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Once more into the Breach [Chapter 5 SL]

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Tap... tap... tap...

The only sound that one could hear were the light steps of the demon queen as she descended deeper down the staircase. She had gone so deep inside the castle that not a single soul could be heard or seen. Although every now and then a patrol was scheduled to travel along this route, right now they were avoiding it as a show of respect. Esperia wanted to be left alone for now, and the Demon Queen's wish was a law to her thralls.

Arriving at the spacious chamber the succubus had mentioned before Esperia quietly gazed around. The architecture was clearly out of this world, or beyond any civilization she had seen on Earthland. Although the craftsmanship of the chamber had something regal that reminded her of the castles from Caelum, they were using materials far different from anything she seen before.

Even more peculiar was the large device in the center of the room. A pedestal of sorts contained a machine with a large orb of sorts resting in the center, but equally mysterious was the large arch that towered over the rest of the room. It was gigantic, and she could feel its importance from a mere glance: This was one of the gateways which used to connect the Abyss to another dimension. Yet it was not a traditional gateway, it seemed to be more like a pathway similar to the ones Yarghast could create.

Then that orb should had been some sort of control device?

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It didn't take long for Lilith's memories to surface in her mind, the knowledge associated to the device making her ponder for a moment. So it was a device which empowered the gateway. However, it seemingly required an immense amount of energy in order to function. If she was to provide that energy herself, she would likely become weakened for a period of time, and she couldn't allow that. No, she had a different idea in mind. Turning her back toward the portal she started to march back toward the throne room, an idea already stirring as she pondered just how much of it would succeed.

Having returned to the throne room she had called for the succubi to search for any demon who had some skill in crafting. It was an order that bewildered the succubi, but they soon left the castle to search for the demon their queen wanted. It was finally after several hours that they returned alongside a most fascinating sight. At first she would have mistaken him for a dwarf, short of stature, long hair braided together but once she saw his eyes and the rest of his face she knew better: His eyes were pure obsidians, a pitch-black void and his mouth showed hints of razor-sharp jaw-like teeth.

"You called for me Queen Lilith?" Esperia nodded her head lightly in response. "Indeed, but first: tell me... what is your name?" The dwarf-like demon replied with a toothy grin. "Hah! A queen with manners, not often we see these on a throne here. My name is Guzlock, at your service." The dwarf made a bemused bow reminiscent of a butler. Esperia merely smiled as she continued. "I heard you're quite skilled at crafting things." Guzlock nodded his head firmly. "Aye! whether it's natural minerals or something more exotic, I can make it!" Esperia's eyes twinkled with mischief. "It is quite exotic indeed... Have you ever forged something from a fellow demon's body?"

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Guzlock blinked in disbelief for a moment. "I wouldn't even think about it. My expertise is in crafting, not fighting and most demons tend to feast on their fallen victims so-" Esperia clapped her hands once as if to signal something, causing the lifeless corpse of Ulquirr to fall onto the ground in front of Guzlock. "I'd like for you to forge a ring from his corpse, one containing the power that ran through his being." Guzlock's eyes widened in shock. "You want to create something from a Demon King's body?!" Esperia tilted her head slightly to the side. "You don't want to?" To which Guzlock laughed maniacally. "The chance to create something by using the corpse of a slain demon royal? I'D BE AN ABSOLUTE IDIOT TO DECLINE THE OFFER!"

Esperia smiled briefly at his enthusiastic response. "The castle's forge is at your disposal Guzlock, if you need any additional help ask the succubi for it. I'll look forward to your results." The demon smirked at her. "Leave it to me!"

As the dwarf-like demon left alongside the two succubi that had escorted him Esperia watched quietly as the corpse of the demon king was carried away. "To not even give them a proper burial... Your ancestors will be turning in their grave~" To which Esperia shook her head firmly. "He was an enemy, and as such it is only right that I don't waste the spoils of our battle. This way his body will serve a purpose, and his soul will fuel our power."

Lilith merely smiled, teasingly humming. "Scary~ you're thinking like a real demon now."

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She wasn't certain how the passage of time within the abyss worked compared to that of Earthland? How many days had passed since her death? Weeks? Maybe months? Would Priscilla be looking for her? So many thoughts plagued her mind during moments of peace. Even as she was seated on the majestic throne and looked like she was relaxed, her mind was wandering toward thoughts and concerns for the future. She had noticed her appearance had changed slightly from her previous self after she had absorbed the Demon King, and idly wondered what the meaning behind that change was.

"I can answer that~" Lilith chimed softly as she manifested as the ethereal image at her side. "Your disguised form represents the human form you want to be seen as. In your case I guess you wanted to be seen as a beautiful and fearless ruler who guides her people with a fair yet ruthless hand?"

Esperia wasn't sure what to think about that, and whether it had been a compliment or a tease. But the fact remained she felt far more powerful than before. She raised a armored hand toward her face, quietly trailing her finger along the crown that decorated her head.

"Do you mean I always wanted to be a ruler? While I thought about the desire to guide people in the past, I didn't perceive it as wanting to rule over them." Yet Lilith grinned softly. "Is it that wrong? To rule over people, means to guide them."

Esperia closed her eyes. "But then what is a ruler? What is a king meant to be?" The demon hummed softly. "Isn't that something you should ask yourself?"

Esperia pondered deeply about these words. What... was to her the embodiment of a real ruler?

"A king... must be greedier than any other." A king, one who would seek to obtain whatever his heart desired, no matter what it might be. "He must laugh more loudly and rage for much longer. They should embody the extremities of all things good and evil." Someone who could truly follow their heart, unrestrained, unfettered in their emotions. "That is why their retainers envy his very existence... and adore him as well." Whether human or demon, to her it didn't matter. If they wanted to be her retainers, then she would grant it to them... "It is why the flames of aspiration, their endless desire to become just as the king is, can burn within their people."

Lilith turned her gaze at Esperia, fascinated by the words spoken. "Is that-" Esperia finished Lilith's sentence with a firm determination. "The type of ruler I will be: LET IT BE KNOWN TO ALL DENIZEN WITHIN THE ABYSS, I: Lilith; The Demon Queen will lead Demonkin to a new future!"

To the demons that had previously been enthralled by her magic something changed, as if they felt their very obscura being altered, twisted by the very influence their queen had upon their minds and souls.

It wouldn't be right to say she was still just 'Esperia', if anything she had grown, grown stronger, bolder, and ascended into a true demon queen. Soft clapping resounded through the air as the succubi from before smiled brightly at her. "I'm so glad to see you again among us Queen Lilith!" To which a masculine voice followed behind the succubus. "And I prepared a suitable gift for your coronation as queen~"

The Demon called Guzlock stepped forward, holding in his hands a small box that he presented to her. Esperia quietly opened the box and peered inside it. "You outdone yourself Guzlock, I will prepare a suitable gift for your services, and if anything remains from Ulquirr's corpse, you can claim it as yours." Esperia could feel the sheer demonic essence radiating from the ring, the ring which would soon forge her a path home to Earthland. But then... what would she do once she returned home?

Rising from her seat she donned the ring and approached the staircase leading into the lower levels of the castle. She was determined to try out the ring as soon as possible. Rushing footsteps soon led the Demon Queen to the large chamber where the inactive gateway had been located. Quietly she stepped inside, a hand resting on the hand that adorned the magical ring and with a moment of hesitation she placed it on the orb on top of the pedestal, waiting to see what would happen. For a moment it seemed that silence would follow, but then a soft crimson glow came from the orb as she could feel energy being channeled from the ring toward the portal, slowly preparing to unleash the gateway which would allow her to return home to Earthland.

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