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Her New Home [Open/Social]

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Eteri, with creamy blonde hair and cooper eyes, stared up at the large guild in front of her. The sheer size of the building towered over the small 5'5" elf sorcerer. A gulp filled the air around her as she felt immediately intimated by the presence of Magnolia and the name of Fairy Tail. She had joined the guild with hopes of finding a magical family to create new memories and join crazy adventures. Now that she is finally here, the thought was terrifying. The intrusive thoughts began to appear and plaque her mind. 'Will I be able to make friends? Can I get stronger in a guild that is already so big? Will I fit in?' Her worries began to amplify the more she thought about them.

She slapped herself in the face gently and set a determined look on her face. The sorcerer didn't travel across Fiora to get scared by a large building. The enchanted forest was no longer a place where she could grow. That is why she is here, so Eteri straightened out her teal dress, shuffled her heavy backpack on her shoulders, and took confident steps towards the doors. With one hand outreached, she grabbed the door handle and pulled it open.

Eteri couldn't help but stand at the entrance of guild in awe.


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Kishin stood near the entrance of the guild, his arms crossed and a stoic expression on his face. He noticed the new arrival, Eteri, as she entered the guild with a mix of awe and intimidation. Kishin had been a member of Fairy Tail for only a small while now. He knew that the guild was a place where people came to find belonging and strength, but it wasn't for everyone.

Kishin had his own reasons for joining the guild, but they were not the same as most others. He was not drawn to the thrill of adventure or the camaraderie of a magical family yet. He was simply looking for a place where he could hone his skills and gain some sense of purpose.

As he watched Eteri take in the sights and sounds of the guild, Kishin couldn't help but feel a sense of melancholy. He knew that the guild was a lively and exciting place, but for him it was just another place where he felt out of place. He was not a powerful mage, and he didn't have the same passion for adventure as the other members. He was just a solitary figure, going through the motions of guild life without truly feeling a part of it.

Despite this, Kishin knew that he had to make the best of his situation. He was determined to become stronger and make a name for himself within the guild, even if it meant pushing himself to the limit. He knew that it wouldn't be easy, but he was willing to put in the work.

As Eteri looked around the guild, Kishin couldn't help but think about his hesitations. He knew that he had a long way to go, but he was determined to make the most of his time in the guild, even if it meant going it alone.


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Da’ncha’see'i, with spiky silver white hair, red-brown skin, and a lazy look in his eyes with a slightly leaning forward posture. Gazed out at the colorful wooden blanks, walls, and floors that was; Fairy Tail. His dark gray eyes showing a surprising lack of interest or excitement in them that contrasted the internal feelings within Da’ncha’see'i. In truth he was a bit excited about it. The massive height of his new guild so much more than his 5'11 height of his werewolf human form.

Magnolia was such a beautiful town, even in the wake of the destruction caused by the dark world invaders. Oh, huh. What were the Rune Knights like in that world? What was....Fairy Tail like in that hateful world? Ah, it was crazy. To think that a place where Fairy Tail was possibly evil, filled with sinister does. It was unnerving. A nightmare for the adventurer.

Either way, he would walk towards the door. He had to get inside, food and a home was waiting for him after all. The reserved man softly, and a bit timidly placed his hand on the door. Gently pushing it open before sticking his head in sideways. Forehead protector covering his left eye, and black mask covering the bottom of his face and his nose as normal.

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Judith Karlinius
And last in was most likely the most unexpected one of the group. Plotting her plan of coming through the door as quietly as possible lest to not to bring attention to herself. Even intentionally tried to make sure the door did not make any noise, After all if she got by and maybe had a chance she could at least sneak up on one of them. After all Judith was pretty quiet on her feet she was an elf and well practiced in the arts of motherly sneaking around to catch their children doing something. Surely Judith's plan was flawless because none would think to look to the front door of the guild when they didn't hear it open. But it was silly to act like your where sneaking into your own guild when your were the Guild Master.

