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Preparing for an adventure [Maple]

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It had been a few days since the end of valentine when Esperia had decided to figure out on how to approach one of her concerns. It was no secret that with her new life came a lot of challenges and responsibilities. But these challenges also brought a new set of enemies for Esperia to be careful of. And while she doubted many would have realized it already, Esperia's ties to one particular person could easily be exploited, and as such she wanted to make certain that Maple would be able to protect herself.

While she loved nothing more than to spend every waking moment with the half elf, the fact remained she could not always anticipate when her enemies would make their move. As such it was only reasonable that Esperia had chosen to take Maple on this trip.

"Maple~ I hope you're not too bothered about traveling by boat?" inquired as they were at the harbor. It would still be a while before their ship would depart, but she would clarify a bit more about their destination. "We'll be traveling to Seven~ I got an old acquaintance there who I need to see, but I also thought it would be a nice way to spend some time together~"

She turned toward Maple and added with a smile. "After all~ not everyone might be convinced to lay down arms and pet deers~ so I want to make sure you can defend yourself, so I will be training you during our trip~"


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The odd part about Maple in some manner when you thought she was around when she was lingering in the forest. Having still some what continued lingering with in the woods while Esperia went to do things as she normally did. When Esperia first spoke there was just nothing but woods, tree, snow, snow covered plants and grass. But also easy to pick up on where Maple was. There was tent made of leaves and wood set up there. When being asked that question there was nothing at first, only because Maple was not in the tent or seemingly close by.

Then the sound of rustling wind and movement from with in the woods. It seemed Maple was about to answer her. But popping out of the closest tree sticking out from the waist up but also hanging upside down. Maple's autumn hair hanging like a curtain. Maple answer her question."Travelling by boat is fine."Maple then rested her head on one of Esperia's shoulders and continued the conversation. Then she went back into the tree. It was kind of expected most likely she was carried away with other things.

Then just kind of walking out of the tree like it was a door and stretching out Maple seemed to walk over to Esperia and lean over slightly and kiss her on the cheek."I am smart enough to realize that, It is just parts of life and to be expected. Animal hunt each other, defend themselves the normal cycle."Then well Maple walked away and opened up her tent and went in. Seeming quietly digging around then she came back out with some bread and she seemed to quietly munch on it waiting to see what else would be mentioned to her, As always Maple was in good spirits


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She had to admit that Maple's magic was always a fascinating sight to behold. The ability to seemingly meld with nature itself could be quite a useful weapon if used correctly. The gentle kiss on her cheek as a greeting made the Demon Queen smile gently as she nodded in approval to Maple's comparison of animal predators. "Indeed~ Although unlike animals mortals tend to not always hunt out of necessity. Some do it out of greed, others out of the mad desire to inflict suffering onto others, and some even just see it as a sport."

She pondered for a moment as she turned her gaze from the forest outskirts toward the harbor. "Luckily the ship we'll be traveling with is going to avoid the routes that are usually threatened by pirate crews, so I doubt we'll have to worry about them during the voyage. I think we'll be able to relax a fair amount as well~ It seems there won't be too many passengers aside from us, meaning we'll have most of the ship for ourselves~" She did like traveling more quietly, since it meant less possibilities for confrontations. Meanwhile she gently raised a hand and petted Maple's head, inquiring with a smile. "But good morning to you~"


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It was expected to hear about these things to have to worry about not being attacked was not something that never crossed her mind. so over all she would seem pretty casual about it still."I still understand how greedy in nature humanoids are, It is just a part of a life and it's cycle."She answered in some kind of oddly peaceful way. Surely different then her normal casual and aloof nature. But given she lived most of her life in the woods maybe she had seen and understood it all enough."I have not to need to defend myself. But I have been at risk a few on my own."She was Stellan she had experience with the risks of nature and people at the same time.

Even muttering to herself."I am still mad that one old man took my hair brush one of family members gave me." she most likely did get other ones eventually considering Maple did take good care of her hair. But she would go on to listen and hear what the travel might be like and she to ponder."Oh? did you hire pirates or something?"She laughed about it because it was just her normal way of being, It was just her way being curious.

Even going on to needing to ask. Because she did not know yet."Even then where are we going?"she did finally ask that because she felt like she needed too after all that might be important to know.Then well make herself to upright and normal Maple then put her arms around Esperia's hips and rested her head up her back."Or is that going to be the fun part of not knowing."Maple almost felt super light at this time almost like if Esperia started walking forward she could pull Maple out of the tree.


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"We aren't going to sail with pirates~" Esperia chimed in amusement as she thought a bit more on the reason their voyage would be safe. Namely the fact that she had ensured that there wouldn't be any pirate crews left to terrorize their trip. Still, feeling Maple playfully wrap her arms around her hips and resting her head against her back it led to the demon to have a playful idea. She allowed her body to regain its true form, her tail coiling around Maple's upper body and playfully pulled her out of the tree, allowing the remainder of her tail to pull her along as she exclaimed with a smirk. "We're heading to Seven~ A friend from my adventuring days lives there and might have some knowledge on some things I seek~"

Finally after they reached the outskirts of the forest, and wanting to not terrify the villagers with her true form she transformed back into her disguise, letting Maple gently down beside her, but not without giving her a teasing pat on the rear. "I do have some surprises in store for you during our voyage~"

Indeed, she had quite some entertaining ideas in mind~


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So it was no pirates interesting it seemed Esperia had options far more then Maple thought up front. not that she minded just means less sneaking around for Maple like she had done at some point when she might have considered going to other countries at some point so she had many plans to get on boat with out money or cost things she did not have. But alas maybe that worry was gone now because Esperia seemed to figure it out. But she did have to get to Fiore some how and ended up here right? thus moving on.

But Maple was now being pulled out of the tree by Esperia some how turning into a snake woman. So far her only remark was."When where your going to tell me you had that in your bag of tricks?"She sounded like she got a bit of a chuckle out of it. only because well it seemed she still had things to learn much like Esperia had things to learn to Maple.

But they where going to Seven and had a reason too. Maple could not help but ask because she never had been to Seven before. "Oh? What's Seven like? only even been to Stella and Fiore."She was curious but almost wanted to not be told. But took Esperia by the hand and waited to be led even if she was doing a lot of leading herself.

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