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Tempting for a meal

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Tempting for a meal Empty Mon Feb 13, 2023 9:26 am


It was a weird experience to say the least. The more she drained the demons to the point they died, the more she started to feel detached to the idea that she was in hindsight committing murder. However, with each victim that was drained of their essence, the more she started to feel the presence within her soul stir. It all started to become clear after her latest victim fell lifelessly to the ground.

"Are you worried about this change of mentality that you are experiencing?" The question made Esperia ask a rather curious question in return: "Can I trust you?"

To which a shimmering image finally materialized in front of her. The demon that had been lurking within smiled nonchalantly at her.

"My dear Espy... You still don't get it~" The demon replied with a soft hum as she walked toward the cliff overlooking some of the area they found themselves in, leading to Esperia to follow her quietly. "Trust is the same thing as reliance. To force yourself to depend on someone else." Was that the case? While she knew that trusting others blindly was not a wise thing to do, surely trusting someone else was not a bad thing?

"It's a fault of the weak my darling~" Wait, why did trusting someone make her weak? The Demon turned toward her and shook her head lightly in response to the thought." We have no need for such weakness"

The words resounded in a way that was eerie, as if despite them coming from the demon's mouth, it was as if they had been spoken by her. "Through our life we had many subordinates." Indeed, memories flashed through her mind, memories of a long gone past. Sebastian, Shalltear, Cocytus... The Champions of Asmodeus...

"Many who've pledged themselves to me" Their loyalty was unwavering, and yet there was a certain part in the sorrowfulness of the memory that stirred her. "But I've never asked any of them for their trust" True, she had never asked for anyone to trust her, in fact...

"I've asked for their allegiance" Esperia went silent at hearing these words. The Demon merely smiled as she continued. "But faith is another matter altogether"

She nodded her head, turning toward Esperia as she continued to speak "In fact... I've always told them to never trust anyone, including myself"

Was this the mentality of a demon? The lonely existence she was condemned to? "Unfortunately though..."

It was a chilling thought that followed... "I've never met anyone who has been strong enough to actually heed that warning"

The harsh revelation, the truth that this demon was musing about in such a calm manner. "All creatures need to obey that instinct. After all, no one can survive without trusting someone."

It was true, even in the mortal realm there had been such scenarios. Surely even the mightiest of mortals like Alisa, Kon or Yuurei would have trusted at least 'someone'? "No one can survive without trusting someone"

But then who was that someone? Who would be a fitting person to trust?
"Someone they feel is better, more worthy than themselves" The Demon turned her gaze back toward the distance, observing the castle of her prey. "To avoid that responsibility... Those who are worthy look even higher, searching for more superior beings... and these superior beings? They do exactly the same thing."

The demon smiled as she turned toward her, the glint in her eyes that concealed the honeyed mischief reminding her way too much of a trickster. "That my dear... is how all kings are created. And it is also how gods are born."

Esperia averted her gaze, feeling even more troubled by the awareness of the news she had learned about through this lecture. "So do you understand now why you don't need to trust me Esperia?"

Esperia nodded her head firmly. "Because you're me: The Demon Queen of Debauchery."

Lily merely smiled at these words as she faded back into the depths of Esperia's soul. Esperia knew all too well that she had gained enough strength to venture out more in the open, possibly even contest with some of the stronger demons. However, if she wanted to finally make some progress, she needed to target someone special... Like the Demon Lord ruling over this territory. But that meant she would need to collect some information first.

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Yet even amidst all this chaos, to say she was uncomfortable would had been a lie. After all, she had been reborn as a demon, and in a certain way that meant she was right at home in a place like this. Still, if she wanted to establish a foothold in the abyss she would need to find a way to obtain more manpower. After all, even as a demon her power wasn't exactly limitless. Fortunately it seemed the magic at her disposal could provide a solution to that. It appeared that among her powers as a succubus one was a certain type of mind control. It might not work as desired on these in Earthland, but here in the abyss she could likely use it at its full potency.

Of course, there was no better way to confirm it than by putting the power into action. She could see a small group of impish creatures lurking in the shadows of the cliff she had been standing on, and soon an idea arose within her mind. Making a small hop she started to descend toward the ground, her wings spreading as she allowed the mana to surge from within her obscura. A sudden wave of energy rushed outwards, briefly knocking the imps a few steps backwards as if they were hit by a strong gust, but no sign of hostility followed from them.

No, instead they started to walk slowly over toward the spot she had landed and bend the knee, making the Demon smile softly. "Tell me~ Who is ruling over this domain?" Her question made one of the imps raise his head, speaking way more politely than one was used to hear an imp speak.