Well much like anyone else who knew for the longest time. Aside from the open island with the kitchen in it and all the required things needed to serve and make any drink Judith could have been requested to make over the years. Taking the orders, making orders, serving food and drink. That was Judith's job in the guild rather than travelling and doing all of the rough tasks. But she was also known to not only be a very motherly guild master but one who was at time a bit odd and tended to keep the conversations and things she does rather interesting depending on how you looked at it.

Even spicing up the place with plants, with her makeshift ordering window having Judith's family pictures, She knew people where smart enough to look at them while they where here. But Judith had to wonder when they joined and if they had the normal run through Judith did. She would get an answer for that eventually she just wanted to wait an see what would happen. Then carry about her normal business she had taken a break from her work and had a be back in five minutes sign by the window. She had many of these signs for various lengths of time she would be gone, Sometimes even posting advance noticed if Judith had go to do more important things.

Nonetheless back to what Judith was actually planning to do while she was sneaking about, Trying to walk behind any other guild member she can. Keep in mind Judith was doing a different kind of stealthy walking, she walked like she was suppose to be there, with reason and purpose you.This kind of walking in large enough groups you don't normally get picked up on.

With Kishin actually by the door Judith had to hope he had not looked or picked up the door moving, Than again Judith for an elf was rather small five foot four inches total. But alas Judith wanted to meet all of the new faces just had yet the time too. But she would make sure to make an impact when she greeted them.

If at this point any skeen eye had yet picked up Judith sneaking around the behind Eteri to try and fade into the background from the front door. she would see if she could sneak up behind Eteri who was at the front door yet to go in. Whispering into her ear."In Fairy Tail, You will make friends gain the power you wish....you just needed to believe in your self and follow the path your heart wishes."With that she just smiled for a moment and said."Shh....I have been gone a few days."Then she had to hope to sneak past Kishin. When you planned out. The only person yet pieced into was Da’ncha’see'i, Judith did not know exactly where he was or he was there.

If everything went as planned Judith would managed to not really be picked up she was here, Maybe hopefully people just though it was just another random guild member in a rush. Then would sneak to the the area of the building the guild masters room was. Walk out of it saying nothing walking into her kitchen set up and removing the be back in five minutes sign from the window."Some one left the wrong sign in the window."Judith said to the russelling sound of some one going through their inspections of their kitchen."They also....could have clean the glasses they made too....gonna have to figure out who that is later and ask how much their tab is."

Then she would walk over to the window opening place herself out of it slightly."Guild Master's in. Order can be placed now for food and drink."Then she would look around the room and smile slightly."Well are they any new faces? Do they wanna talk to the guild master?"Judith was saying this out loud. Wanting to see if any one was new and if they knew what Judith looked like, sounded like or was just only mentioned by name."Or are they too shy? the Master would be sadden if they was the case or should I say, The Fairy Mother"Thus she wanted to see what would happen now.


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Eteri felt a small breeze behind her as the door began to close and Judith's words echoed in her mind. Her eyes widened, as she snapped out of her own mind, and whipped her head around to match a face with the voice but... no one was there. As she stared at the door, confused where the voice was, the door began to open again. A werewolf stood behind the door with spiky white hair and mostly covered face. The young elf jumped and began to move out of the way. "Sorry, I'm new to the guild." She said nervously as she rubbed her hand on the back of her neck.

"Um.. I think I need to check in with the guild master, but maybe I'll see you around!" The young sorcerer said hastily as she looked up at the werewolf and then started to quickly walk away. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she gripped her backpack a little tighter. The guild was different and overwhelming compared to the enchanted forest where everything was within her control and expectations. There were a lot of people in the guild of all different shapes and sizes. It was exciting but also overstimulating. Pulling her eyes upward, instead of staring at the floor, she found an open seat by a semi-empty table. She wanted a little space to herself and avoided the eyes staring at her.

