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Festival of Debauchery Part 1 [Epic SL chapter 6]

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The stronger the glow of the orb became, the more mana became redirected to the portal till finally a large blue wave of energy was expelled outwards, revealing a pathway of sorts to be forged. "Finally..." Esperia whispered, her hand pulling away from the device. "Soon I'll be home again... Wait a bit longer Priscilla."

However, it was shortly after she approached the portal that a gust of wind made her take a few steps backwards. Something... or someone was entering from the other side! Several silhouettes appeared, and when their shapes became properly visible and their features recognizable Esperia could barely conceal her disbelief.

The armors they donned were reminiscent of the attires she saw holy paladins wear, but their features carried a beauty and elegance to it that was inhuman. They simply looked too perfect to be human, or mortal for that matter. No, that and their white-feathered wings made it clear what they were. Beings she had heard about in stories, beings that were often described in faith as 'angels'. They were none other than the divine warriors of the Lucent: The Seraphim. The ones at the front, their gender concealed primarily by the fact they wore full plate armor and their faces were concealed underneath helmets readied their weapons, but then a feminine voice called out in the back.

"Hold your blade sisters, it seems we have found her."

The Seraphim at the front eyed her for a moment upon which the Seraphim sheathed her sword. "You were searching for me?" The words sounded worried, yet hopeful. A group of Seraphim within the abyss was unheard of. But then again, so was the idea of a human being forced to be reincarnated as a demon at the hand of Bael. Could it be that Illumin had given the order for her to be rescued?

The one who had spoken before stepped forward. A beautiful angel with long silver hair and pure white wings stretching from her back stepped forward. Unlike her kindred she wore a traditional garb reminiscent of a priestess rather than armor. She also was holding to a golden staff rather than the martial weapons of the others.

"Indeed Esperia. We are so glad we have found you. After your untimely demise at the hands of that vile fiend our leaders declared for a rescue operation to be launched in the hope of saving you."

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So it was true... she had been saved? Yet as the angel stepped forward and gently extended a hand toward her, something felt off. "Please, we must leave this place before the demons arrive."

Something didn't sit right... How did they know she would be opening a gateway right here? Why did they appear now of all times? "Don't trust their sweet promises~ The Lucent cares for nothing but their precious order. EVERYTHING is disposable to them if it means maintaining it, even... you~"

No way, surely they had come here to save her, right? But... then why did her mind scream to be careful? "Are you alright Esperia? If you can't walk we can carry-" Yet Esperia shook her head lightly. "I'm alright but-" She gently reached toward the extended hand, grasping it lightly. "Why... did you come here?"

The Seraphim's body tensed for a moment, upon which it started to relax. "The Lucent... ordered us to find you... if you... were a demon... we ... should eliminate you..."

The other Seraphim their eyes widened in disbelief. "Sister Aseria! What are you doing?!" Another Seraphim stepped forward, a hand forcefully grabbing the Seraphim who spoke to her's shoulder and pushed her backwards. "She has been charmed! We should have slain her the moment we arrived! A succubus can't be trusted!"

How... no, why?! Why would they do something like that? "D-Don't you know who I am? I am Esperia von Eisenberg! My family served the church and Illumin for generations! When your lot forced my ancestors to serve as a jail for the demon lords, they selflessly obliged! They served, sacrificed so much for Illumin and the Lucent and this is how you repay their service?! I might have done some questionable things in life, but never did I threaten your precious order!"

The Seraphim unsheathed her sword and swung it at her, the tip barely gracing her cheek as Esperia staggered backwards in disbelief. "You're not Esperia! not anymore! You ceased to be a human the moment you came here! You're a demon, one we been ordered to eliminate!"

So that was it? She was going to be made a sacrifice for a choice she had no part in? Her eyes narrowed as she shook her head violently. "It were lies all along! About your kin wanting to protect humanity! These childish tales of benevolent saviors of all things good and fair in the world? IT WAS ALL BULLSHIT! THE GODS! THE LUCENT! ILLUMIN! ALL THIS TIME YOU CARED NOTHING ABOUT THE PEOPLE OF EARTHLAND!"

The angry yells of the woman were accompanied by surges of purple energy that lashed violently around her, growing more intense by the moment. Even despite the Seraphim their attempts to step closer, there was an intense pressure pushing them all back away from her.

"Fine then... if that is the salvation that the Lucent would bring to me, then I will accept the damnation of being a demon! I am Lilith! The Demon Queen of Debauchery!"

A surge of mana washed through the room as the Seraphim at the front of the group tried to raise her weapon but noticed something was off. Her body didn't listen anymore, the clatter of a blade following by another and another...


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Aseria who had been pushed to the back looked in sheer terror at the sight. This magic was unnatural, inhuman... vile even. She had robbed these Seraphim of their free will, but something was odd. Even as their bodies weren't listening, it seemed their minds were still intact. Was it some sort of mysterious charm magic?

The Seraphim shook her head violently as she called out. "S-snap out of it sisters!" But it was in vain. The first Seraphim started to remove to reach for the straps of their armor, removing it bit by bit while Aseria thought back about the mission briefing just mere moments ago.

"Do you understand now Aseria? This mortal is no longer a human being. If our calculations are right she will have ascended the soul of Lilith, one of the most dangerous demons in existence. Her mastery over corruption is almost unmatched by any of their kin. She could even cause a Seraphim to fall if she desired it."

The Seraphim at the other side of the table spoke coldly. "But is there no way to save her? Surely we can-" But the Seraphim shook his head at Aseria's words. "No, that is not our duty. Our duty is to protect the Order, to ensure the Lucent and the Arc remains save. Should she be allowed to grow, Lilith will surely change the future of demonkin, and become a great threat to us."


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It had all been so carefully planned. They had only send females on the task because they hoped they were more resistant to Lilith's charms but it appeared to be a futile hope. Aseria's gaze lingered on the scene before her, and while fear filled her being, she also could feel how her mind was growing hazy. She had never expected this. She had heard of Seraphim who died in battle against powerful fiends, but this. It was as if resistance was futile. Was this even a battle?


Watching how the other Seraphim had discarded their clothes and weapons and were indulging in desires unfitting for a pure being like them... The ways their faces looked like they were in pure bliss, it couldn't help but cause the young Seraphim to ask herself secretly about how it would feel. To indulge in sin, to be consumed by it. Yet it was as the events reached their climax and the wings of the Seraphim turned a pure black color that Aseria finally understood what was going on:

This was not a battle, nor even a slaughter or a war. This was nothing short of a Festival of Debauchery. The golden staff in her hands which had shielded her from the same corruption till now revibrated violently, shaking in her hands and only too late did she realize why: Even its powers couldn't keep this corruption at bay. The golden staff crumbled while at the same time Aseria felt a soft hand trailing along her cheek. "Aseria, was it?" The Demon Queen of Debauchery inquired. "I have so much to ask of you~ But also so much to give in return~" And it was in that moment...

Aseria finally understood that she was damned. None of them Seraphim would escape from this 'festival'.

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