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Welcome to BP! B for Beautiful, P for People! Aka YOU! [Athena]

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Welcome to BP! B for Beautiful, P for People! Aka YOU! [Athena] Empty Sat Feb 04, 2023 12:47 pm


Tap... tap... tap...

Idly the demon tapped her hand along the desk as she was absently gazing around the spacious hall that served as an entrance to the guild building of Blue Pegasus. It was not often she would be found spending time at the lobby in such a boring fashion, certainly she could think of a hundred and one different ways to spend her time better! Hunting pirates and draining them of their souls being one such an idea, but it was that very same idea that had landed her in this receptionist role today!

It was either playing receptionist and showing potential recruits around the place, or being tied up in the dungeon till Alisa could ascertain that Esperia had not succumbed to her succubus nature. Esperia certainly didn't intend to test to see if Alisa had been joking or not! Shibari was not on her menu today, not to mention she disliked being tied up. There was something about freedom that she enjoyed, being able to do and be who you wanted to be, of course there was still some restrain to be showed, but to her Blue Pegasus was the closest thing she had to a home, and its guild master was the closest thing she had to a mentor and an elder sibling.

Heaving a sigh the succubus flopped her arms onto the counter, laying her head on them and hummed softly. "Puuh~ Why make me act like a receptionist when you're not expecting anyone to show up~ That's just mean Ali!" Heaving a sigh at her exclamation she could feel her spaded tail rise from behind her, swaying back and forth in the air while her black wings beat lightly in response to her energetic demeanor.

"But who knows~ Maybe some of the guild members will drop in after their work~ or maybe someone new shows up that needs some help! Then I can call dibs onto them! I'll finally by a senior to someone! Hehehe~"

It was clear the idea was appealing to Esperia who watched a small wisp emerge next to her. It was Will, the wisp was excitedly hovering back and forth in front of her, seemingly wordlessly communicating with her. "Mhmm! Let it be known that Esperia von Eisenberg is a good demon! A perfect fit for Blue Pegasus~

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