Increasing her speed briefly, she managed to finally sit down on a chair and set her back on the floor next to her. Not a moment after, Eteri heard a voice rise above the rest. It was the same feminine voice she heard earlier and finally she found a face to match it. It was the Fairy Tail Guild master. The guild master was.. shorter than she imagined. The young woman giggled to herself before rising off her chair and heading towards her. Although her palms were a bit sweaty, Eteri felt less intimidated by the guild master. It was a strange feeling of familiarity that spread through her body, but she wasn't sure why.

"Hello Guild Master, my name is Eteri." The sorcerer said as she reached her hand out for a friendly shake. "I'm surprised to see you in the back cooking. What do you recommend? I'm not a picky eater." She said with a warm smile as she raised her copper eyes to make eye contact. Today had been a wild run of emotions, but she was excited to finally meet the famous Fairy Tail guildmaster.

Standing at the window, in front of the guildmaster, gave Eteri a feeling of familiarity. It was almost like she was back at her hometown peering through the window at her mother, who was always cooking up something amazing in the kitchen,


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Kishin walked through the entrance of the guild with a nod to the cool bestial man, oblivious to the mischievous elves, his eyes scanning the room for a place to sit. He noticed the new member, Eteri, as she nervously walked away from the werewolf and made her way towards the guild master. Kishin couldn't help but feel a sense of nervousness and uncertainty as he was also new to the guild. He knew that the guild was a place where people came to find belonging and strength, but he wasn't sure if he would fit in.

He made his way towards an empty table and sat down, a small sack from his pocket resting in front of him. He couldn't help but feel out of place as he looked around the room, taking in the sights and sounds of the guild. He saw Eteri talking to the guild master and couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy. He wished he could be as confident and outgoing as she seemed to be. Taking out some cookies from his sack, he began munching absent-mindedly. A simple lotted variety, snickerdoodles and oatmeal raisin cookies.

As he sat there, lost in his yummy thoughts, he might of remembered hearing a voice rise above the rest. It was the guild master, welcoming the new members to the guild. Kishin couldn't help but feel a sense of hope as he reflected to her words. Maybe this was the place where he could find belonging and strength.

He decided to take a chance and introduce himself to the guild master and the other members. As he stood up and made his way towards the group, he couldn't help but feel a sense of nervousness. He was going to make the most of his time in the guild, but he'd love to meet nice people.

"Hellonumnum, mynom name is Kishin, I'm also new to the guild." He said as he reached his hand out for a friendly wave, forgetting he was chewing still. "I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and going on adventures together." He said with a small gulp, trying to hide his nervousness.

As he talked to the guild master and the other members, he couldn't help but feel a sense of belonging. This was the place where he could find strength and purpose. He knew that it wouldn't be easy, but he was willing to put in the work to become a valuable member of the guild.

"I work so, so much. I'll have cold mocha." He said suddenly, accidentally contrasting his thoughts.


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Now within the guild, his head at least. He gazed around keeping just his head in the guild hall before he felt a presence open the door floor and a white head full of long flowing hair slip past under him. "Oh! S-sorry" he began trying to apologize for blocking the way. Only for the madam to move as quiet as a mouse his body stepping out to move in the hope to not block anything anymore. The door shutting due to Judith's actions.

Off she moved then him quickly losing sight of her. Perhaps due to her height and quiet stillness of motion amongst the guild, or perhaps it was his unfocused eyes. Gazing around at...Fairy Tail.

His eyes shifted, someone was talking to him. A brown skinned, creamt white blonde elf. The lady jumped and began to move away, speaking as she did so moving a but out of the way while rubbing the back of her head. He blinked, finding his own nerves starting. Standing stiff ad a bored. New environment and new situation. Oh he wasn't planning on talking to anyone so soon! All he did was nod. Nod nod in a blue as she moved away. Taking a sigh of anxiety as she left.

New guy on the block, failed social interaction number one. He thought to himself. His his down. He failed to notice Kishin's nod towards him.

