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What to do...

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So… Hargeon. A port city known its exotic restaurants, its beautiful beaches and, of course, for being the city that harbors the famous and fashionable guild: Blue Pegasus. Arkos had to arrive via ship, since it was the best way to navigate to a city like that. Also, he knew he had to settle somewhere, since Arkos couldn’t rely only on mercenary work. Plus, it was getting riskier, since he was exposing himself to more dangers and more suspicions from the Church of Loptr. A guild seemed to be a nice idea for him to blend in. However, if he wanted to blend in, Arkos would have to adopt a permanent name. He has had to use several pseudonyms or, actually, fake names to work in the field.

I have to think on a name… and quickly… —said as he approached the guild’s doors… just to find out… it was something out of this world… and he didn’t know if that was in a good or a bad way. The knight’s child didn’t know what to do when he saw… such glamour. Many of the guild members were women wearing… designer’s garments, with their makeup on point and very social. The men were almost as elegant as the women, displaying a masculinity very few have seen. It was very overwhelming and he didn’t know what to do. Leave the place? Stay with his anxiety at its peak?


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"Like a shot from a cannon that hit you right in the stomach, right?" A feminine voice called out to Ezekiel as a young blond-haired woman was seated behind the counter near the entrance to the guild hall. A brief glance would suggest she might had fit well in there, considering her elegant dress and the crown that rested on her head. Meanwhile resting on her lap was a tome of sorts, although its script likely foreign to Ezekiel unless he could speak in the tongue of demons.

"I wouldn't blame you for feeling like that~ I felt quite the same when I first set foot in the guild hall several years ago." The woman merely smiled, her gaze slowly lifting from the tome to look straight at the newcomer. Although she wanted to say stranger, it was hard to label him as such when the power of her sight gave her so much information. Still, her mismatched eyes, one bearing the Kamui eye and the other the white 'all-seeing eye' that some of the guild jokingly called it gazed gently at him. "My name is Esperia~ The guild master asked me to help oversee the reception today, expected possible visitors to the guild after that big ship settled in the port."

She raised a hand to her cheek and pondered for a moment. "Although, I might be her apprentice but I'd wish she'd spend more time on matters like this~ Then again, I don't blame her~ Alisa is a very busy woman." She nodded her head slightly and rose from her seat, which at the same time caused Will the wisp to aptly manifest behind her, the little wisp hovering from one side to another behind her. "Were you here on business? If so I can call for Alisa, or are you hoping to learn more about Blue Pegasus in general?"

So far she believed herself to do the role of a welcoming receptionist quite well! "Also don't worry about staring, most of them are used to it~ Might even like it. Just don't start gazing lecherously at the wrong people. Alisa says there is a special place for such lewdlings." She took a step closer and whispered softly into the lad's ear. "It's a place you don't want to visit... believe me~ Worse than the abyss! and that's talking from experience..."


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When the young man was approach without any warning by this… lady of platinum hair and pale skin, he couldn’t help but to give a small scream before covering his mouth, so he wouldn’t attract more undesired attention. She… had a crown, and she was dressed so properly, like going to a gala… The ones his father would go as a knight, waltzing all night. She also… held a book. It was thick… and somehow ominous. Its image… it reminded him of the Loptrians… He would love to assess an interrogatory, but not in his condition. Now it wasn’t the time to be reckless, but… just seeing it… made him uneasy. Her eyes also… concerned him a bit. Was she part demon? Did she have powers beyond his imagination? The woman, Esperia, was the one greeting possible newcomers. It looked like the ship’s schedule was common knowledge.

Umm… Nice… Nice to meet you —said the young man a bit doubtful, since he had to introduce himself… with a new name, and permanently this time around.

My name… My name is Ezekiel… Ezekiel Nordion.

That name… Ezekiel thought of one of the many folk heroes his father told him about. Nordion was something he just came out on the spot. He just hoped it would be enough to convince Esperia.

I prefer to be called Zeke, if you don’t mind. And… I’ll apologize if anyone feels a bit uncomfortable if I gaze too much. I’m not used to this much elegance.

Well… not for a long time. But he accepted her warning, even if it wasn’t necessary. His politeness and sense of chivalry were too strong for that.

It’s just… I’ve been a wanderer of sorts and I figured out that maybe… it would be nice to settle somewhere —explained Ezekiel —. I don’t know a lot about this guild in particular… or any for that matter, but… right now, I need a source of money and I think those quests will pay well. If anything, it might be better and bit safer than mercenary work.