"Ulquior is the one ruling over this part of the abyss, master..." The words made Esperia hum softly. "Ulquior? Is he backed by some sort of powerful demon?" To which the imp shook his head in response. "Ulquior is a Demon King, after Lady Asmodeus disappeared he took over the domain and came to call himself the 'Lord of Lust'. For some reason the Succubi seem to follow him so most consider his claims worthy to consider."

Succubi... That meant he must had a strong source of mana to appease them. However, it appeared that it would soon be time to try out the extend of her control, for a light tremor shook the ground, a giant demonic creature resembling an ogre started to march from the entrance of a nearby cave.

"Fresh... meat..." The ogre grumbled, to which Esperia gestured lightly with a hand. "It seems we have some unruly company among us~" The imps suddenly jumped onto their feet, two of them drawing what appeared to be some sort of daggers while the third one conjured a staff.

"Defend the master!" The caster imp shouted." With a fluent wave of his staff the imp caused two small swirling portals to emerge at his flank, causing hellhounds to jump out and rush toward the ogre. Unfortunately it did little to slow him down, for a swing of his club made the hellhounds dispatch in a flurry of shadowy smoke.

The two other imps started to fly around the ogre, harrying him with swift hit and run attacks. Yet Esperia was still not satisfied. She wanted to see if she could accomplish more, and raising a hand toward the ogre she started to channel her mana more fiercely. A small purple sphere emerged in front of her hand that she grasped tightly, causing the ogre to suddenly slow its advance. ".... serve... master..."

The Demon smiled mischievously. It seemed that so far she could force even the larger demons to become enthralled by her magic. Perhaps she would be seeking some more demons to enslave before she would turn her attention toward the castle she saw in the distance. No doubt the residence of the Lord of Lust...

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It was peculiar, no matter how many demons she drained or enslaved, she felt little to no remorse for her acts. Instead the more she did it, the more she felt her power and influence within the abyss grow. In only a few days time the demon had started to enslave more both in numbers and quality. Even a few Overseers had become enthralled by her magic.

It was perhaps more curious to her about why there had been no response from the Lord of Lust. Did he not realize she was enthralling the demons in his domain? Or did he merely not care? If it was the latter he was a fool, for after a week she had literally created an army of thralls. It was a sight to behold to her, the legions of demons who were waiting for the command to be unleashed upon the castle and its defenders. As Esperia stood at the cliff overlooking her newly formed army she raised a hand into the air.

"Too long have you all been forced to sulk in the shadows and caves of the abyss. I'd say it is about time for us to claim what is rightfully ours. March onto the castle my brethren!"

Thunderous roars of excitement came from the demons as they started marching toward the castle, leaving Esperia alone for a moment. Yet to say she was truly alone would be wrong, for she whispered softly. "Isn't it about time you revealed your true identity to me, miss 'benefactor'?" The words earned a soft giggle from the feminine voice plaguing her mind, the demon materializing in front of her in her true form. "I should have expected for you to realize that your powers were as much your own, as they were borrowed~ You're right my dear~ The power at your disposal is that of the Demon Queen of Debauchery."

Esperia smiled briefly at these words. "Last time I checked, you were still known under a different title... Asmodeus: Demon Lord of Lust."

The demon snickered softly, yet she replied soon with a playful wink. "Mai~ Mai~ Just Lily is fine~ Or Lilith if you really want to be all proper and polite."

So it was truly her... Esperia shook her head lightly as she addressed her. "We can talk while we approach the castle Lily." Indeed, they had a long to talk about. But for now it seemed the siege on the Lord of Lust his castle was proceeding as expected. Up ahead she could see the legion of imps storming the ramparts, while some of the juggernaut-like ogres were already breaching the front gate. Even with the various demons trying to defend the castle it seemed that things were going smoothly for her. A bit too smoothly... Why did she feel that she was being underestimated?

Approaching the path leading up to the castle she couldn't help but see a large masculine looking demon gazing from a balcony on top of the castle, his eyes looking straight at her, after which he scoffed and walked back inside. Was he seriously... ignoring her as a threat? Lilith couldn't help but chuckle at the feelings of anger that Esperia felt, who spread her wings and started to fly into the castle, seeking to approach her target. For the time being the imps were occupying the defenders from intervening with her, meaning it likely wouldn't take too long before she would finally come to face this self-proclaimed Lord of Lust.

Still, why did she feel there was something off about this all? It was not all that unlike the feeling she sometimes had when she was expecting a trap...

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