. Still like a statue he was, his height crumbling in 9o itself. His dark gray eyes lackadaisical. Then a voice ring out. Feminine and soft but clear and precise over the active crowds having a fun go in their guild. A woman was at the desk now...the guild master? Working the bar? He still stood there silent from nerves and a sudden punching fear as everyone spoke. He shrunk even more before practically dragging his body against the floor in a badly attempt display to be a shadow and discreet. Shy eyes peeking out from the far other side of the counter no where near the others. A soft "ah...h..hi", the only thing coming out as he wasn't able to get the other parts of his practiced introduction outbof his brain. His old Rune Knight pendent hanging from his neck, the only thing left given to him from his time in the knights.


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Dan yawned as he walked down the busy roads of magnolia as he returned once more to the guild in hopes of taking a small break and relaxing for a bit before he headed out again on a job. Dan could feel his mouth water slightly at the thought of having Judith's cooking again. Dan was normally kept very busy taking higher level quests away from the guild so being able to eat something Judith made was a real treat for the god slayer. As he approached the guild he took in the sight of the large building that acted as the fairy tail guild hall. The building had acted as shelter for many mages of various backgrounds and skill sets. 'Ahh it's good to be home again.' Dan thought as he readjusted his sword Galantine and walked into the guild. Though to Dan's surprise there were a few new faces gracing the guild hall today.

Dan looked around at the new faces his newly heterochromatic eyes shining with happiness as he took in the new faces. Dan approached the bar with a large smile splitting his cheeks as he waved to Judith "Hello master I've returned back to the guild again." Dan said with a cheerful look before he looked at the new members "Hey it's nice to see some new faces in the guild hall I'm Dan." Dan says with a wave to all the new guild members. before returning his attention back to Judith again "Master could I get a order of Tonkotsu ramen with extra choshu and a light beer please." Dan asked the fairy mother politely with a smile.

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Judith Karlinius
Alas it seemed no matter the time between leaving in returning. Judith always had things to expect. But the reactions between everyone is what Judith looked for here it was the social barriers that were formed that were trying to be broken that Judith wanted to see happen. As everyone for the most was saying who they where Judith could not help but chuckle about a few things slightly."Most of you are pretty friendly and open about who you are but...Some might just be a bit shy."It might be rude to harmlessly pick on some one who has not mentioned their name yet but most likely it was intended for some one to be encouraging."But no pressure, you will speak when your comfortable." She left it at that as she had questions to answer and requests to fill.

Eteri must be that new if she was going off of requests."Well Eteri my dear, there is a reason when I personally go through the guild member applications with people who apply, I ask what their preferred and favoured foods and drinks."She did not say that to be rude. Then again she would ask as always she did to many people while making Kishin a cold mocha. Which did not seem to not be that long of a wait. Then again Judith most likely had a lot of materials because she made a lot of coffee and tea, so mocha was not that hard to make.

Before she continued talking to Eteri."Your Cold Mocha is ready Kishin."It all seemed normal for the drink only difference between Judith's cold mocha and other places, with whipped cream on top with the chocolate syrup that was on it was the Fairy Tail guild mark holding out the cup for him to take."Remember it is rude to talk with your full."You can tell she was just joking about it but she was just being herself about it, But it was just how she was. Most people calling her Guild Mother sometimes."But it is nice to meet you."Then she would continue on talking to Eteri before Dan would Dan would come to take an order and return to the guild.

What would she recommend?"You have many things I can make. I make a menu of things I cook and have in stock to drink or make. It gets updated at least twice a month."A normal run down felt needed while she was thinking about it over all."But...I think I have a good starting idea for you, Give me a moment."Judith then would turn to Dan.

With his changed Judith simply mentioned."I would like to hear about your eye colour shift, Mind you weapons are okay in the guild just keep it sheathed, My husband would scold me if i did not preach weapon safety."This would be the first mention around any one of them that Judith was married and had a husband. But it was a normal thing for her to do."Do, Give me a moment to cook up both your orders."With that Judith turned away from the ordering window and the sound of furious cooking, It was noticeable in noise but not as super loud as most kitchens could be.

