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Her name was Lily [Epic Chapter 3]

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She had not always been known as the Demon Queen of Debauchery... No, once upon a time she had been a mortal. It all begun during that day... She still remembered it clearly, the chirping of the birds that stirred her from her slumber shortly after dawn. She rose from under her bed sheets, proceeded to partake in her morning rituals of showering and praying to the gods for another peaceful day and then left her accommodation to serve as a priestess of a local temple.

It was that type of ordinary life she had experienced every day, the life of a healer that she had come to expect to live for her entire life. While she was not one to brag about such things, her healing powers were quite potent, and as such people from all over the country came to seek her. Whether it were injuries, ailments or even incurable diseases, it seemed her healing was potent enough to deal with it.

But at some point, she started to wonder: Each day she returned to her home exhausted and drained from the selfless services she committed. And for what purpose? Surely it wasn't divine intervention that saved these people... It was her own powerful magic. When people went to buy a loaf of bread at a bakery they ended up paying for it. If they wanted to enjoy a nice steak they paid a butcher for the meat. If they were sick they would pay a doctor for his help. Then why couldn't she ask for something in return as well?

It didn't take long for her to start thinking of some ideas, of how she would call their 'payment' a tribute to the gods for their blessings. And in the end the more she gave onto others, the more she took in return. and it was then she met that one being that changed everything...

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It was late at night, despite the fact she had gone about her evening prayers as usual there was something that Lily started to notice. No matter how much she prayed, no matter how much others suffered, not once did the gods decide to grace them with a response. Always that eerie silence. In a way it was infuriating. However, as these thoughts wandered through her mind a voice suddenly called out to her. "Silent, aren't they? That's the problem with them: No matter how much power they have at their disposal, they refuse to put it to good use."

Lily opened her eyes, her gaze widening in surprise as she watched the figure hovering in the air. It was difficult to describe them... The tall and powerful impression of the being was as majestic as it was intimidating. The way he seemed regal yet oppressive in a way... "W-who are you?"

The figure smiled nonchalantly at her. "I see that you decided to not call the guards yet, good... Then I can at least reward you with a proper introduction." The figure's large wings unfurled as he finally landed on the ground and addressed her in that mighty voice of his that clearly carried the power of authority in it.

"I am Bael. I been watching you for a while Lily. A most fascinating sight to behold at that as well. People often preach that these who are closest to faith are among the purest of all. But you seen the truth, experienced it even. The gods are silent, uncaring and as such it fell upon mortals like yourself to aid these in need."

The demon king sighed as he smiled sympathetically at her, raising one of his large hands to rest on her shoulder. "Yet despite the immense burden, you were expected to do it selflessly. Nonsense I say. Your magic is a blessing, a boon that deserves tribute. Yes, your selflessness has been admirable, but surely you started feeling it: such selflessness is not normal. It is in human nature to be selfish."

Lily nodded her head firmly in agreement. "And that is why Lily, I decided that if the gods remain silent, I will answer your prayers. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed, and as such I will provide thee with a boon."

A boon? Lily looked at the Demon and inquired curiously. "A reward? What type of?" To which the demon replied. "A boon befitting for one like yourself: Power, the power to give all, and to take all. Should you desire to be granted such a boon, then all I'd ask is for you to open yourself to the limitless possibilities."

The demon watched with vested interest as Lily seemingly considered his words carefully, after which she finally nodded her head lightly. With a hint of fascination in his eyes he watched how she became surrounded in a cocoon of obscura, the very essence of a demon's power. It filled her entire being, yet when the cocoon shattered it was surprisingly not a monstrous creature that stood in front of him. No, to most she would seem like she had retained most of her mortal guise, yet her bewitching looks and powers were clearly there.

"How do you feel my child: Lilith?"

The female demon in front of him gazed at her own body, lost almost in a daze. "I feel free... it is a refreshing sensation~"

Bael merely smiled at these words as he soon disappeared into the shadows. In the years that followed the small town Lilith had lived in had changed drastically. The temple was far more bustling with activity and somehow crime had dropped in the area, but at the same time eerie whispers had started to go the round that a cult had formed worshipping a demon that could fulfill your wildest desires...

After all, that was how the Demon Queen of Debauchery was born.

Esperia gazed quietly at the entrance to the keep. Among her was a group of imps and several armed demons keeping the nearby succubi at bay. Yet Esperia couldn't help but think back about these memories... these memories of her other self.

