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An Unexpected Reunion [Epic Chapter 1]

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Darkness... Darkness as far as she could see. Not even the figurative sort, it was actually literally pitch-black. Even with her eyes open she could barely see a thing around her. Where was she? A question that brought forth even more questions. slow footsteps brought her forward, deeper and deeper into the darkness. Judging from her surroundings she was either in some sort of cave, or an underground cavern. Slowly her eyes started to grow used to the darkness, affirming her of the earlier assumption that she was currently by herself.

Further ahead she could find some sort of small lake, a boon to say the least for she was dealing with a peculiar sense of thirst. Yet the moment she reached down and scooped some of the water in her hands and brought it to her lips a startling discovery was made. The water did little to quench her thirst. But more importantly, she couldn't help but stare at her reflection in the surface of the lake.

The short lustrous black hair, the curved horns that rose from the side of her head and the otherworldly hue of her skin was not what she had expected. It brought up a new question in her mind: Who... was she?

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"Mai~ Mai~ Did your ascension into a demon jumble up your memories my darling~" A voice called out to her, as sweet as honey, as soft as velvet and eerily familiar. She raised her head, looking around for the source of the voice but found nobody to be nearby. It was then that the voice called her again. "You're looking outside? Silly~ You need to look inside~ Here: let me help you~"

As she turned her gaze back toward the surface of the lake the reflection in the water seemed to shift, a playful smile on her lips as she whispered softly. "good morning Esperia~" Esperia... As if a spell was lifted from her a series of vivid images and memories resurfaced in her mind. For most such an overload of information would be enough to break them, but it seemed that something kept her from breaking, as if it nicely organized all this information within her brain. "That's right~ your name is Esperia~"

Rising back onto her feet the demon gazed around into the darkness. That was right: she had not always been a demon, in fact it was because of the interference of Bael that she had found herself in this peculiar state...

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"I presume that I am currently in the abyss..." Esperia muttered softly, after which the same ethereal voice from before called out to her. "Indeed~ You're currently in a collective of underground caverns the locals call the 'Underdark'" To which Esperia had to admit, the name was dangerous in nature and suggested few would chose to dwell here. "It is actually the opposite~ Quite a lot of lesser demons prowl in these caverns, lacking the strength to survive on the surface they frequently try to escape down here, forsaken and ignored by their superiors. As much as I desire to aid you properly, we still lack the strength to allow me to properly grant you my powers."

Esperia nodded her head slightly, trying to recall why the voice sounded so familiar. "Don't trouble yourself with remembering everything already~ For now you should try to get your bearings. Despite the fact you were a powerful mage during your mortal days, your rebirth as a demon has forced you into a body that will take time to adapt to."

Was that the reason she still felt that thirst despite her attempt to drink from the lake earlier? "Correct, it is because as a Succubus you don't need the same substance mortals require as nourishment. What you seek is the consumption of souls."

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The consumption of souls? So she had really become a succubus? She knew quite a few people who would have quite some things to say about that. Seemingly aware of her thoughts the familiar voice giggled softly at her concerns. "You should focus on regaining your strength first, worrying about your mortal bonds will do you little in the abyss."

Right, so currently she was stuck in the abyss with only this mysterious voice and a collection of unfamiliar powers at her disposal? Most would be wary or concerned about a situation like this, but she? She felt somewhat excited, perhaps it was the thrill of adventure that spoke to her, to discover the unknown and experience things nobody else had done before.

As she felt her determination rise, her earlier nervousness had faded away as she called out to the voice. "Tell me more about the Underdark." To which the voice chimed softly. "It used to belong to a powerful spider demon, but she has been missing for a long time, but even just the memory of her presence makes most hesitant to explore too deep. However, closer to the surface there are plenty of lesser demons for you to turn into prey."

Esperia nodded her head lightly. "And how do you consume one's soul? Surely you don't expect for me to have sex with a demon?" The question made the voice snicker mischievously. "While that is certainly a potent way to harvest one's soul, it is not the only means at your disposal. Our magic contains a unique property. You see, unlike old mortal scriptures, Succubi don't revel in violence like other demons. In fact a lot of us possess quite an aptitude toward healing magic, similar to Paladins in your realm. But we don't worship a divinity for our source of power. No, our very nature, our 'obscura' is used as a catalyst. These who are deemed our allies will be blessed with restorative powers, but these who we deem our prey?" Esperia smiled briefly at these words. "Get their soul drained?" The voice hummed in approval. "Correct~ Do note that the more powerful a person's soul is, the more rich and nourishing their soul essence will be, and the longer it takes before they are drained to the point of a fatality. So lesser demons will be drained dry quite easily even by a newly awakened Succubus like yourself."

That explanation made sense, and it was fortunate that she didn't need to go too far to obtain the nourishment she needed. Walking toward the exit of the cavern she was in, Esperia pondered more about who or what this voice had been. It was clear that it was a familiar presence, but why couldn't she see or remember exactly who it belonged to?

"All in due time my dear~" The voice said as the demon continued making her way through the darkness, uncertain of what would await her further in.

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Yet it wouldn't take too long before she would find herself in company, someone, or something was prowling in the distance. A small impish creature was crawling around the ground, grumbling in anger as she could hear its voice, the abyssal tongue it spoke with being oddly familiar to her. "Stupid Overseer... always angry, always violent..." The demon's whispering made Esperia ponder for a moment. It was an imp, not exactly the most threatening of fiends but still...

"Why don't you try to cast your magic to drain him?" It was a simple suggestion, yet the voice's words brought a collection of thoughts to resurface in her mind. Quietly she moved closer, a hand raising up to the imp as she felt the energy within her obscura stir. A purple glow started to expand around her hand, causing the imp to be surrounded by a small glow of some sort. The imp looked around in bewilderment but by the time it spotted her it was already too late. The creature toppled over onto its back, a soft screech following as it fell on the back. The demon squirmed helplessly as Esperia felt the essence being drained into the orb and then be absorbed into her being, it was peculiar...

Despite her earlier attempts to lessen her thirst, the moment she drained the imp of his soul essence she started to feel less thirsty. Not to mention it was kind of an addicting feeling. Slowly she stepped out from the shadows, sneaking closer to the imp as she raised both hands in its direction and started to leech more.

The imp's squirms and groans of pain became weaker and weaker, and she could see that even the demon was starting to shrivel up little by little, revealing that the more she drained it, the weaker it became. This made it clear to Esperia that Soul Consumption could be lethal if overdone, something she would have to remain mindful of.

A soft sigh followed as the last of the demon's essence was drained, causing it to collapse lifeless as a skeleton on the ground. So far she was no longer thirsty, allowing her to focus better and she felt more energetic than before. "Good~ I think we're almost able to leave this place. It should be only a matter of time before I can take a solid form to manifest in your mind."

Once more that familiar voice called out to her, leading Esperia to ponder just where she had heard it before. It was at the moment she started to walk toward the distant light further up ahead, the light seemingly brightening a little as she seemingly started to approach the surface. Finally she started to see the exit, but what awaited her there was not exactly a welcoming sight either. For there were no blue skies or grassy fields... No, the dark stormy sky above was clearly that of the place people whispered about in fearful tales: The abyss...

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