Then she would return from the window, Handing Eteri a plate with a sandwich, some sweet potato french fries and a glass of see through green coloured drink."For you Eteri...simple to start with. A toasted sandwich a blt with cheese, with some sweet potato fries to go along with it, To drink a green iced tea."It was all on the lighter side. But it was what Judith did kept things simple.

Then she would turn away again to get Dan's order. Pondering how long she would have to wait until he would come to get his order and she had both things waiting."Order's here Dan."Judith then looked around for a moment in pondering.

After Dan collected his order, Judith simple said."Anyone else for food and drink orders?"She would wait a total of five minutes before she would move on to something else.

That something else was going."Now. I am getting a chair and will sit with everyone, I want all you to not be shy and come ask questions you might have for me....Keep in mind I will have questions for all of you as well."Hopefully this was not all that scary but that was how Judith was.

Her chair would be set up above her ordering window, Just above her was her family picture she had placed around them, She had a cup of tea with seemingly nothing added to it but a tea bag.


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"Oh I see! Thank you for letting me know. I'll think of my favorite meal and let you know!" Eteri said politely. The guild master, Judith, brought in an air of calmness that washed over Eteri. It was frightening to be around a vast number of people she didn't know, but there was something about Fairy Tail. A sense of security along with camaraderie that she yearned to be apart of. It wasn't along before she heard a new voice behind her. Turning her head around to greet the other members, she was greeted with a dark demeanor with the name Kishin.

"Adventures? That sounds like a great plan to me! I'm Eteri by the way! I'm only a Rank-D wizard but I'm working hard to rank up." The young elf said excitedly as she ended with a more sheepish tone. Most of quests she completed only required a single person, but her short-term dream is to get stronger and travel with a group for higher ranking quests. Her eyes darted away for a second to see the werewolf practically dragging himself up to the small group forming around the guild master. Shyly, the sorcerer waved after she barely heard a whisper of a word from him. She had a bad habit of matching energies with anyone she was talking to. If someone was shy, she'd match and become a little more shy than normal.

Another new, male voice showed up as Eteri turned around to address the guild master. Doning red and black clothing with strange eyes, something about this man seemed warm yet powerful. "Hello Dan, it's nice to meet you." She said with a hesitant voice as she suddenly felt overwhelmingly small. All the guys were at least a head taller than her and a small group was starting to form making her feel claustrophobic and trapped. Taking a step back and breathing in deeply, the elf turned to the guild master as her food was served. "This looks amazing Master. Thank you very much." With a nervous smile, she grabbed her seat from earlier and sat near the guild master, giving herself a bit of space between her and the boys. Her emotions felt all over the place, but it was new experience with lots of new people.

Taking a bite of the sweet potatoes, the warmth of the food filled her mouth. It had been a while since she ate a home cooked meal, most of the time it was eating on the run from one quest to the next. "The food tastes delicious Master. I couldn't have picked a better meal myself." She said as she took a bite of the BLT and washed it down with green tea. She looked up at the men and wondered who would sit down to join them. The elf was mostly curious about everyone's magical abilities. Although she grew up with elves, most of them used wind magic so her knowledge of other magics is severely limited.

The young woman patted the bread crumbs off her dress after she hungrily finished her meal. Crossing her long legs, she rested her back on a table behind her and waited.


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Kishin stood in the background in wait, observing the group that could begin forming around the guild master. He didn't have much to say, preferring to keep to himself and not draw too much attention to himself. He had always been a solitary figure, not quite fitting in with most being mages in guilds. The young elf, Eteri, caught his attention for a moment as she greeted the other members. He couldn't help but notice her excitement and energy, something that he himself lacked.

He watched as the werewolf, who seemed to be struggling with something, made his way over to the group. Kishin couldn't help but feel a sense of empathy for the man, knowing what it was like to feel out of place at the start. Looking at his rune knight item, Kishin pondered a little whether he was a torturer. Mistaking their shared habit of nodding, Kishin doesn't think about what to say next. The new male member, Dan, also caught his attention with his striking red and black clothing and strange eyes. He couldn't help but feel a sense of wonder, and smiled at Dan when he entered.