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"Nervous?" A voice chimed playfully, causing Esperia's gaze to drift sideways as the demon within manifested at her side. "Just a little~ It's not every day you get to fight the royalty of the abyss." To which Lily chuckled softly. "Don't worry~ I believe you're quite capable of dealing with whatever he is about to throw at you. However~ If you'd like a word of advice~"

How curious, Lily was about to give her advice about the upcoming battle? She truly must had wanted for her to win this fight. "Most demons are arrogant, especially the stronger they are, the greater their weakness to exploit. I wouldn't be surprised if his title made him soft~"

As she heard these words Esperia nodded her head firmly at these words. Stepping further into the keep she saw several armed demons march downwards from the throne room, but with a single sweep of her hand a collection of enthralled imps flew toward them, harrying them from blocking her approach.

The imps were soon followed by several demons who went to occupy the remaining guards, leaving Esperia the opportunity to march into the throne room. Pushing open the large doorway the demon stepped inside, not a trace of hesitation or nervousness in her step.

A soft red carpet rolled out from the entrance all the way to the golden throne at the end of the room. It was Asmodeus her throne, but she was no longer seated upon it. No, instead a muscular demon was seated on the throne, with two female demons at his side.

"That must be the self-proclaimed Lord of Lust~" Esperia whispered softly, the whisper causing the demon to straighten his back and gaze with a fierce determination at her. "Ulquior... and the title is not self proclaimed." The man waved a hand toward her, causing the two succubi at his side to turn their attention toward her. "As a King of Demons these Succubi serve me, and so soon shall you."

The two succubi darted toward her, attempting to flank her when suddenly one of them lunged at her back, but instead of a traditional attack one tried to restrain her in a makeshift grapple, causing the other succubus to dash toward her, a mischievous smile on her lips. However, unknowingly to them Esperia shifted her grip lightly, the purple sphere of her mana surging inside her hand as the succubus tried to drain her essence through a kiss, a foolish notion for the demon soon felt her own energy being drained instead. The succubus collapsed onto her knees, trembling weakly as Esperia smiled mischievously down at her. "Thank you for the meal~"

The other succubus hesitatingly staggered backwards, her eyes widened in shock. "I-Impossible! I never thought you would appear after all these years!" Ulquior watched with a hint of curiosity in his eyes as the succubus bent the knee for her. "P-please forgive my insolence my lady..."

Ulquior rose from his throne at last, his hand extending sideways as a torrent of malevolent flames manifested into the outline of a sword. "To resist the draining of a succubus, and to make another bend the knee to you. You're no ordinary demon. Tell me: Who are you?"

Esperia's gaze shifted from the succubus toward the Demon King, the question somewhat resounding within her. After all... In Earthland she had been known as Esperia, but her life as a mortal was over. Then wouldn't it be wrong to keep using that name while she was trapped here in the abyss? "My name is Lilith."

Ulquior "Lilith you say?" paused for a moment, seemingly lost in thought. "No matter, I'll force the truth out of you after I subjugated you." The Demon King spread his wings, a hand raised upward in the air as mana started to rapidly gather into the shape of a large sphere of swirling energy, which he then proceeded to throw toward her.

While Esperia was about to act, she found herself surprised at the fact the succubus threw herself in front of her, both hands extending forward as she cast a defensive spell. Yet it seemed that it was not enough against the overwhelming power of Ulquior whose magic caused the barrier to finally breach, and while the spell had been dismissed enough that it only send the succubus reeling onto the ground, the display of power had still been impressive.

"B-Be careful lady Lilith... Ulquior's power... is worthy of awe..." Ulquior turned his gaze toward the succubus who was on the verge of losing consciousness. "Then why did you turn against me foolish girl?"

To which the succubus merely smiled. "Because in front of you stands a real Queen..." Ulquior's eyes narrowed, a jolt of energy being launched toward the succubus but Esperia took a step forward, her hand extending toward the projectile as she visibly started draining away the mana contained within.

"Did you forget who your opponent was, Ulquior?"

The demon merely sighed, after which he smiled in amusement. "Such trivial resistances..." The lord of lust charged toward her, sword swinging as Esperia could only barely avoid the lunge at her, activating the power in her boots to dash further away while launching several spheres of purple mana at the man, but he merely swatted them away with his sword as if they had been pesky flies.

It appeared the fight for the throne was about to start in earnest! However, as she landed several feet away from the demon Esperia couldn't help but wonder if this had been Ulquior's true power. Demons had multiple forms right? While she had yet to tap into hers, she doubted that Ulquior had done the same either. Which meant they were testing each other's strength currently. The Lord of Lust suddenly took a step forward, disappearing from sight as he reappeared right behind Esperia and swept his sword again!

It took quick reaction for her spell to trigger, draining some of the power of the demon and forging a defensive shield that surrounded her being, but the lord of lust had already come with such force that it send her reeling backwards into one of the pillars!

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