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"Ezekiel?" She paused for a moment, her gaze peering straight at his face. To one it might seem like she was gazing straight into his soul, but in truth she was merely processing the information Gaia had bestowed onto her. After a moment of silence she merely smiled. "Nice to meet you Zeke~" Perhaps he had his reasons, although as he continued to speak she nodded her head lightly in agreement. "I can understand what you mean. For a long time I was a wanderer myself. Although no mercenary, I would frequently journey to places to search for ruins belonging to ancient civilizations, or go on adventures to satisfy my curiosity behind all these grand tales we heard about in folktales. But in the end there is a different type of charm found in the existence of one who settles down. Sometimes these peaceful moments make us realize all the things we want to protect."

Yet as Ezekiel mentioned the need of an income and his lack of knowledge about guilds in general she raised a hand to her chin and pondered for a moment. "You're not exactly wrong~ The requests the guild gets often get paid handsomely, and with the backing of a guild you would feel safer than being on your own. However~" She paused for a bit, her smile still lingering as she gazed back at the guild hall.

"Being a guild mage also comes with responsibilities. I like to see it as a bit of: leave your problems at the doorstep. As you likely know already Blue Pegasus is a legal guild. While we might answer to the king and the magic council, the fact remains that Blue Pegasus first and foremost seeks to help the people. With so many guilds across Fiore a lot of them tend to consider their territory their home, and as such we frequently focus on protecting the citizen within it as if they were our own family. After all these people rely on us, they look up to us for protection and sometimes even guidance. It's why our guild mages their services are held in high esteem. And why it is important to try to not cause too much trouble."

She smiled awkwardly and scratched the back of her head. "Not that we're all prim and proper. Nor do we turn a blind eye to your personal situation either. But if you go off to deal with the countless pirate crews plaguing Hargeon and the seas beyond, and keep the treasure you find as a finder's reward? Let's just say the kingdom is likely to place a bounty on your head for tax evasion, and then Alisa will tell you to pay it off as quickly as possible. Unless you like to go to a dungeon where it's all leather, whips and 'YES MISTRESS!'" She shuddered at the last part, clearly nervous as if she recalled something personally, but she soon smiled more warmly.

"Jests aside, Alisa is an amazing guild master, and all of us look up to her as if she was an elder sibling we're all very proud of. Aside from that we have... Daiko, who is the adorable little brother of Blue Pegasus, he's a really nice lad you can't help but want to protect and tease, and if it was up to me we would change the logo of our guild to that of a Phoenix just to have Daiko be our mascot."

She snickered softly after which she continued. "Then we got Sofia~ She is the guild master's wife, and people say she is the embodiment of a Blue Pegasus mage~ Beautiful, kind, protective and umm... I think she must also know some good tricks because if you can pull a ring onto Alisa and make her settle down? Then that is saying a lot~"

She nodded her head lightly, a light sway of her hand showing she was hoping for Zeke to follow along with her as she guided him along the guild hall. "Oh~ there is also Manzo, he is an experienced veteran who owns a awesome shop in Hargeon outside of his work for the guild. He's a pretty fun guy to talk to, and also has good taste in drinks. If you ever need combat training or tips on how to deal with a certain fight, he is your guy~" She waved lightly at some of the passing guild mages as she arrived at the bar of the guild.

"And then we got me~ Esperia~ Although if you ever find a succubus asking for Lilith, then she is also asking for me. You see, aside from being Blue Pegasus' residential lewdling, I'm also a demon, and not just any demon, I'm a Demon Queen! Although I'm a bit of a exception to the rule since I'm overall very nice and friendly, unless you endanger these dear to me. Then well... you'll likely want to get back on the ship and sail to the ends of the world~"

She winked playfully as she stepped behind the bar and pulled out a glass. "And that's it for the introductions~ You'd like something to drink? Any questions? If so I'll gladly answer them to the best of my ability~


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Ezekiel got a bit nervous when Esperia leaned onto him, like… if she was analyzing every single move of his. A low, yet present feeling of anxiety started to invade his head. He was asking if the name was too much, or if she wouldn’t welcome a liar like him… All that stuff, but… she just smiled and gave him some words of welcome. He couldn’t help but to sigh discreetly.