"Nice to meet you Eteri. I'm still practicing to rank up too. Hope to be brought along or tag along on high rank quests." Unsure of how strong he is, Kishin doesn't assert himself too much. He doesn't think it's right to offer going on dangerous quests just meeting someone too.

Kishin noticed the guild master serve food and Eteri's obvious delight at the meal. He couldn't help but feel a twinge of envy at her ability to find joy in the small things. He didn't feel much of an appetite, preferring to drink first.

"Thank you master!" Respectful, Kishin kept nodding. Then, he took the mocha to drink. It was great to have a steady supply and to fatten up sweetly.

As he drank, he couldn't help but feel a sense of melancholy wash over him. Kishin couldn't help but feel a sense of hopelessness as he looked around at the others, all with such bright and shining futures ahead of them. He knew he would never be able to match their power and abilities if they used magic. By habit, Kishin went to his prior chair, and he then brought it to be across from the others sitting.

"What's your favorite kind of quest, if you had to do one?" Blurting out, Kishin doesn't address anyone specific. He's not sure how much of a team building game he can try to make. He knew he could be just a burden, someone who could hold them back on their quests and adventures. But he couldn't help but want to be a part of something, to have a sense of purpose and belonging. He couldn't help but want to be a part of Fairy Tail.


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Partially hidden, more than normal thanks to the area he was sinking into. Da'ncha'see'I eyed the flowing interactions. The gathered numbers growing by one when a red headed man joined. Acting with a friendly familiarity to the- GUILD MASTER!?!?

With the verbal statement that the lady before him was the guild master of Fairy Tail. Da'ncha'see'I immediately shot up straight to his full height before bowing. Smacking his head on the counter with a loud THUD before he knelt to the floor gripping his head mumbling. "Oh oh oh oh...". Ah geez, so much for a good greeting. Through this whole painful experience, he thought he got the name of this guy, Dan. And the young looking maiden behind the counter, Judith. Mental notes mental notes. The woman that he bumped into was Eteri. And the nice fellow, his name was Kishin.

Four names and counting...oh he had to make sure he did not forget them. Oh! Oh no....he forgot his name. He forgot to say his name. It all hit him again like that thud as Judith spoke, it felt like it was clearly about him.

Silence! Was his game as Juidith prepared the orders, the guild master moved with haste to fill them out. It was a bit interesting, seeing the calmness that Judith held. Oh if only he could find that type of comfort in his own place of sorts.

Hmm, so Ms. Eteri is D rank? Just like himself. Wondering, what was the rank the different colored man was? He had s different vibe about him that matched Guilf Master Judith's. And from the guess of it, Kishin was the same rank as well with Eteri and him as well.

He softly spoke again,  this time in the goal of talking a bit louder, clearer. A bit of fire going now due to Kishin's proposed question. "Ah, Da...Da'ncha'see'I. There are a lot of things really. A.um. I don't knowForSure. JustAnythungThatHelpsPeople. IguessMaybeRescue", he said with a quick jumble words. Voice raising as he began to speak with passion and energy.


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Dan felt his eyes lighten up as master Judith handed him his order and he took it with a smile. Dan could feel his mouth water as he took in the smell of broth and noodles. Most people would find ramen a rather plain meal but Dan enjoyed it as a small guilty pleasure. As Dan took up his chop sticks and placed a bite into his mouth he almost moaned in delight at the medley of flavors that assaulted his tongue. As he went to take his second bite he heard a thump as the one called Da'ncha'see'I hit his head on the counter not wanting to embarrass the new fairy he looked towards another one of the new members who asked about favorite quests. Dan took a moment to ponder his response before turning to look at him. "Hmm favorite quests huh? Well to he honest I don't really have a large preference as long as I know I am helping someone in the end I think I'm happy to do just about anything." Dan finished with a small smile and a chuckle.

