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Theater Antics [D-rank]

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Theater Antics [D-rank] Empty Tue Jan 17, 2023 11:44 am

Hellebore found herself at the theater yet again. However this time it seems like no one else had dropped out. She was thinking she wouldn't have any more work tonight until a young women walked up to her.
Rebecca. She was Alice's protégé and adopted daughter.

"Evening Hellebore, I've seen you around these last couple of days. Would you happen to be looking for work again tonight?"

Hellebore raised an eyebrow. Did yet another person drop out last minute she wondered?

"Another performer has been spreading malicious rumors about my mother, who keeps taking her anger out on me. So I need you to find the person and convince them to stop. By any means necessary."

Well now. This is a more interesting request. Intimidation. She could do that. The emphasis on any means necessary did make her wonder how far she should go.

"Any means? Even if it leads to a body?"

Yes. If they refuse to listen then do what you must. I will take care of the clean up.

Seems Hellebore had really misjudged this sweet innocent looking women. If that is what it comes too, Hellebore has no qualms when it comes to murder.

It didn't take long for Hellebore to find the culprit. A combination of eavesdropping and intimidation lead her right to the culprit. A disgruntled actress named Jessica. Seems she had some issues with Alice and their control of the theater and had resorted to the amateurish method of spreading rumors in an attempt to turn the cast and crew against them.

With her suspect identified Hellebore quietly slipped into their dressing room.

"Hello Jessica, I've heard you've been spreading nasty rumors about fellow cast members?"

"Who are you? What are you doing here? Get out of my dressing room!."

Hellebore ignored the startled actress and casually inspected some of the costumes at the side of the room. She pauses and pulls out a sash from one of the outfits. Strong, durable. Could be useful.
She smiles as she approaches Jessica, it doesn't reach her eyes.

"I suggest you listen to me. If you don't. . there will be consequences."

Jessica scoffed, clearly having no intention to stop spreading rumors.

"Or what? What are you going to do huh? Kill me?"


The lady clearly had not expected such an answer, poor naive fool. Before she could react Hellebore had moved behind her and wrapped the sash around her neck.
Jessica's struggles were futile, she was unable to make enough noise to attract any attention and after awhile her breathing stopped.

What a meaningless death.

Hellebore slipped out of the dressing room and quickly went to find Rebecca.

"She didn't want to listen, I trust you can handle the body?"

"Of course, Now here is your reward and thank you for a job well done. Still it might be best if you skip town soon. Just in case."

That was already her plan, she had stayed in Marigold long enough. It was time to move on.



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