He continued listening to her very attentively, about how guilds work and how they give back to the citizenry, since magic and the will to fight are gifts for just a few in this world. Not everyone has the drive to use their abilities to defend, fight… or kill. In fact, to Zeke’s delight, it sounded just like how knights are in service to the defenseless. Although all this glamour took Zeke by surprise at first, he was… starting to get a bit excited about it. In fact, his face went from bewilderment to mild excitement and expectation, with a bit of hopeful light in his eyes. In fact, she talked about some hypotheticals that, for how Esperia looked and her way of speaking, might have had place in this guild or another. He started to doubt it was merely a jest… especially that “Mistress” and “Dungeon” parts, where he just gulped a bit. That gullible side of his started to raise some alerts. He wouldn’t do such things, of course. All things considered, Zeke wasn’t know for believing the words of pirates or earning “easy and quick” money… Not yet, at least.

It seemed that every member of this guild had some… quirks. In fact, he was surprised when he heard the current Guild Master was married… and also opened his eyes quite a bit when he found out that Esperia was a demon queen. No wonder she had that appearance, and also that alluring, yet threatening aura.

Umm… so… how should I address you? Like… my liege, your majesty…? —said Zeke quite nervous, showing the more burocratic side of his chivalry, but he had to ask other questions like that.

I’m fine with just water or some juice. I’m not much of an ale drinker —said trying to calm down as best as he could —. But… I guess you handle this very clearly. Every doubt I had was gone the moment you clarified the important points, so… thank you. I think I have a question. Does the guild manage a dormitory or something? I’ve been sleeping under trees and it’s starting to get on my back.


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Esperia had just stepped behind the counter when she suddenly heard Ezekiel's nervously ask how to address her, upon which the Demon Queen started to giggle softly. "Just Esperia is fine~ We're not in the abyss, nor are you one of my followers so by all means: Here I'm just Esperia~"

She smiled kindly at Ezekiel as she started to pour him a glass of apple juice, she wasn't certain what type of beverages he enjoyed, so she had simply poured the same juice for both of them as a gesture of hospitality. Gently placing the glass in front of him she listened to his inquiry about the dormitory upon which she nodded her head gently. "Indeed, the guild has a dormitory available for its members. Some of us like myself might have their own accommodation within the city, but every guild member is welcome to use the dormitory if they desire to."

Indeed, she still remembered the early days when she used to lodge at the dorm as well. Although after meeting Priscilla she had decided to rent a house for them within Hargeon, and even after the chain of events that had unfolded she still stayed there. Perhaps she couldn't let go off the past so easily, or maybe it was becoming a new home now she had found Maple lodging in her backyard?

"So that covers the question about the dormitory~ Just make sure to keep things tidy enough, and not make too much noise~ This isn't Fairy Tail after all~" A little wink at the jest followed as she turned her attention back toward the glass she had poured for herself, taking a little sip from it. "Overall, staying in the dorm tends to be recommended since you have it easier to meet other guild members then, helps when you like to work together as a team on requests."


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Ezekiel, with a small smile in his face, drank the apple juice served by Esperia. It was sweet and quite refreshing. He was undeniably happy for being in a place that didn’t make him feel like he had to prove his own worth every single day. He looked at the other guild members, most of them were basically chilling out and having some relaxation. Maybe this could be the place where Zeke could loosen up a bit.

Then… I guess it’s decided —said the young knight —. I’ll join the guild if it is all right with you. You won’t regret it.

Of course, Ezekiel didn’t know about the other guilds, so he assumed this Fairy Tail was a more rambunctious guild. He wasn’t worried, since he knew how to behave… in most situations, of course. So now he just needed to complete the registration to the guild now he has decided. The question is how.


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Esperia smiled briefly at Zeke, seemingly pleased at the decision he came upon with. In terms of registration, the requirements were quite simple, far from the rigid structure organizations like the Rune Knights had. "Certainly~ I'm confident everyone will be glad to have you with us. Which brings me to the final part of how to register." She took a sip from her own drink, a smile emerging on her lips as she continued speaking. "Guild members can identify each other through the use of a system called the Guild tattoo. By means of a magical ink and a brush the image of the guild is painted on a location of your choice, which then serves as a final confirmation that you joined the guild."

She nodded her head briefly as she continued. "As some point you might end up meeting Alisa when she is less busy, an experience to look forward to. But if you don't have any other questions you can let me know where you want the guild symbol and I'll get the ink ready~"

And with that it seemed Ezekiel had all the details in place for being able to register in the Blue Pegasus guild.

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