As Dan grabbed his mug of beer he took a large sip before turning his attention back towards the new members "So if you don't mind my asking what made you decide to join fairy tail out of all the guilds in fiore?" Dan asked curiously as he looked returned to his ramen to take another bite to wait for their response to his question. Dan was curious to hear their answers as people from all walks of life had joined fairy tail in the past that ranged from wanting a new home with people who understood them to people who just wanted to be a part of one of the strongest guilds in fiore. Either way Dan wanted to learn more about the new members.

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Judith Karlinius
It seemed in the end all worked out in the end of how people would enjoy these things. In the end Judith was forcing it more to teach and show all of the other guild members where just friendly and happy people trying to do their best in life as well. But one thing she would say. "Come Da’ncha’see'i, sit even if you don't say anything, I am not trying to make it too horrible on you, Guild Mother promise."Judith winked at the slightly uncomfortable person to see it that would settle them. Hopefully her intentions were taken well.

Alas moving on she would just mention to Eteri."Unless your are willing to submit yourself to trail runs of meals I had planned and have not brought to the guild yet....But that is entirely up to you."Judith was hinting that she was always planning different meals, foods and drinks that might not have gone through the final go ahead for the guild members to over all have to chance to either eat it or not in the future. Eteri could do with that info how  she saw fit, But she would move on to something else.

"I tend to leave the process for joining Fairy Tail pretty simple when I am here to do. Dan's been through it and I would like to think he had a pretty easy time....unless I am that scary."Judith seemed to laugh about because in her mind Judith could never assume she was scary enough to be considered a threat to anyone ever. But maybe she was and she did not know. Surely much like everyone here. Everyone had things to learn about one another here. the difference was Judith was most likely going to answer most things with out problems.

Judith only really had one question to answer."My favourite mission is pretty simple really, Delivery missions."It was simple to do that, Judith already did enough it already considering all of the stuff she did here. But it was her answer and she gave one so she was still joining in on the situation and giving fitting answers. after all she was coming up with her own things to think upon to have other people. But it was most likely be one she considered a good question.

But unsure if she would get a straight answer out of anyone with."But allow me to pose a question that I think is most through provoking of all."Taking a sip of her tea and giving a person a moment to think about these things."What is something any of you would request me to consider doing, upon reaching the strength you desire?"It was just a casual drop for a really in depth question, What would you ask the guild master of your guild to consider doing or answer when you reach the goal you want in life? Surely it is a good question for people here.


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Eteri listened to everyone's answers as she politely waited for her turn. There were a lot of questions being asked. She didn't have a favorite quest as of now, but often enjoyed meeting different types of people and socializing. Her eyes flickered to Dan as he asking about why the new members joined Fairy Tail. Taking a sip of her green tea in hand, she thought for a moment before answering.

"I considered joining Blue Pegasus." Eteri answered honestly before taking a brief pause and continuing. "I stayed in Hargeon briefly and visited the Blue Pegasus guild. I knew almost immediately it wasn't for me. I don't care for looks or presentation of a person." The young elf also believed that emotions are meant to be expressed either to be frustration, anger, ego, etc. Conflict may arise from the feelings, and the sorcerer was okay with it. A deeper understanding about people comes from conflict and then resolution of said problem. "Fairy Tail seems to align up with my beliefs more than Blue Pegasus, so here I am." She said with a smile. She hoped the answer would be good enough for anyone listening.

The elf giggled lightly when Judith spoke about Dan. She found the guildmaster friendly and open. At the moment, she didn't mind the master intimidating at all although it may because she is naïve. She would have never guessed the master enjoyed delivery missions and that Da'ncha'see'i enjoyed rescue missions based on his general shyness. "You can never judge a book it's cover huh?" Eteri said out loud to herself as she listened. Everyone gathering around pleasantly surprising her and she found herself glad to have joined Fairy Tail.

