Part of her because of that past life she viewed that a pointless gesture since there was nothing he could have done about it. Then realizing why she thought that way of it would realize it was a well intended thing and she needed to not think of it as she did at this time. Finally speaking up about it."There is nothing else that can be done now."She did not want to see a bit cold about it. But understood if her dismissal of how it ended up working out for her seemed disconnected in some way.

But she would not take her time remarking about other things he did speak about to her at the time."I have not made any friends really, I joined a guild and continue to just work....about as well as I expected."Elise not mentioning the fact she had no expectations when she moved around to start with. But that was something that maybe would be talked about as Elise kind of expanded her life more, But most likely dealing with Elise outside of anything work related was most likely going to be a bit puzzling.

The different between Elise and Kazimir is while Kazimir was doing his thing and talking Elise seemingly just gave the person a stare of death and or harsh judgment, which was most likely shocking or worrying to most people. At least at this time it was part of the job. But if this choice was on Elise this man would not be so lucky, Given Kazimir reputation and mission with the understanding she was just helping she wanted to be everything went how he wanted. Elise just kind of watched Kazimir do all of this, But seeming if left to her choice and knowing how these people tracked things. Elise made her choice quickly."Que ton dieu te montre le chemin de la prochaine vie. Pour votre temps ici est à une fin."Then well Elise simply killed him. There was just a loud snap Elise had broken their neck and made sure when she did it was the type of snap that ended a life.

Then got up from what she had done and choose to leave the body there, It was some one else's problem now."May some one else forgive me for my ways eventually..."Elise did not seem like she felt guilty about it knowing it was just part of how things needed to work. Then she waited to hear what was next. Then she some how pulled a cigarette out,lit it up quietly and started smoking again.


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Kazimir Seiryu
"I'm sure you'll make some attachments to your guildmates. That's why you joined a guild right?" he lightly asked as that was the primary reason anyone joined a guild. In a way, it guaranteed a certain level of friendship. Aside from the other side of the coin which was guaranteed shelter and work. In the end, it depends on the guild one joined. And he didn't keep up on Paradise Dawn too much.

He made a mental note of how Elise handled the situation. Just staring down at the man in captivity. Respectfully she waited for Kaz to finish, and he could appreciate her concern for his reputation. Lucky enough to see that the church had kept the secrets of his other side hidden still. For their private hunt. Kaz's back was turned but he wasn't surprised to hear the snap come from behind him. She had been a cold woman, to begin with, and he expectedly no sympathy to come from her with their kind.

"They saw who we were. Best way to handle it," he spoke in agreement with her course of action. It was a subtle way of letting her know that if they continued to work together it wouldn't be a problem for him.

"Seeking forgiveness," he asked as she approached, leaving the body behind. He held back saying that it wasn't necessary to need forgiveness.

"That's all the information that I needed here. Thanks. As I said, if you want to join the hunt for them, you can find me in Oak. Is there anything you want to know?" He turned to face her. Unsure if she had any questions about the beings they hunted, the cult of Michael or what exactly was in Oak.


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Elise and attachments would be a harder one to think about, Elise was not one one overly interested in them. At times she even detested them for what it mean, A person to linger upon the many problems that could happen while risking death before their fated time. It happen too much for Elise to allow it to happen so quickly."I joined a guild to have a roof over my head in case the churches told me to get out."Having a nice place to rest and not think about needing to leave at any point was nice. But she only met less than a handful of people to really consider it progress.

Even not talking about it now, Elise was the only one stopping her own progress and means to progress forward due to her own limitations in placed by her. It is true a person did change over time, so one needed to see what Elise would be like in the future."We only need to worry if some one else had a spell on them to let them see around him."That sounded almost like she was paranoid, But if these people where anything like Elise expected they had means to do this just when is a question.

But when it came to that forgiveness part."I know I won't get it...not from anyone who actually knows me...They often tell me to just pray to some one who will give it to me for attack fellow holy man or woman."Elise seemed to be under the entire idea it was pointless, Health for the matter they where starting to work together for, Not health for other reasons. It was most likely just to cover her tracks from other gods she was trying to get to work with her.

He was in Oak, it was not a long trip."Not currently, Most likely won't for a while. I will depart for Oak after I take a day off that I have scheduled in then i will leave for Oak."That seemed reasonable to mention i revealed Elise did work scheduled life some how in the mix of the mess she seemed to be doing."You at least know when I am lingering in Oak at the night I am looking for you."But at least for know it seemed these things were at a close, With Elise simply turning away to leave. Making sure to take down the altar she had set up.


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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz stayed observant of the threats that may be around the two of them. he didn't want anyone to get the drop on them. His eyes panned the area between the sentences that the woman spoke. Yet he stayed attentive to watch what she was saying. "Forgiveness can be overrated." He replied and thought about the fact that he had never forgiven the people that had wronged him in the past. In fact, it was actually the opposite. Only a few people knew about that.

He hadn't expected the woman to say she would meet him. Let alone so soon. Kaz met it with a raised brow but was pleased with the direction it had taken. He hadn't traveled alongside someone for some time now. It would be nice to have a companion from time to time against the church. Someone that could see them for what they were.

"Sounds good to me then. I'll be able to track you with the staff, so I'll find you when you get into town. Things will get...lively I presume." When she walked away, Kaz waited for a moment and then his projected image faded away into a storm of pink petals.


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