She turned to her guild master as she asked a more thought provoking question. What would she wanted from her guild master after obtaining her strength? Sitting in her thoughts for a moment, she waited for other people to reply before giving her thoughts. "Master, I honestly don't know. I haven't thought that far ahead." She paused for a moment before giving a few more thoughts. "I think my only goal right now is to create a new memories with friends and adventure to places I've never seen before. I would be elated to do anything with you."

Her parents raised her to respect her elders and those above her. The young elf never dreamed the guild master would consider doing anything with her. Although Judith and Dan seem friendly, so maybe the barriers between her and the master aren't as big as she assumed originally.


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Kishin listened as everyone spoke, not moving much. Rescuing seems like an interesting quest type that Kishin has little experience in. Without being able to search effectively, Kishin has to rely on others for that sort of thing. He took note of Eteri and how she responded to Judith's offer to submit to trial runs of meals.

As Judith spoke of her favorite mission being delivery missions, Kishin couldn't help but feel a sense of gloom wash over him. Being unmagical, he couldn't contribute much to the more exciting missions that the other members of the guild were capable of taking on. "I like killing monsters, to be blunt." Without magic, Kishin has to get up close and personal, so he's always gotten the most out of that sort of situation. Pondering a reply to Dan, Kishin doesn't mince words too much. "Location, a safe choice. I wasn't scouted or anything to the guild. It just seems like the most peaceful guild, right? I think Blue Pegasus is a good choice too, but I wouldn't want to live in Hargeon." He was aware of his comfort limitations and had come to accept them over time, his maturity allowing him to see beyond his own happy limitations and find other ways to contribute to a guild.

As Judith posed the thought-provoking question, Kishin didn't immediately have an answer. He took a moment to consider the options, weighing the consequences of each request. Memorizing everyone's faces, Kishin came to a decision on his answer eventually. He wasn't sure what he would ask of the guild mother concretely, but he knew it would have to be something that he believed would benefit not just himself, but the entire guild as well.

Kishin didn't outwardly show any excitement or disappointment, his demeanor remaining stoic as he thought about the question. "Strength? If I become a so-called God of War, I want you to keep living. Or to keep supporting, I should say. Strength, to me, is the ability to protect unique supporters who can boost you up." He was aware that he may not get the answer he desired in his soft goal, but he was willing to put in the effort nonetheless. Looking for a pause, Kishin was a bit somber to loss. Strength was individual to everyone, but to Judith it might be legendary figures. Kishin was focused on finding a way to make the most of his situation and contribute to the guild in any way he could, without being too proud or satisfied with his current circumstances. Getting up to leave, Kishin feels like he has some more work to do. "Or I'd want you to help me find the perfect combo..." Retreating in embarrassment, Kishin remembered Judith being married herself.



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He manages it get his words out. Albeit some bites jumbled and quickly smacked together. Well, at least he managed to give an answer. Right? He scratched in his mind before moving slightly. Changing from his standing position away to be sitting in a chair. Not away from the group anymore but not really in the area either. He nodded his head while gazing at everyone. So talkative and interesting in their own personalities; individuality. Hr wondered what type of people they were and the type of heros they would become?

"Well ah...", he began speaking up a little louder. "I dreamed of being a Rune Knight since I was a child. But when I finally got there I found myself lost in a way. Sense of purpose and attachment. Only a page and not really, fitting in. And the higher ups just kept moving. Switching. I don't know, I just, didn't think I can find what I was looking for there. I don't know what guild would have beena. Good fit but, well. Fairy Tailnis a beloved guild with a rich history so...".

Good good. Socialization! Everyone was talking and showing pieces of themselves. This guild master, ah. His guild master, was a good thought provoker. What would he want huh?? As everyone's answer came he spoke before Ete4i. Finding his answer a bit embarrassing. "...nothing", he said with a mixed voice. Surprised by such a gufti such thing came or, what sort of strength thst meant. It wouldn't matter though, it wssnt about how strong he could het with his non magical abilities.

"Ah...bye. Mr. Kishin", he said as the fellow went one his way.

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